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  1. Tuzic's eyes widen as he reads some of the ideas put forward in the missive "Seems Ogradhad asks more of meh then..." He says to himself, walking up the stairs to his desk to write.
  2. Tuzic inspects the missive and shakes his head "Nah surprise, misrepresented by me kin once again..." Tuzic sighs "Did not feel tha need te write how King Grelu agreed that Thromdrick never taught Lurdoic of the Brathmordakin as he taught him of dangerous rituals.... never even explainin' tha passage of dwed to Khaz'A'Dentrumm..." Tuzic walks off from the notice board "Seems some dwed wish t'is kingdom's doom... Ah onleh 'ope Grelu might avert et..." He mutters to himself as he went about his duties.
  3. [!] The missive would be carried by bird to all those of Da Kirkja Dverga, and posted around the Grand Kingdom of Urguan Da Kirkja Dverga certainly may help guide our views as dwed upon magics in this dangerous realm that we inhabit. Though some of the views espoused within its latest statements make it clear that The Seers of Hefrumm must show Ogradhad their praise, and remind our kin of the history of our folk. Chiefly, the matter of Druidism. Hefrumm has long held Paragon Bjor Cottonwood in reverence, considered a dwed who honored Anbella’s teachings above all else in his life, and the founder of the collective of Hefrumm. Bjor was, of course, a druid himself - known widely across the realm as The Carrot Druid. Bjor knew, as our folk do now, that the Aspects are simply servants and creations of Anbella, the Hearth Mother. Such beings pass down the magics of nature bestowed upon the descendants by our Beloved, The Brathmordakin of nature… and of life. Let it be known that such druidic magics, of connection to nature, of healing, growth and connection to Anbella’s natural realms, are held highly in the minds and hearts of Hefrumm’s folk; And through the exalted Paragon Bjor Cottonwood, they are within Da Kirkja Dverga as well. As the most recent Kirkja Dverga writings teach, magics of the realm are meant to serve the will of the Brathmordakin. In druidism, dwarves must speak no oath to the Aspects themselves - and Rightly, should not hesitate in their worship of Anbella The Hearth Mother. I, Tuzic, will attend the next meeting to discuss such, and to explain the long-held beliefs of the forest dwarves of Hefrumm and many others. May Ogradhad shine upon all dwed - as we discover the right path for our kin. Brathmordakin guide. Tuzic the Ember High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Seer of Hefrumm Khazaefron Blackroot Keeper of Hefrumm, Seer of Hefrumm Celeste'Tol Blackroot Seer of Hefrumm
  4. [!] A Missive would be sent to all citizens of Hefrumm, delivered by bird. Final Construction! The time has come for Hefrumm’s new village grounds to finish its construction! The construction teams along with our druid friends have made much progress, and soon will come to completion. To complete the last phase of construction, resources must be gathered for the building. Donation chests for building material will be placed near the front gate, I call upon you all to help how you can in building our great home! OOC: Tuzic the Ember, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn
  5. [!] A letter would be posted around Urguan and Hefrumm, and sent by bird to others! With a heavy heart, I must announce the passing of Kierd, and Crera Mossborn. Both were taken from this realm far too early due to the khorvadic actions of Lurdoic Irongut. While our hearts may burn for justice… The guidance of Kierd and Crera’s souls to Khaz’A’dentrumm comes first. The Seers of Hefrumm will guide the burial of these two honored dwed - Calling upon Dungrimm to guide their spirits to the Great Auction… and into the halls of their patrons. All dwed who knew the two we have lost, as friends or as family, are welcome to attend. May we all hold them in our memory, and let us honor them in their passing to the Brathmordakin. Tuzic the Ember High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn OOC:
  6. "Nah..." Tuzic said as he read her letter... Tears drip from the forest dwarf's face onto the page. "Not ye too..." He sets the note off to the side, and just stares off into Hefrumm... He'd lost too much in the last year... The acts that led to this replay in Tuzic's mind on a loop - It was time to get some answers.
  7. Tuzic shed a tear at the news of what had happened... He mourned the loss of Kierd - and now Lurdoic joined him. The forest dwarf had tried his best... tried his best to show Lurdoic his compassion... to show him that the Brathmordakin could forgive more than he might understand. But no. It seems Lurdoic had set his mind on losing his soul to the void long before... Tuzic wipes the tears from his eyes then, and begins his worship to Ogradhad...
  8. Tuzic was broken as whispers spread of Kierd’s killing… He set off to find his kin… He’d get his answers.
  9. This is a personal RP post - Do not metagame Anbella's Aspects Call The nightmares came for Tuzic, like a flood. Each night was another terror, one night a voidal tear would explode and create a hollow where Hefrumm once stood. In another a voidal horror would rampage through the village. One thing remained the same though - Each time, a woman’s voice would call to him in the end, a beautiful voice and… a timeless one - “Harath, thas kadan” before a sea of green mists was cast forth, healing all. Druidic magics. Perhaps his own fears and desires worked in his mind to guide him… Or perhaps Anbella and her Aspects had left another omen for him? Once they’d come, the dreams seemed ceaseless - spurring the Forest Dwarf to action. He sought Nemeas guidance and in some time his path seemed clear. By his own hand his affection was locked behind bolt and chain. His connection to the void cultivated over more than fifty years?… Vanished. Tuzic only knew one thing for sure, ultimate power laid in the Brathmordakin - Who was he to dismiss what might be guidance from Anbella herself? The pious dwedmar would give everything to please those Brathmordakin to whom he’d dedicated his life. Dedicancy brought relief… though the dreams didn’t stop. Tuzic’s mind raced with the images of his kin… A voice he felt to be The Carrot Druid comforted him… Beorn Cottonwood stirred the hearts of forest dwarves in gathering… Old Knud rode his great snail, waving down to him… Celeste’Tol brewed a new mead for all of Hefrumm… Below it all a trio of whispers would come in unison, giving him pause - but there was only one way forward now.
  10. "Yemekar's blessin' on ye Grelu." Tuzic says with a smile as he reads the news "May ye remind tha kingdom o' Anbella's grace."
  11. "Ah dwed weh can all ralleh behind" Tuzic says, relief in his voice "Yemekar guide ye, Grelu." He rolls up the missive and stuffs it in his pack, before returning to his worship.
  12. [!] A scroll bearing the sigil of the Mossborn is carried by bird to all those who call themselves the friends and family of Garedyn the Emerald. The Emerald's Tomb Garedyn the Emerald, first forest dwarf Grand King of Urguan, has been laid to rest. His wishes were laid out in his will, and as such the Seers of Hefrumm made sure to follow them closely. Through my own hand, his armor has been recreated in detail at his request, and buried in his stead in the ruins of Dy Anul Doon. Our hearts burn, longing for his return - but alas our king would have wished for us to continue the legacy he has left us, to show Hefrumm and Urguan to glory together. And as it was in his life, Garedyn's funeral was followed closely the Brathmordakin - Ogradhad saw fit to reveal a grand mystery even as we said goodbye to our beloved king. Long had Garedyn spoken to me of our ancestors' relation to this ancient keep, and in his passing now we find he was correct... The sigil of the Mossborn was shown to us by The Sage King himself, revealed upon the stone of the keep where Garedyn was buried. With this sign, we can all rest knowing that Garedyn's life has been honored with his burial amongst the land of our ancestors that strode these lands before us ; and in his memory I swear as High Chieftan of Hefrumm and Chief of the Mossborn, that these ruins will be explored, and that the memories of our kin shall never fade into the annals of time. Brathmordakin guide our beloved Garedyn - guide us all. Narvok oz Garedyn Narvok oz Hefrumm Tuzic the Ember, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Seer of Hefrumm
  13. "Few honored tha Brath as ye 'ave kin." Tuzic says with a nod "Weh will honor ye."
  14. Tuzic shakes his head as he reads the document... It wasn't something he ever wished to read. "Ye blasted dwed... come back..." He sighs, and begins writing to the Mossborn. Perhaps despite his doubts... it was time for closure.
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