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  1. if u didn’t play a farm tool this wouldn’t happen find god.
  2. maybe jolt was right 

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    2. Battle Unit

      Battle Unit

      @Panashea this is a noob take joey don't listen to this nerd

    3. Islamadon


      If Joey wanted to do ork rp he'd emulate Crash Bandicoot

    4. space warlord organ trader

      space warlord organ trader

      if I wanted to do ork rp id go shoot up in oside @Islamadon

  3. Thomas Talbot overheard the Wick, offering him a spare board and a handful of nails. ”Nobody thinks like you my friend, they get involved with wars without thinking of the cost on the populace! No, they get involved in these wars for clicks and fortune! For claims of war! They don’t care about the story nor the very nature of the conflict itself, they determine conflicts purely through discordant notes rang in their heads! Nothing is real, this is all FAKE!”
  4. i love space warlord organ trader i am following him on the LoTC Forums right now !

  5. [!] The contents of this letter are visible only to the eyes of the Arch-Lector of the Flaming Covenant Cohort: delivered under the midst of the night in a filthy parcel filled with various vials of whale oil. The Dodaitose Whaling Guild Parts Unknown From: Romulus Graham To: Danzen of Dodaitose Subj: WHALE FAT SHIPMENT My brother, A large shipment of whale fat is being partitioned to head your way. The harvests this year have been ripe: Whale bones for traditional charms, and the fat to be used for fuel, butter… All the sorts. Father and mother have fallen ill: Among them, our brothers and sisters get sicker by the day. The wood of our house rots, but our business must endure, even if we have an off season. I wish you well in the coming storms brother. Though it is turbulent, we will prevail. Light always shines even through the darkest nights. [!] It becomes increasingly obvious that the parchment is peeling, a message inside of a message: the second layer makes itself known to the reader as the thin exterior sheds like skin from a lizard.
  6. i would rather not talk like a meth head from skid row playing chubby bunny with a pair of old socks filled with glass and i cbf to learn about da brappah orkz also can’t decide if they want to be knock off mordor, Warcraft orcs, greenskins…. finally, orkz as a nation or society almost always devolves into a PVPer banana republic or just a non inclusive, unappealing mass. they would do much better following the ELDER SCROLLS example and establishing lair-like strongholds where they held themselves to a strict honor code or w/e, same with being nomadic. could even make a story of orcs dying out rather than larping in cities and deciding if ur a war nation or a weed nation
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