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  1. Name: Edmund Terrance Age: Some old guy Culture: Imperial Reason for Enlistment: A traveling scholar and alchemist looking for a place to bestow knowledge. Experience (if any): An large sum of knowledge in history and an extensive background in the alchemical arts. ((MC Name)): BoyWonderr ((Discord Tag)): you guys know the funny tag
  2. I don't think a full removal is completely necessary. Signed items, unsigned items, and other roleplay related items definitely need to be out of the Auction House. From what I've noticed, it takes away largely from merchant and stall RP. Which brings more activity to nations and to... the merchants themselves. Not to mention, it rapidly affects the economy of things. However, I do believe the auction house should still stay for buildings blocks, food, etc. Unless we bring back the old mining pits from the days of yore, I don't see why building blocks shouldn't be on the auction house. As for food, please don't bring back the wheat farm. That was an actual pain to get through. Everything RP related = No auction house Everything not RP related = Could be on the auction house
  3. I gotta say, this is beyond impressive, Heph. This has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes upon. I honestly can't wait to see this rped
  4. So, I personally love everything about this post. The additions, the clarifications, all of it. My LARGEST concern is the Cannibalism. I think it's extremely flawed and I will tell you why. Thematically, it does not make too much sense to me. The whole reason of the Siliti is that they cannot die. They are forced to live with the fact that they are immortal and even IF they wanted to killed themselves, they can't. I think the coffin is a good enough solution because it allows for the eventual hope that one day, a character can be released from that prison. The other issue about the Cannibalism section is that it can be abused so, SO easily. Mordu writes lore for good RolePlayers but, with all due respect, I think he forgets he plays on LoTC. The community on here can be inclined to promote and preform goonery. Not to mention it is a lot more common than some people believe it to be. I don't believe the Siliti are overpowered in the slightest. The only thing that makes them a powerful magic, is the Blood Magic addition itself. A Siliti without Blood Magic is just a very underpowered vampire. A very simple vampire. Overall, I have ZERO issue with the lore post- I think it's a fantastic addition to the Siliti Lore. I think that if Mordu wanted this passed, he would need to remove the Cannibalism section in order for it to be picture-perfect.
  5. One of the best individuals I've ever RPed with. Every time our character met in that little workshop, we'd sit there for hours. Really wholesome rp and I really hope to see you back one day, brother. Take care my brotha!
  6. Discord: Wonder#1141 Bid: 250 mina Skin: Marksman
  7. Well- first off, I think it's extremely well-written. But most importantly, ITS UNIQUE. I love the fact that you came up with something that we just haven't seen before on LoTC and I think that's just absolutely fantastic. I can see where you got your inspiration from and I am seriously blown away. Out of all the things I could have imagined being added to the LoTC lore, this was by far one that I would have never seen coming. It beautiful, its interesting, and its unique enough to get the player base interested. This is definitely something I'd see a large player following for. A massive +1 from me!
  8. New form submission from Story Team Application Minecraft Name: BoyWonderrDiscord ID: BoyWonderr#1141Timezone: ESTWhat skills can you apply in your role as a Story Team member?: My unique attribute is passion. Without a passion for what you are doing, it is not possible to ideally perform your job. I have a strong desire to help others through improving lore and an overall experience, which has led to my past success in catering entertainment. Improving the overall lore and experience is a key value of the team, and I know that I could bring to this job my passion for your mission. Whether it comes to Minecraft Roleplay or D&D, everyone playing has a passion for the story and even delve themselves deeper in the lore of the world that has been painted around them. The other more notable attribute is my determination. I take on every challenge head-on and do what I need to accomplish my goals, even when the challenge is difficult. Every time I was given a new challenge at my previous job, whether it was leading my first team project or meeting a quick deadline, I always enjoyed stepping up and demonstrating my skill at that new task. I am more than certain that you are looking for someone who enjoys a challenge, and I know that is me. Now, communication is a prime component to any excellent team member. And that is probably my strongest attribute of myself. Whether it’s keeping up with loads of messages, reading up on around fifty daily emails, or answering everyone on discord almost instantly; My communication with a certain group of community is rather outstanding, if I do say so myself. The Lore Team always needs to communicate with each other in times of writing or revision to allow for the lore to be implemented so players can indulge themselves in. How can we as the Story Team contribute toward the server's story?: The Story Team can continue what it is doing, with some minor tweaks. I have seen a lack of events happening in other populated cities. The server’s story is currently taking place, mostly in Elvenesse and it is perfectly fine. However, I have seen some Story Team events take place in other cities, but not at the same frequency as Elvenesese. And the lack of Story Team events, in general, is one of the few things I miss about Lord of the Craft’s iconic catering service to the players. As for the Lore Team branch of the Story Team, I do strongly believe that some lore pieces need to be revised again. I can list a couple of pieces off the top of my head that needs either a rewrite or a shelf completely. Those lore pieces particularly need a light rewrite for the reason of being too similar. For example, I think it is perfectly fine that writers briefly mention previous lore pieces in their work. However, some writers take it upon themselves to moderately modify the same lore piece, and mold it into something that, to the normal eye, looks different. Now, I would be more than happy to provide my input if those pieces ever decide to do rewrites or if completely different new pieces need an opinion. This is where my desired preference comes in. As a part of the Lore Team, this would be one of the smaller details that I would attempt to touch upon; Just to make the world feel more alive. The last I’d like to talk about is how some cities incorporate things that aren’t very… fantasy/medieval-like, per se. This is something I like to see happen- but ultimately can’t do much about it besides expressing my opinion. Said simply, Colonial fashion in Providence. Now, I do wholeheartedly understand that it’s a unique way of setting up the atmosphere for the Empire, though I do wish that it would go back to something more traditional. Essentially, no nation follows a medieval aesthetic, so I want to ensure that ongoing developments incorporate some fantasy elements to stick closer to the nature of LoTC. Link insightful feedback that speaks personally to you.: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/200499-lets-talk-about-assassinations/Attach any relevant media or links you want to share. (Portfolio):
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