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  1. A blind Vilac sat idlily on the edge of a particular dock, a bottle of alcohol in hand. He stirred the contents of the bottle before taking a large gulp, "I'm sorry..." he muttered to himself. He poured the rest of the alcohol into the ocean and promptly tossed the bottle, "That one's on me." The man went on to practically talk to himself. He spoke to the ocean, the seagulls, or even to GOD himself. Wilhelm had given up. He wasn't even sure who he was talking to. All he wanted was for someone to listen. He figured at least the seas would.
  2. The a fellow sailor that served with the blind Vilac informed him of the existence of the missive. Wilhelm requested if he'd read it aloud. "Oh no... Anyway," commented the blind Vilac upon hearing the missive in it's entirety, going back to having a completely different conversation with his fellow crewmates.
  3. The Kraken Sleepeth The blind Privateer awoke in the courtyard of Fort Sheffield, a bottle in hand. The stench of strong alcohol lingered around as the crew of the Marion shuffled about their daily routines. Wilhelm opens his eyes, quickly forming into slits as he makes contact with the natural sunlight. The wind gently swayed the swing in which he laid. With a curled lip and wrinkled nose, Alikos Bayac approached where the Vilac lay, sending a kick towards the wooden post nearest the man's head in the hopes of stirring him, “Master Vilac,” sighed the Arbiter, a leather-clad hand deftly stretching forth to seize the bottle from the inebriated man's grasp. “It's been weeks. Months. Explain to me how this,” he paused, raising the bottle and casting a cold, disdainful eye over it, "is going to return your vision." The Vilac acknowledged the presence of his Captain, waving the bottle around haphazardly before it was snatched away, “It will if I let it… Maybe, when I die, I’ll be able to see again…” He simply lay there, defeated by what had become of him. An injury acquired on the ship he sailed on, never to be forgotten. His blurry gaze shifted over to attempt to examine the Captain’s attire- but to no avail. All he saw were indescribable blurs, similar to looking through a pane of frosted glass. "The only thing you'll be seeing is the inside of a coffin," the Bayac uttered softly, head shaking. "After the worms eat your eyelids, that is." The bottle of hooch was promptly turned upside down, the remnants of liquor spilling out onto the grass below. "Sober up," he commanded flatly, turning his face. "If you can't find a way to fix the situation yourself, find me. I'll see what I can do." As Wilhelm witnessed the blur get further and further away, he let out a heavy sigh, rising from the swing as he used a lanky tree branch as a white cane- obviously, he would just about bump into anything that wasn’t well color-defined; bushes, walls, furniture with sharp corners. Eventually, he managed to make it to his room moderately deep into the fort. As he entered, he… couldn’t see his room’s details. Anger swirled within him, his arms shaking as the emotion flowed through his muscles. He throws the branch across the room, hitting a potted plant, and lets out an excruciating wail that could have only originated from his soul. The wail echoed throughout the room, and quite possibly that area of the keep, as he promptly threw himself on the bed nearby. He silently wept himself to sleep thereafter. ————— The pounding rain crashed against the ship's deck, thunder roaring from above. The ship violently swayed from side to side as the waves determined its direction. Lightning would occasionally break through the gaps in the clouds. A poor situation to find yourself in while whale-hunting. Wilhelm, atop the crow’s nest, scanned the area for any signs of whales through the tidal surges. Though, he could find nothing. For a moment, Wilhelm had come to a realization. This is the same nightmare he’d been living through every time he succumbed to sleep, drawing a parallel to the recent traumatic event. For reasons beyond him, he was conscious in his nightmare; fully aware. He thought that, perhaps, he’d been given a second chance to reverse what had befallen him. When it came to climbing back down the crow’s nest, he was hesitant. He patiently waited second after second, minute after minute. Yet, what he was expecting… never came. After a few moments, he deemed the time was right and decided to climb back down the ladder that led to the nest. It took him about a minute or so before he’d reach the spot in which his nightmare always ended; five meters from the deck of the ship. Once he reached the exact spot, he stopped. He swiftly braced for some sort of impact… but it never came. For the moment, he was almost relieved. That was until he shifted his foot to the next step down the ladder. That step would trigger his nightmare to continue in its chronological order. The powerful force of a massive animal would unexpectedly rock the ship from an unknown direction, causing Wilhelm to lose his footing on the ladder and fall backward… just as he has, and just as he will. As he fell, the bright red color of the Marion’s sails would be the last thing he’d ever see clearly. Wilhelm was emotionally broken. For a moment, he had hope. Hope that he'd have the opportunity to change his fate and alter his future. He punctually closed his eyes as he now accepted the fact that the back of his head would always hit the wooden deck below. However, once his head made contact with the wood, it immediately broke into various pieces, and Wilhelm had fallen completely through the ship’s hull into the lightning-illuminated deep blue sea. An intense feeling of panic and fear filled his bones… as the nightmare did not usually end this way. Once Wilhelm was deep underwater, he would be greeted by a leviathan-sized Kraken. Its bright-red glowing orbs fixated on Wilhelm as the indescribably elongated arms crushed the ship above. “Hello- my lost child.” its words reverberated through the water, though somehow they were completely understandable by Wilhelm. He practically froze in the water, he was physically unable to move. Or rather, it’s not that he couldn’t move, but his fear and bewilderment forced him to remain paralyzed. “Shield the gaze in which you lack, only then will you gain what you had back.” riddled the cryptic kraken in deliberate cadence. It then proceeded to dash towards Wilhelm at an unimaginable pace, its toothy maw preparing to consume him. After mere seconds, Wilhelm was consumed by the darkness of the kraken. ————— Wilhelm awoke to gasp for air, almost as if trying to come up from the water parting. The only light that crept in from the windows was that of the moonlight. He came to shortly realize he still could not see. After a minute or so of trying to comprehend his vivid nightmare, he placed his palms over his eyes, massaging them to remove the drowsy sensation. Once he was done, he held his palms there for a moment, allowing his chocolate-colored pearls to open… “Holy shit…”
  4. Complete opposite, actually. I personally would love to see more players attempting the Voidal magics. Too many funny little vampires around... not enough good mage RP
  5. i dread the day that funny dragon people become blood wizards
  7. Name: Edmund Terrance Age: Some old guy Culture: Imperial Reason for Enlistment: A traveling scholar and alchemist looking for a place to bestow knowledge. Experience (if any): An large sum of knowledge in history and an extensive background in the alchemical arts. ((MC Name)): BoyWonderr ((Discord Tag)): you guys know the funny tag
  8. I don't think a full removal is completely necessary. Signed items, unsigned items, and other roleplay related items definitely need to be out of the Auction House. From what I've noticed, it takes away largely from merchant and stall RP. Which brings more activity to nations and to... the merchants themselves. Not to mention, it rapidly affects the economy of things. However, I do believe the auction house should still stay for buildings blocks, food, etc. Unless we bring back the old mining pits from the days of yore, I don't see why building blocks shouldn't be on the auction house. As for food, please don't bring back the wheat farm. That was an actual pain to get through. Everything RP related = No auction house Everything not RP related = Could be on the auction house
  9. I gotta say, this is beyond impressive, Heph. This has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes upon. I honestly can't wait to see this rped
  10. So, I personally love everything about this post. The additions, the clarifications, all of it. My LARGEST concern is the Cannibalism. I think it's extremely flawed and I will tell you why. Thematically, it does not make too much sense to me. The whole reason of the Siliti is that they cannot die. They are forced to live with the fact that they are immortal and even IF they wanted to killed themselves, they can't. I think the coffin is a good enough solution because it allows for the eventual hope that one day, a character can be released from that prison. The other issue about the Cannibalism section is that it can be abused so, SO easily. Mordu writes lore for good RolePlayers but, with all due respect, I think he forgets he plays on LoTC. The community on here can be inclined to promote and preform goonery. Not to mention it is a lot more common than some people believe it to be. I don't believe the Siliti are overpowered in the slightest. The only thing that makes them a powerful magic, is the Blood Magic addition itself. A Siliti without Blood Magic is just a very underpowered vampire. A very simple vampire. Overall, I have ZERO issue with the lore post- I think it's a fantastic addition to the Siliti Lore. I think that if Mordu wanted this passed, he would need to remove the Cannibalism section in order for it to be picture-perfect.
  11. One of the best individuals I've ever RPed with. Every time our character met in that little workshop, we'd sit there for hours. Really wholesome rp and I really hope to see you back one day, brother. Take care my brotha!
  12. Discord: Wonder#1141 Bid: 250 mina Skin: Marksman
  13. Well- first off, I think it's extremely well-written. But most importantly, ITS UNIQUE. I love the fact that you came up with something that we just haven't seen before on LoTC and I think that's just absolutely fantastic. I can see where you got your inspiration from and I am seriously blown away. Out of all the things I could have imagined being added to the LoTC lore, this was by far one that I would have never seen coming. It beautiful, its interesting, and its unique enough to get the player base interested. This is definitely something I'd see a large player following for. A massive +1 from me!
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