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  1. me when i cant powergame a bullet breaching plate armor, win the crp, and be crowned lord of the craft for my amazing efforts
  2. I was thinking the same thing. What if they made pastel colors for each of the already existing colors?
  3. [!] "What is?" the blind man inquired, "Oh... the letter you were talking about... Sure, I don't see why not. It seems like a way to keep your mind off things."
  4. As the blind man could not see, he would not be informed of such decision. After a long while of standing in front of the missive, a kind Samaritan read it aloud for him.
  5. Farewell, Cook of the Far Lands- May your spatula create masterpieces that rival Gordon Ramsey...
  6. A blind Vilac sat idlily on the edge of a particular dock, a bottle of alcohol in hand. He stirred the contents of the bottle before taking a large gulp, "I'm sorry..." he muttered to himself. He poured the rest of the alcohol into the ocean and promptly tossed the bottle, "That one's on me." The man went on to practically talk to himself. He spoke to the ocean, the seagulls, or even to GOD himself. Wilhelm had given up. He wasn't even sure who he was talking to. All he wanted was for someone to listen. He figured at least the seas would.
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