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  1. Domonic snorts at the new law "Ah.. that's funny as hell."
  2. I like the art. But, Druid has too many subtypes already. Someone write more dark magics
  3. Issued Year 176 of the Second Age. Good people of Lurin! I, Domonic Snowell-Uialben am pleased to announce. That my charity has not been wasted! I have constructed a cave for all you alchemically enabled! With its opening we host a lab for basic alchemy, with more facilities to come! So apply for your permits, This lab is protected, and repaired. By yours truly. Signed Domonic Mik'ael Snowell-Uialben Prince of Lurin
  4. "I mean.. The menus pretty solid." A Waffle Castle employee murmers as he contemplates taking up a third job
  5. Domonic Uialben read over the missive before offering Narithen a thumbs up "Yub, Dis do jus fine.." he then grinned, rubbing his hands together as his maniacal laughter filled the chambers of cerulia "We gun beat some a- bum. We gun beat some bum." he quickly checks the corridors, seeing if his mother was marching up them before grinning even more maliciously "Ass."
  6. A satisfied customer sits, munching away on his Waffle Castle™ breakfast meal. "Oh boy! This has be the best damn breakfast I've ever had!" he turns, facing a nearby passerby "Perhaps you too, Should get yourself a Waffle Castle™ breakfast." he takes another bite, then giving a rather exaggerated thumbs up "That William fella was really cookin." he starts to laugh, the passerby amptly creeped out by the SATISFIED CUSTOMER, enjoying his PREMIUM PRODUCT began to flee.
  7. "Saddest fing bout dis is da canonfolk is jus gon notice what dey wan notice." Little Domonic murmurs to himself as he taps his finger on the missive, right on the 'The Church of the Canon may have abandoned' he grins then as he lifts the overweight chicken from under his arm and onto his head "Yup. Dey gun get salty."
  8. Domonic Uialben, the child of the hour. Was chillin, Maxin, relaxin. Livin it up big with his homies. Truly, there was no one more chill then this young lad at his moment. "Wub da zkaaaahh.." he mutters, as he realises that he has lived, a full decade
  9. Domonic Uialben of Lurin, was out galloping his horse. Enjoying the sights when he saw the sky split "Huh, Seems legit.." he said most wisely before shrugging "Canonists can deal with that shite."
  10. No disrespect, genuine question here. Why do you abbreviate a three letter word? Completely off topic, I know.
  11. Brother Rainier lets out a tired sigh "Spose I ought to teach the lad a lesson. Many will in the coming times, But one more wont hurt."
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