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  1. A State of Neutrality Issued at Year 186 of the Second Age Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Lurin is a most peaceful state. One devoid of treachery and darkness. May the sun forever shine brightly upon us. After having both orchestrated and attended the peace negotiations between Vikela and Lurak, the Serene State of Lurin recommended the Vikelan government to accept the terms of peace mostly to avoid the loss of lives and resources. After the talks happened Lurin was unable to establish a route to move their troops safely to the orcish lands but even then, we do not wish to fight for someone who prefers war over peace like Vikela, people who were offered peace terms that were reasonable and still declined them. That being said, the State also does not want to fight for Lurak, Lurin was established over two fundamental pillars: neutrality and serenity. The CCC was a pact formed to keep peace between the east coast of the continent, but when one of its members jumps recklessly to a war, Lurin will never risk their wellbeing both economically and of the population to aid in such a wicked endeavor. For that reason, I, Lumia Uialben, the Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State of Lurin declare; We will not fight, neither against Lurak nor against the Vikelans. We are not preparing war and we will not prepare for it, we stay neutral, and we will remain as a Serene State for we win nothing from a war, and Aevos wins nothing from a war. There are more important matters that concern us; the perpetual night or the rise of darkspawn for example, matters that Lurin is working to combat, may our world recover their Serenity. ETERNAL, WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! Lumia Uialben The Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State, Matron of House Uialben, Heiress of House Anarion, Protector of the Whispering Isles
  2. "I would not worry over it. Vikela will be nothing more than a vassal by the end of this war. Nary more than a refugee camp up in Vortice most likely. I offered to still aid them, but only if they paid for the movement of our troops, directly to their Queen and she flat told me they did not want our help." Lumia shrugged. reaching out and ruffling her daughter's hair. She knew better than to be bothered by senseless incongruent blathering.
  3. “I do not care to read such long boring looking missives from people who make themselves enemies.” The Ker rolled her eyes after scanning over the missive, not really reading it. She’d crumple it into a ball, and toss it into the fireplace.
  4. A Grievous Offence Issued at Year 185 of the Second Age The forgery of a name. It is by decree of the reigning Silver Lubba of The Most Serene State of Lurin: we will not march upon Lurak on behalf of Vikela. Upon deeper inspection of a missive released by one Queen Medea of Vikela, it is apparent to me that my name and signature have been forged. This is not only an attack upon myself. But also an attack upon my state. Forgery is a heinous crime. I was not there nor notified of this missive. I have lost trust and faith in my fellow leaders within the CCC. I will hereby be withdrawing Lurin from the pacts between the Costal Companions. We will NOT march upon Lurak, on behalf of Vikela and their crimes against the lands in which they occupy. ETERNAL WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! Lumia Uialben The Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State, Matron of House Uialben, Heiress of House Anarion, Protector of the Whispering Isles OOC: Literally no one asked me, nor notified me of the post. No one did any RP of signing the document either. I never consented OOCly or IRPly and was not even in the CCC discord at the time of its posting.
  5. “Father petitions for things he can just do” The Silver Lubba sighed after reading over the petition.
  6. “Indeed it does.. we still should worry over the red lich’s growing power though.” The Silver Lubba patted Gundanat before setting the missive aside and going on about her day.
  7. The Lubba smirked “So much has his superiority complex done for him. He is a fool indeed.”
  8. “Can’t wait to smack him off the log! We need to get pumpkin helms to make it official!.”
  9. A Decade of Joy Issued at Year 175 of the Second Age OOC: Celebrations begin 10:30 am EST, Wednesday, April 10th, 2024 “You’re only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.” You’re invited to celebrate with us our charismatic little Dominic’s 10th birthday! Dress will be casual as it will be hosted at our very own Arathera Beach! For entertainment, we will have a Shogging Competition, as well as general beach activities, food and drink will be provided! ETERNAL WE STAND, LONG LIVE THE LUBBA! Lumia Uialben The Silver Lubba of the Most Serene State, Matron of House Uialben, Heiress of House Anarion, Protector of the Whispering Isles Apollyon Snowell Royal Consort of the Silver Lubba, Minister of the Interior, Matron of House Snowell, Lady of House Uialben, Honorary Halfling
  10. “Such a cruel death for someone so pure. I pray to Eshatael that your murderer is punished thrice as harshly and his body desecrated the way he has yours.” Silent tears fell from Lumia’s crimson eyes, such sickening behavior from someone tasked to protect and lead. Her stomach churned at the thought of the girl being cut up and stuffed into a bookcase.
  11. “Can’t wait for the Ferrymen to see this shit.”
  12. Standing at a window of the great tower of Lubba’s Keep, within the capital of the Most Serene State of Lurin, the Silver Lubba’s eyes widened as she saw the skies visibly change in the far off distance. With a worried frown she would murmur a few words. “Let us hope that stays over there.”
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