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  1. Lumia Anarion squinted her eyes and irritation as she read the missive “you STOLE my idea….” She hissed as she balled it up and tossed the paper in the fire pit.
  2. “A drinking competition for a Library. How fascinating.” Lumia shook her head slightly setting the invitation down to continuing her ledger work
  3. Deep in the woods of Elvenesse, where the Old growth trees were centuries old no doubt, the trees were spaced apart, giving each other room is seemed. Through these gaps massive creatures tread. As well as a single Ker, whose face was obscured by her mask, the rest of her body hidden in a similarly fashioned suit of plate and cloth. A style worn solely by the R’ikarth clan. She strode through the forest, a crossbow in hand, passing by a cave the entrance of which had a path leading out but was darkly shadowed by the overhang of the roof. She thought nothing of the cave and continued on, searching for a boar or perhaps a stag. She finally spied one after many moments of walking quietly through the trees. She took position and fired a bolt, it landed where she intended, her decades of skill never failing her. The Ker went to the carcass and began dressing it, her mind became lost to the task at hand. From the cave came a snuffling sound. One only produced from a great beast, it were a large lumbering beast. Out from the cave walked a massive Morko Bear. One hungry from the great cold sleep. It could smell the blood of something, it wasn’t sure what but it was sure it could eat whatever it were. Off it went, a great snuffling thing following the scent. Soon it came upon the R’ikarth, who seemed to have stilled, as it sensed the movement behind them, perhaps they had heard the leaves on the ground rustling as the bear approached. Fyre slowly stood and turned to face whoever had come up behind her, her honey yellow eyes widened behind her mask as she took in the sight of it. She had never seen a bear so large before. She did not know they could be so big. She reached for her crossbow to nock another bolt, but the bear’s paw swiped out knocking it from her hands and sending it flying a few yards away. She cursed, knowing her fate was sealed. The bear let out a thundering roar, one that would’ve been heard for miles. If any one had been around. The Ker flinched at the decible of it before turning to attempt to run, the bear took only a few lumbering lopes after her before smacking her down with a massive paw. It could feel her break beneath its weight, the plates compressing and bending as well. She did not scream, nor move after that. Help would never come. And so came the death and final hunt of Fyre R’ikarth.
  4. I’m honestly gonna just google riddles now
  5. *Lumia wondered if it would accept a boar’s carcass. Or if it only accepted humanoid carcasses.*
  6. The letters sat stacked away neatly in a pile, having been glanced over and placed in such a way with other articles of such wordings, the one whom placed them off on some wander in search of exotic fruits in which to craft into a new line of sweet wines she hoped to make.
  7. Lumia sat next to her fire pit, this missive in her hands. When she was finished she crumpled the paper into a ball and tossed it into the fire. Her indifference evident.
  8. "I look forward to wandering the shopping district!" Piped out the pale dark elf
  9. Snow1770


    Lumia was born to Sigrid and Geralt Snow, in their home in the far north mountains, her life was quite unremarkable until the age of 8, when she unceremoniously became an only child. Her brother Faldric and she had been playing at the top of an embankment, a mountain face almost. They had been playing hide and seek, in the spruce and brush, the mountains shook, and she heard him scream, only to get to where she heard it come from, to see him rumbling down with boulders, she couldn't recall much for a period after then. Her mother and father never allowed her to play away from the house after that. Growing up her life remained to be boring, and constantly unchanging. She grew to be resentful of her simple life. She knew there was more to the world than just this. Her parents used to talk about it all the time, but now they barely talked about any of it. She was an adult now, it was the summer of her 18th year. She was inside helping her mother break beans. Father was outside cutting wood, she soon heard her father speaking, and there was another voice it seemed, there had been visitors before, but there hadn't been for years. She got up and went to look, it was a woman, she had a large pack on her back, a long stick in one hand, and her other hand rested on the hilt of a sword strapped around her waist. She had bright red hair, and the silvery grey eyes, her skin was a tanned pale shade. Paler when you looked to Geralt's almost coal black skin darkened from the sun. Lumia watched as her father turned and walked up to the house, he came inside and asked mother to come out. Which she did. they talked to the woman together then led her away from the house toward the side yard that they used to let visitors camp in. mother and father always made her stay inside, because it was just safer. "we never know if they would try to take you, you are our only child now" They would say or some other iteration of that which basically meant no. But the last time there was a visitor, she was so much younger, only 13. She was still young. But this lady didn't seem too scary. her sword did, but why would she use it to hurt Lumia? she was small and harmless right? Lumia waited until the moon was high and her fathers snores echoed through the house. Lumia crept outside and snuck towards the side yard where the traveler had set up her camp. Light from the fire danced over the grounds, the traveler had set up a simple cot, she laid in it and appeared to be sleeping. Lumia crept around silently, observing all the things, curious of them, the wind blew and she could feel the tingles of winter in that breeze. The traveler was indeed asleep, that's how she appeared anyway. Lumia sat next to the fire across from the woman. She stared into the fire, resting her chin on her knees. Her arms wrapped around her legs. She continued gazing into the fire, the flames dancing in her eyes, making them almost glow with a strange blood red hue. Her white hair had been tied into an intricate braid by her mother earlier that morning. While Lumia seemingly lost herself in the flames. The travelers eyes slowly cracked open and she was quite startled to find the small figure on the other side of the fire. "hello?" he said slowly sitting up and reaching into her breast pocket. "H-hello-!" Lumia gasped skittering back away from the woman and the fire startled that she was suddenly away and reaching. "whoa its okay. Where did you come from? Are you heir kid? you look like they do?" The lady took her hand from her breast pocket and rested them both on her legs. "Ah i am. who are you?" Lumia asked gathering herself back up and only scooting close enough to be warmed by the fire. "I just want to know about the world and everything besides this stupid mountain" Lumia stayed up until she could hear the chickens start to rustle around, She had spent the entire night talking to the woman, who's name was Derean. Derean had told her everything she asked about. She answered all of her questions. and only made Lumia want to leave more. But years passed again by her 23rd summer she was ready to leave. She began on her journey to see the world, after much procrastination caused by her parents
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