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  1. Antharin

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    1/10 i dont know anybody
  2. Oh my god am I dreaming?

  3. At least have a visit.

  4. There goes your 100 bucks.

  5. I came back and I knew that you were the one who made the amazing map. ;-)

  6. The new cobblestones walls in 1.4 are great for medieval houses.

    1. DrakeHaze.
    2. Dargene


      In minecraft 1.4 There will be Stone fences, They will act like wood fences but look better, Nicer and will work with our envorioment

    3. shiftnative


      yes yes yes can't wait!

  7. I'm still using the designs we made, on vanilla servers. :-)

  8. Huh, waaa eh? Where am I?