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  1. Name: Drayden Volkar Age: 125 Gender: Non-binary demi-god Race: Mali'ker (OOC) Username: Gangass_Khan Discord: N/A Timezone: Eastern
  2. [!] Prices have been adjusted for deflation. GOD save Philip III, Emperor of Oren and capitalism [!]
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Estate For Sale In Providence ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello everyone, I am selling my manor in Providence. It is a nice home just a stone's throw from the main square of the city. It has its own backyard, which is very rare for a townhouse so close to the city gates. It also comes fully furnished, with a fountain in the backyard, a picnic area, a bathhouse, and a basement. Bidding will begin at 250 minas, the buyout is 600 minas if you wish to avoid any bidding wars. Taxes are 40 minas a week. The home address is 1 Joseph's Gate. -Drayden Volkar [!] Pinned to the flier are some quite succulent photos of the estate. [!] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. "They are no longer in your joyous walls, my sweet sweet Philip" says a guardily guard of the Imperial Palace
  5. I'm not gonna lie, these are the sh!ttiest post battle propaganda posts I've ever seen


    1. UnbanCharlesTheBald2021


      Well we're simply roleplayers trying our hardest man, if we cannot convince you, it's probably because you are not roleplaying but reading it with a 2022 mind. Your character is a medieval peasant who thinks the earth is flat, there's great chances that a light propaganda post will convince your character about a battle. 


      These days people expect so much quality out of people but they always forget their roots, that 95% of the populace in medieval times believed in witches. You must understand what we're trying to do here and that there is a person behind the character, so judge people lightly when a post doesn't convince you.


  6. "Orenians have big d****" states Big Chungus
  7. "I bought one of Emperor Phillip III" says a happy customers. "Please do not ask what I do with it..."
  8. A letter finds its way to the Imperial Palace. It reads: "My father was a drunkard and my mother was a hooker, but by GOD almighty this is my Empire! Lay down thine arms Philip III, daddy's coming home." @Nectorist
  9. "Hail Iblees!" shouts a clergyman wildly from a Haenseni Rooftop.
  10. Somewhere a dark elf weeps at the loss of a man that has saved him from racial hate crimes.
  11. This brings back Minecraft pre-launch beta memories
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