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  1. MC Name: Gangass_KhanRP Name: Dragan VolkarPersona ID: 82170
  2. I thought these were going to be memoirs from a stripper.
  3. "Make remove of Jentos!" shouts an Anthosian Raevir.
  4. @excited Please release me from your basement

  5. *Insert Modern Warfare 2 Lobby*
  6. Name: Drayden Volkar Age: 125 Gender: Non-binary demi-god Race: Mali'ker (OOC) Username: Gangass_Khan Discord: N/A Timezone: Eastern
  7. I'm not gonna lie, these are the sh!ttiest post battle propaganda posts I've ever seen


    1. UnbanCharlesTheBald2021


      Well we're simply roleplayers trying our hardest man, if we cannot convince you, it's probably because you are not roleplaying but reading it with a 2022 mind. Your character is a medieval peasant who thinks the earth is flat, there's great chances that a light propaganda post will convince your character about a battle. 


      These days people expect so much quality out of people but they always forget their roots, that 95% of the populace in medieval times believed in witches. You must understand what we're trying to do here and that there is a person behind the character, so judge people lightly when a post doesn't convince you.


  8. This brings back Minecraft pre-launch beta memories
  9. To be completely honest, situations like this make me question why I even come back to this server after 10 years of being here. Its narrative is stagnant to the point of insanity. YOU, staff, need to honestly come to understand that making things more complex because you guys did something cool doesn't trump simple clicking when it comes to war claims. This whole map has been trying to remake the wheel, from all the node and crafting plugins to this. Stop wasting your own time and everyone else, the bottom line is vanilla based systems work. If you want something unique don't throw minecraft's vanilla functions out the window. Stop trying to code a video game and work on strengthening the code of the server. The best thing this server could do is go back to its barebone functions of being a Minecraft based RP server. Start getting rid of staff teams unless they do their functions in a timely manner, remove a lot of the red tape and let players create their own narratives again. This is the most pressing issue. At this point, nations should just rally on the main world and duke it out without staff intervention. The bureaucratic state of LOTC is sucking the fun and creativity out of a lot of potential roleplay. If you guys can't make something work, hand it over to the players or downgrade your ambitions.
  10. [Disclaimer: Nothing within this thread is publicly distributed information. Any utilization of any information on this thread for roleplay reasons would be metagaming.]
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