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  1. Cyrus reads upon the missive, "It has been my utmost pleasure to be able to partake in such a historically significant event such as this. In time the elves will have a state to look to as an example of what can be achieved with passion and unity."
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Folly of Elvenesse ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The drums of war are never a joyous sound, but oftentimes present themselves as an absolute necessity to a greater end... The elves within the leadership of Elvenesse reign as unholy alchemists, turning those who they could call friends and allies into enemies. And thus such a nation that fashioned itself after the ideas of Malinor has fallen into a paranoid stupor. They have ordered
  3. "Truth shall be found it action lliran. The moon shines brightly upon us, bearing the fruit of our future." says Cyrus Inacrynn. He nods at the missive approvingly.
  4. Cyrus eyes the missive from his tent in Little Malinor.
  5. There was not an option for cognac I am sorely depressed
  6. A warm smile leaps across the face of Cyrus Inacrynn, "The day has finally come; our dreams of Malinor manifest themselves back into the material plane." He turns to all those within the meeting before looking down upon the parchment, he dips the quill in the ink set aside before him and signs his name proudly.
  7. Cyrus reads the missive of his good friend, "The hearts of Mali turn to unity once more, we've truly started something here..."
  8. Cyrus remembers he has to pay his baby momma crotchfruit support
  9. 🍌 🦍 🍌



    1. The Great Mongol Khan

      The Great Mongol Khan

      What does this mean!!!!!?!!??!

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  10. Somewhere deep in a grove in the eastern grasslands of Almaris, a dark elf spots two elves journeying through a forest imbuing an ancient aura. He mutters to himself, "It seems the times we live in are a time of return and rebirth of many things..."
  11. I'm coming for those ancient scrolls!
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