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  1. Im surprised theres no proposal for disintegration of golem limbs
  2. I am a certified noob wrangler.
  3. "When is someone going to genocide the children of Haense?", a Mali'ker thinks to himself as he cringes at the flier.
  4. Great job Lion! Gargerad would be proud! It was cool seeing the St. Amyas uniform at the end.
  5. Cyrus frowns, "I never get this kind of treatment..."
  6. From within a dark cave a letter is penned, "To the Rt. Honorable Gusiam Jusmia, I, Cyrus of Stygian Hollow, ask kindly to remove any reference to our homeland. The one known as Vulmir has no legal residency within our walls and we are unaware of any visitation that he may have had here." With warm regards, Cyrus of Stygian Hollow
  7. A note has been posted on the Surgeon General's office "Contains chemicals known to cause cancer"
  8. Rest in peace brother, you will be dearly missed. I will miss hopping onto the Messy Medieval server and you giving me a tour of some of the lesser touched building styles that you'd bring to life. Thank you for helping me build Mordskov back in the day and for being a good friend. Until the next time, tell the big man upstairs I said hello.
  9. I will forever cherish the memories we shared my brother.

  10. Freebuild offers fluidity to politics and new cultures/player bases. For a long time during freebuild maps we didnt have much of a world team to moderate the quality of a build. The nation and charter system now is too restrictive to the creativity of the player bases. I've always been a fan of freebuild as long as the buildings are made with care and the server in mind and not being solely some survival gameplay in the corner of the map. Freebuild definitely shouldn't be directly on the main road but also shouldn't be too far away from the action either. One of my proudest builds were in the wilds of last map. I had a nice house on an island I built like some madman in Dubai and nobody bothered me and I had a safe place to store my belongings with increasing political change if I ever went inactive for a bit.
  11. "When will somewhere tell these 'thill, that the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice", ponders a Mali'ker.
  12. "Nobody wants these posh white folks", says a melanin rich elf.
  13. A Mali'ker recognizes Evar'tir as the blackest of the black.
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