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    2. Harri


      its not the same then

      plus i dont want to healslut as mercy and do nothing

    3. Niso


      half of top 500 is boosted mercy mains anyways lmao

    4. Harri


      yeah.. maybe just getting to high gm is good enough..

  1. any1 who one tricks in overwatch, kill urself

  2. CLG 3-0 Let's go baby.

  3. Man, it's amazing to think that the people who are supposed to be taking care of rule breaking are actually breaking rules themselves. Great staff 10/10. inb4 status removal.

    1. Dizzy771


      If you have an issue with a staff member please send it to Kalamoot as he is the GM team lead, or another admin. Alternatively, send it to me and I'll forward it to the admins for you, if you like

    2. Moot


      If a GM is breaking the rules, you need to report it to me, or else I can't do anything about it! I'm always around to listen.

  4. what a waste of time lol

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    2. InfamousGerman
    3. calculusdesola


      ***** some more, former banned player

    4. Pureimp10


      You've been ban reported for griefing the gates of Oren, liam.

  5. Dat new WoW expansion.

  6. I love LoTc :)

  7. lord of the crash?

  8. Who made the UAC back in Aegis?

    1. Space
    2. Abeam


      Martin Benedict made it

  9. Who made the UAC back in Aegis?

  10. RIP CLG LiNk :(

  11. omfg fnatic

    1. meg


      eu mad. na jelly.

  12. Lord of the Craft is a Hardcore PvP faction server, where if you donate $1000 you get a spider that throws fireballs and basically outruns everyone else in the server. ggwp lotc ggwp

    1. TeaLulu


      this is why you have to turn all the aether VIPs against one another.

    2. Raomir


      let me collect your tears

    3. Skippy


      dili ur dumb

  13. INB4 other feedback post

  14. Fix server plox.

    1. osumanduas


      plox, mus get mi pixel time

  15. Fix server plox.

  16. I'm running out of things to do in the internet...

    1. Austin
    2. ◀ Doone ►

      ◀ Doone ►

      'Tis what happens, eventually..

    3. bungo


      i think austin means porn

  17. Alec is a legend.
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