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  1. Probably gonna be starting interviews for new GM's tomorrow. Post your last second apps if you're interested.

  2. Gonna be looking for more trial GMs pretty soon. Put your apps in if you're interested. 

  3. GM app spring cleaning. If you are still interested in applying just repost your app. All current apps are moved to denied.

    1. Nekkore


      Here come the apps...

  4. Congrats to Josh3738 for being the third GM to pass his trial

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    2. Space


      oh wtf people from lotc play rust?

    3. Aeldrin


      yeah it's me, a couple old snelfs, and a couple dwarves playing in a group on one of the servers

    4. Space


      i'd be down to play some wipe

  5. Congrats to Harold on being our next promotion from trial to full GM.

  6. hello, i won comutiy contst can i have eltyrta pls 


    this is what i drew https://gyazo.com/c436b1d174720011a571032b917316a1



    thank in vanced 


    love, me 

    1. Kim


      combine your memes are actually bad

    2. Weabootrash
    3. Weabootrash


      jk pls draw me stuff

  7. Congrats to Leric. First of our, something stupid like 9, current Trials GM's to pass their trial!

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    2. Jonificus


      ugh, more targetbans -.-

    3. lemontide331


      another incompetent decision made by dizzy771... le sigh

    4. Muddy_Buddy
  8. Warclaims are open to be posted again by the way.

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    2. Crowbill


      All these resignations are making people Dizzy, so it's nice to see WCs back.

    3. DrakeHaze.


      But you have to naval battle to get to the other continent?

    4. sneLf
  9. I mean, I am one of the people you can message to figure out your experimentation so I fail to see how that'd be an issue.
  10. Its made to allow a dynamic way for the ever present numbers issue within the lore to play themselves out rather then having to rely on staff. Lhindir has as equal of a chance to discover the disrupter spike, gather up people, and hunt down other golemancers as anyone else. And as I stated before: its running under a trial phase currently. If it becomes problematic I have no issues retconning it.
  11. -=+ Golem Lore +=- -=+ What is a Golem? +=- Golems are sentient constructs, comprised of a stone body animated by a magical core. Golems can be created using Enchanting or Runesmithing. They also require one skilled in the use of the material from which they are made to make all of the parts. Usually two are required to make a golem, as it is incredibly difficult to make the part and apply the magic to it simultaneously. -=+ The Primary Lore +=- -=+ Bound Beyond Death: Soulbound Golems +=- -=+ The Golem Anvil And Golem Types +=- -=+ How Golem Cores Work +=- -=+ The Disrupter Spike +=- -=+ Miscellaneous Golem Tech +=-
  12. Thrash talking behind people's back is so good dizzy

    1. lemontide331


      they're just crazy merchants after all xPPPPPP

    2. Malgonious


      I never had much respect for you to begin with, but it's pretty clear now that you're part of the problem plaguing our community.  You should honestly step down...

  13. Still awaiting ALL contest prizes. 

    1. TeaLulu


      its one day after release

      unless of course you wanted it sooner than that...in which case, congrats! You received it...........and now its gone cause of the transition : )

    2. Corporatocracy


      I've been waiting ages. . . . . .. . .

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