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  1. [Accepted]Chikaea's Sm Application

    Dudeya, I've known chikaea for what seems like aegis(Haha) now. Anycase, she is mature, kind, and driven. She's there to get stuff done, not laze around boredly with a title. My support is put forth with the utmost honesty. +1
  2. Move nite, Princess Mononononononononononoke - http://www.livestream.com/jjkoshanefuntime

  3. Listening to Bunga musiq whilst watching my Estate burn at my own command; Salvian Thug Life.

    1. Gemmylou


      Has Siege finally cracked?

    2. ◀ Doone ►

      ◀ Doone ►

      Hehe, Siege is long gone, Zandros is incharge now, deary. It was Jericho, he just wanted to see the Ashby Estate burn.

    3. Gemmylou


      Jericho is still around?!!?

  4. [✗] Remind People To Vote On Server Restart

    This was my idea, you fool, Zandros! I love you, but this credit is mine, you fool! :P
  5. There should be a notice before every restart with a link to vote, telling people to do so while it restarts-- What else do we have to do?

    1. FalconByte


      Great Idea, but then the sever, which is restarting will be overwhelmed by people voting and people might not get there 50 minas

  6. Dat Salvian Harvest Festival

  7. -glares forward sternly as an extensive amount of the Harvest Festival's progress is undone, and most of his all-nighter as well.-

  8. Server jizzing out on my procrastinated Harvest Festival monkey frantic-icalness?

  9. Yeah I am back, even had made a post in the Off topic section bout it lol

  10. Zilldude [Fm Application]

    lolno -2 +3 -4 +6 WHAT DOES THAT EQUAL? I DUNNO! He's a nice and friendly guy.