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  1. ◀ Doone ►

    [Accepted]Chikaea's Sm Application

    Dudeya, I've known chikaea for what seems like aegis(Haha) now. Anycase, she is mature, kind, and driven. She's there to get stuff done, not laze around boredly with a title. My support is put forth with the utmost honesty. +1
  2. ◀ Doone ►

    Zilldude [Fm Application]

    lolno -2 +3 -4 +6 WHAT DOES THAT EQUAL? I DUNNO! He's a nice and friendly guy.
  3. ◀ Doone ►

    The Legion Of The Cardinal Cross

    The note is received after the speech, he reads it slowly with a nod before readjusting his armor slightly in the process of reshaping and fixing it. He glances to the left for a moment in a sigh before heaving his head slowly back to the letter with a nod. Then making his way towards his study within Westwarde Citadel to make his reply, an odd expression lingering beneath his greathelm as he does so.
  4. ◀ Doone ►

    The Legion Of The Cardinal Cross

    -Many fliers and posters are plastered about Salvian Lands, the Cloud Temple, and a few even leaking into Dwarven lands.- (( If no one is present upon reaching Westwarde Citadel, please send a forum or ingame message to one of the follow to organize a recruitment session. Commanding Officer Tahjeet Mubdee - Acornlad Commanding Officer Zandros Waveswept - Zanderaw Officer Darius Drakon - _PH4NT0M_ Lord Commander Thomas Siegemen - CorprlSkyler ))
  5. ◀ Doone ►

    Aron's Fm App

    ya totes sprt comn fram mi he's kewl +1
  6. ◀ Doone ►

    Ski_King3's Et Actor App

    I give my support, he's a great and mature guy. I think he could do some great good with the position and power that being an Actor on the Event Team would grant. Good luck, old friend. +1
  7. ◀ Doone ►

    The Guild Of Assassins (Newly Improved)

    Dion picks up the note, raising a brow as he begins to read, then shaking his head slowly as he begins to laugh with a sly tone. "N' t'ey t'ink they's gon' git somewhere.." he says, then showing it to his 'brother' Mason as they both laugh. " 'Assassins'.. T'ey always git tha' hands real dirteh.." he says with his un-educated speech. He drops that note, letting it be picked it up by the wind and drifting some place besides back to it's owner. Dion then starting into a sprint as he glances back at his flowing cyan cape, his breathing slightly regulated by the leather mask lying over his mouth.
  8. ◀ Doone ►

    Cruz's New Fm App

    Awesome-sauce hugs of supportnessical stuff coming from me! Amazing guy, very nice, mature, and fair. I can see him doing a great job as a Forum moderator. Good luck, buddy! +1
  9. ◀ Doone ►

    [Actor] Cruz's Event Team Application

    Bajillion bunches of support coming from me. Cruz would be amazing as an actor, and I believe he would do a perfect job. He's a great roleplayer and a great guy. +1
  10. ◀ Doone ►

    The Pirates Of The Black Dawn

    The halfling nods, a stern grin laying on his face as he hands back the filled application. MC Name: CorprlSkyler IC The hand-writing seems to be rugged and rough, as though with little training. IC Name Christopher Teach IC Race: Halfling What can you bring the Black Dawn and how does this benefit us?(talents, skills, etc) I can sail and spot like no other, and I can shout down an army! Why do you wish to join the Black Dawn?: I've been on a crew before, and I've a cutlass longing to be swung. Are you willing to prove yourself to your captain upon acceptance? Of course. Sign your name here: Christopher Teach OOC Links to accepted VAs or Minor VAs: http://www.lordofthe...eachs-minor-va/ Skype name: steamworks73
  11. ◀ Doone ►

    Cruz's Forum Moderator Application

    I gives several support-hugs to Tiburon on this, I think he could really do a good job on the FM team. I believe he is a very mature person and friendly at that, and I most definitely can tell you that he is passionate about LoC. He puts in so many hours to help the community and just roleplay as a whole. Good luck, buddeh. +1
  12. ◀ Doone ►

    Staticfromage's Ban Appeal

    I dooOooOoooooO vouch for Static, I believe he hasn't X-Rayed.
  13. ◀ Doone ►

    [Event Proposal]- The Return Of Arux

    Sounds like a good idea, I would love to see it happen.
  14. ◀ Doone ►

    House Hightower

    1. Mc name and rp name : ((CorprlSkyler)) Doone Rylin 2. What race are you : Southeron, Human 3. Have you ever lived in solace: Nope! 4. Did anyone direct you to joining, if so who: ((Arkelos)) - A man is walking down a street in fine silks and exotic velvet, running up to him you see two goblins and a orc about to corner him in a dark alley by the tavern. You hear a yelp and rush in to find him dead, the three running down the alley. 5. Doone hides right away, and then stalks his 'prey' until he gets to the perfect advantage point. He strings an arrow and lets loose on least armored Goblin, shouting "Kum geet meh bruddahz!" for he has known orcish since he was a boy, his father's best friend was an orc. As they the Orc and Goblin try to climb up to him, he shoots as many arrows as fast as he can. He takes out the orc first surprisingly, leaving the one goblin. As the goblin comes almost close enough to swing a sword, Doone jumps off the cliff and lands in a tree in which he fires one last arrow strait through the goblins chain-mail. Doone then jumps down and loots the bodies and collects his arrows with that 'Hunters Instinct' he has. 7. I, Doone Rylin, Swear upon my honor that I will uphold the peace and security of my lord, James Hightower and Lancel Hightower, and keep them safe. All indulgences of the world will not disrupt my task in protecting them to the best of my ability. So do I swear, Doone Rylin . I can also fill that hunter job, it's what I've been doing for a living so far.
  15. ◀ Doone ►

    Rangers Of The Forest (New Page Up)

    MC Name: CorprlSkyler RP name: Pontius-Rizzion Age: 40 But his body and strength have stayed the same since he was 20, and left Aegis to wander. Time does not pass the same in the wilds. Race: Southeron Gender: Male Time Zone: MST -7:00 Brief Description of your characters personality: Intelligent, bright, trustworthy, but secretive. Biography: Pontius, after almost 20 years of wandering the wilds, has returned to Aegis with the knowledge of Alchemy and some Magic. Self trained with the bow, and a hunter years before, he is ready to make the best of whats left of his life. He is wiser and faster, ready for anything to come now that he is back in Aegis. Why do you wish to join?: Because all my thing are gone. I come with only skills, and some money. I wish to put my skills to use, instead of being a petty begger. Roleplaying skill(I don't want a bloody story!): ((Decent, cant say I'm the best at it. )) What does your character prefer to fight with?(Include skill level too if possible): LvL. 32 Archery - LvL. 32 Wrestling - LvL. 31 Excavation - LvL. 16 Swordsmanship Can your character build?: Better at just staking a tent, and getting it over with. Any other special skills?: Alchemy, taming, and sneaking. Will you uphold every rule, and if necessary, enforce them?: I shall, by my honor. Skin: ((Its my profile picture, though I may change it soon.)) LotC app link: ((I've been playing so long, its literally gone, after all the site updates it must have been lost... lol)) I don't want to join anymore.