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  1. Idioticozzy

    The Pontifical Enthronement of 1693

    Tomas cheers “DEUS VULT”
  2. is the server down? getting error that says “[bungee] can’t connect to server”

  3. Idioticozzy

    [Denied] LukyLucaz' World Dev Application

    +1 would be a fantastic addition to lotc staff
  4. Idioticozzy

    Messy Medieval Workers' Union

    +1 teehe
  5. Idioticozzy

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Icarnus

    +1 can take **** well
  6. Idioticozzy

    The LoTC Tailor's Guild

    Minecraft IGN: OzmanduForum Username: IdioticozzySkype Username: IdioticozzyLink to examples of past work: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/idioticozzy/
  7. links for game of thrones plz?

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    2. Gridlock


      Or like, buy HBO.

    3. iMattyz


      HBO isn't in the UK.

    4. Idioticozzy


      Or don't be a salty *****.

  8. How do I add a pet back to my pet list?

  9. Are there any like, bandit characters left? I haven't seen crime commited forever.

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    2. Mn3733


      Not true. Aegis road was short and guards were constantly walking past since the main road was SUPER active. What bandits did was they either mugged in large numbers wearing diamond armour, or they lured you off the road by getting a guy to say his friend was injured/being attacked in the forest, etc.

    4. KarmaDelta


      Nah man, it was definitely big. It went on for some time. The bandits I met just told me to drop my pants and then kill me once I did so.

  10. Idioticozzy

    [Actor] Daelaris' Et Application

    Daelaris was my Characters cousin once, and he caused much rp by tearing apart the family! +1!!
  11. Idioticozzy

    Burkester's Et Application (Actor)

    +1 because he is great !!!!
  12. What happened to zombie FRP's?