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  1. Mah babeh.

  2. sorry was gone for several weeks didnt get ur message untill now

  3. Ooh, I get to be extremely rude to you on this character :3

  4. Don't be, you can RP with my new character :3

  5. I am playing as him now, but he is very old and weak. He will likely die very soon. I have to wait for my Kharajyr app to be accepted.

  6. I wish there was an ending to Natheus' story. It was all a bit sad.

  7. Lol awe :) I will miss Rhisereld. A lot of memories xD

  8. Yeah, I'm one of the only female dwarves :I

  9. Is that your new character? :)

  10. Just wait until you meet Breva... though there hasn't been a lot of kitty contact.

  11. He did xD I have become a Kharajyr now :) Maybe we can RP again? I loved Rping with you :) and I MISSED YOU XD

  12. Oh my God! You're back! So much happened. It's been more than 50 years. Rhisereld died of old age in December. Zhotia disappeared off the face of the earth before then, but she's probably an old lady. Just wait 'till Susitsu hears you're back.

  13. It's natheus btw :) Just with a new character

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