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  1. I'm proud of the small part I had to play in all of this. +1. Really good lore Shannon, hope it goes through.
  2. And just like that. Poof.

  3. So, since they're now allowed, what automining/autofishing mods does everyone recommend?

    1. Mj.


      I recommend the X-ray automine 

  4. Why doesn't nexus ask to confirm a skill change before wiping out all your xp? One simple mistype could easily wipe out hundreds of thousands of xp on a persona.

    1. JasperJohn


      because the devs are heartless

  5. Selina Demones signs the charter. (JCQuiinn)
  6. Are any of the Oren nobility on for anything besides raids and warclaims? Every time i try to get into contact with them they're only ever on when they're attacking someone. As soon as the raiding party's back in Petrus they all seem to log.

    1. AGiantPie


      They are, though whenever a raid or war happens people generally drop whatever else they're doing, homework or w/e, and hop online to participate.

    2. Ser Paul Ryan

      Ser Paul Ryan

      Vast majority of them are on all the time during EST. There's also only been 2 noble led raids in the past week or two, so not sure what's wrong, friendo.

    3. Heff


      the amount of savage passive aggresiveness in this update

    1. NicktheRed20


      My penguin is always there for me too. Maybe we could meet up in club penguin!

    2. VampsWillDie


      I would meet you there too but I got banned from club penguin for talking about Niger. ...

  7. Would one need to recieve LM approval to create something similar to an enchanted electrolarynx?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MamaBearJade


      become a mental mage

    3. Mumkey


      besides the fact mental magic is locked

    4. Mumkey


      The voice thing seems fully cosmetic, so I doubt anyone would care if ya used it.

  8. “I enjoy talking to you. Your mind appeals to me. It resembles my own mind except that you happen to be insane.”

  9. There isn't a map available on here at the moment. However our server has a greylist, so you can log on and walk around, but are invisible and unable to interact with anything. If you do that there should be a map as soon as you leave the starting spawn area.
  10. It all returns to nothing, it all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down

  11. So, if I wanted someone to make (modify?) a skin for me to give my character a fancy red dress, how many minas would that set me back?

  12. I'm gonna have to agree with wardog here, this does feel like an OOC way of addressing an IC issue.
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