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  1. JCQuiinn

    Minor Enchanting Amendment

    Will this apply to the creation of wards as well?
  2. JCQuiinn

    [Accepted] My Glorious Pink Application

    Why is this man not an AT member yet? +1
  3. JCQuiinn

    [Rewrite/Addition] Homunculi

    I'm proud of the small part I had to play in all of this. +1. Really good lore Shannon, hope it goes through.
  4. JCQuiinn

    [✓] Alras Awakens

    Anya Irinith signs the charter.
  5. JCQuiinn

    [Denied] [Pending]Kwakamungus' Builder App

    Sure, why not. +1
  6. JCQuiinn

    [✓] The Holy League Charter App.

    Selina Demones signs the charter. (JCQuiinn)
  7. JCQuiinn

    Kowa's LT Application

    Who do I call when I need HELP? Why, no other than KOWAMAN of course. He HAS what it takes to turn this Lore Team around. He has MY vote, that's for sure. Kowaman's a good man with good FAMILY values.
  8. JCQuiinn

    [Accepted] James27049's Fm App

    I support this addition to the Ascended power bloc. +1
  9. JCQuiinn

    New Player, Having Trouble Seeing The Map?

    There isn't a map available on here at the moment. However our server has a greylist, so you can log on and walk around, but are invisible and unable to interact with anything. If you do that there should be a map as soon as you leave the starting spawn area.
  10. JCQuiinn

    Creator Magic [Redone]

    I'm gonna have to agree with wardog here, this does feel like an OOC way of addressing an IC issue.
  11. JCQuiinn

    [Lore & Magic Idea, Wip?] The Elemental Aengudaemons

    I'm fairly certain that Aenguls that resonate with the elements already exist somewhere in the lore. Though that might not be the case if they got wiped with the rest of the Manthic Age lore.
  12. JCQuiinn

    [Warclaim] I'm Coming Home - P. Diddy

    ((Nope, the Ascended currently don't have a plugin. And, to my knowledge, there is no plans in place for us to get one. We are looking into a few ways to tip the balance in our favor however.))
  13. JCQuiinn

    [Lore] Daemon Blood

    By this point it could reasonably be argued that at least a good 90% of the population (not counting Khas) probably have Aengulic blood. While I don't know of any accounts in the lore of daemonic children, it seems quite possible. However, without some sort of outside divine stimuli, such blood really doesn't do any good.
  14. JCQuiinn

    Creator Magic

    I'm fairly certain the archaengul is already spoken for.
  15. JCQuiinn

    Public Execution - Perma Kill

    No, this can be far to easily abused.