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  1. just because i havent been on in ages what minecraft version is Lotc on?

  2. so how are things on Lotc? I havent been on in a good.. idk, several months.

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    2. Valdis


      haha. oh?  how bad?

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      memes. That's lotc situation

    4. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam

      Yea no but like, ironic meme'ing. That's the situation. 

  3. I have a question, why are gate signs locked by protections? shouldn't they not be protected, so if someone manages to sneak past the defences, they can open the gate from the inside? rply and logically it makes no sense for them to be locked.

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    2. Valdis


      if it was any other sever, i wouldn't care. but the point is, its a rp sever. gates can't lock, you can have the mechanism in a locked room, but the gate itself, cant be locked. 

    3. Moochael


      Yeah that's true

    4. argonian


      Well take it up with the developers. As long as it's possible to lock gate signs, people are gonna do it.

  4. falsen castle security sucks. lol

  5. Well Apparently fishing friday is now a thing in Avalon lol.

  6. so for a bonus profession how high can you learn that profession?

    1. Sythan


      As high as you can go! Bonus is like a main or secondary, except if doesn't lower the level cap on other skills.

    2. Silent™


      That's why I have only a bonus profession selected and not a main or secondary. This way I can have all my other skills at adept.

  7. is there anyway, of knowing how much in total one has donated? since iv donated more than iron vip

    1. ShameJax


      Search your inbox for receipts?

  8. gotta love how a full server feels empty because of the sheer size of the map.

  9. how does one learn arcane puppetry? 

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    2. ShameJax


      You can't, it's probably being retconned.

    3. MetaSolaray


      It's been retconned and no longer able to be taught/learned. 

    4. zaezae


      Just play with puppet with magic fingers.

  10. anyone know what animals can be tamed as a pet? rply or otherwise. 

    1. Jistuma


      Cats, dogs, rabbits, donkeys, Mules, horses. I think that's it.

    2. MamaBearJade


      If you are looking for none-mc animals to rp, you need to look at the lore section of the forums, there is a list of animals there. Make sure that the lore isnt specific on how to get them (such as ker-wolves).

    3. Valdis


      I looked in the lore, couldn't find any animal lore.

  11. Minecraft Name: scornofhell Roleplay Name: Valdis Frostbeard Roleplay Age: 125 Timezone: US EST Role within the Frostbeards ( Son/Relative to whom? Send me a PM If you need help!): Daughter Of Gorum Frostbeard Teamspeak/Skype: Skype: Amayadeimos ( yes im back lol. )
  12. Bringing back Valdis frostbeard. 

    1. Crowbill


      Ayyy just ask if you need anything!

  13. " i havent been on for ages. my character is a dark elf, anything i should worry about? "

  14. " hmm for all my old Lotc'ers out there, does anyone have the old Female iblees picture still? my old computer died on me, so i lost it =/

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    2. Aislin


      he needs it for... science

    3. Lima


      Why do you put quotation marks everywhere?

    4. Valdis


      habit from roleplay

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