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  1. [✓] [Frost Witch Addition] Enhancing the Curse

    Make the curse make them eat the opposite gender. Gayness is a sin.
  2. xxxddd whaddup skanky boi wunna peep at me MA? many of the thanks


    1. ShameJax


      in class all day so id get another Mt @Fitermon

  3. "No." Says a man marked by Aerkiath.
  4. Soul Puppetry[MA]Dardonas

  5. [DA][MA] Cahir

  6. [Arcane] [MA] JakeFSF

  7. [CA] [Wight] big ghost


    Accepted. Lhindir, what will I do with you?
  9. [CA][Daeva] Naaliya

    Denied. Character PKd.
  10. Looking For GM Applicants!

    Incorrect. As per the precedent set by Microsoft v United States any data hosted within the US is under US jurisdiction; and the server and forums are both primarily hosted in the US.
  11. Looking For GM Applicants!

    Hello. I'm notifying you to let you know that I am suing you on behalf of my client, ww2buff99, for the breach of the 14th amendment. The court hearing is hereby set in precisely one week.
  12. [Air Evocation] [ST] Kajara Anima-Fortis

  13. [Reminder] Alchemist's Fire

    Of course. And I don't think metal wings exist.
  14. [Reminder] Alchemist's Fire

    I just said explosion as a means to explain the firey liquid bursting at a rapid rate.
  15. [VTM] Looking For Players.

    Sure. Send me over the info on Discord.