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  1. ShameJax

    The Ivae'fenn

    [Ooc] Username: ShameJax Activity Rating (1-10): When needed. Skype: Why is this a question anymore Discord: You have it Do you have teamspeak? This is a necessity: No this isn't a necessity [RP] Name: Jehoahaz Gender: Male Place of residence: Fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture: Fennic Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
  2. ShameJax

    Arcane Incantations

    בוודאי זה רעיון טוב. זה בעברית מה יותר יכול יהודי לרצות?
  3. ShameJax

    Third Generation Blood Magic

    Overall, I'm a fan. However I'm hesitant with the Disembodiment and Rebirth rituals, they're breaching into territory that's previously only been possible with incredibly rare relics like the Kal'Varak. Other than that I'd just suggest allowing basic blood bending to mess with raw blood itself, not to harden it or anything - just to move it around all fancily.
  4. idk I mean he'll probably use those magic staves again...
  5. ShameJax

    [✗] Infernic Castors; Firearms

    My previous criticism still stands. This will be far more elitist than anything else that has existed on the server, with a system that is within it that makes it rarer and harder to obtain than even blood magic during Athera. Players complain about magic being cliquey, this is far worse.
  6. Don't bully Fitermon.
  7. ShameJax

    [✗] Arcane Displacement Rewrite

    one small step for space elf, one giant step for space elven kind
  8. He made a pretty good pie once.
  9. ShameJax

    The Creature Index [2017]

    The Arcamoo [Credit to Meerestier on Deviant Art] Habitat The uniquely deformed breed of cattle would appear to roam about in areas of heavy arcanic production. Whether this be stratum or enchanted, upon land or within caves. The sole requirement is that the area has some form of voidally inflicted grass for them to graze upon, spending their days as any cow would. Size It's a cow. Diet A truly peculiar diet, the Arcamoo would feast upon voidally tainted grass. This may be the result of a high amount of magical equipment in an area, voidal hollows and nodes, or perhaps even stratum. Any of the possibilities work, as long as the grass is laced with mana for them to feed upon. Temperament It's a cow. Brief summary of the creature Long forsaken upon the whims of magi, innocent creatures send down a rabbit hole from which they may not escape. Creations found in sparse amounts, roaming about conglomerations of grass and void in a passive manner. There truly is nothing unique about the Arcamoo from how they act, simply a rather stringent diet placed upon them. Aesthetically there is a clear resemblance to a cow, save for a few distinct changes. The first, and likely the most noticeable would be the change of their coloring; from the white and black of a normal cow they would rather warp into shades of purple. Whiskers would spout from their head, a unique tool that allows for the Arcamoo to pick up on remnants of mana near. The truly important factor of the Arcamoo however, is the alteration to the materials that they produce. The leather of their hide is a rather firm purple material, akin to treated leather; along with the heavy enchantability of it, akin to arcanium. What might be the area of largest interest, the milk they produce. The milk would possess a faint glow to it, a pink luminescent overtaking the gaze of any who glance upon it. If one were to drink the milk it would act akin to mana potions, ability dependent on amount drunk. A lesser mana potion being twenty ounces, greater being thirty ounces, and a superior being a whopping forty ounces of the liquid. However, the effects of weakened magic would last for a longer period of time; each tier extending it by two emotes. Meaning if one were to drink forty ounces then their magic would be weakened for fifteen emotes. Characteristic Nigh indistinguishable from the common man's cow, simply a creature that roams about the land as it grazes upon its sustenance. The sole difference in their characteristics compared to a cow would be the restrictions placed upon their diet. Any grass they eat must be laced with mana to a substantial degree, manifesting as voidal taint. Origin As a forsaken sorcerer, Irhamir spent countless days with cattle. Some might say this is due to his inability to form social connections, others might simply say it is due to insanity; but such is irrelevant. Wishing to provide a boon to his few friends, he would attempt to feed them augmented food. Multiple methods were done; arcanium ground into it, liquid essence left within, and even attempting to enchant the food. Over multiple generations of this process continuing, the Arcamoo was born as it is seen today. Being the incompetent cowboy that he was, they ended up escaping off into the wilds. Weaknesses It's a cow. It doesn't receive any combative boons. LM Approval Required Yes. A rather rare creature, only a few hordes of them may be found about the land. For confirmation as to if someone possesses an Arcamoo, contact the lore writer. If playable, what are redlines? Any material produced requires an MT or LM signature.
  10. ShameJax

    The Void, A Summation

    Definitely glad we can have some clarification on casting. The complete abstract nature of the void has been a pain to most people for a long time. Also, appreciate more work done on the Veil.
  11. ShameJax


    Math is the language of the universe
  12. ShameJax

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Tsuyose

    I mean it's not as if adding another degenerate to the team would make much of a difference. Sounds fine.
  13. ShameJax

    The Bilok'thuln

    [Ooc] Username: ShameJax Activity Rating (1-10): 5 Skype: Do people even use Skype anymore? jaxsonw Discord: Jax#1706 [RP] Name: Irhamir Gender: Male Place of Residence: The sewers Race/Sub-race/Culture: Space Elf Roles (at least 2 roles, not including Bilok’sair as part of minimum): Bilok'sair, Narn’sair’magara, and Orrar’sair Do you swear allegiance to the Princedom of Fenn and Grand Prince, and pledge to do your duty, and to never steal?: Indeed
  14. ShameJax

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    hate him/10
  15. ShameJax

    [✗] The Malakim; Aos Forsaken

    After a brief discussion with friendly MT Parkins, I've added two amendments to this. -The Veil Connection will henceforth only apply out of combat. If it were to apply in combat then we could see people one emoting offensive spells. It is intended as nothing more than just a fun tool to use, nothing offensive in that manner. -Only items directly on the person may be brought into the Mindplane. This means that they can't bring something such as a cart of iron by simply dragging it behind them.