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  1. can someone please ban this kid again
  2. There really is no worry about magics fulfilling the same niche, as long as the bring something unique to it.
  3. And our tech progression, as you've already argued, is not the same as real life.
  4. That's not an argument. The LOTC timeline is not the same as the real life time line. And mind you, we're in the 17th century.
  5. Also, rather than the upcoming nerf that we're likely to see perhaps the best option is to buff the non magic means of weaponry. Do that by adding some basic muskets and the likes, that way everyone wins.
  6. I honestly despise the tech-lock. I'm a big person for innovation, no matter the realm that it is in. And I do think we should have guns, as long as it's feasible - which it is. But the argument from the lore team, that does make sense, is that you can't just copy the technology from real life. There has to be something unique about it, something you actually have to use your brain to come up with. The people that originally came up with guns spent lifetimes trying to get to that point. And the people who made, say, a magic cannon, spent multiple years in real life getting to the point that they were able to do that, and then coming up with the unique idea that isn't just right from the real world. Again, I do support guns being added. But the lore team does have a valid argument that you can't just copy it from the real world.
  7. I'm suing Tythus LTD for their failure to uphold my second amendment rights. The server is hosted in the US so this lawsuit is viable. 

    1. Aeldrin


      real men use fists not guns ooga booga

  8. Alright I'll be responding to this as I was there to confirm that it was a glitch and I also was in their discord channel at the time. It is a glitch, that was not the case for some time in the past, that's largely undisputed - but personally I do not view it as bug abuse. This is not within my jurisdiction, but I view bug abuse as something that an individual is gaining something out of. Luv shouldn't be lumped into this either as she had no involvement in any of what is being accused, she had repeatedly asked them to stop. If you want to blame someone that was present blame me for not doing much to stop it. Other than that they were being dumb as hell, not going to dispute that.
  9. sure
  10. I'll be overseeing.
  11. I just want to rewrite it, make it more like chemistry.
  12. ski please stop
  13. wtf spod I thought you were better than this
  14. Evocations need a buff or arcanism needs a nerf, one of the two. For an arcanism nerf it could be separating it back out into shielding and shifting. Evocation buff is something I'm not quite certain on. I agree with Ski on removing the mental magic long term memory removal, his argument is spot on. Shifting really isn't super strong, as it takes a few emotes to charge up. Transfiguration is the big one that needs some work, it really is worth two slots with the addition of MArts. Voidal horrors shouldn't be able to self teach any magic, that's a seriously terrible ability of theirs - only likely to lead to issues.