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  1. [MArt] Portal Resonator

    No need, the edits should cover it. As long as your characters have enough workings of the magic, but I am hesitant on it being created without very thorough workings of the magic. But I resigned, so that's up to the current LT. Not quite the same. That learns like a person learns, this thing has it increase efficiency over time which quite simply isn't feasible.
  2. [MArt] Portal Resonator

    @Infamous American i literally told you about this idea fk u Also, as this currently stands it wouldn't work. First off, the device wouldn't gain intelligence - cognatism is not machine learning. The most it can do is remember the pass phrase for a certain door for later usage, and that would require an additional roll as per precedent. The other issue, and more notable one, is that brute forcing requires time. At a bare minimum the process should require 30-60 minutes based on a roll, realistically it should be multiple days if it's even equivalent to modern technology. And none of your characters know voidal displacement, I don't really think this is feasible without having thoroughly studied the tome itself - far beyond the basic understanding of the magic.
  3. Reform the LT

    I've had a few tenures on the LT, and I resigned from the team about a month ago so I'm relatively up to date on the matters of the team. The team is actively working on reforming nearly every internal process that exists, the 'votes and discussions' internal sub-forum had about 20 votes up in it prior to my resignation. Given, the process that is used should be publicized so feedback can be given on it (@The Pink Lion do that); however it is always most certainly being improved upon as of recent. I will, however, respond to multiple critiques on this thread. The LT write lore in areas that they are most familiar with, it is only a given that they are most familiar with lore that they are active participants in. I don't really understand why that's such a far-fetched concept. While I was a member of the team I was willing to sit down and discuss lore submissions with anyone that sent me a PM, and I'm sure most of the current team also acts in the same way. I wouldn't blame them if they don't always though, some pieces of lore that are created by some members actually hurt my head reading. Removing lore is probably the most difficult thing an LM can do, I'll be leaving this as a proof surrogate as I don't know how much information I can divulge relating to the process of it. People could almost always make flamethrower gauntlets, and no current member of the team was on the team when any of that stuff was originally approved. The LT keeps a few factors in consideration when reviewing lore: Does it fit in with the current canon? Does it contain enough of an explanation? If it is playable, is it balanced? The containing enough of an explanation was the issue with many of the recent well received magic pieces that were denied, and I'm sure the lore writers were informed of the specific issues. Also @ScubaSteveee you don't accomplish anything by saying the same complaint about five times a week. You get the same response as should be expected from the same complaint. If you want to make a difference perhaps you ought to write some lore and prove your worth to join the LT yourself. Just siting where you are and acting self righteous does absolutely nothing than perhaps get you a few points of rep. The LT is always looking for diversity, almost to the extent of being an @Space-tier social justice cause.
  4. Hydra's MAT App

    he can be your replacement then
  5. Hydra's MAT App

    @The Pink Lion this is my replacement. Seems like a bad decision to make at first, but so was James' decision to add me to the MAT long ago. And my decision to add you, but that was just a terrible decision. Hydra knows what he needs to know for this, and he's serious when the time comes to be. He's really improved over the past year or so, at the very least you ought to give him an interview.
  6. [✓] [Frost Witch Addition] Enhancing the Curse

    Make the curse make them eat the opposite gender. Gayness is a sin.
  7. xxxddd whaddup skanky boi wunna peep at me MA? many of the thanks


    1. ShameJax


      in class all day so id get another Mt @Fitermon

  8. "No." Says a man marked by Aerkiath.
  9. Soul Puppetry[MA]Dardonas

  10. [DA][MA] Cahir

  11. [Arcane] [MA] JakeFSF

  12. [CA] [Wight] big ghost


    Accepted. Lhindir, what will I do with you?
  14. [CA][Daeva] Naaliya

    Denied. Character PKd.
  15. Looking For GM Applicants!

    Incorrect. As per the precedent set by Microsoft v United States any data hosted within the US is under US jurisdiction; and the server and forums are both primarily hosted in the US.