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    To Pass on Duty

    Athedil almost clapped in his hands as the news reached him, rare were moments of such happiness on the road. “Thank Larihei, it finally happened, the snakes are planning on leaving Haelun’or, and here I feared they would make a mockery of our kin until they finally withered away to old age.” The mali’aheral shook his head, as he let out a faint chuckle. “And the Maheral who saw fit to question my capabilities when I held the position, has proven to be one of the laziest we have ever had. Well, perhaps now the city will finally crumble, so it can be properly reborn in a few hundred years as it was upon Asulon. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, you impure degenerates, maehr'sae hiylun'ehya.” As he finished talking to himself a content smile appeared on his lips, as he continued on his travels.
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    [Accepted] LadyRebecca's GM Application

    Why would you do this to yourself Rebecca... You have so much to live for, don't sell what remains of your soul to the pixel team.
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    Vailor Download

    Quick question from the scrub, is there an easy way to convert this into a single player map? So you won't have to set up a server to access it.
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    The Bloodline Archive

    Haler'thilln "A pledge of silver can never be broken." Traits: Family tree:
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    The Aberin

    Hello people of the Aberin this is where we will share news and other stuff that needs to be handeled both IC and OOC right now I'm working on some lore for us and me and Alys ((ggt3416)) is working on a religion that we will also be linked to so if you have any problems or things you want to share with the others post it here also I would like to hear what you think we should do in 2.0 I have some ideas but I want to hear what you want to do ~Lenson ((the_amasing_mr_J))
  6. quazar can you please hold the meeting 1 or 2 hours later its right at the same time as my wedding
  7. Talias

    Laurelin Vanguard - Recruiting!

    though I'm a warden I would still like to help lauerlin not as a vanguard but as backup by the way if you need one to be like a quartermaster to organizeing the storage (armor, wood, food all that stuff), making sure the soldiers get food and weapons in times of war and all that cinda stuff thats where my skills are useful send me a letter if you want my help Warden gladeguard Lenson
  8. can anyone inform me on how things turned out at ariels keep ((or what ever it's called)) had to log off it was 1:00 am and my mom was about to kill me for not going to bed :P
  9. http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/28704-wardens-re-organisation/ ((hello fellow wardens cheek out this topic and vote for what you think is best for the wardens))
  10. well if it's to much just just make it half what i said or something
  11. there is a thing that has been buging my mind lately why dosn't the wardens get any payment for being a warden we are elves's who is puting ouer live's at risk for ouer nation but the only thing we get in return is a tent too live in and not only that but we even have to get ouer owe weapons and armour it's like we pay to do work that dosn't make much sense in my head so i would like to get at least a little payment each week like 100 for initias 300 for guards 500 for waywatchers 700 for Nobles 1000 for Highborns and 1300 for the grandHighborn all of these money should come from the council after all we are thair army
  12. that would be wonderful :)
  13. can someone help me get on the teamspeak sever?
  14. minecraft name: the_amasing_mr_J RP Name: my name is Aldis lenson but I am mostly called mr_J or Ari Your time Zone: +1 Sword skill level: 0 Archery skill level: 0 Why do you want to join? my main reason to join is to fight the undead (I have an in character reason read in Server application) but I also wish to serve the elf's in war and in peace Which Guard you will want to be in: Archery Link Server application post: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/21248-the-amasing-mr-js-second-application/page__p__93317__fromsearch__1#entry93317