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  1. As Arelion departed Athedil spoke, talking to the back of the mali’aheral. “What proof there might have been against you and Mister Maeyr’onn now rests in the ruined caves below the old city of Okarn’thilln. Nevertheless it was a well know fact you saw fit to make puppets of souls, as you sat upon the council, and that the people you drew in to teach you carried impurity with them. You and Maeyr’onn left it to fester, and kept the truth from me as I was Maheral, even going as far as to barring my access to said caves, so I could not uncover what dark magics you practiced below the city. However, never did I claim your impurity nor that of Mister Maeyr’onn, only your lack of dedication to maehr’sae hiylun’ehya and your incompetance in ruling our people. If you do not wish for us to lose our ways, hand over the books you hold, Fi’halen is now the enclave of the pure, it is where those books belong. Once they are handed over, you can slither your way back into whatever damp cave you crawled out of Mister Laurir’ante.”
  2. “Did the teacher fail to teach or did the student fail to listen, was it my fault that you, Mister Laurir’ante and Mister Maeyr’onn were more obsessed with inviting dark mages into our midst in a bid for power, was it my fault that I kept having to give the same lessons over and over again because both of you were either too stubborn or too ignorant to take them to heart? When I departed because studies drew me elsewhere, I left Mister Asul’Ailer to do my duties as he was the only one in the city even close enough to sound of mind to carry them onwards. Never did I leave the seat empty, even when I finally resigned the position, I gave it to Larihei so the position would be kept pure in her memory until someone suited was found. That you and your council saw fit to name a slothful and weak Maheral is no fault of mine, I even offered my aid to Mister Vallei’tir, even if such offers fell on deaf ears. Call on the former Maheralan, call on Iaria Elervathar, call on Andria Fi’talareh, call on Ceruberr Asul’Ailer, even call on Cenwall Maeyr’onn, they will clarify what I faced in your utter incompetence Mister Laurir’ante. You took over Haelun’or as a deceiver, and then you leaned back in a throne as it crumbled around you. Why do you think it is that you cannot even step foot within this new enclave without the hateful eyes of your kin piercing your every move, you are a snake, you always were, you always will be. At least now you admit that you have no proof of my impurity, for there is none, nothing but empty words leaving the mouth of a man who drove a dagger into the back of his own people and now wonders why they despise him. With my purity no longer in question the chain of Maheralan stands, seeing as Mister Vallei’tir failed to name a Maheral the task fell on me, and I did as was required of me and named Mister Visaj. All that is left now is for you to hand over, that which you keep from the pure Mister Laurir’ante. The books of Haelun’or rightfully belong in Fi’halen, so they might be used to educate our kin in service of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, the only reason you have to keep them is out of spite that they could succeed where you so utterly failed. You are a disgrace to your people Mister Laurir’ante, you always have been, perhaps when you accept that you could start working towards earning their trust once more.”
  3. Athedil sighed faintly under his breath as he stepped up once more, “I would hardly claim the chain of the Maheral’s broken, Kulin’oem Vallei’tir may have been a weak link, but as he failed to do his duty, it simply fell to the Maheral before him. This would be either Ceruberr Asul’Ailer or myself, as Mister Asul’Ailer was never officially named to the position. Seeing as Mister Asul’Ailer seems to have departed these lands for now, it was only natural for me to take this duty upon myself, as tradition demands. I will admit that I misworded myself in claiming that it was not for me to name a new Maheral, when what I truthfully meant what that the duty should not have fallen on my, however due to the slothfulness of the former Maheral, it did. This is why my announcement was more than simply an endorsement, by right of tradition I was next in line to name the new Maheral, and I did as duty required of me, in service to the continuation of our people and culture. On the continued matter of my purity, I must admit that I doubt the fact that Mister Maeyr’onn supposedly questioned it, even in his departing words he spoke of me as an ally. Never did he make an announcement claiming any doubts about my person, never did he brings such doubts to me, never had I heard others claim that he did, not before Mister Laurir’ante. I also find it odd that these claims of doubt are only brought up now; should I truly have been suspected of impurity, such claims should have been made many years past when I was still Maheral, not now when it simply serves as an empty argument with nothing to back it. It simply seems too convenient that an individual with whom I have been at odds for years suddenly have claims of my impurity, just when it suits his needs in a debate. However, I will confer to Laurir Sullas’ judgement for now, and await evidence of my impurity. Should no such evidence be presented, I would ask that Dimaethor Visaj be allowed to continue as the rightful Maheral -- as he was named in accordance with tradition, and that any would be claims of impurity against me be dismissed. Should there be evidence, a council of former Maheralan should be called to make judgement, as only they may be considered pure enough to judge a Maheral.”
  4. Hearing his name brought into question, Athedil Haler’thilln stepped up to defend himself. “Before I even get started, might I first declare my utmost apologies towards Laurir Sullas, for any indirect involvement I may have had in you being called upon once more, it was not what I foresaw and not what I intended when I declared my support for this new enclave. I hope we will be able to handle this swiftly, so that you might return to your work undisturbed. To Mister Laurir’ante, who has now seen fit to question my purity and legitimacy as a former Maheral of the mali’aheral. I must admit I have never been approached with these claims supposedly made by Mister Maeyr’onn, when I stepped down from the position as Maheral I was on good terms with the then Sohaer of our state, while it is true that I openly doubted him, we were on civil terms with one another. This continued even as I later challenged his position as Sohaer, and even as he departed from our city. I cannot deny that he should possibly have denounced my name behind closed doors on a later date, but if this is the case I would have hoped that he would have approached me so that this might be discussed. If an announcement was made public with his denouncement, I must apologize for my ignorance in such a regard, after I departed from the city I grew less diligent in keeping up with its going ons. However, denounced or not, it should be declared that I ascended to the position of Maheral not only on the words of Mister Maeyr’onn alone. Andria Fi’talareh the very Maheral that named Cenwall Maeyr’onn to position admitted her mistake in doing so, which was why she aided me in convincing him to step down from the position and hand it over to myself. I have no wish to disturb even more of our elders with the nonsense of current politics, so I will not personally ask her to come and confirm this claim, should such be required I urge others to do this on their own volition. If my legitimacy as Maheral is truly questioned, then it is for a council of former Maheralan to declare, should such a fuss truly be required I will gladly stand before them and receive their judgement. I am well aware that it was not for me to declare a new Maheral, such should rightfully have fallen on Kulin’oem Vallei’tir, and should he have lived up to this task I would not have gotten involved at all, and I made this quite clear. But our people require a Maheral, a guide, for many of us are truly lost in these times. The people of Fi’halen presented Dimaethor Visaj, they named him Maheral of our people, it was only later that he came to me to ask if I would do him the honors of legitimising the position, as I was in his eyes a respected former Maheral. I chose to do as he requested, as I truly wished to see our people blossom once more, and if I could to but a little to aid in our kin rallying behind him, I would.” Athedil would step back once more, shaking his head lightly as the ‘debate’ continued.
  5. And thus a new day dawns… The Mali’aheral are a stubborn race, a persistent race, an unyielding race, no matter what evils the outside world may accuse us of, untrue or not, this much cannot be denied. Despite the fall of our ancient nation, the Motherland, our Haelun’or, we refuse to break, we march on ever true to Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. With the silent departure of our former Maheral Kulin’oem Vallei’tir, he proves too slothful to even fulfil the simplest of traditions, the handing over of the mantle as the guide of our civilization. It is for this reason that I; Athedil Haler’thilln, former Maheral of the mali’aheral, step up to do his duties for him, in declaring a legitimate successor to the position. The mali’aheral, now once again united in a home of their own, saw fit to present Dimaethor Visaj as an individual suited for the title, and the guiding role which it entails. While I must be honest in declaring that I know little of the man, he has proved his worth through actions. He came to our people during an era where snakes roamed the streets of our once beloved city, where Larihei was abandoned in the face of personal ambition and greed. In spite of this he persevered and guided our people forward, even as our walls crumbled and turned to ash around us. It is for this reason I now take great pleasure in legitimizing his position as Maheral in accordance with our ancient traditions, rising him to the position of an elder amongst us. I hope that he will continue to guide our people forward in the times to come, and that he will seek the guidance of his fellow elders should doubt ever come to him. May an age of silver be upon us, Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Athedil Haler’thilln
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    [Accepted] LadyRebecca's GM Application

    Why would you do this to yourself Rebecca... You have so much to live for, don't sell what remains of your soul to the pixel team.
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    Vailor Download

    Quick question from the scrub, is there an easy way to convert this into a single player map? So you won't have to set up a server to access it.
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    The Aberin

    Hello people of the Aberin this is where we will share news and other stuff that needs to be handeled both IC and OOC right now I'm working on some lore for us and me and Alys ((ggt3416)) is working on a religion that we will also be linked to so if you have any problems or things you want to share with the others post it here also I would like to hear what you think we should do in 2.0 I have some ideas but I want to hear what you want to do ~Lenson ((the_amasing_mr_J))
  9. quazar can you please hold the meeting 1 or 2 hours later its right at the same time as my wedding
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    Laurelin Vanguard - Recruiting!

    though I'm a warden I would still like to help lauerlin not as a vanguard but as backup by the way if you need one to be like a quartermaster to organizeing the storage (armor, wood, food all that stuff), making sure the soldiers get food and weapons in times of war and all that cinda stuff thats where my skills are useful send me a letter if you want my help Warden gladeguard Lenson
  11. can anyone inform me on how things turned out at ariels keep ((or what ever it's called)) had to log off it was 1:00 am and my mom was about to kill me for not going to bed :P
  12. http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/28704-wardens-re-organisation/ ((hello fellow wardens cheek out this topic and vote for what you think is best for the wardens))
  13. well if it's to much just just make it half what i said or something
  14. there is a thing that has been buging my mind lately why dosn't the wardens get any payment for being a warden we are elves's who is puting ouer live's at risk for ouer nation but the only thing we get in return is a tent too live in and not only that but we even have to get ouer owe weapons and armour it's like we pay to do work that dosn't make much sense in my head so i would like to get at least a little payment each week like 100 for initias 300 for guards 500 for waywatchers 700 for Nobles 1000 for Highborns and 1300 for the grandHighborn all of these money should come from the council after all we are thair army
  15. that would be wonderful :)
  16. can someone help me get on the teamspeak sever?
  17. minecraft name: the_amasing_mr_J RP Name: my name is Aldis lenson but I am mostly called mr_J or Ari Your time Zone: +1 Sword skill level: 0 Archery skill level: 0 Why do you want to join? my main reason to join is to fight the undead (I have an in character reason read in Server application) but I also wish to serve the elf's in war and in peace Which Guard you will want to be in: Archery Link Server application post: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/21248-the-amasing-mr-js-second-application/page__p__93317__fromsearch__1#entry93317