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  1. Ixli

    The Vigil

    a high elf rolls around in his grave
  2. Ixli

    Lhindir's leaving post

    miss u, havent properly talked to you for like a year, but bye xoxo -crinky
  3. Ixli

    Rooting out the Laurir'ante

    ”At last, competence touches the motherland.” commented a lingering descendent of Kalenz.
  4. Ixli


    stay strong ❤️
  5. damn this place never changes

    1. Dromui


      I miss you, brother.

    2. Zarsies


      @Ixli hey you big dumb idiot...... kiss me

    3. Ixli
  6. this is cuz u never pk and refuse to progress story
  7. #unbanCaptainSheepy

  8. He won’t abuse like some current GMs on the team, and he won’t maintain the bias stigma that some current GMs hold. I was an FM under Heathen and his work ethic, tenacity, and leadership is unmatched.
  9. Ixli

    Return of the Ferals

    The fact that you wrote this and don’t know or understand what the LT disliked about them is the first problem. y o u d o n t k n o w u n d e r s t a n d
  10. Ixli

    Your View: Raids

    +1 Me too
  11. Ixli

    Sutican Tanks Roll Through Paradise

    I’m screaming do u hear it
  12. Luv was a really good forum moderator, both statistically and moderation wise. If you bothered to do your research and not come up with foundationless ideas, you would know that Luv attempted to be unbiased on many cases and also held top quota month after month. I apologize you dont like Luv’s attitude, not my problem, but it usually doesn’t have any place on the forums once she has the red tag.
  13. Ixli

    Lockezi's Lore Master Application

    If your will to play is slowing down, then you do not need another team to simply abandon and not do work on because of the fact, in the case you just explained.
  14. Ixli

    Lockezi's Lore Master Application

    You were taken off of the AT because both AT and GM was too much work for you — LT has more work then the AT when it comes to writing, votes, and mandatory discussions.