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  1. Silir Uradir notes that Dak would have approved this. “I hadn’t realized the wood elven leader was so scared as to attempt to dispute a war after he killed a diplomatic envoy..” coughed an Uradir.
  2. “We will show no mercy once Silverstatik decides to not bullshit Irrinor’s way out of a real war.” Stated a high elf from the shining streets of the Silver City.
  3. Silir Uradir looks upon the notice with a light annoyance, his features darkening as he notices he wasn’t the chosen speaker..
  4. Frost witch r edgy stupid now Frost warlocks..
  5. But this isn’t what happens. This video is an attempt at making your side seem competent in the war server, when in actuality, you get destroyed day in and day out.
  6. im bored of the map’s looks this is important btw
  7. “The Mali’Thill are now unfettered from sin, the result of bowing to Dominionites just a century ago. May they continue to prosper under the guidance of our Maheral, and her staunt Sohaer. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.” ... mumbled an Uradir, looking around his empty home with a twinge of ephemeral joy.
  8. Silir Uradir cackled. “Aha! They fall apart from the inside. Alas, I fought alongside this Marshal of theirs – honorable, at the very least to their militant creed standards. I cannot say the same for their filthy leader that I mutilated in the fields of battle.”
  9. Silir Uradir reads the notice, a rare twinkle of benevolence showing itself in his cerulean irises. “Mercy through purification. The Silver State will stand by Orenia through these times; we will not forgive weakness.”
  10. “— … or simply civil.” sighed an Uradir, not in retort to the individual. He was, in fact, just finishing a lecture..
  11. Silir Uradir squints. ”I truly wonder if the Druid’s realize their wood elven kin are engaging in a realm wide war. They should be careful. Regardless, let us see if they come to Haelun’or.”
  12. imagine starting a war then backing out

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      @Ixli dwarf vs high elf


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      We're not backing out we're advancing in the other direction 

  13. I literally got excited that a halfling was going to make an interesting post. I’ll continue to live in disappointment..
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