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  1. Ixli

    Rate the above User's Profile Picture

    7/10 reminds me of being on acid
  2. Ixli

    [✗]The Aspects Hold No Sway Over Mortalkind

    chase ur stupid for posting this
  3. Ixli

    The Virarim

    Carven Ithelanen returns couriers bearing a summons to the barracks and a letter of acceptance into the virarim. Carven Ithelanen Wood elf Dominion Unknown I’ve been an officer for four Praetors. OOC Information: Ixli EST Ixli#3597
  4. Ixli

    The Virarim

    Carven returns couriers bearing the letters of acceptance into the virarim.
  5. +1 but i better get GM first
  6. Ixli


    Would these be common?
  7. Ixli

    The Dawn of the Red-Cloak Inquisition

    An elf by the name of Carven Ithelanen fixes his blade from within the corpse of a red cloaked figure, watching as the army of twenty were taken down by the superior elven forces.
  8. Ixli

    A Torch Is Passed

    Carven Ithelanen releases another exasperated sigh. "Stop trying to be edgy."
  9. Ixli

    A Torch Is Passed

    Carven Ithelanen releases a sigh of exasperation. "I see. Another failure added to the bunch of 'em."
  10. Ixli

    Ask your favorite halfling main anything

    why have i not stepped all over the halflings yet
  11. its not coming home


  12. Ixli


    “no” says carven
  13. that's some fancy **** but uh thats bad for you stop oh and i dont hack yes sir