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  1. haelun’or will always win, never forget it. peasants. 

  2. Silir Uradir rests in his grave, never having been given the proper reduction to ashes. The Silver City looks over his resting spot, a seemingly dull and unchanging Bastion now finding new developments.
  3. “I, Silir Uradir, give the Uradir talonnii to Anethra Uradir. I implore the Okarir’san-ship to go to Muireal Uradir. I implore the Kharajyr to secede. I implore the Sohaer to punish the idiots within this chamber that I have named as impure.” He brought the long, sharp edge of his blade to his neck. In a swift motion, he slides it across his exposed skin, severing the cords and veins that ran through his throat. The elf fell to the ground, blood covering the floor of the citadel.
  4. CLICK THIS BEFORE READING The Uradir Manifesto To Be Published Upon the Death of Silir Uradir Purity, is like a butterfly. It grows and manifests itself as time goes on, but it will always be fleeting. Only Larihei was perfect in the pure endeavors of the ‘thill, only she remains untainted. It is why we hold her to such a high standard in our society. No race, whether puritan or otherwise, would ever idolize a being that they can be like. No! Man and Elf will always look to limits impossible to achieve, as to guide and thrust ourselves forward with cunning ambition. This might leave the palpable inquiry of why high elves push to obtain purity, even when we inertly understand that purity will always be impossible to achieve. I will answer it curtly; purity is a means by which we give ourselves the ability to discern nobility from wickedness. There must always be the strive for perfection and purity, so that morals and the compasses that come with them remain intact. Even when we look down upon the humans inside the gates, or the wood elves that fail to bear shoes, or the peace forsaken urguanites, we do so with good intent. You will all be curators of imperfection, of mistakes tainted with impurity. If you are reading this, then even a distant son of Kalenz fell into the natural cycle of oblivion, however viscous and undeserved it may have been. That, however, does not entail that you must abandon the path. In life or the cold embrace of death, I will never believe perfection is achievable. I am a cranky, unmarried, old elf. Or, was – heh. Many of you reading this will not be. Many of you will still hold aspirations soaked in commitment and beauty. Use those aspirations to build a world for your sons and daughters, the future of this blessed nation. The Silver State of Haelun’or will always survive, regardless of outside attempts to bring it down. We are targeted because we are the closest to that perceivable perfection; while those on the outside fall upon birth, our minds and bodies must be put under siege. Attacked into imperfection, so that the white walls of our minds and souls only crumble after onslaught, after onslaught, after onslaught. They work towards tearing us down as to ensure that they might see true purity before we do. But, they are trapped in that same cycle of mockery. Even if they succeed to tear us down, they will not find that perfection, because it is nonexistent. That disappointment will only leave room for the ‘thill to rise once more. It is only a matter of time. So, my brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, puritans: never forget the true nature of purity. Your attempts are inherently tainted, but they are always worth continuing. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, I proclaim. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya. Signed, Silir Uradir Regardless of our biology, we are ephemeral. We will never be unfettered, for we should never yearn to be. The endless hunt for purity is necessary. ~Silir Uradir
  5. lol yeah dude kindness goes a really long way https://imgur.com/a/YlRfnui
  6. Silir Uradir stands within his chambers, his plated body standing in stoic inaction; a mere presence of armor and assertiveness. “I will stand by my actions; when alliances are at threat, it is my silver duty to take it into my own hands. Especially when that alliance is threatened by the stupidity of a ‘thilln child, burning down the edifices built by our history-long kharajyrian friends. I will stand trial without qualm – the result should already be present, simply unspoken.”
  7. Silir Uradir reads the notice with slight confusion, his cerulean irises tracing over the writing. “I was to be called to trial? Bah! I will thank Haskir for the warning. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, Kharajyr.” He spoke to himself within a private study, briefly biting his lower lip in thought.
  8. THE HAELUN’OR-KHARAJYR ACCORD as issued on the 15th of the Deep Cold, 1750. The Mali’aheral of the Silver State of Haelun’or and the favoured Kharajyr have found common interest in signing an accord for sustainable preservation of the Kharayr Pride, in which the Kharajyr of the White Owls will be graciously permitted to settle. lomian’onn! maehr’sae hiylun’ehya! ame nae evareh. The Terms, agreed upon by both signatories, are as follows: [ I ]: The Iztaya In’tecolotl is hereby regarded as a self-governing province beneath the Silver State of Haelun’or. Its sovereignty in regards to external affairs, such as conferences and diplomacy, are to be handled by the Silver State of Haelun’or unless otherwise specified. [ II ]: The Maheral of Haelun’or is now the representative Head of State for both the Kharajyr Pride and the Silver State of Haelun’or. However both nations are expected to maintain an independent council from their own citizenry to ensure the continued administration of internal affairs. [ III ]: The Internal Sovereignty of both nations is to be protected and preserved. This is in regards to any laws and/or regulations, change of leadership and/or council and also state related missives. Should a conflict of decision occur between the two states, moderated discussion would occur with neither side bound to conclusion. [ IV ]: The cultural practices of either state should not be restricted or threatened within this agreement. Those who sign acknowledge the importance of historical customs and heritage, promising to do everything within their influence to preserve such concepts when considered under threat by internal or external sources. [ V ]: The Silver State of Haelun’or will permit The Kharajyr Pride to settle in the Iztaya In’tecolot, and pledges to protect their sanctuary as if it was their own. [ VI ]: Both nations recognize the High Aelkos as the one and only true representative of the Kharajyr, and the Maheral of Haelun’or as the one and only true representative of the High Elven people. This agreement reaches across every realm, known or unknown. [ VII ]: No restriction of movement shall be enforced between the two nations, providing the person in question has not been explicitly banished by the governing body. In any circumstances, neither nation is obliged to extradite figures deemed unlawful by the other, unless the person in question directly threatens the mutual head of state. Those signed beneath pledge their names and respective nations to the terms in unanimity, bound by blood to the oath in which they commit. Maheral, Iaria Elervathar Sohaer, Dimaethor Visaj Tultelkos, Tsisha High Aelkos, Ri’Haskir
  9. To Trade Father Mystery Uialben --=(*)=-- Trade Father, I implore you to visit the Silver City on a diplomatic venture, so that we may exchange information. Perhaps this spells out a newfound, blossoming relationship for our two nations. Kind Regards, Silir Uradir Okarir’san --=(*)=-- maehr’sae hiylun’ehya
  10. Silir chuckled back. “Well. Without a host, a parasite cannot live, grow, nor multiply. Many times, the host deteriorates and faces peril. Not only was this comment obscenely stupid, as you’re ignoring how every single race in this realm (other than the corrupted and of weak willed), despises parasites. Perhaps, you are questionable yourself, Mister Ashwood or whatever your name is.” The high elf retorted lightly, briefly taking off his gas mask as he pandered around Sutica.
  11. A tapestry of the wildlands, the environment in which Gehenna lies. To the Shades of Gehenna As issued on the 12th of the Amber Cold, 1748 (-2098, -1022) Not long ago, when the realm was on the brink of a cataclysmic destruction from the ingrates in Llyria, the Silver State and its allies stepped up to end this danger, as to prevent the demise of all that is clean. The fools within that city hosted demons and those that would defile themselves with twisted reason inside their own being. There is no means to turn the obscene into the palatable, so when our bodies host a clear amalgamation of anger and cruelty, we ourselves become defiled. Despite this horrific atrocity of taking in the grime of corruption to our very souls, there are those that would openly poison themselves in the pursuit of their dark lust for power. For this reason, the Silver Diarchy of Haelun’or and it’s Blessed Council declare open hostility on the Mansion known as Gehenna, for it is the very nerve center of these wicked creatures. Most notably, the Shade Father known as Vas Vincrute, and his accomplices within the Manor. This despicable creature reeks with the stench of apostasy and insolence. He commands his sycophants to do his heinous work, and spreads the disease to all those that dare step foot inside that compound of excrement. The Silver State of Haelun’or calls upon all its allies; most notably the Elven Tripartite and Sutica to aid in the cleansing of this monstrosity. Anyone that hosts this fiend will be met with a similar fate to the abomination himself. Obliteration. Gehenna, the government of the Maheral calls upon you to respond accordingly. That is, if there is anything you have left in your defense other then the dark beings that reside within your broken bodies. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya
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