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  1. “If the mali’aheral are to pursue this ideal of Progress and Health, it is clear that we may not unduly endanger our kindred and perhaps, more importantly, their Crotch Fruit. As a result, it is of the upmost importance that only outsiders deemed desirable be let past the gate and into the cihi where they may observe and interact with the Blessed mali’aheral.” ~ The Silver Council, Atheral It is under the careful consideration by our Maheral that impurity has, conceivably, come to threaten the arteries of silver that have been delicately reinvigorated under the guidance of our blessed diarchy. Through this knowledge, I make the following statement with absolute bitterness: Mali’thilln – it is imperative that we perform our sacred duty to cleanse the city of any trace of impurity. It was not long ago that forces with malicious intentions had taken root in the bedrock of what we deemed pure. Need I remind the citizenry of the days in which Arelion Laurir’ante and his accursed lover ruled upon a spire of negligence and savagery? Do we so easily forget the days when we foraged under the dictatorships of ancient Oren or adulterated Durion? I consider it my duty to remind you that many of these instances began with the stratagem of a conniving military or ringleader, bearing a pretense of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. However, it is also our duty to ensure that true mali’thilln are not scorned out of the silver corridors of Berr’lin. As the fair and just people we are, it is our burden to provide any mali’aheral a fair and impartial trial. If impurity is present, we may hope that Larihei will guide us towards the necessary answer that should result in a simple, healthy dose of acid (or other punishment, we do not speculate). Otherwise, may the accused walk among us once more, their arteries as blessed and silver as our own. In light of our sacred duty, as outlined above: I, Silir Uradir, believe the intentions of our Okarir’tir adverse to what we require in a puritan based society. Foremost, he has already portrayed his scheming ways to me in the past. I had interrupted a meeting in the accursed chamber (mentioned by the Medi’ir), finding the door mutilated and ruptured. It is there that Elrion Visaj had spit out words that only a serpent would, claiming that because of his name I should cower in his presence, rather than meet him eye to eye in his meager challenges. He not only cast insults upon me but one of the most influential and sacred families in our silver traditions. He made clear his intentions to spit falsehoods of cruelty upon my name in his efforts to discard anyone that may interpret his true objectives: to abandon his purity and claim complete supremacy over the silver peoples by any means necessary. It was dangerous to put the power of the Weeping Blades into the hands of an elf who has yet to come of age, moreover, an elf that is so untested and cruel. Yet, let us take this moment to understand that this was not the fault of our now great and accomplished Council, rather a newly formed council that had, at the time, only begin to test the silver waters. One mistake does not equate the boundless triumphs they have now gained. Personally, I have seen no impurity in our Okarir’tayna – yet I can be wrong, and therefore investigation must be observed. Especially if there is suggestion of association with Elrion Visaj. Silir Uradir, Patriarch of the Uradir maehr’sae hiylun’ehya
  2. Silir Uradir’s smile permeates wider than usual, his irises tracing over the notice with an eager happiness. ”Elrion Visaj has attempted to spread his lies regarding my own purity in his attempts to rid the city of what he would deem as threats to him and him alone. It is about time he is questioned accordingly. Perhaps, my nephew will soon follow after his recent schemes.”
  3. Mali’thilln, The Uradir’s are a bloodline of absolute cleanliness. Yet, even we have our occasional discourse. I have spent an exiguous amount of time delving into the past of my family, and have largely ignored the strife of the outside world. So it is with absolute frustration that I would emerge with filthy accusations against the validity of my name, given by my nephew, Renarion Uradir. Men and elves alike spend time dirtying the names of those greater than them – or simply those with the potential to be so. I had believed this above the mali’thilln, yet it is apparent that my nephew enjoys challenging the status quo we live by. The statement he had fixed is associated with a paltry threat that he had sent to me by letter after I had finished my recovery of the talonnii records. The threat read as follows; ”Silir, after some consideration, I have come to demand you relinquish the position of patriarch status to myself, Renarion Uradir. I fear you are not fit to lead our family nor Haelun’or in the right direction. I, however, have overcome boundless hurdles, and have been tutored by my father in such regards. If you were to refuse this demand, there will be many consequences upon our fragile relationship. I do hope you understand.” - Renarion Uradir A true puritan would not have privately approved of my restoration as Patriarch of the Talonnii, and then turn around and cast threats to diminish my name. A true puritan would have settled this dispute with a public debate, but nay, he chooses to forge information and claim I am a liar in order to attain what he had hoped for; sway. Furthermore, he utilizes the name of his father, a certain Durion Uradir. I had left Haelun’or due to the liberalism it was spreading, but also because of qualms I faced with my brother after the disappearance of Kalenz. We had fought, and it was my intention to not let silver blood shed. Certainly, this is a ploy by my nephew to tarnish what should not be tarnished. If he had simply gone the true route, instead of acting like a snake, we could have decided this in a different way. However, he is my nephew. I am not one to discard family, especially when we are already limited. It is my intention to not let the name of the great butterfly go extinct, and so I will look past this treachery. I was patriarch during the time of the cursed Arelion Laurir’ante, and so my claim to the Uradir name is therefore proven. To my nephew – I forgive you. Let us not repeat this mistake once more, and instead usher in a day of prosperity, and of course, purity for the line of Asul once more. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Silir Uradir, Patriarch of the Uradir
  4. Uradir KAEAN’LEH EVAREH --==(*)==-- The Uradir’s are a venerable bloodline. In their time of existence, the family has pieced together a renown culture in ideologies of strict instruction – it’s intent to leave no room for the stain of impurity upon civilized behavior. Not only this, but they have ruled in an efficacious and strong fashion, namely under the name of the great illusionist; Kalenz Uradir. Physical Traits, Appearance: Family Tree: Beliefs: Etymology: [If you've any questions regarding the Uradir’s, please send me a discord DM. Ixli#3597]
  5. Silir puts on a hazmat suit to deal with the impurity
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  8. Mali’thilln, The Uradir’s are a venerable bloodline. In their time of existence, the family has pieced together an ideology of strict instruction, having the intentions of leaving no room for the stain of impurity upon civilized behavior. Not only this, but they have led in an efficacious and strong fashion, namely under the great illusionist, Kalenz Uradir. It is by his creed of purity that I make the blessed citizenry aware of the following: I, Silir Uradir, last remaining nephew of the great Kalenz hereby name myself transitory patriarch of the Uradir talonnii. As the eldest of two of the only lingering talonnii members, it has been affirmed through the mutual trust of both myself and my nephew, Renarion Uradir, that I should assume the role that I had once claimed. Until the Great Butterfly may return, I claim it my sacred and silver duty to carry out maehr’sae hiylun’ehya as he had deemed necessary. Through the guidance of our great diarchy, I claim the restoration of our family as one of validity. I take it upon myself to mentor and expand the Uradir name, so that it may prosper under the fruition that the naysayer’s had once proved themselves worthy of. I will begin with attempting to reassemble the sacred family line that has propagated the lands of past and present. kaean’leh evareh, mali’thilln. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, Silir Uradir, Patriarch of the Uradir @Kaiser
  9. Silir Uradir beams at the proclamation, ”There is no doubt that Dimaethor has cast a security blanket over the silver city with his acknowledgment that conservatism is the way of purity. The liberalists that state they want what is best will surely see their folly with the great and pure sohaer stating the truth in which we must all believe.” ”Liberalism is the death of Maehrsae Hiylun’ehya; Acid pits are the way of rooting out impurity! ay’Larihei!”
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  11. Mali’thilln, Beware! In our most trying times of anguish and impurity, we most often see the utilization of regressing ideas in attempts to further our society into greatness. Alas, do not allow ideologies of placidity to wash your brain into submission. Liberalism is like slavery, and is impure! Our current leadership is wise and pure. Listen to our great diarchy, as long as they represent views of conservatism, and we will triumph! Glory to Silver! Glory to Larihei! kaean’leh evareh! --==(*)==-- [!] Propaganda would be arranged throughout the city, in glorious fashion, however that may be. [!] --==(*)==-- maehr’sae hiylun’ehya
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