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  1. A RENOVATION: THE TEMPORARY CLOSING OF OUR BLESSED LIBRARY The library will be temporarily CLOSED for renovations. The goal of these renovations is to expand our bookshelves, due to the fact that we have quickly run out of space. It is the goal of our Blessed Diarchy to ensure that ALL KNOWLEDGE is available to the citizenry, and so this temporary pause in access is absolutely necessary. OKARIR’MAEHR Rinaedith Seregon MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA
  2. Silir Uradir screams with triumph to the gathered sillumiran, ”WHO TAKES CREDIT! WE DO! HOORAH!”
  3. Ixli


    Silir Uradir’s eyebrows raise in blatant perplexity, “Was this not the elfess that has come to me many times in recent days to aid me in the ousting of impures? This is surely a mistake. She may reside in Haelun’or, whilst this blows over.”
  4. A PURITAN’S GUIDE TO DISINFECTANTS Penned by Silir Uradir, 1730 Lliran, It has become blatantly obvious that TAINT and PUTRESCENCE continue to threaten our beatified lifestyle. Whilst we have been fighting a war outside of our Bastion, we have risked allowing Llyrian filth who seek to ESCAPE retribution by posing as mali’thill to enter our exalted city and linger among us. Our blessed duty, guided by Larihei, insists that we do everything in our power to properly dispose of the plague before it infiltrates us to a point in which we ourselves maintain a constant position of questioned purity. It is for this reason that I call EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU to hold steady in the face of pollution. It is above no ones jurisdiction to seek a call of trial for another mali’aheral within our walls, or outside of them. We cannot risk returning to our DARK DAYS of radical disease, nor fall under the influence of imbeciles such as Evark Evocress or Renarion, the Golden Moth. Furthermore, this parchment will serve as the Uradir Guide to PROPERLY eradicating the besmirched. It is my suggestion that we do our best to not wean ourselves from these methods of DISINFECTING. However, we are people of united CREATIVITY, JUSTICE, AND MERCY. Other methods of cleaning are encouraged, as long as you have done the proper research to determine that it truly heals the PLAGUED. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya, Let us begin. THE ACID PIT --==-- --==-- This DISINFECTANT has proven to be the most utilized amongst the mali’thill; for it is a blatant symbol of purification. The boiling liquid serves as a WARM EMBRACE for the impure to bundle themselves with, whilst it burns away any defects or virus – any corpuscle of taint will WITHER under the sheer heat that the pit generously gives off. Obviously, this is a true MERCY for any tainted creature. Editor’s Note: This is the best tactic, in my opinion. FRIENDSHIP PARK --==-- --==-- Moving onto our second DISINFECTANT, we are met with Friendship Park. Specifically, the act of shoving the impure off of the sheer cliff that the park looms over. This method of EXECUTION DISINFECTING consists entirely of a beautiful symbol. The ELEGANT fall from our city exemplifies that the individual has fallen from GRACE. Their meager spirit can linger elsewhere; amongst the lessers or in the forests below our beautiful Bastion. They are not worthy of residing with PURITY. ASPHYXIATION --==-- --==-- ASPHYXIATION (or more simply, the Sand Pit Method), was a method newly introduced by Silir Uradir at the recommendation of Aiera Sullas. This is probably the MOST merciful of the disinfectants. This is due to the fact that by shoveling the impure into a pit of sand, we are PERMITTING them to remain within the city limits. This is most often reserved for those who REQUEST to return to the city after being ousted for impurity, or reserved for those that are only MENTALLY impure. Physical impurities cannot linger under any circumstance; for it risks tainting the soil we grow our blessed crops on. Warning: Volatile, often involves screaming and pain. It remains the most merciful, however. THE PURITY HOUNDS --==-- --==-- Unused, but not forgotten. This method of DISINFECTING is reserved for the IMPURE OF THE IMPURE. To put it simply, the most drastic putrescence that lingers in our culture. The conniving snakes and rabid degenerates. Our PURITY HOUNDS feast on the very essence of the impure, ensuring that any taint that may have corrupted the being was properly disposed of. The PIT OF PURITY that they reside in is located deep within the guardhouse of our most revered Weeping Blades. THE BALLISTA --==-- --==-- This DISINFECTANT was crafted by an unknown mali’thill, or the identity of its architect remains unfamiliar with the author of this guide. The procedure in which the impure is cleaned is simple, yet elegant. A bolt is loaded onto the ballista, whilst the impure is rendered unable to move and sat at the edge of the opening in our city’s wall. The intent of the bolt is to send the impure FLYING from the Bastion; never to be seen or heard of again. This disinfectant is akin to our FRIENDSHIP PARK method but is likely preferred due to the fact that DISINFECTING via our Park often requires a laborious cleanup of the cliffside. This concludes the PURITAN’S GUIDE TO DISINFECTING. May it serve the citizenry, our government, our Sillumiran, and our pariran’tir well in the coming trials. SILIR URADIR MAEHR’SAE HIYLUN’EHYA DISINFECT WELL, LLIRAN. Note: To be updated upon new disinfecting methods being discovered or utilized.
  5. Ixli

    Running Warlocks.

    Silir Uradir scoffs, “Haelun’or will double the prize for him alive, if he is brought to the Silver Bastion.”
  6. Silir Uradir’s cranium tilts with interest, a light scoff sounding from his lips. ”Do we dare to celebrate the death of an impure? Taking your own life is impurity at its finest; nay, we shall not regard such behavior with mourning. Violence against one’s self will not be rewarded with empathy.” ((RIP Maleos, was a solid member of our city.))
  7. Hes not posting anymore numpty he hit 4444 posts
  8. “They do realize they are under siege, right?” asks Silir Uradir.
  9. Silir nods his head, pondering deeply. “If the Empyrion was willing to hand himself over for a fair and just trial, perhaps the onslaught can be avoided. That would be a sign of faith to his peoples.”
  10. Banditry isn’t the current problem. What about conflict rules in general – namely raiding and wars? This is like Blizzard Entertainment, where when a player complains about A and B, they decide to mess with C.
  11. Silir Uradir nods, “It is good, then, that we did not bother with diplomacy. Based on your response, it becomes evident that our demands would be evaded.”
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