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  1. ((This was really beautifully done, great job.))
  2. BURYING THE LAST AXE as issued on 12th of Malin’s Welcome, 1744 As we come to remember the unfortunate events of a time not long ago, when our allies were murdered and our Okarir’san disgraced at the hands of the ‘ame, our minds turn sour. The imbroglio that had occurred was one of absolute desecration and putrescence, but we do not forget our benevolence and merciful attitudes towards our elven brothers and sisters. Mali’thill, in his commanding position within the Irrinite facilities, Avius Csarathaire rallied his sycophants to cry war against the Motherland, and war was brought. We battled alongside our Orenian comrades, bringing fire to the trees of our enemies. Alas, times change. The imperial dogs began their shadow conquest of attempting to cast us aside, trying to take what would be our vengeance and make it their very own by implanting impurity itself at the top of the Irrinite government. For these reasons, when Avius Csarathaire came to our stead and traveled to the top of our plateau bastion, we chose to accept his penance and forgive. The time is nigh, that the elven forces begin to stand united in one resolve; to sever any head of any snake that would dare interfere in our affairs. This is not the day to stand fractured, but it is the day in which we deny ingrates that align themselves with insolence and deceit. In our forgiveness, Avius Csarathaire has agreed to the following in order to craft amends for the Silver State’s relationship with himself and the Laraethryn lineage: [ I ]: Avius Csarathaire will donate books of mali’ame history and/or culture to the Eternal Library, found in the capital of the Motherland. [ II ]: Avius Csarathaire vows to never take up arms against the Silver State of Haelun’or and its various Provinces, regardless of international or political conflicts, in wroth. [ III ]: Avius Csarathaire will adhere to service of the Silver Citizenry of Haelun’or, in a display to redeem himself of fitting to exist among the Mali’thill. Those signed below pledge their names and persons to the respective document in unanimity, bound to the oath in which they commit. Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj Avius Csarathaire, the Phoenix
  3. I’ve literally listened to you slander Ankan and the entire High Elven playerbase, when the high elven community is THE most accepting playerbase on the server. We wouldn’t be so successful if we weren’t. I appreciate you sticking up for us.
  4. Ixli

    Why we Fight

    Silir Uradir, in his travels throughout the realm, catches wind of the letter. His cerulean irises glance over it, the elf offering a firm nod of his head. “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya”.
  5. click on this message 

    1. Ixli
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      its not a bait if I expect it . . .

  6. Prepare for the content mod

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      I’ve been actually content moded once when i reached 4 warning points, dark days

  7. yoinks, all you commentators about to get some fancy warning points
  8. Ixli

    For the Reivers

    theyll b back
  9. Ixli

    For the Reivers

    Sad SAD Edit: wait I don’t rlly care lol
  10. “I am beginning to like these ‘ame..” said high elf
  11. “The tea is that the only thing not human is Oren’s undead Emperor, you flaming wallaby.” commented Silir Uradir.
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