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  1. Genuinely super excited to see Treshure get this position. He has the optics and actual dreams for this server that are beyond the usual "we must stay in the status quo". I believe he's going to revolutionize the team and overall the server with his contributions, you're going to do great mate.
  2. The entirety of alchemy is definitely what you want to look in. Very nefarious in its intent and with some recent lore additions, horrific Frankensteins and weapons can be made. There are these avenues, they're just kept away from society's public view because of how a majority of nation finds them taboo. Good luck either way! :)
  3. I want to say Dexter, but you remove the last few seasons and it's an absolute masterpiece. Otherwise Breaking Bad is an easy top spot. weird shade dude Love alot of grunge and post-punk shit, Indie is good too, but anything from that genre I'm pretty down with. I have insanely vivid memories of playing through Morrowind as a kid. I loved the thematic choices and everything with it (as much as 8 - 12 year old me could comprehend it). It has aged abhorrently but it still is very high up in my own mind if I think back at it. discount boruto People just simply
  4. Love a good cheezel. It's the best "cheese" flavored thing that isn't the weird vomit dust. If you want me to write your PoliSci essay you need to just paypal me instead. I'll be removing the ability for Ri'Haskir to use photoshop to deceive the masses believing he has god relics. (azdrazi nerf hopefully soon too) Probably the death of my first White Rose soldier character for insubordinance. It wasn't much, but was just a clash against Toov where I was defending a side that wanted to enforce more harsher constraints on elves in the company. I ran up t
  5. Do your work and stop doing everyone elses work no Day is going alright, kinda tired from a big work week but it's not too bad. It's probably genuinely having to stomach some of the deplorable behavior that gets sent to admins in reports. It's something I'm not going to enjoy but its definitely something I will need to get used to. My philosophy with making characters is probably why I haven't had one in basically two or so years. I just like starting as a blank slate, find a skin on PMC that looks okay and go from there. I alter and change the character
  6. Cute compilation, but Khas have lore and knowing my own biases I exempted myself from voting against the Remnant Kha that Benbo wrote. Which they passed and actually did 'save' them away from such a shelving.
  7. I personally believe the backdrop and origins for LotC are absolutely perfect for what we need. The biggest issue isn't really with the setting but the lack of general cohesion the server has had for the last decade which makes alot of things quite jarring and out of place when looking at current LotC. Just annoying when doing most things is that you're really set on following those original intentions very vaguely when writing and planning storylines. okay you asked nicely. when $120 appears in my paypal find out irp
  8. Hey, thought with my promotion that I'd have an AMA for people to approach me about anything they want to know. Been here for 9 and a 1/2 years and done countless staff stints under various people, so I've got an interesting take on shit.
  9. Hey, I'm Dingo. Most of you know me as a very controversial figure, but I've been here for a very long time and I have some hilarious plans during my tenure. Rift's really paved the way for this to happen and I hold him in such high regard for everything he's done to the team. @SquakHawk is essentially my right hand man no matter what happens. Wouldn't have done any of this staff shit without him and he's essentially the main reason why the team has functioned so well. Also the real homies @Riftblade and @firespirit44, we in it. !_! p.s I also will not world edit another cit
  10. Will miss you Tom. Really appreciated everything you achieved, don't lose contact and stay in your PMs.
  11. Gun Lore Post is coming in the next day or so, watch out for it! 


  12. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  13. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  14. just wanna do warriors rp in providence

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      the only thing stopping you is yourself

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      Too bad, you must obey the 1800th century wig RP or face imperial execution. You have strain too far from the path of god for you hath denied them their oh so desired gun RP.



    4. Bhased


      like the warrior cats??


  15. Will be happy to see you really grow as your true position as the Story/Map Admin
  16. As I'm sure you know and can do from the naysaying as usual, the playerbase isn't growing at a rapid enough rate to actually accomodate multiple niches of the same thing while having them be impactful on the world beyond a few sporadic interactions which could be done by placing this as an 'event' race. We want things that are substantial and provide some sort of substance to the world by existing and being utilised by the players. I try to think of what actual impacts these creatures would have and I see them being barely populated and having a small build that will eventually fall into obscu
  17. It's a very cute piece of lore but I really see it not being feasible with how discarded most beast-race CA's have been on LotC, specifically how wonks were memed immediately and then dissolved. I genuinely believe Halflings already provide this niche for this cute, small nimble race and that you would be competing with an already ingrained playerbase to try and get this launched from the initial release.
  18. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  19. The Aeldenic Suppression Society are seen walking around the hold of Nova Horos, the mention of the Almarian conflict has caused strife within those foreign to the continent. People are taken from homes, vanishing with those that hold ties to the lands of the descendants. A few strange remnants of Renatian and Horenic supporters are taken to the shadows, murders and disappearances litter those who whisper in the taverns and establishments of the grand city. Any or all mentions of the strange conflict are suppressed throughout the continent. One society exists and that is Aeldin its
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