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  1. Hey listen. I'm sorry about that. I didn't even know it was you. I didn't mean to kill your rep that time.

  2. My character's next theme song

  3. *Logs into League of Legends* "Hmmm.... Apparently I'm the 18,573 in Queue...."

  4. Four days and it's my one year anniversary of joining Lord of the Craft.

    1. shiftnative


      Hope its well spent!

  5. Anybody wanna' play League of Legends? The name is Amaelith, send an invite.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MetaSolaray


      Space, what's your LoL :P I can play draft

    3. Yoff


      Il add you, but I warn you now. For a level 30 I am some of the worst you will ever see.

      Its: TheIcefreak

    4. MetaSolaray


      I'm a lvl 30 Gold Elo player I'll carry ya just fine

  6. My face hurts from playing to much LoL.

    1. Taiga


      My face hurts from lol-ing.

  7. Anyone want to play LoL? My account name is Amaelith.

  8. "Agony is the lust for retribution."

  9. Anyone else finding several creepers in the wilderness? And I mean creepers the mobs that explode...

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gladuos


      Many plugins were being touched up it seems, I guess this was a mishap.

    3. Aryon


      I haven't seen those beasts since the first 2 weeks of the server.

    4. Dante


      We have two new coders who are taking down plugins and reintegrating things to better fit their work, or so I assume. It will probably make things more effective in the future on their own custom plugins.

  10. *On Darion's ventures he comes across a crisp paper labeled 'The Malinor Sentinels', he quickly snatches the paper and pockets it. As Darion approaches his abode a basic campfire crackles as it grows dim. Darion removes the paper from his pocket his eyes run across the paper the darkness rendering his vision though the dim light emanating from the fire is enough for Darion to see the written words on the document. A frown forces itself upon Darion's face as he finishes reading the document, a soft chuckle echoes in the surrounding darkness as he rejoices. He crumbles the paper in his hand as he muses, his mind indulging in reminisce. He shakes his head slightly and tosses the paper into the fire, stares coldly at the paper and mutters, "Only if..."*
  11. Very nice signature you have there.

  12. 5/10 "I've seen you a few times. . . "
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