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  1. The smell of samurai related stuff draws the blue haired one's nose, he finds it good.
  2. Oi mate, if you want help with combat rp I'd be glad to sit down with you and give you some help. I think that is what should happen! Glad to see people asking for help and being honest they suck at something and want to improve.

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    2. ACU20


      What you are doing Ruthern is being completely dishonest, this has nothing to do with his Dyslexia but your direct involvement in the roleplay itself.

    3. max.


      ^^ see what I mean?

    4. ACU20


      I see your manipulation of the facts of the matter, noone ever said he couldn't take his time writing his responses so infact whatever illness he might have is irrelevant. He simply did not get his way and you are exploiting his illness.

  3. Seeing the above arguments I'm going to have to say a middle ground could easily be found. A large portion of the wood elven players who join and go to the main city eventually end up joining the seed system since it's so rich, detailed, and provides a way to be part of a family without having someone being your actual mom and dad. Honestly during when I first joined dark elves and high elves had culture, wood elves had 'we exist'. It was literally a joke and being one of those elves who has odd origins I'd still be willing to adapt, perhaps instead of saying a small portion can it not be an unknown portion it can be believed to be so large that a vast majority of Mali'ame did it (Which the playerbase supports now, as I rarely see wood elves not part of the seed belief system) HOWEVER, this does not limit your characters as long as the quantity is never fully stated as factual.
  4. Nooooo I can't tell James he's endangered anymore D:, I'd love to visit on Meta again, maybe something I can finally do again. :O
  5. A final reply, "On my way, get the snaga ready."
  6. Idem would look at the goblin tilting his head, "What is Goi...is that a type of food?
  7. Idem would look at the letter, smirking slightly as he'd go to step by the bank pulling four hundred minas from the bank before turning back placing a note beneath it. "I will make the purchase."
  8. I asked this before, can we please take out the following:

    Feel free to Google the answers or browse our forums

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    2. MetaSolaray


      It's deceptive to lead people to the WRONG answer, if they're going to plagrise they will but for a 12 year old to be expected to find the 'right' answers. The ones we want are on our forum, the google one for powergaming tells you deeper down. If you tried to get 12 year old me to read all that you'd lose me at the second sentence.



    3. obreeni


      oh no, i meant why in the 'why is this a thing' way.

    4. MetaSolaray


      I honestly don't know, I even pointed it out ages ago. But alas

  9. Meta El Solaray hereby signs this charter request Neci Sin Serena Solaray hereby signs this charter request as a representative of Cerasis De Catering. (Bring money)
  10. Neci would take a glance at the poster and shake her head, "Has anyone even any proof? It's like blind selling, why would you put up both your name, and your money and not even have proof that this woman is even held captive. As for the...contents, how deplorable."
  11. Brewing Stand = Over 300 minas

    Ice boxes = Over 1k minas


    These things either make pointless cosmectic drinks, or stop raw meat from going raw. Why would anyone make/buy these things if they cost so much. Blacksmiths only need an anvil

    tinkers only need the supplies and tinker stations. Why does chef, a profession that doesn't make ANYTHING really useful have to buy so much other junk that costs a ton. 


    Icebox = Packed ice + a box...that should be it.

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    2. AGiantPie


      Ice boxes are brand new and it's not like a refrigerator is cheap in a fantasy setting!!

    3. MetaSolaray


      I know, I just can't figure the market for them would be desirable.

    4. AGiantPie


      Perhaps not, but the resources required to make one might be very expensive and/or time consuming to get. That's why brewing stands are expensive. I would wager an ice box also requires a high level tinker, of which there are very few. 

  12. I'm having the same trouble, nothing in inventory
  13. "All Dogs go to heaven, All Rocks go to heaven too."

    Rest easy Sammi, cancer can't hurt you where you are anymore.

  14. Got my new 1k desktop in, going from barely getting 60fps on the very low settings on league to being forced to cap my FPS on the highest settings to stop it stuttering...It feels good.

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    2. nordicg_d


      @Arangoth The fact you believe a laptop to be good just proves to me you are a fool. bye

    3. ShameJax


      Hell if I remember, I ordered the parts a while ago. I was figuring out if it was worth the time to learn how to do it and then put it together, and I found that out...

      Building a computer saves money!

    4. Elvrohir Aureon

      Elvrohir Aureon

      When you got a standard laptop for about 400 bucks.

  15. Just because many wood elves followed this history does not mean literally every single one, if you play a wood elf and do not want this to be part of your history it is quite simple to say how or why. This is for the majority of wood elven players who roleplay within that nation and from seeing the wood elves go from a joke of 'WHAT CULTURE HAHA' to actually being identifiable I would even alter my own backstory to accommodate this further enriched lore. I would support this with full confidence in Leo,HAIL ASPECTS!
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