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  1. MetaSolaray

    Shogunate of Oyashima

    The smell of samurai related stuff draws the blue haired one's nose, he finds it good.
  2. I came back from beyond just to say i approve
  3. Oi mate, if you want help with combat rp I'd be glad to sit down with you and give you some help. I think that is what should happen! Glad to see people asking for help and being honest they suck at something and want to improve.

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    2. ACU20


      What you are doing Ruthern is being completely dishonest, this has nothing to do with his Dyslexia but your direct involvement in the roleplay itself.

    3. max.


      ^^ see what I mean?

    4. ACU20


      I see your manipulation of the facts of the matter, noone ever said he couldn't take his time writing his responses so infact whatever illness he might have is irrelevant. He simply did not get his way and you are exploiting his illness.

  4. MetaSolaray

    [Lore] Era of the Seeds

    Seeing the above arguments I'm going to have to say a middle ground could easily be found. A large portion of the wood elven players who join and go to the main city eventually end up joining the seed system since it's so rich, detailed, and provides a way to be part of a family without having someone being your actual mom and dad. Honestly during when I first joined dark elves and high elves had culture, wood elves had 'we exist'. It was literally a joke and being one of those elves who has odd origins I'd still be willing to adapt, perhaps instead of saying a small portion can it not be an unknown portion it can be believed to be so large that a vast majority of Mali'ame did it (Which the playerbase supports now, as I rarely see wood elves not part of the seed belief system) HOWEVER, this does not limit your characters as long as the quantity is never fully stated as factual.
  5. MetaSolaray


    Nooooo I can't tell James he's endangered anymore D:, I'd love to visit on Meta again, maybe something I can finally do again. :O
  6. MetaSolaray

    [Complete]znAgA zAyL

    A final reply, "On my way, get the snaga ready."
  7. MetaSolaray

    [Complete]znAgA zAyL

    Idem would look at the goblin tilting his head, "What is Goi...is that a type of food?
  8. MetaSolaray

    [Complete]znAgA zAyL

    Idem would look at the letter, smirking slightly as he'd go to step by the bank pulling four hundred minas from the bank before turning back placing a note beneath it. "I will make the purchase."
  9. I asked this before, can we please take out the following:

    Feel free to Google the answers or browse our forums

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    2. MetaSolaray


      It's deceptive to lead people to the WRONG answer, if they're going to plagrise they will but for a 12 year old to be expected to find the 'right' answers. The ones we want are on our forum, the google one for powergaming tells you deeper down. If you tried to get 12 year old me to read all that you'd lose me at the second sentence.



    3. joey calabreeni

      joey calabreeni

      oh no, i meant why in the 'why is this a thing' way.

    4. MetaSolaray


      I honestly don't know, I even pointed it out ages ago. But alas

  10. MetaSolaray

    [Nation Charter] Sutica

    Meta El Solaray hereby signs this charter request Neci Sin Serena Solaray hereby signs this charter request as a representative of Cerasis De Catering. (Bring money)
  11. MetaSolaray

    [Complete]{Auction} Elven Woman

    Neci would take a glance at the poster and shake her head, "Has anyone even any proof? It's like blind selling, why would you put up both your name, and your money and not even have proof that this woman is even held captive. As for the...contents, how deplorable."
  12. MetaSolaray

    [Accepted] JakeFSF's Extravagant ET Actor Application!

    Jake, why did you use the same event as last time, :( If they chose to enter the cave they would be greeted with their poor sheep being brutally eaten by a ginormous wolf. What they choose after that would further progress the event, whether they choose to fight, or run, in the end the same feelings as before return, So they see a wolf being eaten by a wolf, what's there to be gained from RPing this? Where's the growth/potential of this event? 2nd event, evil being must be defeated to protect a gem....that is 'important' because someone says so to you. Most likely this item will be unseen ever again to be used. and the 3rd event could literally just be a friendly competition between two cities with a prize that the cities themselves could do. Each event, still needs that "I can provide situations to develop character." My opinion has not changed from last time, you need more experience in crafting situations for others. Sorry Jake!
  13. Brewing Stand = Over 300 minas

    Ice boxes = Over 1k minas


    These things either make pointless cosmectic drinks, or stop raw meat from going raw. Why would anyone make/buy these things if they cost so much. Blacksmiths only need an anvil

    tinkers only need the supplies and tinker stations. Why does chef, a profession that doesn't make ANYTHING really useful have to buy so much other junk that costs a ton. 


    Icebox = Packed ice + a box...that should be it.

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    2. AGiantPie


      Ice boxes are brand new and it's not like a refrigerator is cheap in a fantasy setting!!

    3. MetaSolaray


      I know, I just can't figure the market for them would be desirable.

    4. AGiantPie


      Perhaps not, but the resources required to make one might be very expensive and/or time consuming to get. That's why brewing stands are expensive. I would wager an ice box also requires a high level tinker, of which there are very few. 

  14. MetaSolaray

    [Denied]Sky's AMA & Trial GD App!

    Going to break up this post into two different sections for ease of finding. 1st Question As a previous member of the staff, admin and GM you stepped down and now are looking to get your positions back. What is the main drive you are looking to return and bring to the team, the server, that you cannot do from where you are now. 2nd Question: What makes you believe you are truly qualified to return, you make plenty of promises and things you wish to do but how do you expect to do them from your schedule. 3rd Question: Let's assume you are given your position back, you are certainty qualified but I want to know how you plan to move forward both as a member of the team and as an individual. 4th Question: You state in your answers that you see a disconnect between the staff and the community, this is the same answer I've seen in so many others. What do YOU see exactly as the biggest fault and how do YOU plan to contribute towards it. ------- MEta's thoughts Sky, I've often see you as a person willing to reach out to people you've never met and open up to them in conversation. You have never met me ((I think, then again I have worlds worst memory here...)) and yet you're attitude towards inter-personal communication is a admirable trait. You've come off as an agreeable person and even when we spoke privately about this post you didn't let me sit here without misinformation and admitted your faults clearly. Coming off as a member who has never held a staff position, I can easily see why you were one in the past prior. Admirable traits include: Open to his own faults and providing proper information. Easily open to communications with members new and old Open to receiving feedback feedback and confronting. As a staff member once more, especially with your past I'd hope you hold yourself to a higher level to be re-accepted back into the team. However I have some concerns, while what you did in the past is in the past and not the man who is trying to resume once more what have you done since then to reengage into the active community beyond your current circle. Many players promise or claim the disconnect, but how have you done to improve said ties with not only friends in such places, but also your lack of tools concerning it. The biggest disconnect for me is not in the staff to the community, but a staff member to the every day player, the guy/girl/lamp who comes on for 1-2 hours. In your app you don't provide much beyond the 'usual', not counting your timezone as one either. You can make the politician promises, but what do you Sky plan to actually do about it. I'm sure so many people are tired of 'soon' or promises but saying you will avoid the temptation of helping your nation and friends. Your friends are also server players, if this is what you want to change about the server, you're not thinking big enough for what you yourself is the problem. You will be helping your nation, but your goal should be helping all of them.
  15. MetaSolaray

    [Actor] JakeFSF's amazing ET app!

    Alright so looking at the events you offered, each one offers the same tired and old method of RP that I see. "Combat RP, get event item." Then....Done. There is very little room for true engagement into each of your events or personal influence that could open the realms of actually enter the storyline you are offering. I'll go into further depth with each event and possibly offer some pointers. 1st event: This event caters around the storyline of the sheep and the wolf, yet it's as tired and simple as good vs. evil path with very little in-depth of the three characters involved. Some possible changes I would advise to this is making the telling of the story more about the morals of the character involved. You have a very interesting upstart that just falls to kill animal, then kill another animal. Perhaps instead since this seems to revolve around the characters choices, make more options for each of the characters. Honestly I'd even cut this event into just two characters personally this is why. The wolf and the sheep, each character when told the story would still be transported to the field. But instead of being together they would be separated, one of them follows the sheep, the other the wolf. The wolf being a pack animal could have fellow wolves who need to eat, therefore it MUST hunt the sheep down. The sheep being a defenseless creature...would be at the mercy of the two people who see two different sides of the same story. The conflict between the two could have the 'characters' of this story choosing to either join one side or the other, or even be at ends with how it should play out. The reward doesn't need to be some magical item, but in the experience the characters will take and how they see events. This challenges a characters viewpoint and perhaps can help develop characters who might benefit most from this RP ((Think Druids, wood elven hunters, etc. It'd be interesting to take like a passive cleric and an aggressive hunter to see how the situation unfolds.)) 2nd Event: I'd be honest, I wouldn't keep any of this unless you have a planned storyline regarding the cursed dolls. There is little player interaction in this event yet again besides a predetermined ride of an experience. Meet the crying girls, fight the crying girls, WIN A PRIZE. I'd scrap this and go back to the drawing board. With these kind of events catered to a smaller group think more along the line of a small storyline if it's dedicated to a singular group, if it's more so of "For people in general area." Again challenge yourself Jake I know you can make something more unique here :D 3rd: Ew, ew ew ew ew ew ew.... This whole event sounds like a huge waste of time for everyone but the 'hero' who got in the last strike. It's literally whoever YOU decide got the final hit to earn the special event item. There is no interaction here, no development and no story as an ET member. This is something anyone can come up with, the basis of a plot that should involve so much more. When designing large group events you definitely want an overarching storyline. Why go up the tower, what is the reason for putting their very lives in danger. What are the sides in this story, wouldn't it be highly more interesting if actual PLAYERS were defending the floors? What if instead of fighting endless mobs the tower instead forced the players to use their brains. Easily can have perhaps additional ET (Like two you aren't by yourself this is the Event "TEAM" :D)) or two work with each team. Some of my fondest RP was not PvE to possibly get a reward but being forced to think on my character morals. Stealing from an old event I was in perhaps the only way to proceed is to kill a fellow companion of theirs on an altar. However if they don't proceed then they risk their homeland suffering. These kind of situations force characters to face "Needs of the few over the needs of the many." Yet another way you can adapt this is like the plague, pitting a single resource two different guilds/factions are vying over. So instead of a single item rewarded to a single person while everyone else waste time you offer a prize that both guilds would vye over. For example take the Laurelin Hunting guild and let's say the marked men. Both guilds could spot a very dangerous gryph or other creature that travels frequently. With each guild they can work as a team to figure out trapping grounds, where it lives it's feeding ground etc. etc. Each team trying to outdo the other for nothing more then presteige. So IF YOU KILL SOMEONE ON THE FINAL BATTLE! That character still had plenty of RP all the way up! Final Verdict: Honestly Jake, looking over your events I'm going to have to sadly decline and give a -1. You're a great RP'er but your events all have the same 'been there done that' kill/fight mechanic. I would love to see your thoughts on non-violent situations and character moral/development RP which is something that events really need. Not everyone is a fighter, and if say I Rp'd a farmer all three of these events would not involve me.