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  1. The blacklist is good, but remember that if you witness poor RP, try to inform and help them before auto-banning them. Everyone makes mistakes and this used to be a big issue in the past.

    1. iMattyz


      I think the immediate blacklists are more for people being intentionally toxic, rather than simply new and poor RPers, you're right though. Education first.

    2. Samler


      So it's no contest to blacklist the most people?

    3. KarmaDelta


      Im sure it will be.

  2. Not played for an age. Lotc finally looks amazing build wise, 4.0 looks WAY much better than it did 6 months ago!

    1. iMattyz


      Hey bro, do you remember a server called Aurora or Impact, or something like that from about 3 years ago that you were an admin on?

    2. imjoebaker


      Aye, I started that years ago after which it turned into Rise of Kings

  3. Oh hi thur :3

  4. Welcome to LotC filled with exciting role-play such as:

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    2. gone_fishin


      Well, you're not wrong.

    3. Dyrr


      you mean exciting pvp***

    4. Mankaar


      Not wearing pants.

  5. I come back to here every couple of months in hope I will once again get hooked. New character, fresh start. LET'S DO THIS!

  6. I know i've been on and off here for the last three years but i'm certainly going to stick around for some crazy druidic roleplay.

    1. iMattyz


      My god. I still remember you from the Impact RP server, you're the reason I'm here.

    2. imjoebaker


      Ha :') It's good to know that. Hope your well mate.

  7. Thought i'd show my face. Malinor seems empty. Hm.

  8. Tengen needs to catch a bat... Any ideas?

    1. The 5'th Friar~

      The 5'th Friar~

      Get a butterfly net. And go into a Cave. Easy-peasy!

  9. Just installed MPM all seems fine, however the hair that covers some of my back is just a huge black cape... IDEAS?

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    2. Lirinya


      I have this issue also, if you chech the MPM MC forusm thread, I'm currently talking to the dev about it. I'd post any helpful info you have on it.

    3. Cappy


      Make sure the unused areas of your skin file are transparent, not black.

    4. imjoebaker


      I did three things to try and fix it. One worked. Recoloured the top corner pixels (I heard it was human male causing bug), made sure no pixels were transparent and reinstalling mod via MCPatcher rather than manually.

  10. 1.4 masks are amazing. I present.. the dead elf. http://i.imgur.com/sIsQa.png

    1. gingernut97


      *has heart attack*

  11. Looking for a GF OOC'ly for IC? Be a man and bedazzle some women. Shouldn't take too long. Tengen has only been trying the last month D:

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    2. DrakeHaze.


      I died when I saw that post

    3. Wode


      I misread the title of it and was like, awww, LotC is a dating site nao ^^

    4. imjoebaker


      I should note this is a response to someone else's topic that got deleted :D

  12. 8/10 - I don't know you icly or ooc for that matter but I assume someone with around 1000 posts and been here over a year would be quite well known to the community.
  13. Server's down and It's 2:am. That's a sign. G'night!

  14. Did the servers just crash?

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