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  1. rukio

    Gone but never forgotten tbh

  2. Yoff

    [Denied] The Other Bird's Fm App.

    Guy that can keep his composure with ease,
  3. Yoff

    Ggt's Application Team Application

    -1 I don't see him doing well in critiquing our new playerbase, or even helping them settle in with a reputation consisting of very poor bandit RP.
  4. Yoff

    The Brotherhood Of The Golden Crow

    OOC MC Name:Yoff Skype: PM me Do you have TS? If not, are you willing to get one?: Yes IC [!] An old man, wearing the standard of the Golden Crow, looks upon you with dull eyes. Tapping the paper with the end of his quill,, he asked: “Name, boy?”: "Yoff of Normandor!" “Hrmph, so be it. Where ye be from?”: "N-Normandor, thouht that was clear." Clearing his throat, he then asked, “Any experience fightin’? O’ at anything, really?”: "No formal expirience, just good with a sword." “Mhrmm.. what be yer reason for joining?”: "I'm done dueling on the roads, I ought to make a career out of my skill. Y-you don't look too pleased, next question please." Do ya have ah profession?”: "Breeder, Leatherworker, and Cook." “Anything else ye wanna add, lad?”: "Nothing else, sire." Once finished, the old man nodded and gave a wave of dismissal to you, beckoning the next in line to follow suit. [!]
  5. Yoff

    Ventus2's Mat Application

    Extremely loyal guy, chill, and has done magic for a long time. Definitely MAT material.
  6. I'll be taking over this event.
  7. Yoff

    Confused About Crime?

    Can't we just set some sort of standard of rp for banditry (even with the aim to pvp) within walls instead of just removing it altogether?
  8. Yoff

    Slic3Man's Trial Gm Application

    One of the best people you could have in just about any team. Hard worker, and a responsible dude. He'd make one for one of the better GM's out here.
  9. Yoff


    I'd like to see some odd items. Jukeboxes, noteblocks, miscellaneous named items like a watch. Fun things that don't really advance you, but rather are just fun to RP with.
  10. Yoff

    Pirates Of The Abyssian Sea

    Name: Vane Age: Its been too long since I last counted. Gender: Male Race: Mali descent. Previous line of work, if any?: "War medic, alchemist and a skilled mercenary under different companies." Why do you wish to join us?: The sea has always captivated me, its a shame I have yet to find a proper job that requires my skill as a swordsman, and as a sailor. What can you bring to the table?: I can bring my skill with a sword as well as my medicine. ~ (( OOC Minecraft Username: Icelifreakx Got Skype?: Yes. Got Teamspeak?: Yes ))
  11. Yoff

    Kraal's Et Actor App

    Its always a treat to get to RP with Kraal, whether it be his ghoul, lich or shaman. +1
  12. Yoff

    Lark's Et App For 4.0

    I didn't RP with him as much as I'd like to but from what I've seen he's an excellent individual with a very good OOC attitude.
  13. Minecraft name(s): Icelifreakx Skype ID: Icelifreakx Time zone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Have you ever been banned or received a strike? If so, link the report: N/A Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions? I used to be part of the VAT and the FM. What MMORPG/video games have you / do you play? (Past and Present) Played almost all Elder Scrolls and Fallouts, Witcher 2, Hotline Miami, Bastion, Civ: 5, GTA 3-5, Saints Row 2-4, Dark Souls 1-2, Arma II, Garry's Mod, TF2, LoL, Warcraft 2-3, tons of LoZ, Age of Wonders III and the only MMO I spent a while playing is Mabinogi. The list would go on, but I just wanted to give you the general idea of the type of video games I do usually play, mostly being RPG's or Strategy. If you really do need a full list I would be happy to provide it. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a Event member? Gravelord Ordos: My main character, currently a wraith and one of the leaders of the Necromancer Covenant. Price: Spiteful, and short wood elf that spends most of his time being a highwayman. I'm willing to part with Price should I be accepted into the Event Team, but Gravelord Ordos has people who currently depend on him. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain. My events wouldn't cater to anyone in particular, however - I do feel I would very much like to put a lot of my time creating events for the Halflings, Kharajyr, and Orcs since they're often neglected when it comes to events specific to them. I'd also like to work very closely with guard forces from most towns to give their members monster/game to fight when they go out on patrols, or even just guarding their town from minor attacks. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? When an individual creates an event, they are effectively shaping a part of a group of people's roleplay. They interact differently with others, they will become kinder, or descend into evil. Events are something that's done daily by all players on the server, however as a staff position one expects a whole lot more effort to be put into these encounters, since afterall their characters will be affected by the outcome. These are my main focus points for a successful event. Organization: The quality of events when being run by staff should always include a large amount of organization, whether the project is large, or small. It might seem obvious but sometimes it is the most tideious part of an event, having to scout out and prepare a location for an event, or creating skins, etc. Still, it is one of the most nessesary ones to keep everyone enjoying the event all throughout, else things can fall apart quite quickly. Communication: This doesn't just apply from ET member to ET member, allthough that is obviously quite key to keep afloat any form of project that requires over one ET member. I mean the communication between the community and those involved, perhaps not directly but through a leader. You always want to keep the enjoyment of those who are your target audience in mind, and to keep it that way a good way is to stablish good communication and speak with the leader about things such as: "What type of an event they would prefer?" "A synopsys of the event thought?" "What time/place will the most/least amount of people be on to target those times?" "Any ground rules?". Even if there are barely any details to clear up, having some connection with the leader will always yield a much more favoured event due to them knowing that the team cares about what they think. Progression: In events, progression isn't quite as important as the more obvious factors; Organization, Communication. You can have a wolf attack in a nearby pasture, peasants running down to their homes and grabbing whatever tools they can find to fend off the herd of wolves. With proper communication, you can let them know that there will be an attack of some form, letting them get many people on, you can decide on RP or PVP, etc. While with proper organization, you can keep all wolves moving at the same time, and have a sort of itinerary for all the activities and targets that this event would include: Perhaps eating some of the livestock, or creating some damage in building if the wolves are THAT dangerious. That's all fine and good, and it can be really fun to just have that simple of an event happening, however to turn an event from good to incredible, you need to prepare some progression, or retaliation. In the case of the wolves, should the farmers not simply cower inside their homes, and instead they fight them back - you could have a den prepared (with proper organization) that would give some more for this event to work. In this case, the wolves could run back to the den, in which case the farmers chase it down. You can even have mini-events in between with certain lands having certain unique environments. Since this is an RP server, you're able to suggest several clues on how to go about taking down a full den of wolves, burning it down, charging in, flushing them out somehow, or perhaps even something much more unexpected like taming the wolves. My point is, that while events can be crazy exciting as is, I think that having progression influence most of the ET's events would leave a really good event, turning out to become a great event. It doesn't even have to be so complicated, just leaving small clues after an event is done should be enough. When was the last time you saw an event? I think since the Fringe I haven't seen an event. I might have been around some events, but I didn't participate actively in them. What strengths could you contribute to the Event Team? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? I could bring in plenty of new ideas to the event team, and I am very ready to execute them. I'm dedicated, and on-task and while I joke around an awful lot, I know when I do need to get serious and pull together for whatever event we may be creating. I am very knowledgeable in lore, co-writing the Ghoul lore alongside Shadowmage as well as keeping myself as updated as possible with everything implemented, and when in doubt I do make sure to have a chat with those that are more knowing of the topic until I am thoroughly filled in. Why do you want to be part of the ET? I am currently really excited about how 4.0 is turning out, but I thought that it needed a bit more conflict, and excitement even in its early stages. I wanted to help create some of the conflict and provide an enjoyable experience to others which is one of the things I've enjoyed the most in the entire time that I have been on the server. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events that you would organize. These are pitches to the Managers and Ouity, not to the community. Note: Not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. I decided to go for an entire story line rather than 3 completely separate events. 1) For 1-3 person This story begins with a few fellows walking up to a drunk, and shouting man. He wears ragged clothing, a white shirt tucked down into his pants in a very clumsy fashion. His belt holds fast a pair of tattered trousers with a cutlass hanging off a leather strip. He smells of copious amounts of rum, as well as a faint citrus scent washed over him. He simply murmurs words, everyso often shouting and demanding some attention through small tantrums of bottle throwing and maybe even challenging someone to a fist fight. This could be the way that the travellers are introduced to the man, they could have a bottle hurled at them or perhaps even a punch thrown right at their faces. In any case, the people aproach the drunk ready for a fight - depending on how well armed they are the man's reaction will be different. If they are lightly or unarmed: The man makes no motion for his cutlass but raises his fists aggresively, his torso swaying slightly from his distorted view. "Cawm ovae' 'ere and oi'll shaw yaw' a bloody gud punch!" The people can agree or disagree, either way he'll entice them with a map. "Breeng me to a nice lil' nap and yaw' get this 'ere map to me booty! Heheheheh!" The man chuckles heartily before going ahead and throwing them another punch. Once easily defeated due to his embriation, the men can retrieve the map and follow its directions over to a beach or somewhere that someone can practically hide their treasure. Once at the location, the men can begin their excavation for the treasure. They'll eventually hit something hard, a coffer's lid. Reaching out for the hard item, a skeletal hand would reach over to grasp at the man's hand. Beginning to drag them down with great force. The re-animated hand seems to posess pretty good strength, but any well placed attack would snap away the bones from each other. Once they've done that, the entire creature would come up - a 5'11 pirately dressed fellow with the coffer stuck betwixt its ribcage. The creature would prove a challenge with a cutlass but once its head is shattered it would begin to falter and eventually die. . .once more. They can retrieve any piece of clothing from the pirate that they wish, which would end up in me putting them on their skins whenever they wish. The coffers should contain a fair bit of gold, perhaps some gems and a golden dagger to give it some extra hype. There could be a journal detailing bits and pieces of the pirates life as well without giving spoilers to the rest of the storyline. However, the coffer should definitely contain a square silver coin with a hole in the middle as well as a parchment that tells of a certain creature readying for an attack as well as quoted words at the bottom. It should be cryptic, likely filled with pirate lingo to allow them to search for actual pirates and figure out what it means. 2) For a group of 5-10 The parchment would give way to yet another location, though it seems to be in the middle of the ocean and another close to the coast. Should they wish to head for the coast first, they'd meet with another sailor, though only at night. The sailor doesn't seem very aware of its sorroundings and seems to be missing one eye and the other is bleach white. If one is to see him from behind, they'd notice a huge dent on his back in the shape of a spherical object. His features seem to be quite old, white hair with a short but unkept beard. The man would hear them walking over however, speaking of a password: "Bring ye' the words to me lord's ship?" He'd say in a gritty tone, wheezing all the while. The men can say the words in quotation marks from the parchment, in which case in bad posture - the old sailor would bring them to several boats which can be boarded. The old man would raise his arms and begin to paddle in a certain direction through the power of telekenesis bringing them close to a ship. The men can stealthily board the ship due to it being dark. There would be an obvious ladder, but one of the boats seems to have a grappling hook which they can toss over. One of the other boats would have rope to tie behind the grappling hook. Should they go for the ladder, they'd be met by a patrol of ghoulish men with bells hung around their necks. They'd be clad like any sailor, except with even more ripped parts and dried blood splattered all over the collars. The ghouls would begin to twitch and spasm before going out to charge at one of the men with its maw wide open for a taste. Saliva would drench the boats, and the constant rattling of the bells would sound out in a frenzied manner. While the ghouls are quite quick, they aren't the real challenge as low groans begin to be heard from the deck of the ship. Should someone be on the grates, rotting arms would reach skywards to claw at their legs through the openings. They'd be met by a small horde of cutlass weilding undead pirates, that seem to be held together by one strong black link trailing down into the captains quarters. A fight would quickly ensue, as a voice thunders out and speaks: "Aha! My newest additions! How very noisy you are! We'll see to it that we cut out your tongues!" The fight would leave some of the players alive, the black link disconnecting and slithering back into the room from where the voice boomed out from, in which case they can aproach the captains quarters a small hole the shape of a square seems to be engraved in place of a keyhole. They would place the coin inside, opening into the captains quarters to be met by a small green creature, a long lost cousin of the claws very likely. Vikz. While quite powerful with a large horde, he seems to quickly submit depending on the amount of people left alive. With some searching around the room, his desk would have some maps as well as a crudely drawn picture of an oversized squid. If the necromancer is still alive they can ask him about the creature and what his plans are. He'd refuse to talk, though through some enchanced interrogation one can get the information out of him. His plans were to re-animate such a creature once killed, however in their attempts they only angered it and it soon will attack the shore decimating everything within its path...The travelers would then be advised to get more people and contact me for the finale. Should they enter with the grappling hook, they have a chance to not be spotted at all and be able to enter the captains quarter with the coin and take him hostage or defeat him on the spot. 3) For a group of 20+ Once readied and armed to defeat a kraken, the travelers can take the goblin's ship out to sea equipped with whatever weapons they've thought of bringing to defeat such a monster. Harpoons would be provided, but everything else would have to come from their own supply as to allow for some rich RP of finding high tech machinery for hunting or anything of the like. They'd set out, the goblin now a sort of ally to them if he's still alive. They would go out to sea. All teleported to a duplicate of the same ship at a different location where tentacles seem to come out of the ground. One ET member, mob disguised as a wither can act as the physical location of the creature as one final battle ensues with tentacles reaching out to toss people overboard or even toss them into its gigantic maw. His skin is hardened for a squid-like creature, but ballistas and magic should be quite effective. Weapons tossed anywhere inside its mouth would also be very effective in taking down the monstrous creature. The bottom of the sea would be filled with coffers and shiny items that the kraken held onto simply because of their lustre, that would be the reward of those participating. How long do you plan to stay in the ET? I am able to stay in the ET for a long while should I be permitted. I can't make any commitments on when I would leave, but will keep my superiors posted should something arise that requires my resignation. Why do you want to be ET? To be sincere, I also have a lot of time on my hands right now, since I'm not working anymore and school is starting I will get a chance to play on LotC a whole lot more. I'd love for me to invest the time I am on LotC for playing a wide variety of characters as a part of the ET.