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  1. NAME: Parquet Pete (Icelifreakx) NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): N RACE: Human PAST EXPERIENCE : IC XP: None, OOC XP: None
  2. rukio

    Gone but never forgotten tbh

  3. OOC MC Name:Yoff Skype: PM me Do you have TS? If not, are you willing to get one?: Yes IC [!] An old man, wearing the standard of the Golden Crow, looks upon you with dull eyes. Tapping the paper with the end of his quill,, he asked: “Name, boy?”: "Yoff of Normandor!" “Hrmph, so be it. Where ye be from?”: "N-Normandor, thouht that was clear." Clearing his throat, he then asked, “Any experience fightin’? O’ at anything, really?”: "No formal expirience, just good with a sword." “Mhrmm.. what be yer reason for joining?”: "I'm done dueling on the roads, I ought to make a career out of my skill. Y-you don't look too pleased, next question please." Do ya have ah profession?”: "Breeder, Leatherworker, and Cook." “Anything else ye wanna add, lad?”: "Nothing else, sire." Once finished, the old man nodded and gave a wave of dismissal to you, beckoning the next in line to follow suit. [!]
  4. Can't we just set some sort of standard of rp for banditry (even with the aim to pvp) within walls instead of just removing it altogether?
  5. Yoff


    I'd like to see some odd items. Jukeboxes, noteblocks, miscellaneous named items like a watch. Fun things that don't really advance you, but rather are just fun to RP with.
  6. Name: Vane Age: Its been too long since I last counted. Gender: Male Race: Mali descent. Previous line of work, if any?: "War medic, alchemist and a skilled mercenary under different companies." Why do you wish to join us?: The sea has always captivated me, its a shame I have yet to find a proper job that requires my skill as a swordsman, and as a sailor. What can you bring to the table?: I can bring my skill with a sword as well as my medicine. ~ (( OOC Minecraft Username: Icelifreakx Got Skype?: Yes. Got Teamspeak?: Yes ))
  7. I've played both my characters for about 24 hours and I am still unable to soul bind anything.
  8. I have been trying to bind my soulstone on this particular character since the second day of 4.0 and I keep getting this message. I have made three seperate mod requests all telling me that I need to play on this character for longer. I've been playing the character (as stated above) since the second day of 4.0 without as much as changing it back to my main. I've also tried in the Oren soul pillar, the dwarven soul pillar, and one of the redstone ones to see if it works but to no avail. EDIT: I'm doing /ss bind 1
  9. ::OOC:: MC Name: Icelifreakx Did you ever have a character with magic?: Yes Are you aware the rules of Magic: Yes Skype: (You can PM this to us if you wish): Icelifreakx ::IC:: Name: Vane Age: Too old to have kept count. Gender: What an odd question for enrollment. I am a man. Race: Human What would you like to learn?: Rune Studies and Alchemy Which Class(es) are you enrolling for?: Rune studies, alchemy, and alchemy studies.
  10. Anyone know if whimsical magical pets are allowed?

  11. Can we get lockpicking back? We seem to have enough mods to handle it.

    1. Rhia


      That's not why it was removed.

    2. Llir


      Well, it's not quite removed.

      "The ability to lockpick and forcefully break into chests is disallowed outside of raids and war. Doors can be lockpicked at any time however. With that said, you are still allowed to rob unlocked chests and other items not locked inside chests."

  12. Can we get lockpicking back? It seems there is a much more active staff team now.

    1. TeaLulu


      maybe they're only active because they dont have to do lockpicking modreqs

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