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  1. Hi Hyperion. Not seen you in a while. Hope you remember Theodore. Lets RP again sometime

  2. Hyperio sighs and rips the posters down, seeing that the response to them had been unsatisfactory. He had found other ways to accomplish this, better ways. He pulls the two forms out of his pocket and throws them to the wind. "Better no one know my face. Better... inconspicuous." (( Can someone close this topic? My character found a better way to do what he needs, and decided to scrap the idea. Can it be moved to inactive guilds?))
  3. "Hyperio checks that no one is around first, and goes to collect the forms. He pockets them swiftly, and walks away. He will get in contact with the people if he deems them good for the cause"
  4. *a poster is pinned up to a noticeboard, covered by a few other useless posters, designed purely for the purpose for hiding the real one. The writing is written in thick black ink, in cursive. The page is covered in small wilting roses, whatever that might mean* -The Decolion Reformation- “If you’re reading this, if you’re alive today, then you must know about Oren. About the White Rose. The Flays. You know about them, don’t you? You do. The countless murders, their connection with the Emperor. Haven’t you ever wanted to rise up? Have a purpose? Do something? Save the innocents that you see dying everyday? Fill out this form below, but hide it in some fashion. I would suggest going with the old, ‘Lost Dog’ cover. Make it look like something inconspicuous. You can be anything in this reformation, a soldier for us, a man of tactics, a man of knowledge and a man of power. We all have the same enemy, don’t we? Aren’t we sick of this? With sufficient manpower, sufficient weapons, and sufficient knowledge, we can do it! I’m trying to gather all like-minded thinkers, all the warriors. No more oppression! No more! No more! -H” *a form is attached below, with a few basic details to fill out* Name : Fighting ability : A brief autobiography, so we can slot you in, giving you a role in the Reformation : Why do you want to be part of the Reformation? : Do you swear undying loyalty to us? : Where is a location we can meet? : *the form ends, there are a few of them pinned onto the original poster for you to fill out*
  5. Sorry for all dat hate you got on that thread mate, it was undeserved! It was a pretty decent idea.

  6. Ah, alright. I miss the Herald roleplay.

  7. Nah, I'm still around :) Honestly, I'm not bored of the server, I'm just bored of Minectaft atm so I'm gonna wait until 3.0 comes out to jump back in.

  8. Hey dude, why don't you log in anymore?

  9. You allowed someone to abuse your powers and have ruined the FM credibility forever. I will never look at you and think your staff.

  10. Gonna be 110 degrees fahrenheit where I am by tomorrow. Kill me now.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jibuis Winterborn (Vinnie)

      Jibuis Winterborn (Vinnie)

      And then in the nighttime it goes down to like -10... :I i hate my life..

    3. Fredfort (jens6851)

      Fredfort (jens6851)

      :/.. Lawl... It's like.. Five degrees here...?

    4. Garret Baretta (preston19)

      Garret Baretta (preston19)

      It is like 30 degrees where I live

  11. You're back?!? HAIIIII! *waves*

  12. Hey Sym! Apologies for my absence from the server! I've had internet troubles. They are fixed now, and I'm ready to continue the Assassin RP! :P

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