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    1. VIROS


      Wb Jack. I was excited to see House Amador is doing well again.

    2. Ricky
    3. jackbren


      No lies Ricky, just too much free time and a need for something to dd.

  2. Meh one day it was worth it :D.

  3. It's up to the nation leaders to create the economy system "In Game" and the current Oren system is working out just fine for me right now.
  4. Well it would get some people voting, On a serious not I suppose we could give players 50-100 Minas each time the vote or we could give out temporary donater benefits to avid voters.
  5. Truthfully my idea would work well its just everyone would hate it.
  6. Let's temp ban everyone who does not vote.
  7. You also picked up Dante's stuff when you came back then sprinted to he no pho zone a second time told Schwan you did not get his items which was a lie because he checked your inventory not to mention you also ran from pvp twice onto a fast travel boat to the temple no pvp zone. ((iPod))
  8. What would be he dIffrence? They would have to have the same commands and such and one of the main jobs of a gm anyway is doin modreqs. And we just got two new gms yesterday to help with this problem.
  9. Keep trying you are almost there.

  10. :( I got denied again.