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  1. jackbren

    Ban Appeal

    You also picked up Dante's stuff when you came back then sprinted to he no pho zone a second time told Schwan you did not get his items which was a lie because he checked your inventory not to mention you also ran from pvp twice onto a fast travel boat to the temple no pvp zone. ((iPod))
  2. ((husky add some cool pictures of armour and make a code of conduct or something just to make the post longer, longer=better))
  3. Put some more lore up there and some fancy pictures or armour or something maybe some bold letters
  4. jackbren

    Connection Reset?

    Bukkit has not updated to 1.3.1 yet. Edit: yes you have to downgrade to the last version of minecraft.
  5. jackbren

    Averie's Ban Appeal

    And here it is http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/32007-grover-ban-report-ic-name-not-mc-name/page__hl__averie09__st__30
  6. jackbren

    The Great Drought And Famine

    I think some areas should still be able to grow wheat if they are by a ocean or something.
  7. jackbren


    Ask a fm or gm to look for your post in the archive or make a new one.
  8. jackbren


    You dont have one yet.
  9. jackbren

    [Builder] Erlend0501/hobolympic's Event Team App

    Crestfall is the name of the area and people may mistake it for the crestfall town which he had no part in and Jordan and ace both worked on the keep design but because erlend had poor Internet ace built it, but all I care about us how people assume the town of crestfall when you say you built it when really you built a small keep there that was destroyed. (edit) I know erlend is a good builder it is just when you say you built crestfall people assume the farms the houses half the island basically which is now covered in farm houses and we don't want people to mistake you and think you built it.
  10. jackbren

    [Builder] Erlend0501/hobolympic's Event Team App

    He did not build any of Crestfall I don't even think he has been to crestfall. And crestfall keep was built mostly by Mg_savior
  11. jackbren

    Brynceth's Ban Appeal

    I would also like to point out I have seen people do far worse and get unbanned.
  12. jackbren

    Brynceth's Ban Appeal

    Brynceth is a really mature person RL and is my best friend. He had a really bad day and made a mistake by taking out his anger on the server. He really wishes to get back on and I know he has learned from his mistake and will never do it again. So please consider unbanning him I would really love to RP with him again.
  13. jackbren

    The Guardians

    ^^I got you that recruit
  14. jackbren

    The Guardians

    They have a place but im sure they would love another one. And Jordan please get back to me about you and the army I need to know as soon as possible.
  15. Ok then but if you make a proper apologie you will most Likely get unbanned and re reading to the rules wouldn't hurt either