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    1. VIROS


      Wb Jack. I was excited to see House Amador is doing well again.

    2. Ricky
    3. jackbren


      No lies Ricky, just too much free time and a need for something to dd.

  2. Meh one day it was worth it :D.

  3. jackbren

    Ban Appeal

    You also picked up Dante's stuff when you came back then sprinted to he no pho zone a second time told Schwan you did not get his items which was a lie because he checked your inventory not to mention you also ran from pvp twice onto a fast travel boat to the temple no pvp zone. ((iPod))
  4. Keep trying you are almost there.

  5. :( I got denied again.

  6. ((husky add some cool pictures of armour and make a code of conduct or something just to make the post longer, longer=better))
  7. Put some more lore up there and some fancy pictures or armour or something maybe some bold letters
  8. jackbren

    Connection Reset?

    Bukkit has not updated to 1.3.1 yet. Edit: yes you have to downgrade to the last version of minecraft.