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big narstie

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  1. I cant stop laughing hahahaha who dunnit 95bDDwx.png

  2. Rocco is very sad.
  3. Rocco dabs
  4. You were rightly banned! This ban report is bologna. Seems to me like it's a daft excuse to try and ban other players. For Shame!
  5. This response is literally you being upset at your ban and thus trying to get others banned. Similarly to the OP. thanks @Malgonious for saying we could all post on here! Just because one of your dudes was caught hacking you shouldn't be trying to get others banned! This is supposed to be a community and yet you're trying your darnest to get your enemies banned when your evidence is bologna!
  6. dab
  7. Rocco Romstun gasps "woah! get fucked Deano!"
  8. oh geo hahaha you witty young man
  9. Minecraft name/s: (List the username of your main, and any alternate accounts) yekim7 only -- Age: (Your age in whole years. Must be at least 14.) 19 Timezone: (State your Timezone. Ex: GMT-6) GMT +0 Discord: (You will need Discord to be in the chats and for interviews.) Yekim#2518 What is your availability: (Tell us how many hours you can spend on the server daily, and between what times.) Varies from day to day but I’m off uni and have lots of free hours. Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: (If you’re experiencing problems on the server at this current time, please state what they are.) There are lots of people that aren’t nice to others and constantly seem to take digs at others due to their clique. I have made an effort to be pleasant for quite some time now because I don’t like the reputation as a funny troll I gained due to my past actions. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves personally and collectively as a team?: (In your personal opinion, how should GMs communicate with the Playerbase, how should they act?) I believe that the GMs should present themselves on a similar level to how players communicate with each other as in the past one of the main problems with staff team in the past was that a large part of the team thought they were better than normal members due to their badge. What are your finest and worst traits?: (Shoot for two or three of each. This part is to have you analyse yourself.) I would say my finest qualities include my sense of humour and ability to resolve tough problems, skills I learnt during my role as a customer service advisor ;) Why are you the best candidate for the Game Team?: (Convince us on why you are the person we want within the Game Team) I’ve been on this server a long time and have seen many GMs, Admins etc. come and go. I know what the player wants from their staff team and know where others have gone wrong. Furthermore I can type 80 words per minute.
  10. gg to norland! :-)

    1. Dreek


      did u die this time

    2. Wolfdwg


      Nah yam stood his ground and even killed a guy! So proud of him!

    3. big narstie

      big narstie

      u think ur dead funny don't u dreek

  11. master thief Sindarin sends his regards
  12. LOL give it a rest Hauclir you only got me because I was being greedy trying to pop oblivionsbane P:
  13. +1 he was a good boy back in the day
  14. is everything ok at home?