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  1. Which elven nation is generally the most active?

    1. Cobbler


      Really depends what kinda RP you're going for as they each have separate things going for them. In the Vale you'll find RP more geared towards nature, druid, and honestly a bit more day to day, hello neighbor roleplay. Talanor is a mixed bag of races that in my opinion is blooming into more of an elven state focused on magic/philosophy. Haelun’or is more an authoritarian state(this isn't a bad thing) that centers around high elves, science, voidal magics. Current Amathine I don't have a ton of experience in so I'm not the best to describe it, though it's got some great leads @JJosey. Nor'asth is home to your dark elves, though they have a lot of fun rp that happens there. Not the best to describe that either so I'd ask @Creeteabout it.

      As far as activity goes I believe the descending order would be Vale, Haelun’or, Talanor, Nor'asth, Amathine. This is just the list based off of what I see, not an actual indicator of what happens there. For instance this doesn't mean that Haelun’or is better than Amathine in anyway, it's just from what I see day to day. Hope this helps!

    2. Markisstreaming


      tbh at this point it's Haense

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