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  1. "Ah, glad to see you've gotten everything sorted out at Eastfleet, Mister Merphex." Says a particular Adunian scholar, "Lets hope the rest of the journey has... less explosions."
  2. what is 2 plus 2, i'm having a hard time with my math homework
  3. "Ah!" Says Dilvyn D. Deveral, reading over the report. "What a marvelous report! Someday we'll get all of Almaris' mysteries figured out, but until then, theories such as these are the way forward."
  4. I love it. All the ruins on the map have been great so far
  5. "Fantastic work, Mister Kori!" Says a particular Adunian explorer, "I think I'll be using this map during my travels, from now on."
  6. "Aha!" Says Dilvyn Deveral, upon reading the survey. "Another great report! I'm leaning most toward the third theory, myself, but it is indeed difficult to say anything for certain without evidence. Hopefully an excavation can shed more light."
  7. "What a fantastic report!" Says a certain Adunian explorer, already penning a letter to send to Mr. Frostbeard.
  8. Does anybody know if copying books was changed?  I'm trying to copy an original book by placing it in a crafting table with a book & quill, but nothing seems to be happening.

    1. Quavinir_Twiceborn


      Has the original book been signed with the /edit plugin? That makes items unuseable in the crafting table.

    2. greygre


      No, the book hasn't been signed with the /edit plugin.  Tested it with another book, just in case, and it also didn't work

  9. Ark, more like bark, amiright fellas?
  10. IGN: Greygree Name: Eli ISA Rank: Recruit Event(s): Pig Race
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