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  1. greygre

    The Monks Of The Cloud Temple

    Daem turns in his form into the Cloud Temple He grunts old manedly, turns around, and leaves.
  2. greygre

    The Harvest Militant

    "Oh fer t' love o' t' Sea Spiri' " Elder Amell grumbles after hearing about the Militant
  3. greygre

    Inability To Join Lotc Server.

    Have you tried direct connecting? That tends to work
  4. MC Name: greygre Character Name: Flavius Dalma Why do you want to be a Dread Knight?: I've hit rock bottom I don't see myself living in a city anytime soon, so this seems to me the best place to go next. I suppose it was inevitable with my, er, gambling problem, but I guess that doesn't matter now, huh? Do you understand that you cant go against the Dread Lord's orders?: Yes I do indeed Time zone: EST Skype Name (You can PM it to me privately: kerriokerri
  5. I always enjoy the Halfling festivals +1
  6. greygre

    [Denied]Intense_Death's Gm Application

    Yes please +1
  7. greygre

    Rainë Academy - Only Accepting Students

    ::OOC:: MC Name: greygre Did you ever have a character with magic?: No Are you aware the rules of Magic: Yes Skype: (You can PM this to us if you wish, or just add johnmccullough10) kerriokerri ::IC:: Name: Gagrin Age: 19 Gender: Male Race: Human What would you like to learn?: Evocation magic, and Illusion magic Which Class(es) are you enrolling for?: Mage, and Scholar
  8. greygre

    Silver Guantlet Smithing Co.

    -= Application to Join =- OOC: MC Name: greygre Age: 13 Timezone: EST Skype Name: kerriokerri Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes How long you can you be online per day?: 2-6 Hours IC: Name: Daem Ritzo Age: 36 Race: Human Profession besides Blacksmith?: Hunting, mining Are you skilled with a weapon? Spear, or sword on occasion