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  1. "MY HOUSE!" Cries a particular Adunian scholar, as he goes about picking through the wreckage of his belongings.
  2. Dilvyn D. Deveral, Vice-President of the NGS, would be beside himself with frustration upon discovering that their museum had been robbed. "Otto is not going to be pleased about this..." He'd sigh, as he began to inventory the museum and library to determine what had been stolen.
  3. "Maybe it's just a very large bird." Theorizes an Adunian scholar, stupidly.
  4. I'll be back here to post in half a year.
  5. "We have discovered much in the Attenlund, achieved much; But we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of what remains to be uncovered! Truly, the Attenlund is a land formed upon the footprints of giants." Says Dilvyn Deveral, finally able to recline in his chair as he flips through his notebook.
  6. "Hmm..." Hums a particular Adunian scholar as he flipped through the published journal. "This could be quite the find..." He'd say to himself, before pulling out his notebook and flipping to a page labeled "The Titans".
  7. 13th of Deep Cold Y22 of Second Age Dear NGS, Progress on the Attenlund expedition has begun relatively smoothly, though not completely without issue. Landfall was made on the 9th of Sun's Smile, on a small strip of land between the Rimeveld Mountains and the Attenlund Marshlands. Upon landing, we were assailed by a group of three Swamp Trolls, a species of troll which appear similar to the Frost Trolls, both in physical appearance and in capability. In the ensuing combat, one of the trolls was killed, one escaped, and one was captured. The captured troll, who is named "Kaz'Yem" has been invaluable to our research efforts, and has revealed much to us about the Attenlund and his tribe. According to a legend told by his "Old Shaman", the Attenlund Marshes used to be a "beautiful jungle" until something changed it. This would be the second instance of a region changing its biome in such a relatively short period of time. Kaz'Yem also revealed to us that a small circle of runestones found near the campsite was once part of a massive monolith which sat in the center of the Marshlands, until one day it was destroyed in some kind of explosion. Kaz'yem called the builders of this monolith the "big'uns", which, judging by Kaz's size, means they must have been very big. My current theory is that the monolith builders were the Titans; A race which one dominated the Almaran continent during Pre-Arrival times. Work is still ongoing to translate the runes of the runestones, and a series of charcoal rubbings have been attached so that you might conduct your own research. It is quite possible that the runes are the language of the Titans, and so a translation of them would be invaluable for research into Pre-Arrival Almaris. Proper exploration into the Attenlund region will begin soon, wish us luck! - Dilvyn D. Deveral @Etow
  8. Hello Urara! As you know, my boy Dilvyn D be gettin up there in years, and so I was wondering if you could modify his hair & beard to reflect this? Basically just make it graying but not like completely gray, also slam some cool lookin scholarly spectacles on him if you can. Come yell at me on Discord if you need me to send the base skin again or if you need anything! Thank you!
  9. - IC - Name: Dilvyn D. Deveral Place of Residence: Karosgrad Describe Your Order: Male scholar's attire, suitable for both field work and for the ballroom. - OOC - IGN: Greygree Base Skin: PM Reference pics: PM Payment Method [minas, USD, art/skin trade]: Urara I will give you so many minas
  10. "A fascinating thesis, Mister Carrington! The Land of the Titans holds many mysteries indeed!" Says Dilvyn D. Deveral, "We must compare notes sometime, I've a few theories and insights of my own which you may find interesting."
  11. "De en vlagt?" Murmers Dilvyn Deveral, reading over the announcement twice more. "I wonder whats happened..."
  12. "Ah, glad to see you've gotten everything sorted out at Eastfleet, Mister Merphex." Says a particular Adunian scholar, "Lets hope the rest of the journey has... less explosions."
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