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  1. I modreqed it in game and they changed my rank.
  2. My name is missing in the roster, and put it as my new character.
  3. Name:Cultor Age:23 Reason for Joining: I'm joining Biography:Brown hair, brown eyes, and is 5'11 in height. Father was a soldier in a military and I want to follow his footsteps. Weapon styles and abilities (with levels): I'm capable of wielding an iron sword(Swords level 45). Also I have some experience with a bow(Archery level 10). What sets you apart from the other candidates for our Legions?: I'm the brother of your Dux Symodimi, and he has taught me the ways of the legion. What are your life goals?: To join a military/guard What morals do you have?:Bring justice to Asulon! Lastly, though not required, are you a citizen of Seventis?:Yes (OOC PORTION) IG name:JCW313 Time you can be on per day:Weekends and Vacations from 12P.M.-2A.M. Eastern.
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