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  1. Jacey

    [Accepted] Vaynth's FM App

    I believe Vaynth would be more than adequate for the FM Team. She clogs my notifications with all the forum posts and status updates she makes. So, why not times that by ten. +1
  2. Jacey

    [Accepted] Vaynth's AT Application

    +1 for the Goddess of all Goddesses
  3. Jacey

    Toxzero's MAT application

    Tox would be a great addition to the MAT team. He wrote many books on magic, and he is well educated on many if not all of the magics. Big +1 from me.
  4. Jacey

    Slic3Man's Mat Application

    Slic3 is one of the most mature and most responsible players that I've had the pleasure of knowing. I believe he would be a great addition to the MAT. +1
  5. Jacey

    Slic3Man's Trial Gm Application

    +1! All hail Father Yetsil!
  6. Jacey

    [Accepted]Tsuyose's Trial Gm Application

    +1 for being amazing
  7. Jacey

    Assassin's Application Team Application

    +1. I've known him for a while, and he seems to be good for the job.
  8. Jacey

    Assassin's Application Team Application

    +1. I've known him for a while, and he seems to be good for the job.
  9. Jacey

    [Actor] Aptrotta's Event Team Application

    I support Aptrotta's ETA because overall he is a great Roleplayer. I recently roleplayed with him on Gallmore were he played Undead Pirate that worshipped the darkness. The roleplay was great and he deserves to be on the Event team! +1 and good luck Aptrotta!
  10. I recently RPed in one of his dungeons where he was a Dark Mage Creature that haunted the labyrinth and I had a great time roleplaying with RHcrow. The RP was suspenseful and he made it one of the best RP experiences I have ever had! +1 to this application. Good luck!
  11. Jacey

    [Resolved] Iron Vip

    I modreqed it in game and they changed my rank.
  12. Jacey

    (Reformed) The Fraternity

    Nice changes made.
  13. Jacey

    The Fraternity

    My name is missing in the roster, and put it as my new character.
  14. Jacey


    Name:Cultor Age:23 Reason for Joining: I'm joining Biography:Brown hair, brown eyes, and is 5'11 in height. Father was a soldier in a military and I want to follow his footsteps. Weapon styles and abilities (with levels): I'm capable of wielding an iron sword(Swords level 45). Also I have some experience with a bow(Archery level 10). What sets you apart from the other candidates for our Legions?: I'm the brother of your Dux Symodimi, and he has taught me the ways of the legion. What are your life goals?: To join a military/guard What morals do you have?:Bring justice to Asulon! Lastly, though not required, are you a citizen of Seventis?:Yes (OOC PORTION) IG name:JCW313 Time you can be on per day:Weekends and Vacations from 12P.M.-2A.M. Eastern.