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  1. "I love the Aldin." An Aldin said.
  2. Magnus turned around in his bed and groaned into the pillow; not at the prospect of being married off but rather the cheap dowry that came with it. He would spend the rest of the morning evaluating the current lifstala market and the gender ratio being so heavy favored towards the male side, only coming to the conclusion that the Baruch clan got scammed of a juicy herd of cattle.
  3. Wonderful that @gusanoarentonio tagged me in this post ; ). We do alittle reading together, albeit I see his motivation drops in correlation with the burden of University. Feel free to send a message if you want to join our semi-active bookclub. Favorite book or author? Very difficult to give an absolute but I like Ken Follett's historical fiction; the Century trilogy and the Kingsbridge books. The favorite author must be one of the great Swedish ones; our own provincial writer Selma Lagerlöf, noble laureate in literature, overall badass women and the writing is second to none... you anglo-saxons could not imagine and understand. The first book you read , or the first book you remember reading? Can't remember anything, when you have read tons of books it becomes translucent and mixed. The Road by Cormac McCarthy is a classic if you look for great dystopia. The Path by Michael Puett is a good introduction to the eastern school of thought. Books you want to read but haven't got around to? I want to torture myself and bite into Tolkien's The Complete history of Middle Earth.
  4. Rudolf Vyronov was by no means destined for greatness, but he looked forward to the forthcoming conclusion of the conflict and the important role of cannon-fodder that he will play out; for Koeng and Kongzem.
  5. Rudolf Vyronov thought it was good and all that funny Lord Alban had settled down with more normal Baroness Ludovar; really. But his mind was occupied with the Wedding Reception Grand Prix, especially towards the forthcoming moment when SNAAB Ultra Speed (SUS) has to face their arch-rival CR Emma's Cooking once again... The flashbacks... Snairlwind is still under recovery after that disaster of short-cut in St. Karl's barracks... After the collision with Steroids... He had to wander off the oppressive feeling... For it was only one thing on his mind... Regicide.
  6. Rudolf Vyronov wiped out his ancient walkman and rewinded the cassette to his favorite tune.
  7. Voting Ballot ((Minecraft name: Lindmane)) Name: Luavyn Elibar'acal Age: 182 Vote 1: Alaion Miravaris Vote 2: Alaion Miravaris
  8. Filip Dmitry var Ruthern contemplates if the events in question are worth insomniac and disorienting mental health! Alas, mayhaps, he will show up for a thing or two.
  9. Kristoff Amador starts to argue with the regular drunkard in support of Adalia Ruthern like the fanatic political coordinator he is.
  10. Bless your heart, Julius! It has its charm being open-minded towards new people and ideas; the rich supply and nuance you have provided can deem you to be a goldmine, I have truly been enriched both intellectually and spiritually. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Until next time, Arvid
  11. 1+ to the beautiful building.


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