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  1. [Creature Lore] The Ratmen of Atlas

    hell yea damn right +1
  2. [Your View] Freebuild

    If freebuild isn’t allowed, big boys r just gonna conquest small bois to get land lol
  3. [Denied] ET Actor CharlieWhaleSheen

    Orc ts, you got proven wrong and rather than accepting the facts that faced you, you decided to permaban me from it and keep your controlling power alive
  4. [Denied] ET Actor CharlieWhaleSheen

    -1, in my experience he doesn’t know how to handle power and refuses to compromise when confronted
  5. Mitch's Wiki Team App

    not sure if he is ready for this kind of responsibility. last I checked, he didn’t even complete his Spanish project!!! Why would you let a guy on the team who cannot complete Spanish projects? Well it’s simple. It’s because this is an English server. Good thing it’s not a math server because he didn’t do that either. oh also he got a C- in english class (but he had a bad teacher)
  6. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    @faiz (someone tag him)
  7. hahaha rip antag, shitposting works 

  8. @iMattyz @joey calabreeni It is time gentlemen. I call upon the league of forum posters to rally, both shitposters and smartfellas

    1. Ambduscias


      On the morning of the third day, look to the east.

    2. Salvo


      "Look to my coming at first light" he said

      "Slayer forever" he said

  9. [Your View] War Server

    took y'all ******* long enough
  10. I agree w kyle I don't have two hours of my time to waste sitting and listening to some kid ***** about why my swing didn't hit him
  11. [Denied]Treshure GM Application

    not as gm
  12. [Denied] [Actor] DPMAGICIAN

    acts like he's playing minecraft all the time