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  1. Waits for a reply about husband action figure
  2. "It's your lucky day. With me now is a custom Hochmiester Mirtok action figure."
  3. April 11.... nice
  4. im hungry
  5. -1, absolutely terrible choice for GM. It would be a mistake to let him on the GM team. My last interaction wit her Nalatac when he was a GM was him refusing to work out a situation in which I was pugsied, not for any reason other than "I'm not doing this right now, I have a headache." (Roughly his words.) At that point, he even refused to try and get another GM. It was very irritating and unprofessional, especially because he voluntary claimed the modreq just to refuse us and make us lose gear. Again, I must say... -1
  6. pulled up with a stick 

  7. "Yes please, kill more people" Wem agrees
  8. "A shame we did not get to him first. I will see if I can find his corpse so I may spit on it. What a weak craven." says Wem
  9. I'll take 2, no bamboozle
  10. Comment on this thread to make it look hot
  11. I like the tent-kit type idea as well as the regular bit. @Xarkly A simple plugin like deplorable defenses would be easy for the devs, and I can't imagine they actually have anything important planned for the future. Perhaps if he knows anything about the tent kit code, our good friend @Teegah can help.
  12. he lives........