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  1. From far off lands, Wem chuckles. "Oren. Oren never changes."
  2. Wem Vanir-Revlis mutters, his breath turning to frost in the midst of an icy, snow-capped north. "The Sea bows to None."
  3. GoT streaming site please 

    1. Chaw


      come to norland ts

  4. how can I make an apple ication @Harrison
  5. no. /kill
  6. @AGiantPie once a slayer always a slayer. do not forget us. o7
  7. Hey haha I think I could do this :)
  8. Damn boy, u og. I remember you from athera when I was but a grunt
  9. easily one of the two best brits I know, very pro America, anti cnn
  10. The return of farmerbob5571??
  11. 4 horsemen ???? @arockstar28
  12. haha Britain sucks
  13. Stop whining, can't handle a few no armors?
  14. i might have to come back to check out this new map

    1. mitch dharma

      mitch dharma