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  1. LOLrebeccas forum mod friends deleted my comment. Nervous, Rebecca?
  2. ((So ur telling me I can legally shout Allahu Akbar? +1))
  3. Don't lie you got this from overwatch
  4. Crimson Cultist 1 still has blood on him from murdering Peter Bedevere of Ponce
  5. If any of this information were true, Johnny de Bianchi would want to make sure that the blacksmith knew that Johnny sells extremely cheap iron if bought in bulk.
  6. Crimson Cultist #1 engages a new wave of crime in Ponce
  7. Is this a joke
  8. Like I would ever want to go back to this
  9. Wem wonders how many "Coronations of the Crow" there have been
  10. Aethos remembers that he was on more often than most, especially the bards guild!
  11. Aethos, one of three founders of Atheran Salvus, does not remember these folks!
  12. What the hell is this application even for
  13. "No defensive pacts." States Wem, ready to kill both sides
  14. Wars over in case u didn't catch it
  15. Very modest