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  1. >lc system goes down as staff team is aware multiple mini-kingdoms are preparing to set themselves up nice
  2. Rowyn sends his brother in his place.
  3. Rowyn wishes he could attend
  4. Hey you single? :)
  5. Rowyn sighs
  6. +1
  7. ((That's why I choose the right choice, acknowledging that rp and OOC are not the same world!
  8. -1 all I saw was worldwide and knew this is dunamis wannabe
  9. (( [*] )) Rowyn slowly walks through the ruins, reaching the edge of the massive crater. He closes his eyes, kneeling for a moment, forming the Lorraine Cross on his chest. "Dear God forgive me for my sins." He stands up, leaving the area. He would begin to plan for the funeral of Philip Frederick.
  10. "Rest well Jacque." Says Rowyn
  11. Literally go on vanilla legacy if you think it's regular in minecraft 1.11, this is exclusively an LoTC thing. It's sad this happens when only ~20 people are in an area, and not even in render.
  12. Rowyn var Emrys kneels outside Ostwick, grabbing the Lorraine Cross on his neck. "Peace will come."
  13. Was this event completed?