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  1. A withered, old goblin hums lowly, reading over the tattered paper that made its way into the far reaches of Krugmar. He hummed lowly, before casting the paper aside with a yawn "Diz bettuh nub be more Aengul zkah.....zwear tuh zkahin Krug......"
  2. Name: Rylanor Goldhand Race: Automaton Dwed Age: 9 OOC ign:TheBlackBobRoss discord: Scaramouche#0877 timezone: EST
  3. The mechanical dwed read the missive of the clan alliance, his unshifting steel face staring at the paper with blank, intense crimson eyes. "It is good kinsmen can come together clan to clan in order to uplift each other. Every dwedmar should do this regardless of clan, but this is a nice thing to witness"
  4. Welcome one and all to the grand opening of the Worker’s Guild of Kal’Mugdor’s Shop! Bringing to the people of Haense some of the quality goods of the Worker’s Guild of Kal’Mugdor, we are proud to announce our official opening! Currently manned by the metal dwed himself, Rylanor Goldhand, this shop represents the quality craftsmanship of the many dwedmar that put their passion and effort into each item crafted. Be it swords to necklaces, to even a thing as simple as a thimble. You think it, We make it. If what we have in stock is not to your liking, we can personally take any commission
  5. IGN: TheBlackBobRoss RP NAME: Rylanor Goldhand CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  6. A strong step in the right ******* direction. They heard we were fustrated with vortex affecting our rp and they answered. Absolutely delicious. Releasing that in tandem with vaults is one smart play I must say. Blessed be lads. Blessed be.
  7. The old Lak looked down at the missive in his hand, still holding the previous missive sent by Norland only a month ago. He lets out a derisive snort and a very long sigh, rubbing the bridge of his nose "Mi ztepz down nub even uh whole year yet agh zkaherz juzt be goin out lozin dere myndz. Mi zkahin kin be reklezz agh globbizh. Gunna git demzelvez in more truble az tik goez on it zeemz"
  8. Murdok'Lak chomped the bit of his pipe, shaped in the form of Laklul's tongue that came with the staff of Laklul lovingly made by a very old human friend. He muttered and snorted as he smoked his pipe and read the missive that had fallen onto his well-kempt hair out in the back swampy creeks of the Krugmari lands, where he sat, building himself and his life mate and cubs a shack to raise toalaks, praise the spirits, and generally relax from his rather war torn life "Hrm.......Well diz nub bode well at all.......Nubhozh indeed....." He patted his now aged and color dulling toalak mount, Grumbo,
  9. Now. May be a bit of a dumb question, but is this tournament crp or pvp
  10. Well obviously the spirits decided the druids needed some snow over there! Its Krugmas after all
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