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  1. A Darkness Befalls Urguan In the dank depths of the kingdom of stone and ore made flesh, a visitor of strange origin has fluttered about, unseen, and only heard and felt by few. The visitor has roamed and seen, experienced and watched, and finds the solidity of dwed to be a challenge. They act with such certainty, thinking themselves above fear. He shall teach them to fear the darkness. The mournful melody of a pathless tool has begun…..
  3. Murdok'Lak, Shaman Supreme of Krugmar, prays reverently to the spirits Kezt and Enrohk, asking for their blessing for honorable yet brutal combat for the Kubs of Krug. The shaman cackles to himself after his depthful praising, going to sharpen his wicked implements,
  4. Ign: TheBlackBobRoss Character Name: Murdok'Lak Which challenges shall i be participating in: All of em
  5. I personally love the concept. Always a fan of mundane materials being used in cool ways. 10/10 for bone stuffs
  6. The small, maimed and scarred goblin grins as he begins corralling and stuffing toalaks of all shapes and size into his turtle shell, before mounting his faithful steed, Grumbo'Lak. "WI RYDE BRUDDAHZ! TUH DUH NEW GOI!"
  7. Lak clan The Lak clan is a clan known for their devotion to the Spirit of the swamp, Laklul. The members of Clan Lak are very identifiable due to their blue skin, a trait which is very rare to be seen outside of the clan. The Laks typically favour their clan hall to be located in the swamps and marshes around Krugmar. History of the clan. The clan was founded by the well respected shaman and former Rex Shreck’Lak back in Athera after the Dom clan saw a mass of emigration due to the dishonorable actions of Rusk’Dom "the Liberator''. Once the clan arrive
  8. Commission format thingie mabobble In game name: Rylanor Goldhand Discord name: Frog Father #0877 Name MC link: https://namemc.com/skin/5a5eaea07524a814
  9. Hums to himself as he reads over the post upon the wall just outside the Worker's Guild office, nodding to himself "About time they got married. This will be a lovely event"
  10. The old goblin shaman, heaving his mighty turtle shell with a chorus of toalaks from within, looks skyward, humming lowly as he mutters to himself. He had spied the massive bird like creature, unsure of its origin or being. Letting out a snort and a spit upon the ground, the goblin heads to his small shack "Tyred of all diz big zpewk zkah rumblin duh Uzg. Firzt Gazzie ****, now diz weirdie birb....tik tuh tayke peaze frum duh zki again"
  11. A goblin, known well to the Norland people, would sigh contently upon hearing the news of a treaty, bobbing his head in approval "Hozh tuh gruk wi nub gotz tuh hav our peeplez agh each othuhz throatz. Repairin duh damagez of Akila duh Mad iz hozh indeed"
  12. An old, scarred and maimed goblin sits within the depths of the Krugmarian jungles. Despite not being a druid, even he can notice the surge of growth amongst the flora and fauna alike, humming to himself as he looks about from his small swamp. "Hrm......Zeemz Freygoth herzelf iz danzin in duh Uzg....kuriouz tidinz indeed....."
  13. Rylanor Goldhand hums, looking about the peer as his metal form ticks away "Well.....This is new.....Curious. I shall investigate"
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