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  1. A mechanical menace hid with his stolen away friends, having saved them from the strange influences of the Anvil...but how long could they hide....
  2. They didnt agree on much, nor see things eye to eye, but in matters of Grimdugan, the automaton took great care, and thus he readied himself to inspect the site himself. It would need protecting from the yrrok, after all.
  3. The question indeed, he could be any one of us. He could be you! He could be me! He could be-
  4. Not a single person knew? Someone had to have, where else would the assets come from? Question the system mi amor, you know this to be true. Someone knows
  5. "Serves the bastarding shrooms right. As if any could stop us honorable khazadmar from our birth right!"
  6. Murdok squints at the text, mumbling as he read the words before snorting, "Madoc aymt nub elduh....boi aynt dat old."
  7. "Goodluck, dear friend. May it be a mighty act indeed"
  8. When it says items of the same genre or type being in amounts more than two, does that mean I can safely have 2 thanhium and 2 volatite chunks in the same vault, or does that count as 4 of the same type and thus grounds for removing the excess?
  9. "I bet theyre living dolls, the hack. A sham artifice...but I suppose the meaning behind it is important. Youd think hed go for loftier crafts when making servants for the Divine."
  10. In recent times, were Thalgrim to journey into the hallowed halls of the Goldhands, he would find the coveted Book of Debts, bound in its goblin skin and filled with the many grudges accrued by the clan. A note was tucked into it, written by one most familiar. "Im off to become Something More, Thalgrim. Take care, and lead well. We will meet again, when I am complete."
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