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  1. "Should the current tavern's state be any display, I think the Iron Baron shall continue to do a splendid job. What a wonderful bout of fun we all had." Rumbled the machine lord, reading over the copy of Urguani documents with a hum
  2. From the rooftop smithy of a grand walking house, an automaton gazes out amongst the stars and snow after having read the declaration. He merely sat, and wondered to himself. There were no coincidences, after all.
  3. "Might have to make a submission myself, just to make sure the biggest statue is of my Father. Goldhands are the best, after all" A machine mused in the depths of his home, receiving the missive from a good friend.
  4. "Such is the way of us, Torsun, my closest ally in these past years of roaming about. No matter what we do, there will always be someone hovering beyond us...it always ends in a death, eventually." Rylanor let out a low mutter as he pondered the thought in his head, having long since heard of the elder's passing. He didnt know how, and could guess why, but he knew it was inevitable, just as he knew it when the trouble began long before...it didnt make it any easier, though.
  5. The towering lord of metal and artifice lets out a hum as he finds the missive hand delivered to him by that dear Davli. "Of course Ill be there, I wouldnt miss your grand feats for all the stars in the sky."
  6. Rylanor Goldhand, the True Lord of All that is Golden, reads over the document from the grave, and lets out a "Huh?"
  7. A Lord anew stepped out from the depths, dust gently falling from his titanic form as both heads gazed upward, eclipsed pits peering at the Sun, as if they could see through it. It held a grand tablet of pure white stone in it's grasp to the light of the fresh Dawn, before roaming out.
  8. The Principal Keyholder of Akueli reads over the copy of the document with an audible, ".....huh?" before folding it neatly into his cloak, and heading out the door of his grand home.
  9. Either removed all signed items included herbs and st ores, or full removal entirely. This is the way to encourage trade rp and merchants Honestly...not even that bad an idea
  10. A large mechanical Lord gets word of the event, merely passing it on to his daughter. She was the artistic sort.
  11. "Mortal drivel...so much for a festival of unity in the south." The immortal machine lord muttered as he read the news from his lofty lighthouse tower, letting out a low snort and a blast of hot steam. "Maybe theyll both come asking to buy weapons and materials from me. War makes business at least, especially for lost limbs."
  12. The elder machine lord and grand artificer gives his approval to the young Meylis as he shows the finished poster. No doubt the crafts would begin to flow from his anvil once more.
  13. A mechanical lord somewhere in a lofty and dour light house lets out a booming laugh as he shakes his head. "Lies? In your house of God?" And then another round of laughter is heard, breaking the sorrow for a moment...
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