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  1. The Lion stood guard just beyond the earthen prison, listening to ramblings, musing in it's own tired fashion, and wishing very much that someone would bring him something to eat for his troubles.
  2. The ever ticking Clan Father of the Goldhands ruminates in his throne, bearing the weight of his Father's title. "Indeed, things to be said about Dorimnur Goldhand...ever the worthy dwed."
  3. The Tyrant of Sorrow read upon the missive that was held tight within wet stoney hands, both heads muttering to each other before finally speaking in unison "They wish to....march for a Wonk?....if it bleeds the druii, perhaps it is worthwhile...though to think the death of such a lowly thing could warrant war for Xion? Pitiful."
  4. Enough A missive sent out all across the realm of the titanic lands that is Almaris, on the backs of grand toalaks, primitive parchment scrawled upon with red dyes in the native Blah of the orc kind. It smells of berries, a familiar scent for some that have born witness to such missives before… “Mi ahm Murdok’Lak…Mi ahm duh Zwampgoth of duh Lakz…Mi ahm duh Zhomo Zupreme…but mozt importantlee…mi ahm uh peepuh of duh Uzg. Mi haz peeped, threw treez agh windz agh rok. Frum mi tree agh frum mi playze of rezt, mi haz peeped duh zmog, smelled duh burnin on duh windz, felt duh trembling of wagh in duh rok. Mi blahz ENOUGH. Diz violenze agaynzt duh Ilz’gul will nub longuh be taykin zilentli. Duh Zpiritz kri fer everi akzion tayken. It dizruptz duh Balanze dat all Zhomoz muzt uphold. Dat iz wai dere be Fiuhlandz behind duh goi, Watuh beneef duh goi, agh Jungle zwampz buhfore duh goi. Duh goi zitz in duh balanze. Mi blahz ENOUGH. Mi komz forth now, agh mi zhall bring down duh full wrath of duh Zpiritz upun all dat upzet duh Balanze. Mi komz bak tuh duh goi, agh mi zeekz out duh Rex. Mi, uh zlayuh of aengul, uh chozen of duh Ilz’gul, zhall peep hiz FRÛM, agh judge it’z mite, agh kweztion itz intent wit all diz dizruptin of duh orduh of tingz. Mai duh Zpiritz grant merzi on all, zhuld duh anzuhz fer zuch wagh againzt duh zpiritz nub be justified. Fir doze dat gruk duh wai mi grukz...peepz duh wai mi peepz...mi azkz dat lat join mi in mi effertz tuh ztahp duh blayze. Wi be orkz, zo nub problem iz evuh handled in zilenze. Pik up latz Blah, kri it tuh duh hevenz agh bak. Tayke up armz againzt duh fiuh agh duh flayme, agh klomp bak againzt wub lat grukz tuh be nub'hozh agh wrong.”
  5. The Wronged: Danika Goldhand and the Goldhand Clan The Assailant: Dunan Grandaxe The Wrong: Assault, Partial-Blinding and Mental Trauma caused by assault Date of Wrongdoing: 7th of Malin's Welcome Terms of Settlement: The removal of Dunan Grandaxe's eyes, and the hand used to harm Danika Goldhand, to be cast in gold and hung upon the Goldhand Clan halls.
  6. The Lion waved the woman off on her way, comfortable knowing that he had a sure enough knowledge of the world around him that the dear woman's absence would not lead to his stagnation. The Lion was a creature of it's own volition, after all.
  7. Literally your works and rp have been my inspiration for alchemy rp, and I ******* love it. This is ******* painful to hear and see. God speed my schizo king
  8. A loyal lion read the missive over, ever still features a passive calm as shimmering aurum eyes scanned over the words. The lion merely hummed, before tucking the piece of writing away.
  9. Ill do my best to take on what is being left to Rylanor. God speed my brother, I know we will be doing other shit in the mean time
  10. The Fathomless Hunger sat lazy and fat, feasting on rotten hunks of bovine flesh and stale bones, nursing the gaping hole in it's broad chest. But on the air came the scent of something fresh, an invitation of a new flavor, a new passion. And thus rose The Hunger, lured in to the feast.
  11. An ever ticking mechanical dwed lets out a low hum upon reading the missive, before grabbing up a sheet of golden leaf, scribing out a letter. Once done and stamped, it was sent off to who knows where...
  12. am big dumb dumb fucked up my bid, will fix when my brain isnt dumb dumb
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