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  1. Salute. Have fun my guy, you deserve to rest.
  2. Siruonn's head reeled back from the vision, body tensed before they exhaled sharply, they glance at their fae-ish arm that they had recently slammed against their desk repeatedly, then at the other arm, they were incomplete, abominable and that arm was the perpetual reminder of such, reminding them of who they lost, who they failed to protect. "Prayer, huh" Their voice was barely more than a whisper, yet it held the weight of the previous years in it "well, if i can take anything away from you, is that if you want something done, you should do it yourself" the statement was a hiss under their
  3. A disheveled elf , upon receiving notice of his passing paused, taking in a breath and raising their oddly shaped hand to their face. Siruonn's refusal to cry was in no way out of spite or out of anger, but out of fear, fear that someone that similar to them had come to an end, doubt about how and why bounced inside their mind like a pinball machine, rattling the inside of their skull, they had spoken to him few hours before the fact, yet they did not know how his story ended, and perhaps they did not want to know either.
  4. Can we please get rid of vortex since we're already nuking the useless sh*t?
  5. Siruonn does a double take as they saw the missive, reading the part of where they mentioned fighting the sea over and over again, groaning for a solid 30 seconds before rubbing the bridge of their nose with their plant-like arm and exhaling, their sleep-deprived mind trying to make sense of what they read for so long they actually considered just ignoring it. "the sea? really?! the ****ing sea?!" was all that left the Boreal Druii's maw as they shuffled in their seat to do something else...
  6. Siruonn's form shrunk into itself as the sorrow surged through them, the loss hit them, their teacher, their housemate and their best friend didn't share the same sky as them anymore, they cried, head buried in their knees as wave after wave of sobbing rippled through their being picking up in intensity as the time went. "bastards... all of them" they hissed out under their breath, their sorrow being stampeded into something else, a seething flame under their skin.
  7. "what they gonna do? Mother****ers can't even hold a sword right!" The Boreal Druii spoke out with a snort, that developed into roaring, wheezing laughter right after as their beaked facade stood statue still, while their ever-present grin was on full display. As they held their stomach with a gloved hand. "also what's with it with children in the military?!" they murmured out, a tilt of their head creating a popping sound from their neck. "There are more pressing matters at hand than your nation's bickering you mouth-breathing troglodytes."
  8. The Boreal Druid peered up at the sky, watching the ever-distant bird and the bubble, challenges are to come, their smile never faltering and their beaked mascarade-like mask fixed across the upper part of their facade. They grit their teeth underneath all that, the lanky ball of hatred took their stave into their hands and exited their home, ready for things to go ****ing buckwild.
  9. Siruonn stopped in their tracks, they grumbled some, spotting the bird tied to the balloon, they untied the creature with a brisk rip at the strings that bound it, before they took notice of the top hat, they paused, reading the note that was at it's side "oh... dear" The ever-smiling mali spoke, crouching by the hat and taking it into their hands, brushing the dust out of it's lid.
  10. Siruonn's head reeled back as the vision struck them, whole form tensing at the sight. They drew in a breath, releasing it in a series of jagged huffs. The Boreal druid's mind raced, their ever-present smile curling up into a snarl, nose crinkled as several thoughts rushed their mind, unpleasant, vile ones. "A test?" They hissed under their breath, balling their hands into fists. "Holding Bluejay, my father and her brother hostage for a.. Test?" Boreal shrilled out, something new seething under the surface. "Oh well... it is time to prove that ***** wrong." They
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