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  1. Siruonn, taking a step back from their overjoyed greeting, would peer down at the duo, together in life and death. A pause of solenm understanding, of the need of relief after all those years of duty. "Getting to hug my elders again... welcome home, you two." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Seeing two more of their people leave to the forest, Klaus would sit beside the statuette they had made for the two, there were no tears or prayers to try and question the whims of the world, they look at the withering world before them and thought that maybe.. maybe those two had a point. Klaus soon shook their head some, pushing such thoughts down to deal with them later.
  2. A strange pale elf trudged through the frigid nightfall, across the twillight and into the evergreen, their determined march would then break into an overjoyed sprint to finally reach the duo "Welcome home, I missed you two so so much." Warbled Siruonn between sobs, greeting the two with open arms. ===== Alone Inside their home, deep into the vale Klaus would weep into their hands, they weren't there to say goodbye, they didn't feel like it was their place given the amount of people gathered... After some time, wood shavings hit their floor as the lad began a project to make sure those two would never fade from their memory.
  3. As someone that is part of the alphabet mafia, I already deal with this out the server i don't wanna deal with it in the server. I don't think it should be prohibited, I don't like it, i've been there, gone through that, but situations like that happen, and the answer is almost always communication. You are allowed to speak and want out of a situation you don't want to be a part of, as Critter said, safety before immersion.
  4. This rewrite is very, very needed, +1! While i appreciate that blight healing a batch of land doesn't knock you out for the rest of the day, i also bear same concerns that some have pointed out with the range of blight healing being smaller but allowing someone to either cast it more times or get a group to powershare and widen the range, I think this may do more harm than good, since we already have to resort to druid PK's to be able to heal larger areas. Blight healing is easily the most know and well used abilities that is almost a trademark of the druidic community yet it is very underpowered when compared to the scale of corruption that can be caused, lowering the range would further kneecap this ability. Drawing in that, invigorating widens the range of abilities, this has been an issue in previous instances since it would more often than not result in only one person blight healing a large area, while others powershare to widen their range instead of aiding them by using the ability simutaniously. Another 'd like to mention is the appreciation i have for the removal of what i liked to call "Voidal Backdoor" that being that someone could easily drop druidism by obtaining a voidal magic, i'm glad this has been removed, since unnattument is such a grueling task for all involved, and having a way out the magic without the concequences of abandoning it is such a plus, i appreciate it! Holy shit the merging is wonderful, it takes away the redundancy and bloating of lessons, I also appreciate the lowering of the emote counts, and a more cohesive exhaustion system, a lot of gripes i had with the older versions are mostly fixed in this one, good job Carol and everyone that worked on this, i am well aware this has been a process to say the best, and i'm very proud of y'all!
  5. An Uruk child would rest its head in the krugmar clinic, gnarled and scorched flesh healing. They wished to move, to play, to klomp alongside their brethren, but they could not. Not now, they look down at the stretchmarks that adorned them, a reminder of the childhood they could have had, and was ripped apart by blue flames... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Klaus, the Cicada druid, being brought to their knees onto the floor of their home in a flurry of confusion and agony would shriek at the sudden cries from nature, as their day went on, they learned more and more through the lips of their kin. Where and what, and how. Yet never why. Klaus did not want to know why, they would not allow those responsable for this abomination the time of day to become a person. That was stripped from them the moment they became tainted by the void. "This desiase is not worthy of a voice." The elf's voice echoes to an empty home, hatred was all they felt.
  6. I don't think this should even be a discussion. No-one owes anyone forgiveness, and the victims have all the right to be uncomfortable around someone that not only insulted and disreguarded their identity but also threatened to rape them. I am not of any side in the war, I don't give a shit about the minecraft power dynamic nor will I ever start giving a shit. Mona and Toni were victims of horrid harassment and you guys are worried that this was posted because of a minecraft war? What the **** is wrong with you? As for the admins, moderators and general staff team that allowed such a player back into the server, shame on you, you didn't just fail to do your job, you failed the community as a whole by letting this excuse of a person back inside.
  7. I agree with this. I also want to add that a lot of people here have things outside of the game, such as school, work, both, family, friends; the list goes on and on. The time it takes for someone to master anything in this server, be it a Feat, creature, magic or anything can be and is a big roadblock for a lotta people that are busy, most people on LoTC don't have the time or energy to put the amount of effort and the time it takes to obtain those things. Especially when you depend on other players that can also be busy with life. I don't mean to put down the narratives that one can have when learning under another person, I myself love the roleplay of teaching and being taught, though that being an obligation can easily burn out both sides. It kind of makes something that is meant to be a hobby and a fun distraction feel like a job. So the proposal of adding an avenue that someone can attain these things in their own time, in their own way sounds very helpful. It also gives people a lot of independence, which i appreciate.
  8. Upon witnessing such a determined creature, a particular caerme'onn would head towards the forge, aiming to craft a worthy weapon for a mighty knight!
  9. From deep into the frigidity of the biolumenescent domain, an ivory-haired elf with strange proportions would come to greet the newly arrived druid, in the never-fading realm of green and life, followed by polar bears, while at first intimidating, it was clear the creatures and the druid meant no harm. "Welcome home, brother." The boreal druid spoke out in warm yet solenm tone.. "You have eternety to rest." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= In the vale, a much younger druid spoke felt the cold grief wash over them, with a lack of understanding on what had happened, they ran out of their home with measured confusion, and upon being explained what the silence meant, they felt their chest tighten. They then sprint towards their forge, unable to allow themselves to be alone with their own thoughts.
  10. Times of Change After a scouting mission turned violent, a short Mali’ame walked the earth near their home after hours of ambling away from their group that slowly back home, frame battered and bruised after being flung around by an abomination, they had to find a place that was quiet. Peaceful. Their mind gushed and ached like an open wound, everything was so loud at this moment, yet also muffled by unbearable grief. Strangely enough said grief was not fully directed towards the member that they hadn’t seen make it out of the frigid caves, no. While immensely upset about such, their grief had loomed for longer than this … Longer than the last week, month or year. The grief they felt, they had no one to speak to, or at least that was what their mind had tricked them into believing, there was no-one in the whole realm that felt the way they felt. Many with similar stories, but none were them. No-one was quite like Klaus were they? Klaus was a Mali’ame by blood, yet only became one of soul much later than most, raised by humans in a sheltered childhood, they knew so little of the world, yet so much about themselves. But what was the point? Knowing oneself, but not being understood by others? All these thoughts troubled their ginger head for long, so long they made constant noise in the back of their mind. All they did as a person was an attempt to prove these thoughts wrong, to analyze and dissect these feelings. Yet they forgot to truly feel them. However, after it all went wrong that scouting mission, there was something different. After running away to the spot they had a habit of going to quiet those thoughts, to muffle the buzzing of intrusion with the hum of nature … They saw it. A beautiful tree whose leaves burnt bright much like their hair, one that they had sat beneath so many times to watch the beaver and osprey build and fish by the river that passed beneath. Something was so.. Different. Something that spoke to them in a strange tongue, of wonder and whimsy. Attracting them towards the very trunk of the tree, where they ran tattooed digits through the bark, the usual greeting they used for so many of its kind. Yet … As they felt their hand become bound to its wooden flesh, and their whole body being pulled and dragged towards an open maw, they had nothing but acceptance towards something they silently struggled so much with. Change. [OOC:]
  11. Klaus, only knowing the orc briefly, frowned upon the knowledge he had passed. Klaus recalled aiding in the hunt of a Stradooth only a day before, by being invited rather spontaneously by the red one himself. What happened? "You were a warrior, from start to finish, 'till your last breath. Blessed be." Was all they had to say.
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