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  1. Klaus, only knowing the orc briefly, frowned upon the knowledge he had passed. Klaus recalled aiding in the hunt of a Stradooth only a day before, by being invited rather spontaneously by the red one himself. What happened? "You were a warrior, from start to finish, 'till your last breath. Blessed be." Was all they had to say.
  2. "Oh my spar buddy got a promotion. Ain't that just grand!" Klaus smiled as they read the missive, commenting such after to their little brochure-esque living doll, that chippered.
  3. Deep into the eternal forest, in the frigid bioluminescence of the third's domain, a child of ivory hair awaits...
  4. Oh i like this idea! i've played with blockbench a few times myself, and the amount of creativity and overall freedom that it allows one to express is such a breath of fresh air. +1
  5. Out of the ever-verdant canopy, emerged a pale elf with strange proportions whose hair seemed to ebb and flow int0 the aurora, drawn by the stir of a new soul joining the many others in the forest... "Welcome home, sister." Uttered the Boreal druid with solenm warmth, welcoming the newly-passed druid with open arms.
  6. You know it's a good post when you gotta take a tab of adderall to read it.
  7. Within the woodlands, below the canopy and against the tree branches, a small 'ame saw the wave of gold through the skies. They did not fully grasp what the meaning of it was, never faced with battle or true fear. They had yet to witness all, they did not understand the man-made horror that was war. Therefore they did not fear it.
  8. The Bow Klaus took in a breath, the very last shaving of wood had reached the ground. They were finished, their weapon was made, now all that was left was to varnish it and wait, once that was done they moved forth, taking the silk that they had previously braided and stringing the bow, now it was all done, they were finished. As soon as the bow was strung, Klaus took the broom that rested against their wall and began sweeping their floor, making a medium-sized pile of sawdust and wood chip pile. Slinging their bow over their shoulder. They take a burlap sack and join the new fertilizer with the old one, they throw the sack over their back, giving their family portrait a fond look before they head outside, locking the door behind them. They walk down the path and empty the contents into a composter, humming a merry tune to themselves, the dust from what was once a tree would join clippings of many others to bring new life once processed. Further down they watch their kin by the fire, they wave goodbye to the group and march out of the Vale’s walls. They then reached the port, hopping on a boat to head up north. Away from home and into the cold. Klaus felt the air nip at their exposed skin, that was now not much more than their head, they pulled their coat more tightly around their shoulders, the quiver and bow shifting with the motion, yet once their boat trip came to an end they took to the tundra. The snow was bright for them, their glasses and breath fogging with the shift in warmth. The traps and Tracks Soon the short elf managed to breach from the tundra down to the taiga, along their way they would set down small snare traps, for rabbits and the unlucky fox that would cross paths with it. They took very good care of each one, ensuring it would be a quick end should any critter be caught. Yet soon, they began to see the signs, the marks of what they came so far for, they take their hand and press it to the snow, a pang of cold rushing through their whole arm as they do so, they measure the hoofprint, it was large, the size of their palm doubled, they proceeded to follow it down a valley, trees whose bark had been marred by antlers began appearing before them, yet once they came across fresh droppings they knew they would soon find what left those tracks. The Sighting They could hear the distant rushing of water, and so they took to the treeline, making themselves at home on a particular tree that had a full view of the lake they had found. Yet they had to wait, and wait they did, stark still in the cold for what felt like much more time than had actually passed. Their patience was rewarded. ‘Lo came a moose, trekking through the snow with its long legs, it was a bull, easily double Klaus’ size, upon seeing the animal Klaus nocked an arrow,placing it upon their bowstring and drawing it. They still needed patience, they were told to wait just for the right moment, where the bull was most vulnerable. They waited, watching the beautiful beast bathe in the sun, then it decided to wade into the water. Their eyes narrow behind their spectacles, their stomach rumbling already from hours of standing still, a small icicle formed at the edge of Klaus’ lips from the chew they had been trying to trick their own hunger with. The moment was now. The moose had eaten the weeds beneath the water, pulling its head out of it to take in air, it then decided to wade back into shore, shaking the water off. Until... It was struck, ichor dripped onto the soil as the arrow Klaus had waited so long to let fly pierced its neck, through and through, it proceeded to try to flee, but it was fruitless, it collapsed beneath the treeline as Klaus watched, muttering a prayer to the lord of the hunt for the lucky strike, once being met with the dying animal, they decide to take their spear, allowing the animal to rest in onyx black with one swift thrust. With a satisfied hum, they would use a sled to move the animal, the equipment they brought was set far away so as to not let down traces. The small ‘ame would head the exact route they came, checking their traps on their way home, they had caught three rabbits and one fox. The hunt was successful, Blessed be. [OOC:]
  9. [!]A particular praying mantis doll would deliver a notice to those who would care to read it, and those who did not as well, once opened the letter would read the following: “Greetings. It is Boreal. I am alive and well, and this message is the first and last explanation that I will deliver. I do not mean for this to be taken as hurtful, for the opposite is the goal. I no longer wish to be a part of any circle or guild. This has been a decision that has long crossed my mind and I have decided that it is wise to act on it. I've come to realize that working within a group of any sort is very difficult for me, this is no fault of anyone, I am just recognizing my limits and following them by leaving, for if i do not i will become more of a burden than anything else. I cannot change my past actions or words, be it for the better or worse. I have made mistakes and have learned from them at my own pace. I do not want my life to be a sob story, or a cautionary tale for those to come. Now the point of this message is to open an avenue of communication, just because I bear no wish to be a part of a circle it does not mean I will cease to do my duty as a druid. Whenever I am needed, tell me, when not, I bid you all farewell.” [OOC:]
  10. The Boreal druid, upon knowing James had passed away, fell silent for a couple moments, nature's song surrounding them following suit, this held breath was kept inside for few excruciating moments before, with a wave of emotions it was all released. Fear, anger, sadness and grief, the end was relief, for a soldier, a good man finally got to sleep. "i'll remember you. My friend." The silver-eyed druid looked up at the moon above the canopy, an acorn retrieved from their pouch would become their fallen friend's memento "You were an oak, my friend. Reliable, be the day cold or hot, rain or not. You'd be there, just like this tree." They proceed to bury said seed into the ground by their home, where it would grow surrounded by fallen comrades.
  11. "Totems are gifts. They are given to us one way or the other, and much like gifts, you may move onto something else if it no longer fits you." The Boreal Druid murmured as they watched from a distance, perhaps only heard by the trees. Yet the pride within their gaze will forever remain.
  12. Oh have a good rest my friend, well deserved. We'll be here should you ever return.
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