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  1. LadyAmayo

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Amayonnaise Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/QMzRTQr.png How you got it: Bought it off the Auction House, belongs to my Human Character [Item can be found in the enderchest of my ‘Lady Leah’ persona]
  2. LadyAmayo

    ✽ eloemir talonniian'orlomerne ✽

    Lyaria praises the uniting of the two Seeds immensely.
  3. LadyAmayo


  4. LadyAmayo

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Amayonnaise Screenshot of the item: https://i.gyazo.com/bb6a45e12c7e8f9dc05407ebfb6d8bf1.png How you got it: Item received from Celia [Flemish Supremacy] to celebrate her initiation into the Ithelanen Seed. Screenshot of the item: https://i.gyazo.com/7ff97a5c2abf0f1032fa4a7113c17cbf.png How you got it: Item received from Celia [Flemish Supremacy] to celebrate her initiation into the Ithelanen Seed. Screenshot of the item: https://i.gyazo.com/a786d6f4c482d02e396e6dd5abb8ad77.png How you got it: Won it in FlamboyantNewEra’s item raffle [https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179028-completeold-mans-giveawaytrade/?tab=comments#comment-1683647] All items are in my ‘Lady Leah’ persona Enderchest – far right.
  5. LadyAmayo

    The Dancing of The Roses 1703

    Eleaina sits at home, idly prodding her thumb with a threaded needle in contemplation of whether or not she shall attend. She eventually shrugs, seeking to begin weaving a red silk against gold – beaming at the crimson shade representing her new status.
  6. LadyAmayo

    The Military of Gladewynn

    Name: Lyaria Ithelanen Age: 52 Race: Mali I do solemnly swear that I shall defend the Realm of Gladewynn from its foes, foreign and domestic, in times of peace or war. I will hold myself to the example of all those who have sworn this very oath before me, I will bear the crux of this burden forevermore, here and beyond. ------- (OOC) IGN: Amayonnaise Discord: amayo#2901
  7. Lyaria beams proudly at the plans for the new Arena she designed herself, quickly rolling them up and tucking them aside. She turned to nod at her fellow craftsman, striding forth to begin erecting the grand structure that would house such a glorious tournament.
  8. LadyAmayo

    The Atraedean Response

    Lyaria Ithelanen’s expression would darken briefly upon reading through the various demands scribed in response – though she merely shrugged, turning to offer Khaine a nod of approval before continuing on with her duties.
  9. LadyAmayo

    [Complete]Old Man's Giveaway/Trade

    Lyaria would flick a small piece of paper into the collection box, the form reading: Name ((and Username)): Lyaria ((Amayonnaise)) Giveaway Item #1: Gladiatorial Trident Giveaway Item #2: Elidee
  10. LadyAmayo

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Amayonnaise Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/2zWtpGT.png How you got it: Character forged and created it herself / used in rp combat, not pvp. Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/TauwsyF.png How you got it: Character created herself to use as a Druid / Lacks any magical traits or abilities. Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/HfqFhTi.png How you got it: Character received it from her partner at the time [Played by + Item made by Tahmas] / Needs emote count – Recharge info? – Further explanation on how the shield works perhaps? Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/YQbf87O.png How you got it: Purchased from a shop in a Dwarven City. Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/OrSAqFT.png How you got it: A gift from Uthred / FlemishSupremacy. Screenshot of the item: https://i.imgur.com/5AE6pob.png How you got it: Character won first place in the Gladewynn Build Competition, Glaive was one of the prizes gifted. All items are in my Lyaria persona Enderchest – far left.
  11. IGN: Amayonnaise Name : Lyaria Residence: Gladewynn Chosen Mani: Mani Prince of Squid
  12. LadyAmayo

    Just to link to a sign

  13. LadyAmayo

    Changing of the Tides

    Deep in the Mother Grove, behind crumbling rocks and weathered stone, a dimly lit cave opened up to a seemingly bottomless pool of water. Rested in the centre, atop a small, poorly crafted wooden raft, lay an average ‘Aheral. Her golden hair curled around her face and frame in messy ringlets, her once minty green gaze now faded and lost. The scars that donned her form had been reverted some time ago, her flesh now flawless and pristine, aside from the jagged, horrific gaping wound within her chest. The elfess’ heart was missing, the water beneath stained red from the rushing blood that escaped the cavity – her right hand extended to the edge of the raft where her fingers brushed against the surface of the water. Her arm was drowned in the same crimson fluids, making it easy to assume that she had allowed her heart to dive into the water below, rushing to the depths to be eternally claimed by the Goddess she once served and devoted herself to. She had been visited before her final decision, her husband returned from the dead to greet her with a pulse. Her heart had throbbed in his presence, however she knew from prior experiences that it was not to be once more. Parting as friends, he was one of the last she said her final, verbal departure to. She had stalked the paths of Gladewynn, remembering all she had done, both good and bad. She had sat within the Sparrow Grove, uttering a prayer to the lost Druidess it was devoted to, and to those who still lingered. And finally, returning to the Mother Grove she stood outside her sister’s home, watching the dust gather. In each of these places, she left notes to be found by those she loved and held dear – or were delivered by one of her companions, seeking new caretakers. Finally, she had returned to the very pool of water that she once detailed as her final journey of life. She had decided it was time to move on, to finally greet her beloved son who had been waiting centuries in the veil beyond. Blessed be, Ariadni Lanyathir, A lady of the air, earth, tides, and void.
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    Looking for RP partner/wife

    Stop ******* tagging @everyone in discord