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  1. LadyAmayo

    Air Evocation, Revised.

    I’m a current T5 air evocationist, and I’ve read through your back and forth with Ducky, and I want to clarify that I’ve always ranted to her about how the current lore does give some cool ideas as to what’s accomplishable, but I’d rather know what small capabilities I have, to what extent I can do them, how to roleplay them, and when exhaustion begins. I’ve spent my first 2 years on LOTC as a Druid and haven’t experienced voidal magics before air evocation. Therefore, I’m very wary about how I rp it and I tend to undergame it quite a bit. I also end up msg’ing Ducky regarding if I’m even rp’ing it right – despite being T5.
  2. LadyAmayo

    Fjarriagua: The Witches of Winter

    #BringViriBack +1
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  5. "Eyo guys we fixed the forum crashes"
    "What about the server crashes"

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      "Naa, leave those mate, they are fine."

  6. LadyAmayo

    [✗] [Rewrite]Lycanthropes, The Ferals Of Morea

    Ferals had golden Scleras originally, not irises. Is this a mistake in the writing, or has it since been changed?
  7. LadyAmayo

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop - Temp Hiatus

    MC ▫ Name ≎ LadyAmayo Sprite ▫ Type ≎ Special Animation Sprite Character ▫ Name ≎ Niia Character ▫ Race ≎ High Elf Special ▫ Animation ≎ Tendrils of water rising, wiggling, and then falling! Reference ▫ Picture(s) ≎ Character Outfit With the outfit, - the lighter blue patterns and hem on the cloak can be ignored - the beaded sections on the black shirt and pants can be ignored - the straps on the shirt and around the neck can be ignored With the water, - please make the tendrils a deep teal at their lightest colour, only going darker from that teal with any shading ?
  8. LadyAmayo

    LadyAmayo's Art Stall

    Nonono! 1. I'm an Australian with a reversed sleeping time, so I'm usually on at odd times of the day all day and yeah, you should be able to catch me 2. It's not both! It's either mina or irl monies - To pay with mina you have to find me irp, but monies just poke me through discord as a real transaction!
  9. LadyAmayo

    LadyAmayo's Art Stall

    ^ A series of canvases nailed to a board upon a small stall in a specific elven city ^ Chucking my actual examples onto the forum so I can link it to a sign irp. My art stall must be found irp and you must speak to my character directly for requests c; Currently, busts I will do for 500 mina halfbodies are being done for 1500 mina I am unable to draw kha's (sorry, I suck at drawing them ;w;) And orcs may be a bit difficult for me so if you're not happy with the sketch, you don't have to go through with it! I will always sketch and show you such when I start - and if you're not happy with it then you don't have to pay or have it finished! If you are happy with the sketch, I will lay down the base colours but will not start shading until payment! I also accept commissions for actual monies - I'll link my deviantart prices below. If you want a commission other than a bust or halfbody for irl monies, as listed below, then contact me on discord; amayo ♥#2901
  10. LadyAmayo

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    Posting a picture of @Jaeden because he's too lazy My coot boi
  11. LadyAmayo

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  12. LadyAmayo

    [BOUNTY] Damien

    Care wrinkled her nose, brushing her dyed hair behind an ear as she studied the pinned notice upon the board. With a gentle sigh, she pressed a hand to her brow in frustration - soon summoning her winged companion to scribe letters to two others before sending it off. With a calm demeanour, she turned and paced back into her cliff-side retreat, calling her lover's name out gently; "Taeral, we seem to be in business"
  13. LadyAmayo

    LT App

    +1 want to be a water soldier boi Does pretty lore and knows his **** drown me bby