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  1. Still 100% disagree, as a former 1.8 player my wrist and hands hurt much worse than they do now with 1.9. I’m not disagreeing that it should be 1.8 just like now arguing with you that 1.8 is far more arthritis inducing than 1.9.
  2. Idk if it was said yet but the only comment I have is the 1.8 pvp instead of 1.9 pvp. I disagree with it because 1.9 pvp is quite less arthritis inducing than 1.8 pvp. That is all.
  3. Can make you a herald of azdro if you want, I don’t like bloodsuckers
  4. mkaxeman

    The Call

    THE CALL The Beast Underneath [!] A missive is pinned to all notice boards of Almaris. To those with the gall of heroes, During a walk through the lands of Amathea, I have found something that has not been witnessed since the fall of the Cloudbreaker. I give word to those whomst wish to be known as a hero of Almaris. Another dragon rests in our lands, directly outside of the capital of Amathea there is a cave. Travel into it and you shall see the beast for yourself. I will write down directions, though I warn you this. This being is capable of communication, and is vastly superior to that of Cloudbreaker. It speaks in horrific tongues, and has a goal that is not needless destruction. It commits vile sorceries, comparable to those of the drakaar. Be wary of all who decide to enter. May GOD save you all. (Spoiler)
  5. but like all memes aside please remove it
  6. mkaxeman

    shine on

    What people don’t realize is all ferrymen are either valedictorian highschool students, law school students, or like me.
  7. mkaxeman


    download a trigger-bot, simply keep it at 3.0 flat and practice critting with with it and you'll be fine
  8. wait there was a durability glitch?

  9. -1 because he didn’t list me in the citations
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