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  1. Allieice

    A Dragon’s Journey

    Ophelia had sought out to give her grandfather a tight hug before he left. She then looked to her brother, recalling the times where they ran around through the city as children. A soft sigh escaped her before she donned a smile, “And so the day is here, don’t let us down Augustus.” She teased him gently.
  2. Full Name: Ophelia Horen City of Residency: Carolustadt Year of Birth: 1664~ Address: Imperial Palace
  3. Allieice


    o7 i wish you the best dude
  4. Allieice

    Imperial Wedding of 1689

    Ophelia gets ready to help her friend prepare for her big day.
  5. Heyyy there’s a super cool Halloween festival coming up y’all, should get some costumes for your characters and come on by wOOOOO!!


  6. Allieice


    Full Name: Ophelia Horen Year of Birth: ~1664 City of Primary Residency: Carolustadt (MC Name: Allieice)
  7. Allieice

    Fiesta de Fantasma

    Ophelia eagerly begins sewing a costume for the event.
  8. Allieice

    The Frozen Expedition

    Ophelia is irritated.
  9. Allieice

    [Pending]Toxcat's Lore Moderator Application

    I guess he’s ok
  10. i know im a skinner but im also lazy so can i pay someone to make a skin for me pls

  11. Allieice

    [✓] Adfectio Stones

    i want a mood ring
  12. Allieice

    Ask Kiaus cuz he’s at work and he’s bored

    How does it feel getting your ass kicked in pool :)
  13. Allieice

    Toxzero's Lore Moderator Application

    second +1 ****, third