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  1. Roopak

    [Denied] =Darkangels Combined ET App=

  2. when you have to sleep on the couch because of ******* spiders

    1. Weabootrash


      when you have to sleep on the spiders before of ******* couch

  3. Roopak

    /Exploration Guild\

    Name: Roopak Khalin Age: 65 Professions: Farmer and Chef Skype: you got it ;)))
  4. Roopak

    [Denied] Billy5691's ET Actor Application

    +1, legend.
  5. Roopak

    The Aurowind Enclave

    Character Name: Ryder Enrique Minecraft Username: Roopak Race: Half Elf Timezone: GMT Desired Magic: Mental Magic or Illusion.
  6. Roopak

    [Nation Charter] Sutica

    Roopak Khalin signs the charter.
  7. Roopak

    Therthe Ithurzu

    Mraug howls, before scurrying off to his master. ((Roopak/Mraug))
  8. Roopak

    (4.0) Ghouls - Playable Zombies

    MC name: Roopak Timezone: GMT Skype: evilfudge01 Why do you want to play a Ghoul: I would like to play as a Ghoul because it sounds like it will create good roleplay. Not only will it be fun for me, I'll strive to make enjoyable rp for others too. Ghoul Description: His eyes are lifeless, bloodshot red. He walks with a slight limp, his right leg almost torn down to the bone. His torso is covered by a dark, dirty, torn robe which hangs down to his knees. He is a bald ghoul, and has a foul set of decaying and stained teeth. His fingernails are disgusting, jagged and filthy, sharp enough to cut flesh. There is a deep wound on his neck, where a pike plunged into his neck, causing his demise. Do you understand & agree to hold the bounds: Yes, of course.
  9. Roopak

    [At] Kilteddemon31's Application

    Cool guy ooc and a good roleplayer, I think he'd be great as a +1
  10. Roopak

    Ban Appeal?

    Uh, I'm not banned anymore?