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  1. this is the real horror storie



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    2. Padre_Tales


      Do you have a history with alex612? :0

    3. Space


      tbh you need to get away from the weird text to speech bullshit


      but ? ? ? ? ?

    4. Trips


      @elder ghoul yes thats why he paid me 400 dollars for a verse
      @problematic z yes very 
      @Good Guy Shady no lol, i saw him a couple times tho
      @Space i know, benz and fox are mad wacc for not doing actual verses

  2. Trips

    Aurae Sight

    Yes yes, this can be used by all parties possible to expose people.
  3. lmaaaaooo maaaaaaad throwback 2013 on those skins
  4. ey VEGAN KID you lookin to beef? u cant handle meat so u gotta watch ur mouth or ill have to superflex it with this sausage!!

    #freekincaid #christmasclapback

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    2. Matheus


      do you have a blood mage license, boy?

    3. Trips


      i dont need a license, im a trap god

    4. Matheus
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    2. Cave_Creature
    3. Cave_Creature


      (I like this more than I should)

    4. Icarnus


      This is definition of rapping when you're baked

  5. Makes sense and well written. +1
  6. Is the popular opinion on monsters and higher beings really; "If I can't beat it 1v1, it's bad?"

    Talking about Keepers, Wraiths, Dragons, Voidal horrors, et cetera.

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    2. AGiantPie


      @Mephistophelian You are making an unfair analogy. It is not at all fair to compare an Rp environment to a story where there are protagonists, antagonists, a story arc, it's not real time with actual people, etc. 


      The problem that I have with a lot of 'evil' monsters, a problem that lots of others seem to have is well is their complete "win or lose" state. As it stands, you can either kill a dark being easily or you cannot kill it at all. There are singular ways to beat big scary dark magic things, and this usually relies on having your own big scary holy magic things. It's not fun to be presented with a random insurmountable challenge that is only defeated if somebody else steps in and one shots it, especially when a large part of the server (looking at Oren) has a tendency to dislike such magical crap to begin with.



    3. drfate786


      The issue is that some people on this server think this server is a cross between world of warcraft and some faction server. 

      They only play to PVP and steal items from people. I should know, I've been killed for my items about more then three times in only a few days. 


      We need rules that ban people who do the "minas or die RP" or the "pvp default" rp. RP default needs to make a comeback and the players that play on LOTC to pvp and not to RP need to be punished for PVP defaulting. 


    4. Mephistophelian


      As a person who has RPed both a 'dark being' and a 'normal person', before, I can tell you that it does /seem/ like there are no ways to kill 'dark beings' whilst there are actually many. One of the best ways is to not run straight into danger 'for glory'. I think it's perfectly fine that every 'hero' is met with doom when they try the same technique over and over against the villain. Harry Potter beat Voldemort because he did things differently, overall. Yes yes, he was also Chosen, but he did things differently.

      Besides, what is this opinion of "It kills me OR I kill it"?? What happened to maiming and leaving alive? Or an equal battle? You don't need to be a big shot to be clever. It is very often that a 'dark being' can be killed in exactly the same way as a normal person, but the stigma around them is simply one of "We must attack now". Want to kill a dark being? Face them as you would IRL. Yes, IRL. Would you charge straight into battle against a misty dark thing that raises corpses? If so, R.I.P. my friend! If not, you're all good! Run away in fear! Running is always a good option. Cowards are more common than brave people; it's a fact. Though not on LotC. Over here, it's fight or die. Or whine that it wasn't fair.

      There is no shame in running.

  7. It's good! But how to limit it not to be spammable, because it's purpose isn't to play strip poker with the enemy right?
  8. Certainly good lore, good to see a bit of history in the mix to see where it came from. Would love to see this accepted. I was doubting the focus crystals' purpose at first, as they could be changed to pretty much anything mana-conducting, like arcaurum dust. But your reply to it was on point, and I see the logic behind them.
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