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  1. YO The time has come for me to leave this server, it was a good run and it was fun while it lasted. For the last two years I've just noticed that shiz bland af, but now is the time to realize that. Not to mention that all my OGs have already left excluding a couple people. special thanks to hugothechamp & philip_2011 & bathrugman day one BOIS oh also if u bout that life hit me up on skype & add me on steam
  2. this is the real horror storie



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    2. Good Guy Shady

      Good Guy Shady

      Do you have a history with alex612? :0

    3. Space


      tbh you need to get away from the weird text to speech bullshit


      but 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    4. Trips


      @elder ghoul yes thats why he paid me 400 dollars for a verse
      @problematic z yes very 
      @Good Guy Shady no lol, i saw him a couple times tho
      @Space i know, benz and fox are mad wacc for not doing actual verses

  3. Yes yes, this can be used by all parties possible to expose people.
  4. yes this is the plugin
  5. ok so i finally got the mixtape finished and its called magic plugin because you wont get another magic plugin like ever make sure to listen to it, it has many important messages https://soundcloud.com/trapgodtrips/sets/magic-plugin-mixtape lyrics in spoiler:
  6. yoyoyoyooyoyoyoeyeyeyeyeye
  7. ya boi trips boutta rek these cuckerels, count me in, but we gotta test how much lag am i going to have playing with yall americanos
  8. yes bwwoiiii
  9. Just somehow implant in your mind that Jistuma isn't the only one who can teach alchemy, and that people who have learnt by other means are proper alchemists too. I'm mentioning names because this has been a problem before, no harm meant though.
  10. lmaaaaooo maaaaaaad throwback 2013 on those skins
  11. ey VEGAN KID you lookin to beef? u cant handle meat so u gotta watch ur mouth or ill have to superflex it with this sausage!!

    #freekincaid #christmasclapback