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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnJ4fxk_yNs here ya go yeah we need to catch up, also running a similar thing could be fun.
  2. Grigori Rasputin seemed like a cool dude 100% cap 200% cap
  3. been a while trips, gimme your discord nibnobba. i miss you, my finnish traplord

  4. good to see you are alive and well❤️ Anthos for the following reasons: * interesting and diverse map, everything spaced apart in a way that can easily be traveled on foot and it being worthwhile. fast travel only for far off islands etc. * every city was on point for their race, human cities vastly different between one another too. these cities had a true dynamic feel to them and you could actually lose everything. (salvus → gronkkston, abresi → new abresi, haelun’or → helf underground stronghold) * criminal roleplay wasn’t limited to banditry & murder. Even though lockpicking required a GM, it never took too long. no chests were safe either. * guilds and organisations, a lot of them. militaries, levymen, bandits, mages, wizards, hunters, thieves, smithing, alchemy, auctioning, paladins, necromancers.. you name it, it was there and with an active playerbase so with all these points together, Anthos had a certain kind of feel of danger & diverse dynamic roleplay. second best map was Athera, where the worldbuilding was great and settlement system in my opinion, at its peak
  5. all the time, when it comes to LotC, then i remember that there’s literally not much else to do right now yes if all goes well, never. some memes need to stay on the year they were made, maybe even the month fam have you looked outside? this is prime escapism. alternatively, i could start a gofundme for some new games, this felt like an easier option
  6. Yo. Looks like I’m back. It’s been 7 years (and a month on top) – Ask me anything!
  7. please bless us with another mixtape

  8. Trips

    Aurae Sight

    Yes yes, this can be used by all parties possible to expose people.
  9. lmaaaaooo maaaaaaad throwback 2013 on those skins
  10. ey VEGAN KID you lookin to beef? u cant handle meat so u gotta watch ur mouth or ill have to superflex it with this sausage!!

    #freekincaid #christmasclapback

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    2. Matheus


      do you have a blood mage license, boy?

    3. Trips


      i dont need a license, im a trap god

    4. Matheus
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