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  1. did you think you'd ever get another magic plugin other than this?
  2. Yes yes, this can be used by all parties possible to expose people.
  3. yoyoyoyooyoyoyoeyeyeyeyeye
  4. yes bwwoiiii
  5. Just somehow implant in your mind that Jistuma isn't the only one who can teach alchemy, and that people who have learnt by other means are proper alchemists too. I'm mentioning names because this has been a problem before, no harm meant though.
  6. lmaaaaooo maaaaaaad throwback 2013 on those skins
  7. Was it really necessary to give the Library of Dragur a charter of its own? In my opinion, it seems viable solution for a library to be in any of the capitals for example, or perhaps even the spawn. Seeing as neither halflings or kha got a land of their own, why does a library need one? I understand why druids are separated, as they need their nature. Even Paladins & Dark arts are going to have to intergrate into city life it seems, and in my opinion it seems a much more logical to have them having separate charters, and a library not having its own. But I guess that's just me being illogical.
  8. Supporting this, I hate magic
  9. Ooh its here!
  10. yeh, imma reteach him
  11. my skins always been free to use if i upload them here http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/Triplewing
  12. MC name: Triplewing Character's name and age: Zaviel, a bit past 200. Character’s Race: Elfski. What magic will you be learning?: Necromancy Who will be teaching you?: Adorellan/Tsuyose Do you have a magic you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: -nada-
  13. Makes sense and well written. +1