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  1. this is the real horror storie



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. General_Bentnoze


      Do you have a history with alex612? :0

    3. Space


      tbh you need to get away from the weird text to speech bullshit


      but ? ? ? ? ?

    4. Trips


      @elder ghoul yes thats why he paid me 400 dollars for a verse
      @problematic z yes very 
      @Good Guy Shady no lol, i saw him a couple times tho
      @Space i know, benz and fox are mad wacc for not doing actual verses

  2. Trips

    Aurae Sight

    Yes yes, this can be used by all parties possible to expose people.
  3. Trips

    [✗] [Lore] The Hou-Zi

    lmaaaaooo maaaaaaad throwback 2013 on those skins
  4. ey VEGAN KID you lookin to beef? u cant handle meat so u gotta watch ur mouth or ill have to superflex it with this sausage!!

    #freekincaid #christmasclapback

  5. Trips

    Shade Lore

    Ooh its here!
  6. Trips

    [Shade Addition]Tainting Objects

    Makes sense and well written. +1
  7. Trips

    Sharkali's Wiki Team Application

    Yes yes yes and yes! After being a librarian IC for what? Four years? I'm sure he'll do perfectly as a Wiki team member.