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  1. How is you such a beast
  2. Hakon Ireheart chuckled heartedly at the missive as he made modifications to the Ireheart Clan Hall to enhance their smithing abilities. The Hall boomed with song as the Dwarves sung in a low tone. “Diggie Diggie Hole…”
  3. "Kor'garr is an hono'able uruk." Hakon says as he reads over the missive, a proud bandana on his forehead.
  4. The Fate of the Second Sons 11th Sigismund’s End, 1909 ~The Sons and Daughters setting up camp for the exiles of Petra~ The raspy hack of coughs and moans of the dying rang through the camp between the claps of thunder. The sharp cry of a babe pierced the camp as the Sons and Daughters of Petra cursed between scoops of mud. Holes, holes for their waste, holes for their dead, holes in their hearts for the loss of their homeland. "How did we get here?” Constanz said to his longtime friend Sir Louis d’Azor. “How did this happen?” His comrade had no response. He was deep in thought. All of the Petrans were. While they had brought all they could carry, it was not enough to fill the void that their lost loved ones and their land had once filled. "Im not going anywhere Constanz. I will follow you wherever you take us.” Sir Emir d’Abbassia said to a room full of Petrans. The Round Table had called a town hall to discuss their current situation. "I'm with Emir! We will forge a new future. As long as we have each other!” said the Mayor Eryane Rhodon de Rosius. The woman had gone from a relative stranger to a great friend since her successful election. She had done wonders for the people of Petra and gave hope when there was little to be found. It was all any leader could ask for as Constanz smiled sadly as his companions. However, their words of hope would not solve their predicament. “They’ll hunt us while I draw breath. It would not matter how far we go. We would never be safe.” "Then we’ll kill them all!” said the brave Sir Wings von Hahn “We will have each other’s backs, just as we always have!” "This is no longer your fight, my fellow countrymen. Use this to create a new start, a future for our people. This is our chance to create a life for our children and our children’s children.” responded the disgraced Archduke. "B-B-But Papa! Th-Th-Th-They’ll kill you!” said his eldest son Albert. The young boy had the markings of a leader, if he could overcome his challenges. Constanz smiled at the boy, but there was a deep sadness behind his eyes. He would never be able to witness his son grow to be a man. Later that dark night, a rider galloped away from the camp with a letter in hand. "To Marius Audemar, You owe me a debt. In a single stroke of carelessness, you tore apart both a family and a nation with your adolescent decisions. For the past year, I have been waging a war of survival against the likes of you and your rogues. You have turned my wife paranoid not just against me, but against the people of Petra as a whole. On that fateful day when Renilde learned of my knowledge of your unholy deeds, she fled to you instead of to her countrymen to which you waged war. A war sanctioned on women and children, on innocent diplomats, and on all Petrans alike. On the day that I learned that Renilde preferred the company of other men than the company of her people, I was shocked that she would stain the legacy of Petra and risk its security by trading whispered words with another nation’s royalty. That same nation that now occupies our homes. But never, never, did I plot to seize her crown. I made no move in any sort of fashion, not as much of a thought of it, instead finding that she had attempted to seize the people’s funds with force through a fit of paranoia. She then fled to Haense where I became apprised that she was raising men to seize the city with Haeseni and Ferrymen forces. I have seen firsthand what sort of wanton destruction the Ferrymen can cause, and many honorable Petrans such as Sir Arthur de Lyons, Sir Brandt Berhal, and Dame Livia d’Anpalais, died at the hands of their blades or worse, at the hands of darkspawn from within your ranks. I rallied the people of Petra to the keep for safety, and yet they still came. Only by the Grace of GOD did we survive that day. But I know my people will find no justice at the hands of your governments, and I know you will keep hunting them for crimes they did not commit so I leave my fate to GOD. I, Constantine Antonius Novellen, challenge you to a duel to the death.”
  5. The Sons of Petra laugh heartedly. The worst Marshal in the Son's history could not even betray correctly.
  6. “The slaughter of diplomats is a heinous act.”
  7. As Constanz looked around at the ashen bodies laying around the keep, his lone eye turned towards Sir Arthur. A ferocious warrior and an honorable man, the knight had been the first to try to stem the breach of Ferrymen and Azdrazi. His actions bought time for some to escape, and a tear fell from the man's eye onto the floor. "Sir Arthur..." he says, closing his eye and dipping his head.
  8. The Knighthood of Petra was highly regarded amongst the realms of Man, and in their annals of history, Sir Brandt Berhal will be known. An honorable advisor and confidant of Constanz, the men had been close since the day they met in Petra. The war had taken a toll on Constanz, but the news of the death of his friend stung the man to his core, filling him with rage. Looking towards the flaming vessel carrying his comrade's body along the River Petra, Constanz made a vow to his friend. He would see his home returned.
  9. Constanz looks over the ashen bodies, the socket of his eye dripping blood onto the Petran ground. They had called upon the Archduchess, and the Ferrymen had come in her place. The cries of the Petrans over the fallen rang in his ears. A dismal affair.
  10. As stated above, 4pm est Sunday works for me. If it doesn’t work for the other side, I ask we get a sooner date than next weekend. Even Saturday. We’ve seen that both sides can raise a force quickly in the past two days. Let’s finish this.
  11. "This paper has become much more friendly towards me since its first edition. Perhaps, a free press is possible..." mutters a delirious Archduke.
  12. "The Commonwealth is founded upon a Knightly Republic, and so it shall return. I remove myself from the judicial body due to my involvement with the situation and trust the Knights of Petra to make a sound decision on these proceedings." says a red-eyed Archduke.
  13. "NOT AGAIN!" sobs the Archduke as another allegation comes to light.
  14. "In dark times, one must consider their actions. I pray for our Commonwealth, and I pray GOD's Will be done." The Archduke states from within the chapel.
  15. Cool w/ me. Just ask that we have a few players who rp solely in Petra not on member perms. Just ask they be considered. Happy to do a moderated discussion between both parties if that's what it takes. We will make this fun!
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