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  1. The Mobilization of Haense 17th Vzmey and Hyff, 1776 _____________________________________________________ On this day, the Kingdom of Haense declares its unwavering support for the Holy Orenian Empire. We condemn the mercenaries known as the Hangmen, and their devious attempts to sow dissent within the Empire. We stand behind the Imperial Crown, in our pursuit of justice against the tyrant in Sutica, Corwin Alstreim, and the terrorists and states he surrounds himself with. We stand by the men and women of the Holy Orenian Empire, just as they stood by us against the Nordling attempts to wipe out our people. In accordance with Article III of the Administrative Ordinances of 1768, the Lord Lieutenant in Reza does hereby call the HRA and its auxiliary militias within the Kingdom of Haense to prepare for war. Furthermore, subjects found to be cooperating with the criminals and states of the begrudged alliance shall be routed out, and charged for sedition and treason. We shall have justice, and victory. To the Hangmen terrorist organization and their trifling threats, we shall meet you on the fields in two Saint’s Days. Humanity is not divided. _____________________________________________________ Signed, His Imperial Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant in Reza, Prince Nikolas Barbanov
  2. Prince Niko smiles fondly on the missive, recalling the many adventures of his younger days when he would do things like walking.
  3. Niko nods at the missive over a rack of ribs. He’d suck the meat clean off the bone of a rib before dropping it with a clatter on his plate. A spray of sauce would spill on his garments. With a sigh, he’d look down at the mess before moving for a napkin to clean it up. ‘’This will do.’’
  4. Happy two years! Glad to have you around.
  5. Niko sits upon his mountain pony, his hand hovering near his blade. After generations of war, Rubern will have finally fallen to his people. Rubern Delenda Est
  6. Niko packed his bag for a possible deployment. The horse cried in protest as the portly boy mounted it.
  7. (IGN): eddywilson2 Name of contender: Niko the Thicc Nicknames of contender or notable features, i.e. nationality, age, occupation, etc. (for nickname purposes): Very rounded
  8. Prince Niko kneeled before the chapel in Reza, his head lowered for the lost comrade. He would not forget the day that the Haenseni Sniper had saved his life, nor would he forget his comrade. Haense had lost a great hero, and his loss would be felt by all, especially by the young prince.
  9. ‘’To a future of cooperation and prosperity’’ says the portly prince as he sips on a large glass of wine with a leg of mutton in the other hand.
  10. Word of Karol’s passing was brought to Nikolas by his sister, Amelya. At first, he could not believe that his childhood friend had fallen in battle. They had always spoken about how they would grow up to be great warriors together, but now, she was with Godan, and Niko was alone. In the coming days, Niko would mourn his friend, remembering the good times they had. Hanging in the tree house together, their adventures in the Andrik Youth, it was hard for him to accept they were over. Alone in the training yard of Johnstown, Niko would plunge his spear into a dummy before hacking it apart. Bralt would pay for the friend he has taken from him. For all the Haensemen he had taken.
  11. The flagship residing in the Bay of Valwyck bobbed up and down with the waves. Aboard it, Haense’s finest of the Haense Royal Army and the Hounds of Johnstown gripped their weapons tightly led by the Prince Nikolas Barbanov. Just outside of arrow shot, three longboats filled to the brim with Scyfling warriors yelled curses at them. Bralt the Boar had finally arrived to the North. The jeering of the Scyfling warriors was cut short as an arrow slammed into their captain. Ellir, one of the Houndsmen, had made an incredible shot despite the distance. This enraged the Scyfling warriors as they went to man the oars. On both sides, volleys of arrows were exchanged leading to casualties on both sides as the ships neared. Lazlo Korsakov, Grandmaster of the Hounds, led half of the men onto the rowboats. They rowed out to meet one of the incoming ships where a bloody melee ensued. Eventually, Lazlo and his men managed to gain control of the ship with minimal losses. However, the two Scyfling longboats drew nearer to the flank of the flagship. In a daring move risking the peril of their own ship, Erik Othaman, a Captain in the Haense Royal Army, grabbed the rudder and swung their captured vessel hard to the right. The ram shattered into the backside of one of the longboats. With a roar of anger, Ser Ivan ‘the Red Bull’ boarded the middle longboat with the rest of the men in tow. Meanwhile, the last longboat was gaining ground on the flank of the larger, slower flagship. Coop, a brave young teen who was manning the helm, swung the flagship hard to the right while Sergeant Torvald Volik and Prince Niko unfurled the sails. However, their efforts were not enough as the Scyfling’s ram slammed into the side of the flagship, causing mortal damage to the vessel. The Haensemen on the flagship were knocked off their feet as their ship received the crippling blow. With a grunt of effort, the potbellied prince pushed himself to his feet. Raising his spear above his head, the command was given to take the remaining Scyfling longboat. He jumped down onto the vessel, closely flanked by Catherine Annabelle and Sergeant Torvald. At first, they sliced through their enemies with almost sickening ease. It seemed the Scyflings were focused on something else despite their imminent death. Barrels were broken, and oil was spilled across the deck of the longboat. It seemed the Scyflings were intent on bringing the Haensemen down to the depths of the sea with them. As the Haensemen sliced through the crew, desperate to stop the spread of oil, the faint sound of a torch being lit could be heard. Protected by three heavily armed Scyflings stood a single boy, torch in hand. Time seemed to slow as Prince Niko barreled into the armored men, closely followed by the crew, but it was no use. All seemed lost as the torch fell from the boy’s fingers... Lazlo and his men had just finished dispatching the Scyflings on the middle ship. Lazlo himself had sustained a shallow dagger wound to the chest and was injured. Luckily, two Houndsmen by the names of Jebediah and Ellir sprang into action and leaped from the nearby middle ship onto the longboat in which Prince Niko and his crew were in combat. As Ellir ended the life of the boy that held the torch, Jebediah shot a hand down, narrowly catching the torch before it could hit the oil-laden deck and tossing it into the sea. The battle was theirs. As the fighting ended, Prince Niko and Grandmaster Lazlo found each other in the dying fray. They agreed that they had too good of an opportunity to waste. In the distance, the rest of Bralt the Boat’s fleet waited. However, the screams of dying Haensemen could be heard from the nearby Castle Valwyck. They made the difficult decision, Niko hoping his sister and their men could hold the walls of Valwyck on their own. The command rang out to don the Scyfling uniforms. Taking the remaining intact ship, the crew set off on a mission to burn Bralt’s fleet. As the crew sailed towards the enemy fleet, realizations began to dawn on the crew that they may not return from this mission. Individual prayers could be heard amongst the crew. Solebron, ‘the Chieftain Crusher’, leaned over the rail of the ship and vomited into the ocean. Whether it was fear or simply too much ale, no one knew. At the helm stood Torvald Volik. The man’s clan was kin to many of the Scyflings, and if anyone was to trick the Scyflings into believing they were barbarians, it was him. As they drew nearer, a shout rang out from the fleet. “Did you kill the Crow bastards?” “They died like the cowards they are!” Torvald roared back. As the Haense crew roared a false cry of victory, their flagship sank in the distance, building legitimacy to their story. Gaudy jokes were exchanged between Torvald and the Scyfling captain as the fleet drew nearer. Below the railing of the ship, Lieutenant DeNurem gripped two Carrion Cocktails. As soon as they were within range, Prince Niko called out in a loud voice “NOW!” Lazlo and DeNurem tossed their Carrion Cocktails onto the ship of the captain, setting it alight. “ROW! ROW! ROW!” the chant rang in the ship as they pushed a hard tempo. They rowed by the second ship, this time Ser Ivan and Sergeant Torvald throwing Carrion Cocktails. As the Scyflings scrambled to realize that they were under attack, the Haensmen had already set many of their ships ablaze. However, their luck began to fade quickly as an overwhelming arrow fire began to rain down on the captured vessel. Many were struck by arrows including Ivan, Torvald, and many others. The last of the Carrion Cocktails were thrown, and Prince Niko gave the command to make way back for shore. The crew pushed as hard as they could to return to land, but they were under heavy fire. Their arms burned from exhaustion of the past battle and long hours of rowing. As they rowed for their lives, a few more fell to the arrows. Luckily, the chaos of the burning Scyfling fleet managed to slow down the chase. Godan was with them on this day as a steady gust of wind blew into their sail, pushing them away from the Scyfling fleet and fueling the flames. The exhausted crew made it back to shore. The day was theirs as much of Bralt’s fleet burned in the distance. However, the sounds of fighting could be heard from Fort Buck as the gates had been breached. The exhausted crew, fighting back sleep, grabbed their weapons and jumped into the rowboats. The fight was yet to be finished. ((Shoutout @Xarkly for a great event and an amazing event line! To be continued))
  12. Tournament Form: Name: Nikolas Barbanov OOC USERNAME: eddywilson2 Allegience: to the bread Skill (low, medium, high): very low
  13. The Culling of False Prophets It is traditional in Haense that when a boy reaches the age of 14, he takes up arms in defense of his homeland. In the case of Prince Nikolas, he chose to fight with the Hounds. They are a promising group, commanded by the renowned Lazlo and Reynault who had earned their spurs and were rewarded in Haense for their prowess. Together with his comrades, they went on a patrol to cull bandits from the roads and ensure the safe passage of citizens throughout the Empire. Solebron, known by some as the Chieftain Crusher for when he allegedly slaughtered the false King of the Highlanders, had taken a liking to the young prince. As they discussed the art of combat for which Niko had much to learn, they heard the jarring shouts from the bushes. https://gyazo.com/b3daf35314128842a6ec85da9865d58b “Halt, Orenian scum!” https://gyazo.com/9db79e4edf77b986ca1987025c311296 Niko gripped his reins hard as he realized what was about to occur. The Nordlings were larger in number and heavily armed. Blood was soonto be spilt. Niko’s thoughts were not alone. Reynault realized the odds and called a retreat as the fighting commenced. The horsemen covered their brothers on foot as they were pursued by the Nordlings. Niko’s arm was true on this day as he took a Norlanding with a javelin to the chest. Reynault made a daring call to divide his forces. The three remaining Hounds beat a retreat to Johnstown where their stables await. Meanwhile, Niko and Renault would keep the Nordling force busy. Arrow by arrow, javelin by javelin, the two Hounds whittled at the moral of the Nordlings. They led them through fields, through mountains and ravines, from Kaedrin to Helena and back until Niko’s thighs chafed against the leather of his saddle. As Niko’s arm grew weary and the Norldings’s fire came ever so close to their mark, Niko felt fear in his heart. It was the heroic trumpet of hooves and the twang of arrow fire that lifted his spirits. The three Hounds led by Lazlo had returned from Johnstown, mounted on fine steeds. The Nordling force was ravished by arrows in moments. Some tried to flee individually. As cowards, they died alone. Some of the braver Norlanders tried to hold together against the arrow fire. It was to no avail as the Hounds rode circles around the shield wall, peppering them from every direction. Their discipline broke quickly. The survivors ran for their lives back towards Morsgrad with the Hounds nipping at their heels. They pulled the chase at the border to enter Morsgrad. The last couple survivors could live to tell the tale of their defeat. The Hounds would keep the roads safe of all who seek to do it harm. A letter is penned from the palace of Haense as words spreads of the conflict. “Let it be known to all nations and organizations across Arcas before the Morsgradians draw you into another one of their wars. I see a nation that claims a Highlander title that is not their own. I see a nation that marches 20 orcs and Morsgradians unannounced to Helena and call it an effort towards peace. The same armies who every man of living memory in the empire recalls from the eternal conflict, yet claim victim when they are met with mistrust. They have earned none. I see a nation that raids our roads, yet claims they are the victim. I see a nation that whose king will claim to be strong with numbers at his back, yet runs like a dog with his tale between his legs when confronted. As Morsgrad, Norland, the so called ‘Highlander Realm’ or whatever they deem to call themselves tomorrow continues to raise tensions, those in Haense shall view nations that sign treaties with this nation to be with the intention to see our people brought to their knees. This is a group of blind idiots who dragged many into a fruitless war that saw many die for naught. Do not let their lies fool you again.”
  14. ON THE HOLY STATE OF VUILLERMOZ 318ES, 9th of Tov & Yermey “On the Holy State of Vuillermoz, The township of Vuillermoz was created by the Blessed Harald Vuiller. Father Harald served in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl for many years with great distinction. His work helped instill a religious culture into Haense’s military that has continued past his death. His dutiful work was recognized, and he was allowed to construct a small township in the middle of Haense’s territories to the North. While it brought great dissatisfaction to the Crown of Haense when the High Pontiff suddenly declared Vuillermoz as a Holy State without consultation, we accepted the declaration. The Vuillers have long been faithful supporters of Haense, and the Crown of Haense decided to grant the Church this rare exception. In respect for them, the Crown overlooked the phenomenon of the Holy State in the center of their territory so they could live in harmony.” -------------------------------------- In the interest of communication to continue to foster that relationship, the Crown of Haense reaffirms the following: -The Holy State of Vuillermoz and its members are reminded that it is illegal to recruit within Haense including the city of New Reza. -The Holy State of Vuillermoz and its members are reminded that an attempt to recruit enlisted soldiers from the Royal Haense Army is illegal. The soldier who breaks their oath risks being tried for treason - receiving Capital Punishment. -The Holy State of Vuillermoz and its members are reminded that their land is centered in the middle of Haense lands. While the Crown of Haense has decided to allow this exception, any expansion of their lands or their township into Haense lands will be seen as an attempt to invade Haense territory. IV JOVEO MAAN, His Royal Majesty, King Sigismund II of Hanseti-Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, and Sorbesborg, Duke of Carnatia and Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Graiswald, Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, and Kaunas, Baron of Rytsburg, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of Alban, Reza and Markev, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Nikolas Stefan of Hanseti-Ruska, Prince of Slesvik, Duke of Alban
  15. Nikolas Barbanov giggled as he watched the false Ruric king run with his tail between his legs. Niko was a highlander, his brother, Sigi, was the King of the Highlanders, and they would recognize no false king.
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