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  1. When Nikolas heard the news from his sister, Amelya, the world around him went silent. The only noise he could hear was his heartbeat pounding in his skull. In that moment, the once curious and exotic world to him lost a little bit of its color. The world would never be the same to Niko, not without his Mamej. The funeral pyre blazed as men and women of Haense crowded around its flames. Niko stood close, hoping to feel the warmth of his mother’s embrace just one last time, something he already desperately missed. The heat burned away his tears, but it could not fill the hole in his heart, his Mamej. The young boy of ten found himself in his Mamej’s room after the funeral. Despite it being covered in dried blood and the charred remains of the Emperor’s fury, he found it comforting. The closest he could come to feeling his Mamej in this life. The thought saddened him. Reality was a struggle for Niko to accept, and he still clung to hope that his Mamej would walk through the doors and smile at him like he had so many times. He only wished he could see her smile once more. He walked to the closet and opened it, revealing the beautiful dresses his Mamej used to wear. He looked at the one she had worn for the most recent masquerade, smiling at the memory as tears trickled down his cheeks. He leaned down, plunging his face into the dress and hugging it close as he breathed deeply. His Mamej’s scent, faint but still on its silk, flooded him with memories. He sat down in the closet, dress in hand, and wept.
  2. The blood on the floor, the body of his sister once so full of life, these images would haunt Charles forever. He loved his half-sister, despite their quarrels. He felt terrible for Catherine, the poor child of 3 who is already orphaned. However, she wouldn’t be raised without family. That is for certain.
  3. The Military Reconnaissance Division Commissioned 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1759 Commissioned by Secretary of War, Alren DeNurem, the Military Reconnaissance Division is a body of the Generals Staff dedicated to organizing and executing surgically executed operations and military reconnaissance on behalf of the empire’s Department of War. Through the coordination of multiple armed forces in extraction, extradition, reconnaissance, and black-bag operations, the MRD helps ensure imperial military supremacy in conflicts through coordinated covert tactics and well informed strategic planning. The Military Reconnaissance Division, as an extension of the Department of War, extends to all provinces of the empire so the best sources can be acquired from different perspectives. Furthermore, the MRD disseminates vital information throughout the Empire so her armed forces can act accordingly and accurately with one another. The MRD is often tasked with sensitive military operations that need to be fulfilled in order to accomplish tactical success in both deliberate and/or reactionary conflicts. The MRD is also entrusted with the responsibility to put together Imperial military action reports every other year to be declassified after review by the Secretary of War. The MRD’s day to day operations are led by the Chief of Intelligence, a member of the General Staff, as an Undersecretary of War- appointed by the overarching Secretary of War- who acts as the Director of the MRD. The director gives oversight and works in conjunction with each province’s deputy director. Deputy directors are chosen from each provinces’ standing Imperial State Regiment or Auxiliary Force Organization. Through these means, military intelligence branches can be created in all parts of the Empire to ensure a wider net in which to compile tactical, strategic, and contingency information utilizing the unique skills sets offered by the many peoples within the Empire. Deputy Director of Helena Captain Rylan Swint, 4th Brigade, Imperial State Army Deputy Director of the Outer Crownlands Captain Daniel Louis D’Arkent, Desteriers of Selm Deputy Director of the Dual Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska Ser Siegmund Corbish, Order of the Crow Deputy Director of the Kingdom of Curon Vacant Deputy Director of the Kingdom of Kaedrin Vacant The MRD’s purview strictly encompasses matters that pose a military threat to the Empire as a function of the Department of War. Since threats can range in different degrees of likelihood and severity, the MRD has created a hierarchy of security clearances for intelligence to be shared. The purpose of security clearances will be to ensure that intelligence is not leaked to bad actors and is distributed directly to the correct audience. Need to Know - Intelligence activity that is currently on-going that need be only shared with the director, the informants on the matter, and high-level officers. Top Secret - Intelligence that is shared among the director and deputy directors of the MRD and corresponding officers. Classified - Intelligence shared with those within the Service so planning and strategy can be devised. Unclassified - Public information that can be further looked into so intelligence can be drawn from related sources. Individuals interested in the MRD must be willing to undergo personal background checks. A history of criminal activity, questionable decision making, and other variables could disqualify individuals from being accepted. Given the MRD role in coordination and delegation, the body itself maintains a minute number of employed enlisted individuals. Those interested in applying must have special skills and a history of imperial military service that could be of use to the division. Contact Director Charles Henry D’Arkent (eddywilson2) for more information. Signed, HIS IMPERIAL EXCELLENCY Secretary of War Chief of Intelligence, Charles Henry D’Arkent
  4. “Orcs on the road! Orcs on the road! They’re attacking Haensemen,” cried the rider as he came through the gates of New Reza at full gallop. A daily occurence in Haense as the eternal war raged on– but for Tiberius, it was an excuse to get out of the palace and back on the field where he belonged. His comrades, Rennard Amador and Ser Siegmund Wick, were with him. Together, they armored up to drive the raiders from their home. As soon as the orcs saw them, they turned heel and ran towards Helena. The rescue party made chase, cutting an orc down in the process. The soldiers grinned amongst each other as they realized they had once again removed the threat from Haense and made its roads safe once more. Tiberius turned towards Rennard as they were about to head back to the city “We’ll need to get a drink after this,” he said with a smile. It quickly vanished as the sound of a war horn blared across the countryside, followed by the command: “Kill the Haensemen!” The shield bash nearly knocked Tiberius off of his feet. Twirling away from it, he got a quick read of the situation. Morsgradians, six in number, pushed their way through the group. Already, men were falling and seeing it as a hopeless situation, Tiberius called out the order. “Fall back! Fall back to Helena!” Sweat dripped down Tiberius’ face as the group fought a retreat back towards Helena. However, an earthquake, seeming more and more frequent in these lands, caused Tiberius to stumble. A Morsgradi took advantage of it and all went dark as the flat of the bandit’s blade connected with Tiberius’ helm. He awoke in a cramped cell. Agitated voices filled the cell as Tiberius struggled to orientate himself. The smell of piss and **** wafted into his nose, causing him to gag. Rubern. There was no doubt about it. To his left, he could hear Rennard speaking with the captors. Tiberius sat up, rubbing his face with his sleeve as he looked at his stump. Courtesy of the High Elves. He wondered if he’d be tortured like them again. His voice came out in a croak. “Ale,” he said to his captors. They treated him as well as one could expect in such a situation, and his request was granted. He brought the liquid to his lips, drinking deeply. He did not know if it would be his last. The captors began to look between one another as shouts came from above. “Soldiers at the gates,” a cry came from above! The jail quickly emptied as the captors scrambled up to man the walls. “Rennard, can you manage to free yourself?” he called as he lowered his shoulder against the door that kept him from freedom. They tried to break down their doors, but fate was not on their side as both doors jammed out of place. Tiberius paced in his cell as he heard the fighting above. The shouts and screams began to fade as the fighting moved further away from Rubern. It was some time before only a few of the captors returned. It seemed the Orenians had killed many. “Get him to his feet,” the voice called from outside. Two bandits entered the cells, moving to drag Tiberius out of the cell. Shaking his head, Tiberius held out his hand to stop them. He’d walk on his own two feet. They brought him to a gallows where a lone noose swayed in the breeze. He smiled, not at the situation, but as he saw Rennard being released. At least, his friend would live on another day. The horsehair rope scrapped against Tiberius’ neck in discomfort. A temporary thing, as he would soon be free of all pain. The voice called up to Tiberius. “Do you have any final words?” Tiberius looked up at the sky as he took one last breath of the cooling air of the Highlands. “Long live Haense! Long live the Empire!” The board beneath his feet dropped, and the rope went taut. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ There would be no letters for Tiberius’ family or loved ones as he had none. He only had Haense. TIBERIUS BARROW 1719-1754
  5. Tiberius reads over the address with a smile. “I hope he will make a great king one day.”
  6. The Haesenic Armed Forces Parade, 1753 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhlLy2elSlI 16th of Harren’s Folly, 1753 | Msitza and Dargun, 306 ES With the recent developments that resulted in the Elves making peace with the Empire, the Lord Regent, Tiberius Barrow, seeks to recognize and praise the heroic efforts of the Haensi forces who have made this extraordinary act possible. In memory of both the living and the dead who have valiantly fought in this war of pagan aggression, a military parade has been commissioned to celebrate the stalwart Haensic military. In the face of insurmountable odds, they continue to stand firm against these savage aggressors. The streets of Reza will be decorated and prepared for the coming parade for the celebration of our military. Following the parade, a Vigil will be held to honor the courageous deeds of our fallen soldiers. Heroes such as Tharik Strumholm, Boris Ruthern, Darien Rehn, and countless others who have fallen shall be remembered for their sacrifices to defend this beloved kingdom. It is the Regent’s hope that, in these times of strife, our patriotism and unity will not falter, no matter the obstacle. WE COME AS CROWS Signed, His Excellency, Lord Regent Tiberius Barrow
  7. The Haeseni Royal Battle Standard Report from the Exchequer of War’s Office 15th of Tov and Yermey, 306 ES | Sigismund’s End, 1751 Your Royal Majesty, I am pleased to report to you of the first battle and victory within the walls of Morsgrad. Three soldiers of the Barayan Company, Rhys Henrik Marbrand, Lukas Vyronov, and Siegmund Wick, led a raid against Morsgrad. A daunting stronghold to seize, for the gates of the city are situated high above a chasm with only a narrow bridge connecting it. Past missions have been difficult to conduct in such circumstances; however, these three brave men took it upon themselves to bring victory to the Empire. They began by scouting the defenses of the city, keeping in tow several hundred soldiers, while the three went ahead. Luck was on their side this day as the gates of Morsgrad were opened to allow the infantry inside. The squadron sprang into action, charging into the city with swords raised. A garrison of six hundred Morsgradian bandits rallied to fight off these noble warriors, but to no avail. They were crushed beneath the heel of the Barayan Company and sent to the pits of Hell. Any survivors fled their own city out of pure cowardice, though it is well known that Morsgrad has no citizens to protect in the first place. I am also pleased to announce that Marshal Erwin Barclay and Vice-Marshal Aedan Capulei have been successful in their efforts to increase the size and strength of the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. They have been formidably efficient, and the Marshal and Vice-Marshal have been giving them purpose which has strengthened the bonds of brotherhood. In all, the war has been long and arduous, but the military of Haense has managed to overcome and find success against the trials of war. I recommend that Rhys Marbrand, Lukas Vyronov, and Siegmund Wick be commended for their valorous actions. Cordially, Tiberius Barrow, Exchequer of War
  8. The Order of the Golden Hussars “If you wish to win the hearts of the Highlanders, that you will one day rule, you must learn to lead from the front. Therefore, when riding to war, surround yourself with hard men- men sharper than steel, with hearts as cold as iron- who would stay by your side if you were to ride into the black mouth of Hell itself. Fight on the front lines, with these men beside you- and live. Then, perhaps, you may hope to begin the long task of earning the respect of your subjects.” -Otto Rovin, counseling a young Karl Barbanov [Horen’s Welcome, 1458]. Since the time of the Duke of Siegrad, the House of Barbanov has surrounded itself with its finest warriors. With the unfortunate death of the late King Andrik III, King Andrik Petyr has commissioned the creation of an order of Haense’s finest to serve as the personal retinue to the royal family. Henceforth, the Golden Hussars are hereby established. Their mission is trifold: -To serve as the heavy cavalry for the military of Haense, -To represent the King in battle, -To protect the royal family from all bodily harm. The Order of the Golden Hussars is comprised of Haenseni knights and dames as well as squires and pages who wish to one day be a Golden Hussar. As his first act as Knight Paramount, Ser Tiberius “Tide Breaker” Barrow commissioned the Golden Hussars as an official knightly order of Haense. Structure All members of the Golden Hussars are inherently equal as knights of the Crown. As such, there are no ranks within the Golden Hussars. The Golden Hussars follow the command of the Knight Paramount and the King of Haense. Each Hussar is permitted up to 2 squires and 3 pages at a time whose housing and upkeep shall be funded by the Crown. On the Haensic Royal Army The Golden Hussars serve as the Dres Ezred (Third Battalion) of the Royal Army of Haense. They serve as the heavy shock cavalry of the army; however, they have been known to work as mounted range units as well. Their missions are arduous and difficult so knights of the Golden Hussars must be capable to fight in any scenario. On the Marian Retinue “The dream of every child is to one day become a knight. The dream of every knight is to one day become a Kingsguard.” - Ser Osgod Colborn, [Harren’s Folly, 1472]. The Marian Retinue has long served as the official bodyguard of the King since the reign of Marius II. In honor of this long standing tradition, the Marian Retinue will remain as a sub-order of the Golden Hussars. The Marian Retinue will hereby be selected from the body of Golden Hussars for those of distinguished service and honorable performance in battle. On the Barayan Company “The only men I fear are those I have trained myself.” - Tarcell Othaman, [Harren’s Folly, 1471] The Barayan Company is hereby commissioned. The Barayan Company will be made up of 500 dismounted soldiers who will support the mounted Hussars as heavy infantry. The Barayan Company with serve as a sub-order of the Golden Hussars. All Arma Patrinae will make up the ranks of the Barayan Company. On Protecting the Royal Family Each Hussar will be assigned to a member of the Barbanov royal family. When a member of the royal family is married off to a foreigner or leaves Haense for whatever reason, they forfeit the protection of the Golden Hussars. The Marian Retinue will serve as the assigned members to the King of Haense. Creed At this moment, my vigil begins. When the night grows dark and fears spreads through the camp, I swear to be steadfast. When the enemy comes in number towards our gates, I swear to hold my ground. When the King of Haense rides out to battle, I swear to be first at his side. And if the cost be my life itself, I shall bring victory.
  9. Best thing I’ve seen all week
  10. Wasn’t meant to be a personal jab @marquiseeam sorry. Was triggered by my great npc wife. Ily
  11. Couple things about this. First off, you weren’t the first Queen-Consort of Haense. That title goes to the esteemed @yopplwasupxxxduring my reign as Petyr I. The second part, you bring up a valid point. In generations past, Haense has done a poor job at involving the Queen-Consort in roleplay. We have just started fleshing out the powers of the Queen-Consort. As you may have seen, @Eryanehas been the pioneer in doing so. I highly advise you to check out her multitude of posts and responsibilities in the Haense section. It is an issue we are working to flesh out and solve. I wouldn’t attack Haense solely on this either. Every kingdom has a problem bringing their leader’s spouse into playing a role. However, if you look at every nation, I’d say Haense is leading the way in doing so.
  12. Axelu, it wasn’t always like this. I speak of the early times of Haense. However, whether you agree or not is your prerogative so I won’t argue that. This post was shared with the leadership prior to being made. We agreed to post it as it is something that needs to be worked on. The leadership is not in the right here either. We ALL need to work towards a better community, and that starts there.
  13. On the Haense Community The way to solve a problem is by first admitting you have one. I have been with the Haense community since its birth in Athera. It has grown and shrunk, won victories and losses, and seen many good times as well as bad. It is a good community; one that focuses on roleplay, friendliness, and looking after one another. I have met some of my greatest friends through Haense, and I would not give up that opportunity for the world. No community is perfect. It is made up of people, and while we try, none of us are perfect. However, we can take strides towards bettering our community so it can be more beneficial and enjoyable for all of us. My concern lies within how we treat other OOC. When times are good, we are friendly with one another. We work together to better our fellow community members. It is when times are bad that I will speak of today. When times are bad, whether they be IC or OOC, I notice an odd reaction from many in our great community. As we work hard and invest many hours into this community, we quickly become stressed out when things do not go our way. It is a human response, one that is understandable; however, it is how we choose to deal with our stress that we must work on. The most recent example I will point out is the reaction to Axelu’s IC post about the birthright of our current King. Whatever your opinion is on the subject is not going to be discussed here. What is going to be discussed is the OOC reaction to it. I am tired of the OOC name calling and shittalk. Yes, a lot of times it is a joke, but there are people in the community who do not take it as that. We can be mean, and we cannot move forward as a community if we insult one another in OOC when things go poorly. We need to hold each other accountable in our community if we are to solve this problem. I, for one, will no longer be condoning OOC insults and attacks on one another. Leave IC business IC. If there is an OOC issue, we can take it up in a small chat rather than publicly criticizing one another. This community has overcome a lot, and I want to remind everyone that it was not always like this. Lord of the Craft is a roleplay server for those looking for fun on their free time. Many of us spend countless hours making our roleplay experience what it is, but we need to realize that at the end of the day, the OOC people of the community come first. We cannot diminish one another. We cannot talk down to one another. We need to work together to grow. I know it's possible because I have grown tremendously in this community since its formation. My discord is always open to talk about any concerns you might have, but starting now, we begin working towards ending OOC fighting. Please refrain from any comments that are not constructive towards this goal. This isn’t a post to talk bad about other people or groups.
  14. RP Name:: Tiberius Barrow MC Username: Eddywilson2 Discord: Eddywilson2#2948 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Haense Why Do You Wish To Come?: Tiberius is the direct descendant of Karl Barbanov who perished killing the giant wyrm that had the Descendents flee Athera. He seeks to retrieve old artifacts from the ruins of Siegrad where Haense was founded with fellow knights of Haense. On an OOC level, I helped found Haense in Siegrad in Athera. There are a ton of incredible memories I have of the map that I would like to revisit. The chance to explore the ruins of our nation would be a fantastic roleplay experience I’d like to contribute to. What Skills Can You Bring?: IC: Battle command, combat skills, survival skills, beast mastery OOC: A good attitude, activity, and quality role play and ideas to contribute
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