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  1. The Order of the Golden Hussars “If you wish to win the hearts of the Highlanders, that you will one day rule, you must learn to lead from the front. Therefore, when riding to war, surround yourself with hard men- men sharper than steel, with hearts as cold as iron- who would stay by your side if you were to ride into the black mouth of Hell itself. Fight on the front lines, with these men beside you- and live. Then, perhaps, you may hope to begin the long task of earning the respect of your subjects.” -Otto Rovin, counseling a young Karl Barbanov [Horen’s Welcome, 1458]. Since the time of the Duke of Siegrad, the House of Barbanov has surrounded itself with its finest warriors. With the unfortunate death of the late King Andrik III, King Andrik Petyr has commissioned the creation of an order of Haense’s finest to serve as the personal retinue to the royal family. Henceforth, the Golden Hussars are hereby established. Their mission is trifold: -To serve as the heavy cavalry for the military of Haense, -To represent the King in battle, -To protect the royal family from all bodily harm. The Order of the Golden Hussars is comprised of Haenseni knights and dames as well as squires and pages who wish to one day be a Golden Hussar. As his first act as Knight Paramount, Ser Tiberius “Tide Breaker” Barrow commissioned the Golden Hussars as an official knightly order of Haense. Structure All members of the Golden Hussars are inherently equal as knights of the Crown. As such, there are no ranks within the Golden Hussars. The Golden Hussars follow the command of the Knight Paramount and the King of Haense. Each Hussar is permitted up to 2 squires and 3 pages at a time whose housing and upkeep shall be funded by the Crown. On the Haensic Royal Army The Golden Hussars serve as the Dres Ezred (Third Battalion) of the Royal Army of Haense. They serve as the heavy shock cavalry of the army; however, they have been known to work as mounted range units as well. Their missions are arduous and difficult so knights of the Golden Hussars must be capable to fight in any scenario. On the Marian Retinue “The dream of every child is to one day become a knight. The dream of every knight is to one day become a Kingsguard.” - Ser Osgod Colborn, [Harren’s Folly, 1472]. The Marian Retinue has long served as the official bodyguard of the King since the reign of Marius II. In honor of this long standing tradition, the Marian Retinue will remain as a sub-order of the Golden Hussars. The Marian Retinue will hereby be selected from the body of Golden Hussars for those of distinguished service and honorable performance in battle. On the Barayan Company “The only men I fear are those I have trained myself.” - Tarcell Othaman, [Harren’s Folly, 1471] The Barayan Company is hereby commissioned. The Barayan Company will be made up of 500 dismounted soldiers who will support the mounted Hussars as heavy infantry. The Barayan Company with serve as a sub-order of the Golden Hussars. All Arma Patrinae will make up the ranks of the Barayan Company. On Protecting the Royal Family Each Hussar will be assigned to a member of the Barbanov royal family. When a member of the royal family is married off to a foreigner or leaves Haense for whatever reason, they forfeit the protection of the Golden Hussars. The Marian Retinue will serve as the assigned members to the King of Haense. Creed At this moment, my vigil begins. When the night grows dark and fears spreads through the camp, I swear to be steadfast. When the enemy comes in number towards our gates, I swear to hold my ground. When the King of Haense rides out to battle, I swear to be first at his side. And if the cost be my life itself, I shall bring victory.
  2. Best thing I’ve seen all week
  3. Wasn’t meant to be a personal jab @marquiseeam sorry. Was triggered by my great npc wife. Ily
  4. Couple things about this. First off, you weren’t the first Queen-Consort of Haense. That title goes to the esteemed @yopplwasupxxxduring my reign as Petyr I. The second part, you bring up a valid point. In generations past, Haense has done a poor job at involving the Queen-Consort in roleplay. We have just started fleshing out the powers of the Queen-Consort. As you may have seen, @Eryanehas been the pioneer in doing so. I highly advise you to check out her multitude of posts and responsibilities in the Haense section. It is an issue we are working to flesh out and solve. I wouldn’t attack Haense solely on this either. Every kingdom has a problem bringing their leader’s spouse into playing a role. However, if you look at every nation, I’d say Haense is leading the way in doing so.
  5. Axelu, it wasn’t always like this. I speak of the early times of Haense. However, whether you agree or not is your prerogative so I won’t argue that. This post was shared with the leadership prior to being made. We agreed to post it as it is something that needs to be worked on. The leadership is not in the right here either. We ALL need to work towards a better community, and that starts there.
  6. On the Haense Community The way to solve a problem is by first admitting you have one. I have been with the Haense community since its birth in Athera. It has grown and shrunk, won victories and losses, and seen many good times as well as bad. It is a good community; one that focuses on roleplay, friendliness, and looking after one another. I have met some of my greatest friends through Haense, and I would not give up that opportunity for the world. No community is perfect. It is made up of people, and while we try, none of us are perfect. However, we can take strides towards bettering our community so it can be more beneficial and enjoyable for all of us. My concern lies within how we treat other OOC. When times are good, we are friendly with one another. We work together to better our fellow community members. It is when times are bad that I will speak of today. When times are bad, whether they be IC or OOC, I notice an odd reaction from many in our great community. As we work hard and invest many hours into this community, we quickly become stressed out when things do not go our way. It is a human response, one that is understandable; however, it is how we choose to deal with our stress that we must work on. The most recent example I will point out is the reaction to Axelu’s IC post about the birthright of our current King. Whatever your opinion is on the subject is not going to be discussed here. What is going to be discussed is the OOC reaction to it. I am tired of the OOC name calling and shittalk. Yes, a lot of times it is a joke, but there are people in the community who do not take it as that. We can be mean, and we cannot move forward as a community if we insult one another in OOC when things go poorly. We need to hold each other accountable in our community if we are to solve this problem. I, for one, will no longer be condoning OOC insults and attacks on one another. Leave IC business IC. If there is an OOC issue, we can take it up in a small chat rather than publicly criticizing one another. This community has overcome a lot, and I want to remind everyone that it was not always like this. Lord of the Craft is a roleplay server for those looking for fun on their free time. Many of us spend countless hours making our roleplay experience what it is, but we need to realize that at the end of the day, the OOC people of the community come first. We cannot diminish one another. We cannot talk down to one another. We need to work together to grow. I know it's possible because I have grown tremendously in this community since its formation. My discord is always open to talk about any concerns you might have, but starting now, we begin working towards ending OOC fighting. Please refrain from any comments that are not constructive towards this goal. This isn’t a post to talk bad about other people or groups.
  7. RP Name:: Tiberius Barrow MC Username: Eddywilson2 Discord: Eddywilson2#2948 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Haense Why Do You Wish To Come?: Tiberius is the direct descendant of Karl Barbanov who perished killing the giant wyrm that had the Descendents flee Athera. He seeks to retrieve old artifacts from the ruins of Siegrad where Haense was founded with fellow knights of Haense. On an OOC level, I helped found Haense in Siegrad in Athera. There are a ton of incredible memories I have of the map that I would like to revisit. The chance to explore the ruins of our nation would be a fantastic roleplay experience I’d like to contribute to. What Skills Can You Bring?: IC: Battle command, combat skills, survival skills, beast mastery OOC: A good attitude, activity, and quality role play and ideas to contribute
  8. “I wish His Holiness would do more about the many heretics that we’re at war against rather than the few who hide within the Empire!” Says a disgruntled Tiberius as he reads the Bull.
  9. A Tuvmas Day Armistice Penned by General Tiberius Haeseni and Lorrainian soldiers climb out of their trenches to play games together In honor of the holiday season, popularly referred to as Tuvmas or Krugmas, I call upon the AIS to agree to an armistice for the period of 1 Saint’s Day. During this day, both sides will agree to cease all hostilities in celebration of family, friends, and community. The armistice will end at the beginning of the next Saint’s Day (12:00am EST this evening) in which point the war shall resume. Use this time to enjoy the company of your family, your comrades, and your friends as well as those we are pitted against. Today is not a day of conflict, but of celebration.
  10. THE MELEE (FOR EVERYONE) NAME: Tiberius Barrow AGE: 27 TITLE (IF APPLICABLE) Exechquer of War, Imperial General LAND OF ORIGIN: Haense MC NAME: Eddywilson2 THE 3v3 MELEE (FOR EVERYONE) NAME: Tiberius Barrow AGE: 27 TITLE (IF APPLICABLE) Exechquer of War, Imperial General LAND OF ORIGIN: Haense MC NAME: Eddywilson2 THE JOUST (NOBILITY ONLY) NAME: Tiberius Barrow AGE: 27 TITLE: Exechquer of War, Imperial General LAND OF ORIGIN/HOLDING: Haense MC NAME: Eddywilson2
  11. To the Mighty Dwarves of Urguan, The 15th of The Grand Harvest, 1745 The Men and Women of Haense were once in a position such as yours. Bandits of the AIS plagued our lands for years, killing innocent civilians and looting their dead bodies for personal gain. When deserters from our military robbed our armory and left for them, we sought justice. It led to the justification of which the AIS based this war on initially. We are not an aggressive people by nature. The Highlands provide us with enough to survive, and we have no wants for other lands. We were content, and when bandits came, we defended our people. Similarly, you found yourselves in a similar situation with the bandits of Ruswick. I will not deny that we worked with them in the past. When your home, your loved ones, your people are at risk, you seek help where you can. However, we ended those dealings when they revealed their true nature to us. My question for you is this: Would the AIS have so quickly ousted Ruswick from their circle if they had not already been in a war with Oren? Would they have allowed them to continue as they had been when they initially joined the alliance? Bandits such as them were allowed by the AIS to attack our innocents. Who do you think they will turn their eyes to next when the war is over? Under the reign of Godfrey, the Dwarves and Man were strong allies. Both races experienced an era of prosperity where we fought with one another against bandits like these. History since then has clouded our memory of those days where justice was had for crimes against innocents. Many humans forget, but I do not. I hope you do not either. Do you think Morsgrad will sit idle when they can no longer take their bloodlust out on us? Do you think the content people of Haense are a bigger threat? These vile creatures spilt Dwarven blood. They may offer you kind words. I offer you justice. -Tiberius Barrow, General of the Imperial State Army and Exchequer of War for Haense
  12. The Battle of Reza, 1743 Imperial soldiers look on as Boniface and a second priest bless condemned Ruberni captured in the fighting. News of Suffonian movement had come quickly to Oren’s unified officer corps, the treacherous duke marching his levies towards Haenser soil as other aggressors rallied their banners against the Empire. Though the enemy force was primarily Suffonian Gypsies, Ruberni and Northlander units helped compose the ranks of roughly six-thousand converging in the town of Rubern. General Tiberius of Haense commanded a small detachment of scouts to probe the enemy, quickly finding them ready to march while Haenser heavy infantry converged with a brigade of Imperial troopers in Reza. The scouts pulled back, joining the light infantry from Helena as their march began at three-thousand strong. Though outnumbered two to one by the invading coalition force, the Orenians would not be dissuaded from defending their lands. The fighting began as Imperial troopers encountered Ruberni skirmishers, hails of arrows immediately responding to volleys of bolts from the soldiers kept in lockstep by Colonel Sabari. Haenser armored soldiers swiftly came in support of the Helena troopers, forcing the first screen of invaders to withdraw as casualties mounted from Orenian missiles. Though still outnumbering their opponents, the coalitioners were unable to press the advantage to any effect, choosing to mostly skirmish at their disadvantage. An opening in the Haenser’s right flank of infantry seduced the Ruberni in to charging, but the defending commander was able to deftly pull back to a sturdier formation, preventing the invaders from exploiting the attack. Meanwhile, the entirety of the coalition’s cavalry suffered a tremendous loss against Imperial pike and shot, Haenser soldiers beside Helena troopers handily resisting the coalition cavalry. With their tactical advantage removed from the fight and the sun setting, the invaders temporarily pulled back to make new plans. General Tiberius, wisely choosing to avoid any night attacks, returned the Orenian soldiers to Reza. The coalitioners attempted an attack on the city the following afternoon, but were forced to retreat and return home in the face of withering bolts hurled from the walls of Reza. After almost four long days of fighting, the Orenians saw the invaders gone from the field. Upwards of three-hundred Imperial men were killed or wounded, but most were able to be saved due to the proximity to home. On the opposing side, upwards of six-hundred coalitioners were killed or captured, and five-hundred steeds besides that. With their goals accomplished, and scoring four times the effect of their enemies, General Tiberius and Colonel Sabari could rest with a tremendous victory under their belts. However, they could not rest for long, as Ruberni raiders were back in the countryside not a day later in pursuit of revenge. The enemies were decisively defeated by Imperial troopers, and key figures captured, but that is a story for another time. Peter III admires his men’s handiwork from horseback.
  13. Florian cheers to the victory speech!
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