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  1. XxEnderking

    March of Wolves

    Hakon sat in the back of the crowd as Friggr stood up to speak, his head raised while ears listening. “I will fight only for you and our blood, not the empire. ONLY alongside you like I once did with your grandfather... My brother.” He huffed curling his hand into a fist, raising it into the air before slamming it down onto his chest. Hakon stood up from his seat inhaling deeply ”But that day will only come once I have served my purpose and completed my one objective as Rahdonir’s pack, I will pick up my staff and wield my flames beside you as my four limbs replace themselves with wide wings of fire rising from the ashes returning to my former self.” His neck begins to tense as he spoke while his chest slightly raises ”When the box within my heart breaks open revealing my old name and when the wolf of Rahdonir dies as a bird raises it’s self from its corpse setting ablaze and with all the weight lifting off its shoulders the wings will flap raising itself from the ground and reaching the skies with its freedom...” Hakon sighed pausing for a moment allowing his fist to drop back down to his side. ”On that day is when I will carry the Skarpefanger’s symbol onto the battlefield for I will fight beside you until our final breath.” He sat back down breathing for a moment before muttering his words into the wind ”Vows made in ash.”
  2. XxEnderking

    Uprising: Rebirth

    Can't wait for it.
  3. Username XxEnderking Discord ChumChum#8528 Timezone Gmt +4 What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Arberrang, Haense, Kaz'ulrah and a bit of Dominion. Staff History None Ban History I don't remember this, But here. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/133594-xxenderking-ban-appeal-arzota/?tab=comments#comment-1274301 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/136483-xxenderkings-appeal/?tab=comments#comment-1294291 I remember this. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/129871-xxenderkings-ban-appeal-vanir/?tab=comments#comment-1245229 Blacklist History: I don't remember this, they are so old xD https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/135644-blacklist-xxenderking-730am/?tab=comments#comment-1287819 Why do you want to join the Event Team? Well, on the time I am on (GMT +4) I can't really find any roleplay, so I'm usually just sitting down afk, or reading up some lore. I had my mind on the topic for a while and decided that maybe an Et would be a good choice. Watching and participating in events has also encouraged this idea and made me feel better about it more than I did before. I enjoy seeing the happiness and joy of people when they are in the middle of a good event, I want to be able to give the same effect as well. Why should we accept you onto the Team? Well, Considering my timezone, It gives me the opportunity to cover the players that are on, it could be people in the middle east or simply people that are still up and can't sleep. Either way, when I'm on in the morning/afternoon I can be there to give people something to do and hopefully cure their boredom. This would hopefully prove to be helpful on the team. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Well, I do wish to make some Quests, Dungeons, and even Low - High fantasy events, But I will eventually stumble upon more types of event that I will try and perform. What makes a good event? There can be no specific answer because every player has their own opinion on what they would want more in an event. Some prefer to have the event to be more PvE oriented that continues on, and others prefer to add more roleplay with a short-term event instead. What makes an event good is an event that will draw in your participants so that they feel interested in going deeper into the event, The event should be flexible... laying out many options for the players to choose from so they don't feel restricted or useless, finally leaving the event open up for more progression to allow players to want to continue, giving them a reason to look forward for the next event. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: Event 1: An old wrinkly man in overalls and a worn out cloak waddles his way to a group of five people sitting in a tavern as they chug down some ale. He speaks to the bundle of people, his voice rough and weak- He asks the five if they are willing to help him out... He gives them the task of either capturing or bringing the head of a gryphon- if they capture the beast then they are better rewarded, If they refuse to aid the old man it will result in him trying to bribe them- perhaps offering a reward to fit their work. The old man leads them out into the woods to a small gravel path that leads out of the forest and starts to spiral upwards along the mountains, the old man follows the group for a bit... but without noticing the group and the old man spilt. The travellers face a few obstacles, first, they encounter a few boulders rolling down the mountainside and depending on the situation they will need to roll 10 or above in order to escape the impact and collision of the boulders. After they are done with that, continuing up further they notice a small cave entrance- If they choose to enter and explore the small cave, they run into a mountain troll laying down in a pile of bones and fur. They can choose to fight the troll and then collect what they want from the cave, or they can try to flee and continue up the mountain on their main task. Upon reaching the top of the mountain, it's covered by a large nest with a few eggs resting against the side. On entering the nest they see the eggs start to shake and then eventually hatch but the newborns don't make a sound as they simply die after they hatched. You hear the cry of a mourning gryphon as it lands on the nest knocking the group against the edge of the nest. This is where the group make their encounter with the gryphon leaving the scenario up to them. Event 2: In the cold, the harsh and violent breeze of winter fills the settlement, A whisper can be heard from within the howling winds trying to draw out a few people. The group that follows the whisper are lead into the middle of nowhere deep in a snowy biome, all they see in the blank white plain is a small home with yellow lights that glow out of the windows onto the porch along with dark fences that surround the house. The house looks welcoming and safe, clouds swirl in the sky forming a deformed face or skull like image directly above the house but this would be hardly noticeable to anyone who rolls below 10 while looking at the sky. Once the players decide they want to enter the house they find the door has weird foreign runes carved into it along with a bone tooth necklace hanging at the center, They will find the door really loose that on contact it creaks open showing a nice and normal looking interior home with a bearskin rug and two rocking chairs placed in front of a small fireplace along with a bookshelf placed against the wall, Old paintings with the illusion where the eyes follow you hung on the walls as well.. There was a shelf above the fireplace that had a black both with a golden flower design on its sides and then a small round amethyst on the top of the box. Different types of reactions from the players would cause different types of outcomes leaving the possibility of multiple scenarios. The rest of the event would take off from what they have chosen to do. Event 3: Men and woman laugh and scream at each other while getting drunk accompanied by tavern music causing a few people to get up and dance along. Everything was working well, the place was full of life in its purest form! While fun dances throughout the tavern, the side wall bursts open shooting out debris in random directions creating a large amount of dust with a large shadow inside it. A massive horned bear runs through the dust attacking the members inside the tavern Impaling a few of them as well (NPC), It huffs and roars tossing his horns and body around breaking tables and chairs in the tavern. While the blood runs down one of its horns it reveals a few markings that lead down to its blood red eyes, Its furry body has a few bald patches along with a few arrows stuck in its side. This massive beast’s belly is covered in multiple runes that were cut into its skin! As the dust clears away, blue tainted paw prints created by the bear leads out into a forest where the trees are covered in scratch marks and blue goo or sludge. While the bear rages in the trashed tavern, a deep laughter emerges from the forest causing the bear to get worse and rage even further.
  4. XxEnderking

    [✗] Hurthflur Vaskr [Magic]

    A good way to get the Gorundyr culture active again. It adds more ways for people to rp, and to try out a new culture. +1
  5. =Application= MC Name: XxEnderking RP Name: Delvin Vulso Discord: ChumChum#8528 Highest Magic Tier (If applicable): Tier 5 Fire Evocation Magic Guild (if any): I have joined the Mage guild in dominion awhile back, I believe 1 or 2 months ago. I don't know if anyone knows I'm still in it or anything. Do you have any experience in a military?: I was in the hearthguards of Haense until it was disbanded and remade into the Brotherhood.
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  7. XxEnderking

    XxEnderking's Appeal [????]

    Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Poor Villain RP and meta-gaming Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): XxEnderking Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Meta-gaming Character Witnesses (Name(s)):I dont know Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): I apologize for the very poor villain rp, and im sorry for meta-gaming i will make sure it wont happen again. Screenshots/Vids (Link): https://gyazo.com/be68e5de7cd3ae6e573b6f9a848ae7e1
  8. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link):https://gyazo.com/dc10d26bac5bf3cb64889b2683323a00 Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban):XxEnderking Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): NOTHING Character Witnesses (Name(s)): no one Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect):Okay look, I first want to state that I JUST LOST 25 DOLLARS FOR NO REASON! Also i was banned for a fake/wrong comment, they thought i was MGing when these people tried to Kidnap me in rp (_Arya_, Narthok, KIng_Dreamer). So what happen is Some one saw me when i was getting kidnapped so they msged (Bird) a friend to come and when pvp was declared the 2 players ran away (Phant0msummoner, THemasker) then some one msged phantom that pvp was off then they followed the 3 into felsen, and killed The 3 players THen i managed to revive NArthok and _Arya_ and i stuck to rp but then they were killed again so there was nothing i could do so i am saying that i was banned for no reason Even though the admin stated the reason which is Fake/wrong. (Btw i hope my rank isnt gone because if it is, I lost $25 dollars for no reason)(And i know im ment to apeal on 14 of sep but i did this for a reason). Screenshots/Vids (Link):No link sorry
  9. XxEnderking

    [Bug]Dark Elf Speed Boost

    Hey, I have a dark elf char which is my main character. I was told if you crouch 2 times the dark elf gets a speed boost, and its true i have seen it but when i tried to do it nothing happens so i think it may be bugged for me. If you could fix it That would be nice, Thank you.
  10. Player Report (If applicable, please provide a link): Sadly no one reported me sorry Minecraft Name (at the time of your ban): XxEnderking Rule Broken/Disputed (Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.): Mass slaughter of sheep's for the 2ND time Character Witnesses (Name(s)): there are none Event Details (Reason for actions. Apology. Etc.): Well I got banned a while ago for 2 hours for killing more than 25% of the animals in a pen, And after i got unbanned I didnt even go near the animals + when i killed the animals i only killed 3 or 4 i didnt slaughter them so yeah As i was saying When i got unbanned I went to the high elves then the dwarves i didnt kill any animals then then i got banned again for a mass slaughter of sheep's on the same day for 2 weeks for the same reason when i didnt even repeat it. Screenshots/Vids (Link):http://gyazo.com/e00a4de013d78a4aa6e05105b5912a33