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  1. MC Name: XxEnderking Discord: ChumChum#8528 Character Name: Delvin Age: 127 Race: Human Reason For Joining: Wanting to learn Alchemy before the dark times (Lore games), when all science suddenly vanished and no longer worked. Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): None
  2. "Thes craftsmansheps dunt look balanced en aneh way, yeh could chop yar feet off or deslocayt yer shoulder boi swengen et." Grumbled an old man
  3. You say that dragon fire can't melt metal due to it needed a long constant channel of fire to do so. But what about other materials like wood, stone, flesh and possibly other stuff that is not metal. Saying that it is just stronger than normal fire confuses me since normal fire already has so many different levels of heat, atleast specifying what dragon fire can actually do instead of just saying what it can't do. Also what part will it play out of combat for Azdrazi smithing/forging? Isn't it needed to make dracanium?
  4. "Gr-Ogg.. Al-Ways.. Wash.. Gr-Ogg.. Keep.. Cl-Ean.." The large structure rumbled shortly after Ka Klad.
  5. I'm sure the higher ups spoke about how they might make it so you can submit a new spell to see if it can get added in or not.
  6. Tell me someone who trains in mundane combat for 6 months and doesnt just spawn with the skills.
  7. This is already a big weakness, if you read the lore it says that a void mage is not only very weak but they feel pain more than the average person which makes it easy to get them out of their focus of casting. The Voidal weakening is a good weakness and if someone doesn't rp it then report them.
  8. Application RP Name: Poorly written in this section as if a blind child did this g R og g MC Name: XxEnderking Race/Subrace: Golem Discord name and number: ChumChum#8528 Have you served in previous Dwarven militaries? If so, which: No
  9. Hakon sat in the back of the crowd as Friggr stood up to speak, his head raised while ears listening. “I will fight only for you and our blood, not the empire. ONLY alongside you like I once did with your grandfather... My brother.” He huffed curling his hand into a fist, raising it into the air before slamming it down onto his chest. Hakon stood up from his seat inhaling deeply ”But that day will only come once I have served my purpose and completed my one objective as Rahdonir’s pack, I will pick up my staff and wield my flames beside you as my four limbs replace themselves with wide wings of fire rising from the ashes returning to my former self.” His neck begins to tense as he spoke while his chest slightly raises ”When the box within my heart breaks open revealing my old name and when the wolf of Rahdonir dies as a bird raises it’s self from its corpse setting ablaze and with all the weight lifting off its shoulders the wings will flap raising itself from the ground and reaching the skies with its freedom...” Hakon sighed pausing for a moment allowing his fist to drop back down to his side. ”On that day is when I will carry the Skarpefanger’s symbol onto the battlefield for I will fight beside you until our final breath.” He sat back down breathing for a moment before muttering his words into the wind ”Vows made in ash.”
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