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  1. kender123

    Chooshire's AMA

    Okai for real though, 1975 or Lose a kidney hoe
  2. kender123

    Chooshire's AMA

  3. I need to see more of your writing god dammit! It's been too long!

    Also if you ever need help with anything or need help with a project you know how to contact me 😉


    1. Farryn




      It's not much but there's two stories uploaded, one being an expert and one with two chapters done (and just so happens will be around 40 chapters long.)

    2. kender123


      Excellent! Finally something koala tea

  4. Day Ight +1 I only +1ed for Yammy to be back. Please and thank you.
  5. kender123

    Kry's Bust Stuff

    Character Description (be as descriptive as possible!): A brute Wood Elf cleric with soft skin, Reddish Orange hair that compliment his shiny amber eyes. His elf ears usually have earrings on them (2 on each ear), only scars he has is one that comes across his jawline. Character Sheet: tinyurl.com/yacxnc6o Skin Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/0e9c19f2f024261b1dd4a723d7b05f16 Extra Shading: Yes plz Reference(s): https://imgur.com/QShK2Sx (Found in character sheet)
  6. kender123

    [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    Finally, it only took 4 maps to make a adjustments kek
  7. kender123

    [Denied][GM] [App] KenderWender's soul on sale

    I remember when we fought and there were loads of you, yet all I could here was “Emote in the next 5 seconds or I’m calling a GM or reporting.” And if you want ideas I wish to prevent players like that from happening as that is harassment. I can take criticism and most the emotes that we’re thrown at me were most likely power-game along with elements of meta when your party slain all of us cause of random halflings and spooks charging in, because of this event that happened it pushed me even more to become a GM so I can assist situations like this properly. If that is your issue then I’d gladly like to show you how I work as a Trial Gm as I think I have a good chance, despite most the banter being thrown around that doesn’t bother me but it does tell me what I can improve on, so thank you for your feedback.
  8. IGN(s): kender123 Age: 18 Timezone: EST Discord: Kendy#9130 What map did you join during?: I joined about 2-3 years ago? Can't remember the realm but I came back to Lotc and found myself in Axios. (I was caught up with finishing school back then which is why I didn't play on too much of the other realms.) Do you have access to a microphone?: Yep yep but I'm currently looking for a better one. Average daily playing time?: I'm usually on all the time but I'd like to occasionally go and play some other games, but estimated amount of time I take playing is 5-10 hours that vary. I'm usually on whenever I am needed for something if it I'm asked. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: Nah man, I'm just a normie Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I thought of this decision for a bit now and I'm finally getting to work on an application after seeing a few friends that came and go on the GM team I think it's time I try and make a difference. I've been wanting to do something on this server other than do small amounts of rp or sit afk doing nothing when at times I could be doing something far better, or even just dealing with tickets that people need help with when other GMs aren't online to deal with. I think I'd be a great addition to the GM team because I can do whatever I'm told and when I'm set on a path it's hard for me to step out of the zone I put myself into, so why not give ye boi a chance? :^ ) I'd love to get to know the team and help with most of the issues that come along the way as I hope to only handle situations civilly, I try my best to be as friendly as I can and not as bias towards certain feuds between players or other Staff Members. This may be short but this is my first application to any staff position so have mercy on my man, I'm only a normie. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: Nope Anything else you want to tell us?: Take my soul daddy-san
  9. kender123

    [✗] Clerical Wards [Re-written]

    I support this movement. +1 Great job Farryn at bringing something more interesting for the clerics. :D
  10. kender123

    [✓] Adherents of Tahariae | Charter

    J'Alan Aureon (kender123)