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  1. The old elven brute looks over the letter with curiosity, a smirk growing across his face as he read the signed name “Couldn’t be anymore proud, my son...Let Tah shine his light once more.” J’alan would begin to heat up a forge and return back to perfecting his craft as another flame was rekindled within himself.
  2. +1 i’m so proud now time to be real deadbeat dad
  3. I need to see more of your writing god dammit! It's been too long!

    Also if you ever need help with anything or need help with a project you know how to contact me ?


    1. Farryn




      It's not much but there's two stories uploaded, one being an expert and one with two chapters done (and just so happens will be around 40 chapters long.)

    2. kender123


      Excellent! Finally something koala tea

  4. kender123

    Kry's Bust Stuff

    Character Description (be as descriptive as possible!): A brute Wood Elf cleric with soft skin, Reddish Orange hair that compliment his shiny amber eyes. His elf ears usually have earrings on them (2 on each ear), only scars he has is one that comes across his jawline. Character Sheet: tinyurl.com/yacxnc6o Skin Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/0e9c19f2f024261b1dd4a723d7b05f16 Extra Shading: Yes plz Reference(s): https://imgur.com/QShK2Sx (Found in character sheet)
  5. Finally, it only took 4 maps to make a adjustments kek
  6. I support this movement. +1 Great job Farryn at bringing something more interesting for the clerics. :D
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