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  1. Pando_

    [Denied]Narthok's GM application

  2. Pando_

    [Denied] Blago's AT Application

    sure +1
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    Jacob's glorious LT app

    Knows his lore! +1
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    Anisgar's 2nd Wiki Application

    +1 :)
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    [Denied]Malgonious GM Application

  7. Pando_

    [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    Known Lucas for over a solid 2 years, he seems more than capable of frequently answering modreqs and attending to new players acquiring assistance when somewhat new to the community. Furthermore, Lucas retains a very friendly/positive attitude towards not only players but also moderators therefore a prime candidate for the correspondent team. Lucas is very capable of being on when inquired to log on at designated times to perform specific tasks instructed to him from higher ranking officials retaining to be on the moderator team. Additionally Lucas has much experience in the game and how to fix given issues that regard the corresponding platform such as aiding developers in fixing the "warclaim lag" and other assets required to perform specific tasks on the server. Has my full suport +1
  8. Pando_

    [Denied] Anisgar's AT Application

    ahjahj +1