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    Name: jesterAge: 202Nationality/Faction: noRace: wood elfTitle: jester
  2. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    Vote: MC Name Pando_RP Name: Rorry(Place an X beside the candidate name)Hamnil Frostbeard:Torvin “The Dragon” Blackaxe: X
  3. [Denied]Narthok's GM application

  4. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    Your boyfriend just said three? Make up your mind old man
  5. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    Its not red faith, its when you hire dozens of tribal warriors only to frantically jump off our island and flee.
  6. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    "We were more than willing to carry through the moot though when you arrive to our capital with bands of tribal warriors it varied our opinions."
  7. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    Who said we have to do a moot?
  8. Holy Writ of the Hearth Council

    Implying he didnt just snag it
  9. The Thorned Crown

    "Norlandic Goon? Ha!" he'd cackle resting upon the three chests of arrows the kook made for him.
  10. A New Beginning

    "Stop being spineless fucks and read the missive."
  11. [Denied] Blago's AT Application

    sure +1
  12. A New Beginning

    "Jevan did not disband the faith, though expelled it from Norland."
  13. The Thorned Crown

    "The only vile actions which I have seen is which when members in the Raid Faith violently attempt to convert those who oppose their correspondent religion." Ser Edward would scoff
  14. ♛ Two Axes Clash ♛

    stop hacking btw