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  1. ARDRYLL MORVAEL OFFICE OF THE LAURIR HAELUN’OR BANISHMENT OF RAEWYNN VISAJ “Dearest Citizenry, For crimes of the gravest nature; attacking the Maheral with no justification rather than her own uruk-born bloodlust. For disparaging the council, the state and its principles to which guide our nation with glimmering silver light. Standing upon our blessed foundations, offering little control of her malignant tongue as she would echo deceit and defamation. Raewynn Visaj is banished from The Silver Enclave of Haelun’or and all of its lands. Any attempt to invade or infiltrate our gates shall be only met with a similar brutality she attempted, within the depths of the library. Regards, Ardryll Morvael Laurir of Haelun’or, Prince of Malinor, Royarch of Elandriel.”
  2. If you’ve items in Adria you’ve got the next three days (12/04/19) to remove them before facing eviction.

    1. drfate786


      Is this a joke or for real?

    2. Pandan


      PRO gave permission along with two administrators. Its real!

    3. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Region evictions should take 7 days before happening

  3. ARDRYLL MORVAEL OFFICE OF THE LAURIR HAELUN’OR DECLARATION OF DIRAAR “Citizens of the Silver Enclave, I address you this evening as an equal, as the Laurir of our blessed council. I address you upon the most principal of topics that seeks to bring our nation to its knees, collapsing it upon a ruin of ash. I speak of course of the Sillumiran, supposed guardians of the mali’thill people. For what seems moments ago a crime of most harrowing nature was brought before me, I wish not express the finite details I could bare to witness myself but it was a sight of true horror. Blood splattered on walls, drawn into chaotic runic marks that seemingly called upon the darkest of draoi arts. With the corpses scattered, any resemblance of our directive and mandates have been completely discarded into the abyss. Meanwhile those striving within ignorance continue to utter words of revolt and disarray, for this we cannot stand any longer. Our blessed Silver Enclave has reached the border of mental endurance, if we continue without action then we shall be cast aside into a nationwide catastrophe to which moderation and patience are disregarded. If we are to preserve the hope of our people, to preserve the way of life we’ve come to own and adore then we must act. We must prevent this confrontation of our path, and thus we declare the following within solidarity as the selected leaders of our council. I declare that of today, the Sillumiran faces a temporary measure of abdication. Instead replaced with a militaristic council of national orientation. With the unfortunate vacancy of an Okarir’tir I have concluded this be the only appropriate method of continuing, and with such raise the Maheral to a position of absolute militaristic authority until this crisis can be resolved. I wish for the citizenry to understand our motivations and goals, for we seek not to change the ways of our people but instead allow us to centre upon what truly matters. This declaration of the newly formed council of national orientation shall be published following this missive, defining the terms and standards of appropriate public order. I assure you as one of your own, as the situation of our vulnerability comes to gradually stabilise the freedoms of public life will be restored. However to ensure that national interest preservers in moments of hardship we must not count upon weakness or indecision. As a sovereign state we must resolve this crisis ourselves, restoring stability of our own accord. Ardryll Morvael Laurir“ Declaration of Diraar The Regulations of Temporary Martial Law Until further notice, the following laws are enacted and enforced. All citizenry of the Silver Enclave are to respect and follow them without question. [I ]: The Sillumiran are temporarily disbanded; with their ranks redistributed into an alternative agency of internal authority. Any laws established within the Silver Enclave are to be ENFORCED, with the direct orders of its leading members followed without question. [II]: With the absence of an Okarir’tir, Maheral Dimaethor Visaj is arisen to the highest authority of all militaristic matters. His responsibilities are elevated to ensure to establishment and pursuit of the MAEHR’SAE HILYUN’EHYA, with any further action required being received without further approval. [III]: A minor purity tribunal is able to be called upon any citizen without clause, to ensure their commitment towards the ideals of the mali’thill. If questions arise without answer, or they are shown to be disobedient towards the path of silver they are liable to be punished with a maximum of a SECOND TIER infraction. [IV]: Private property and possessions are to be presented without resistance upon request, with any concerning material of UNREST or DEGRADATION to be bought before immediate trial. Should they be considered to be of risk to mali’aheral society, a FOURTH TIER punishment may be considered. [V]: To ensure the absence of further traitorous and unsafe material from entering the Silver Enclave, the gate policy shall be enforced to its fullest extent. Foreign people shall be INTERROGATED and with any suspicion turned away. Those mali’thill without adequate explanation for their departure may be bought before tribunal.
  4. ARDRYLL MORVAEL OFFICE OF THE LAURIR HAELUN’OR PUBLIC NOMINATION OF OKARIR’TIR “Citizenry of the Silver Enclave, Today I bring two complimentary missives, one detailing vast change within the current governmental structure and another seeking the consultation of the collective wisdom. The first is recognition of change towards the seats upon which the council resides. Raewynn Visaj has stepped away from her role due to departing the Silver Enclave, with myself taking ownership of the Laurir designation until further notice. Nerithil Valareith shall lead our pursuits of knowledge from the mantle of Okarir’maehr and Delos Telperion will fill the void left by myself as Okarir’san. But such developments have resulted within an unfortunate absence, the Sillumiran require guidance from a watchful Okarir’tir. One of authority to usher in a new era of militaristic ambition, one that shall reflect the true jurisdiction of our great enclave of silver. Thus we turn to the people, to nominate themselves or another to lead with valiance and aptitude. Mali’thill. Offer us your nominations for the vacant seat of Okarir’tir. Laurir Ardryll Morvael.” A description would be attached, along with form for those to acknowledge their nominations ((respond rply to this thread)). Okarir’tir The Okarir’tir is the commander of the military, referred to as the Sillumir. They are responsible for the protection of the Silver State and her people, the preservation of the Mali’thill way of life, as well as for the achievement of success on the battlefield. The Okarir’tir is appointed as the defender of maehr’sae hiylun’ehya; progress and health and in such have the authority to remove any of those they deem an obstacle to such.
  5. Brexit isn't real @Pandan

    1. Pandan


      Hidden for false accusations.

  6. ARDRYLL MORVAEL OFFICE OF THE OKARIR’SAN HAELUN’OR SILVER AND SOVEREIGNTY Whilst the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or remains indebted towards the Kingdom of Gladewynn for their assistance within restoring unity and stability for the mali’aheral people, the time to acknowledge change has come about. The sovereignty to which we sacrificed in honour to our people, to bring them together, is something to which must be restored once more. Hence with the following proposed terms, we have managed to restore an alliance between our two great nations that shall only come to bring even greater unity between the ‘ame and ‘thill. - maehr'sae hiylun'ehya - The Terms, agreed upon by both nations, are as followed: [I ]: The Protectorate of Haelun’or is hereby disestablished; its lands, people and resources are restored beneath a new sovereign state, the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or. It holds the right to manage all internal and external affairs, including conference and diplomacy in regards to international relations. [II]: The Kingdom of Gladewynn and the newly formed Silver Enclave of Haelun’or shall be unified in an alliance of military, trade and information. Both states hold absolute responsibility of mutual defense, agreeing to provide military support when the sovereignty of another is at risk. [III]: No restriction of movement shall be enforced between the two nations, providing the person in question has not been explicitly banished by the governing body. In any circumstance neither nation is obliged to extradite figures deemed unlawful by the other. [IV]: Both nations recognise the Royarch of the Elves as the one and only true representative of the Wood Elven people, and the Maheral of Haelun’or as the one and only true representative of the High Elven people. This agreement reaches across every realm, known or unknown. [V]: In circumstance of establishing external alliances outside of this treaty, both nations must prior agree to the terms when proposed and also adhere to a mutual agreement with the nominated nation. Those signed beneath pledge their names and respective nations to the terms in unanimity, bound by blood to the oath in which they commit. THE MORTAL QUEEN, LAYLA ATRAEDES, LADY OF THE BARROWLANDS AND LOFTYWOODS, SOVEREIGN OF THE ELVES AND SERVANT OF MALIN THE MAHERAL, DIMAETHOR VISAJ, PROTECTOR OF ALL HIGH ELVES, SILVER-BLOODED, RULER OF THE PURE, THE COMPLETION OF THE PLEDGE, AND SERVANT OF LARIHEI
  7. Does anyone make skins? I can't pay within mina, but can use paypal!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pandan


      Depends on the going rates, I suppose. 

    3. Mj.


      200 mina for a pair of sunnies 500 and you can use my skin 

    4. JasperJohn


      you should contact people like areln and halsi, I hear they are great!

  8. I.. er, anyone know how to change the ol' status? Mines gone all funky, and I used to use AdminCP!

    1. Harrison


      to change what now

    2. Pandan


      I.. meant signatures. I fixed it however. 

    3. AGiantPie


      Admin disconnect personified..

  9. What did I miss?

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    2. Space


      top shelf because it's hardly used and out of the way


      ok i'm done

    3. EntoraX


      birdy there's like 9 million gms cant you just pm one to tp to you

    4. Pandan


      In reflection, it would've been better to provide nations access to the a/b/c regions but remove settlements that appeared outside of their regions. It may still be a possible option, and I'm available to answer any questions a GM/Admin/player may have. 

  10. Quick Question: How would you feel about the first (and current) settlements receiving LC also? 

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    2. SeventhCircle


      I think thats fine

    3. idiot


      Yeah. I think the first settlements should get Lc.

    4. Moochael



  11. How is everybody doing?

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    2. BrandNewKitten


      I wanna get back to work tbh. This map is pretty af

    3. BrandNewKitten


      Also I'm super excited to explore again!

    4. ShannonLeigh
  12. As per expected, we're running over slightly on the given timeframe. Be aware the development team has been working solidly for over 12 hours so patience is most appreciated. 

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    2. JasperJohn


      @A Moongazer 'that's nexus for you' is the new Thanks Obama.

    3. Smaw


      Adam, leave your salt in Vailor. It nearly ended that map itself.

    4. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      he lend hands to leo and they increased together the blood pressure world-wide

  13. Time to sleep and hope nothing is burning when I wake up. 

    1. Harrison


      dw dan, you have me to watch over everything for you :DDD

    2. Emenzi


      Don't be to hungover!


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