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  1. Welcome Brother Thyme, Rhova'dir, to the Circle of the Old Hunt.
  2. Circle of the Old Hunt Purpose The Circle of the Old Hunt is a newly formed circle of Druii who hold their duties to the Aspects high and number one priority. They will do whatever it takes to protect nature and the balance, such as restore land that is destroyed or tainted and fight against the undead/dark beings. We teach of the Aspects, Cerridwen and Cernunnos, and what they stand for. We do not hold anyone to any oath, for their oath is to the Aspects and the natural balance. The Archdruids The Archdruids are the leaders of this circle. They are the ones who do the political work of the circle as well as run any and all activities the circle becomes involved in, if they are needed to aid in some sort of way. Sister Raven, Nynaeve [ GoddessofNight ] Brother Bat, Oropher [ SimpleSuspect ] The Mentors They are the teachers of the dedicants, helping them learn of the Aspects and training them in combat. All dedicants are taught by each of the mentors in some way, shape, and form. Sister Raven, Nynaeve Brother Bat, Oropher Brother Thyme, Rhova'dir The Druids They are the attuned Druii of the circle. They are ones who go out and fulfill the ways of the Aspects, restoring nature if needed and battling those who wish to destroy or harm it. Recognized Hierophants Brother Bull, Toren [ RideTheSky] Brother Metal, Sharr [ lordbobby123 ] Sister Owl, Arin [ Delmodan ] The Dedicants Those who wish to learn the Ways of the Aspects. They are on the path of Druidism and are taught by the Mentors. All dedicants go through lessons and tasks in order to learn how to be a proper Druid. Hareven [ Old_Man_Darklore ] Thornir [ Motjam_ ] Silvyr [ Lumiin ] Elrune [ BloodSaint ] Maeglin [ XxRealLinkxX ] Kese [ OrcAzog ] Rupert [ KaiserThoren ] Blossom [ MindBroken ] Allies The allies are those who wish to aid the circle in any way in order to protect the balance and fight against the undead/dark beings. Falling Horizons Guild Queendom of Calethia Warhawkes Any allies with Falling Horizons The Holy League How to join How to join this circle is simple. Either fill out the form below or find Nynaeve in the game! We accept any and all who wish to join the path of the Aspects, protect nature and it’s balance, and fight against those who wish to destroy it. The Form MC Name: Discord: Timezone: IC Name: Age: Race Why do you wish to join the circle?: Do you have combat knowledge?: How To Become An Ally Simply fill out the form below. Allies are always welcome to help the Circle and we are willing to help our allies in battling the undead and dark beings. The Form MC Name: Discord: Timezone: Guild/Organization/Nation Name: Why do you wish to become allies with the circle?: Do you have combat knowledge?:
  3. "Ten thousand Mina for all three of them." Nynaeve would grumble, crossing her arms.
  4. Nynaeve would have heard the news, finding herself in a secluded spot in her own grove. Oliver had become someone she viewed as a brother, a friend. Family. She let out a sigh as she placed the rose bush down into the dirt with a sign and little fence around it. "Oliver, you and I were much alike as well as very different. I know we shared the same thoughts...the same beliefs. I promise, when Kary returns, I will make sure he is taken care of. I will also make sure Aiden is taken care of. This is my promise to you, my dear friend." Nyn would then place a raven feather from her hair beside the bush and the sign. (( Image taken from google )) This rose bush is in memorial to Oliver. A wonderful friend, father, and brother. May you find peace among the flowers and the tree as you finally rest.
  5. Nynaeve would sigh softly from her home far from Linandria or the Orcs. "I guess being a part of Hareven's guild is a good thing....affiliates are protected by the Uruks." she chuckles lightly, looking over to her daughter who was happily playing on the field beside her. "I should go visit again to see how they are doing."
  6. Nynaeve Sagehand would have received the news, causing her to collapse where she stood and let out a loud sob. "Ivlisar....my...my son.." she let out pained sobs, her hands coming to her face. After she numbed herself to the pain of losing her son, she found a small place in her grove and set up a small sapling. "May the Aspects guide you....Ivlisar Sagehand." With that, Nynaeve moved back into her little hobble of a home.
  7. Oh, I need to buy the boat too...how much will that be?
  8. Raven Druid, Nynaeve Sagehand ( GoddessofNight ) *Totem is back to Raven and my mcname is changed.
  9. All right.
  10. @SquirtGun Tell Kary I love him and miss him and that I hope he stays safe.
  11. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Sea Charter Island: Ceru Point A: Sagehand Grove Exact co-ordinates of Point A: X160, Z250 Point B: Sutica Exact co-ordinates of Point B: X78, Z248
  12. Yaaaaaaaaaaas
  13. I love you, K0llu! YOU COME BACK AND **** OK.
  14. I gives my Zinbear a +1
  15. MC Name: KitsunePrincess Character's Name: Nynaeve Sagehand Character's Age: 116 Character's Race: Woof Elf Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Communion & Control Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Nature's Communion Nature's Communion is where you are connected to the life of the nature around them. They can listen, feel, and even communicate with the nature and animals around them. This is the first step into Druidism. When a person is first attuned, this is the very first thing they learn how to do. It will be hard for a newly attuned Druid to understand nature and animals at first, but with time and experience it will become clearer to the Druid as to what Nature is saying. Control of Nature Control of Nature is the gift of being able to ask nature requests to help them keep the balance. One cannot really control nature, but the Druid is allowed to make requests and commune with plants to try and get the gain of what the Druii needs. A Druid learning Control of Nature could start with growing a simple seed into a flower to ending up growing a tree in time. It is difficult, but in time a Druid can do much with this gift. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Nynaeve would take her student to a garden that she knows of. The Elfess would smile gently as she took a seat in the grass, motioning for the student to do the same. "Now that you can hear the hum of the nature around you, it is time for you to learn how to communicate with it." Nyn would begin as she pulled out a few seeds from her satchel bag. Her eyes would soon take on a periwinkle glow as she looked to the student. "You first need to connect to the nature around you. You do this by clearing your mind of everything but the sound of the nature around you." The student would nod, closing their eyes and taking a deep breath. Nyn would wait for them to open their eyes and take on the colored glow of their eyes to indicate they are connected. "Good, now...this is the harder part since you are newly attuned. Take one of these seeds and hold it in your hand. You will try and focus on the hum this seed has. It is very much different from the rest of nature around you. Once you have it, you will then ask it to grow." The student would then blink in confusion, however would stare at the seeds. They would then reach out to take a seed and hold it in their palm. Nyn would see the nervousness in their eyes as they stared at the seed. "You can do it...the Aspects have granted you the gifts to commune with the nature around you and ask it for favours." The student nodded slowly, taking a breath before now focusing on the seed. It would take a few moments before the seed began to hum softly, causing Nyn to smile. Slowly, roots and a stem would crack out of the seed in the hand of her student. It would grow slowly, the student's forehead slowly starting to bead with sweat. As the plant continued to grow, the leaves would sprout from the stem as would a small bud. Nyn's ears would twitch slightly as her grin grew, her happiness continuing to build. The student before her would continue to sweat as they focused harder on the plant. At last, the flower would bloom. Nyn would clap, grinning to the student. "That was amazing! You did very- oh..." Nyn blinked as she watched the person topple over in exhaustion. The woman would move over to a stream and collect some water in her waterskin before walking back to the student. She would sit, moving the student to lay their head in her lap and placing the water skin on their forehead. "You have a long way to go...but I am very proud of what you did today. Rest now, dear." Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Yes.