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  2. A solitary figure treks across the deserts of Tahn, the Cleric panting in effort and exhaustion. The ring upon Karyssmov’s finger, a crystalline stag, seems to point towards one solitary direction with some sort of ethereal arrow. He does not quite understand, but he trusts in the will of the Lord of Light...For that he continues on. The sand whips across the pale Cleric’s face, tanning his normal pallor to a clean brown, as if finally having his wood elven roots shine. Karyssmov narrows his eyes as he huffs once, coming to realize how long this journey would be. He continues his journey, strong enough from his experiences. -*- The expanseless wastes seem to continue on for millennia, though this is not the first time Karyssmov has visited these sands. He remembers when he was first a dedicant to the Druids of Ceru, to his father. He never knew his blood one, but Oliver was the one who was always there, and for that he is eternally grateful. He gazes down at a familiar log, where shavings of iron are upon the wistfully moving sands. Where he had carved his little runes into his blade. It’s as if nothing had changed, how quaint. He turns his vision back to the horizon, continuing his march forth. -*- Finally, he reaches his goal. The stag’s arrow disappears...but there is nothing there. He turns his head, confused. Eventually he falls to his knees in prayer, trying to find an answer...and through the cracks of his eyes, he sees a faint blue light. He turns, and is struck blind by the brightness of the blue light; a hauntingly ethereal voice chuckling out a single harrowing sentence... “Shall we play a game?” ((OOC beneath the cut yo))
  3. "Sutica buys the Alchemist Fire!" says a disgruntled cleric.
  4. you aren't allowed to leave get back here
  5. Boy next door.
  6. he's returning
  7. my boy ;-; no...
  8. I don't like having everything divvied up and done by numbers. RP Combat should be handled by the magics that each person already has, and in a way, your system is already in place. For instance, when I was a T1 War Cleric, I was using swords most of the time. Having to use Light against one would be way too exhausting, and if there are multiple targets, you would just pass out and therefore get coup de grace'd. I am glad already that there are counters for each thing already set into place. Void is beat by Dark, the Dark is beat by Holy, and Holy is beat by the Void. It's not perfect, no. However, what Valmir had said is something I resonate with alot. Holy Orders just don't have the manpower that they need to really be a global threat. We have enough trouble keeping spooks out of Sutica to really afford sending 'inquisitions', even though that's what I'd like to do. That's not really something that can be rectified by the LT or GMs or anything, it's just that everyone wants to be a cool undead lich with no exhaustion as opposed to a completely mortal Cleric. Sure, if you walk into Sutica as a Spook, you'll probably get torn apart by the Clerics or the Guard (whom tend to have blessed weapons due to said Clerics). But it's just that: if you walk into Sutica. Clerics and Holy Orders should all be hunting down covens of spooks and whatnot, but we just can't without more numbers. It's not that our magic is strong or anything, but that's also true. It's a straight counter and a good war cleric can take on a few spooks on their own. But we just need more men if we are to do anything. The system is good. Counters. Holy men just need more people in order to be a global presence, but everyone likes RPing some human knight in some random kingdom no one really cares about.
  9. The HoE if you will.
  10. "Kasfer! Kasfer! Kasfer!" says a certain Cleric. "Wait. We get two? LARRY TOO! AH' LOVE LARRY!"