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  1. Vindicant

    A Call for Sensibility

    “Ah yes, here we see the proud and just allies of Haense. Truly, these people touch the hearts and minds of our people, tearing them away from the ‘tyrannical’ rule over these poor people.” Karyssmov murmurs in response to the valiant and zealous individual known as Ilya Ivanovich. ”Just kidding, you’re a ****. I’ll gut you if I see you, impertinent *****.” Unfortunately, the skygods deem him ‘too vulgar’.
  2. Vindicant

    A Call for Sensibility

    “They used to have honor. Used, nephew.” Karyssmov grunts at his fellow pagan.
  3. Vindicant

    A Call for Sensibility

    “Foolish as it is, you appeal to those of Canonist leanings within the walls-- but such a thing is the very reason we fight today. Haense breathed down our necks, raised laws that rallied for pagans to be burnt at the stake. Our people have long desired to be free of the yoke of those who would lash them to crosses and burn them alive. Or did you forget that law? The people did not.” “I thought you would know better, my nephew. To appeal to the people like this, when the people are the one who brought this on...is foolish. I remember defending you and your friends when you were young, standing against all odds...and this is how my graciousness is repaid? With a calling for a denouncement of our leadership? Of me? Shame, young Shark. Shame.” Karyssmov murmurs as he reads over the paper, his eyes full of sorrow.
  4. “The absolute fakest **** I’ve seen. They raided us twice, demanding for us to bend the knee. The Empire resorts to honest lying now? And you dare to wonder why there is a rebellion.” Karyssmov scoffs.
  5. Vindicant

    The Formidable Anti-Imperial Coalition

    56% Imperial
  6. Vindicant

    Pact of Water and Blood, 1689

    “It takes some balls to put aside your hate like that. I respect this.” Karyssmov murmurs.
  7. Vindicant

    The Big Dogs are Back

  8. Vindicant

    The Big Dogs are Back

    we cooking
  9. Vindicant

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    “Ooga booga where da proofs.” says local Karyssmov.
  10. Vindicant


    “Woah.” says local Tyrant.
  11. Vindicant

    The First and Last Journey

    “Rest well, Enthelor.” Karyssmov murmurs upon hearing the news.
  12. Vindicant


    Bandits may camp roads in order to collect pixels. People always say ‘well, go on more patrols’. Wouldn’t checkpoints help with this? I’m not even a fan of Renatus, but being able to make checkpoints for roads would be excellent for performing rp to stop this as opposed to someone taking OOC action or somesuch. This is something that can incentivize roleplay to take fights to bandits. Placing a checkpointed road in an area known for heavy bandit activity would curb it, thus forcing bandits to move to other locations in order to more effectively bandit without attacks from a large nation. It’s roleplay. I don’t understand.
  13. Vindicant


    It was a metaphor for most banditry rp basically summarizing to “‘give us your money’ *swings at neck* ((ok pvp?))” Consider the point that I brought up involving road rp and how a checkpoint could motivate that. Rules could be made to make sure that they don’t leave their gates down and thus shutting down the road if someone is not actively manning it, or somesuch.
  14. Vindicant


    Wasn’t there something about wanting to improve road rp this map? I think this accomplishes it. If ‘mina or flat’ roleplay is fine on the roads, being able to make a fort in order to counter banditry should be allowed.
  15. Vindicant

    Challenge to the Dominion, 1688

    A man prepares popped corn for the fight.