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  1. A Letter to the Descendants

    "Buncha scum who ran off because they didn't get to be the protagonists. Let 'em burn, cause the Ascended aren't coming back to Sutica." remarks Karyssmov Faroe, tearing the notice from the board in the Federation.
  2. this is a good boy

  3. [Accepted] put me in coach

    my son is back
  4. [✗] [Lore Submission] Ghost Drain

    I like this. Make sure ghosts more relevant in terms of things instead of just 'whoop I'm floating', I agree with it. I like what Demo noted up above, maybe there should be a way for the ghost to expand on their reason to exist, and maybe requirements needed before they can 'pass on' metaphorically speaking. Ghost RP has been unique and enjoyable, with many ghosts having their own style and reasons for what they do. This will help them be more relevant! +1
  5. The Crimson Returns, A Threat Ushered To Sutica

    Karyssmov sips his apple juice. "Literally who?" he remarks before throwing the paper away.
  6. [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending]ThatWeirdGirl's ET Actor App

    Solid RP, has proven worthy. +1
  7. Rose Meets a God

    Karyssmov grumps some distance away. "I do not have an old man face." he grumbles.
  8. [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] MrBamPow

    A good boy +1
  9. [Denied] [Pending][Actor] HurferDurfer

    smells like sin +1
  10. Chin Up

    “Chin up.” The briefest of words were said from Karyssmov Faroe to the young lad walking through the streets, his head hanging low. The young man had black hair, blue eyes, and a seemingly unending smile...but today, it had waned. With surprise, after Karyssmov has spoken, he quickly looked up to the Cleric across from him. A quickly stammered “S-Sorry, your Lordship!” was spoken, but Faroe had waved it off. “Something is off. Where’s the pep? The smirk? Usually, you got some sort of damn glimmer in your eyes. Stuff never goes away. But it ain’t there now.” Another batch of stammered replies, before a faint sigh is heard from the young man in the gray robes. “You remember, don’t you? When you and the Princess had given me a task? A quest!” the familiar glimmer had arisen, albeit faintly, before fading again. “I don’t...I can’t fight. Look! I’m a noodle.” He attempted to flex, earning naught but a wee bump. Such things would not do for a ‘hero’, which Dragel was trying to be. “Come on now. Simple solution, innit? You just go and train.” Karyssmov states with a chuckle, waving such a thing off. The Prince walked over towards Dragel, before resting an armoured gauntlet upon the youngblood’s head and ruffling his hair in a joking manner. Dragel had puffed his cheeks out in a pout at the teasing. “Easy for you to say! You got all them fancy ‘trae-niing’ dummies! You can whack at ‘em all dam-...dang day, and you can keep strong! I ain’t got that, no sirree!” At that, Karyssmov was given brief pause. He taps his chin in thought for a moment, before nodding. “Is simple, kid. You remind me alot of myself when I was young. Buncha air in yer head and enough gusto to take on an entire legion of undead sycophants. But you can’t take on a big ol’ legion of them there deadboys unless you get strong. I know just what you can do…” the Faroe remarks, a sly smirk rising to his face. “Is it the gravel digging again? Sir, that was torturous!” Dragel would remark in protest, shaking his head back and forth like some sort of bobble figurine. “Oh.” with that, Karyssmov was given pause. “Well...there is always my training dummies. I don’t let just anybody use them though. Think you’re worth your salt?” The glimmer, ah! The same look that Karyssmov himself had given to his teacher, time and time again when she promised to give him an adventure. It was what he was looking for. “Yessir! I can! I will! Jus’ show me ‘em, I’ll hit ‘em so hard they’ll pop!” Dragel would promptly have given two quick punches in the air, as if to simulate the ‘hard hitting’ he was going to administer. A hearty laugh was shared between the two before the Prince would pat young Dragel upon the back, leading him to the temple where he would make the weak kid into a proper knight in shining armour… Into the Hero that Dragel had wanted to be.
  11. "At least Sutican Clerics don't burn down taverns in a temper tantrum and then run away while they do it. No, must simply be from those foolish Rogues under that woman who should have died by now. Strange." Karyssmov Faroe would comment, tapping his chin.
  12. Perma Kill During Warclaims

    While it sounds nice, it'd just increase the amount of '(x) levyman' characters in warclaims. Who would PK their character of any amount of time because they got left clicked down in a laggy shitthrowing competition? Even moreso, how the hell would you enforce the PK?
  13. Raid Rules Feedback

    'haha yeah guys raid rp was so bad before, what do we do to fix it?' 'instant pvp of course, with up to 20 people!' 'PERFECT!' why
  14. [Complete]Shop in Sutica

    ask irp fam, specifically a steward. Riftblade is active and can help you out.