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  1. 15 Days left


    No phone call today, sigh.



  2. 16 Days left


    You'd think at this point it'd get easier.



  3. 17 Days left


    Why does this song fit so well? I got the good version. 



  4. Once you're back, I'll give you a stack of black cactus green or alchemist quartz, your choice

  5. 18 Days left



  6. 19 Days left


    Legal is open today! Go do legal things!

  7. 21 Days left


    Walking in the rain for that phone call was worth it. 

  8. 23 Days left


    How did I go from planning in-game parties, to planning little kid parties for coworkers?

  9. 24 Days left


    My hand hurts from writing letters, can you just get home already so I can punch you? Jeez.

  10. You're doing a great job and I love and miss you. See you soon big boy. 

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Where's Kollu?

  11. 25 Days left


    I'm absent for one day and you people tarnish my streak! *shakes fist* 

    1. Arkelos


      This has been super awesome, one day off isn't going to tarnish the fact that you and Vindicant are pretty close. Keep on keeping on. :D

  12. I [Blank] in you