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  1. yeah still the cesspool i see

    degeneracy baked into the very walls

  2. reminder that lotc is a toxic shithole and you don’t need to be here. do what rp you want to do, and **** anyone who says otherwise. leave this place if you can, and if not, then do what you want to do. **** anyone who says otherwise. the long-standing ‘meta’ of who decides what is right is cancer and is part of what is wrong with this place.

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    2. Mojo


      Lotc has both the addictive potential and the destructive potential of meth. It's an achievement worthy of recognition.🗿

    3. Harrison


      hi vaynth i unfriended everyone save about 5 people because my friend list started to exceed 400 people, so i needed to clean my discord and get a fresh start

      if you want me to rejoin still feel free to invite me

    4. Vaynth


      What the heck you saved tox over me !! okay I’ll readd you x

  3. rest in peace to my boy play classic
  4. This server is a cesspool. I’m glad you have the determination to leave it. I envy you.
  5. “Not seeking resolution my ass you war-hungry blaggarts.” remarks red man. “You beg for war, for nothing else shall sustain your bloodthirst. To think I aided you in war.”
  6. A red man smells salt and sweat on the air. “Hmm.”
  7. “First time I’ve heard of spider elves in our place, where’d they come from?” a red man wonders.
  8. “This didn’t age well.”
  9. “Zzz” says a red guy.
  10. I like the idea that you’re going to put out these ‘packs’ like little DLC nuggets of delicious Alchemy goodness, but I don’t think it works due to the fact it takes an average of 3 months in order to actually get **** signed and on the server. But kudos to the idea!
  11. “I still don’t like you.” remarks red youth who was RACIALLY DISCRIMINATED AGAINST, truly proving the point that Red Skins deserve rights.
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