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  1. “I hated you.” a red, cloaked figure mutters to an unadorned wall. By all accounts, quite strange. “But then I understood you. Deep down under all that malaise, that fatigue, there was a spark. And it is a shame that it went out. You were once an angry little boy, same as I, and I see much of myself in you. Though, of course, you’d have taken that as an insult.” A bitter snort, and then silence once more.
  2. I only come to the forums to read lore and laugh at discourse, and this brought a smile to my face. Thank you Xarkly.


    1. Lyonharted


      my son are u ok

    2. Lyonharted
    3. NotEvilAtAll


      You like rap? So who’s ur favorite rapist?

  4. yeah still the cesspool i see

    degeneracy baked into the very walls

  5. reminder that lotc is a toxic shithole and you don’t need to be here. do what rp you want to do, and **** anyone who says otherwise. leave this place if you can, and if not, then do what you want to do. **** anyone who says otherwise. the long-standing ‘meta’ of who decides what is right is cancer and is part of what is wrong with this place.

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    2. Mojo


      Lotc has both the addictive potential and the destructive potential of meth. It's an achievement worthy of recognition.?

    3. Harrison


      hi vaynth i unfriended everyone save about 5 people because my friend list started to exceed 400 people, so i needed to clean my discord and get a fresh start

      if you want me to rejoin still feel free to invite me

    4. Vaynth


      What the heck you saved tox over me !! okay I’ll readd you x

  6. rest in peace to my boy play classic
  7. This server is a cesspool. I’m glad you have the determination to leave it. I envy you.
  8. “Not seeking resolution my ass you war-hungry blaggarts.” remarks red man. “You beg for war, for nothing else shall sustain your bloodthirst. To think I aided you in war.”
  9. A red man smells salt and sweat on the air. “Hmm.”
  10. “First time I’ve heard of spider elves in our place, where’d they come from?” a red man wonders.
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