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  1. economy players at seeing the fancy new doodad
  2. “Red scales notwithstanding.” Remarks NATURAL red boy.
  3. A red man ravenously steals every bit of chocolate on each newspaper to greedily devour.
  4. human rp is serious

    1. JokerLow


      dwarven rp is extremly serious

    2. Jaeden


      kinda cringe

  5. “The only good man of the cloth.” remarks an old man.
  6. llyria stronk

  7. “Dishonorable.” remarks red man.
  8. “One Thousand.” responds red boy.
  9. Vindicant

    Conflict & War FAQ

    this guy has high iq
  10. Vindicant

    Conflict & War FAQ

    This is an excellent change, built around foundations for story. +1
  11. the trees are speaking faceless



    1. drfate786


      I’ll have you know I built everything in that region including the trees. 😠

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