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  1. A new way to disconnect with friends.

    hahahholyfuck +1
  2. Along with that, I am quite unaware of how you have managed to achieve a TA in the first place. Last we heard, you were T1 due to your teacher not actually teaching you anything due to inactivity. A common thread amoungst most high elven clerics.
  3. An Empty Feeling

    "Not every sin can be forgiven." a certain Clerical Nephew would mutter in response to hearing of this news. "Not after what was my teacher. I cannot dissuade him from this path, but neither shall I approve. To not seek redemption is to allow the damnation." Despite the less-than-kind words, the man seems undoubtedly troubled by the news.
  4. Seers - Eyes of Vaasek

    If I can make a seer Cleric, that'd be amazingly badass. +1
  5. "Do you see her hair?"

    "Wow, that's....that's...."

    "We call that 'brave' up here."

    "Brave indeed."

  6. [Cleric][Ma]Reese Faroe

    i did dis too
  7. [Cleric][MA] Theodore Faroe

    i made dis
  8. [Frost Witch Addition] Enhancing the Curse

    Love the concept and that you are allowing dudebros to play with the strange cold ladies. I do question however, what is stopping a frost witch from running around and ravaging people's necks to imbue this curse to anyone? Perhaps a 2-emote minimum to establish the pseudo-curse, or a cap of affected folk. Otherwise, gucci ****. Holy dude approves. +1
  9. [MA] [Dark] PurpleCola

    I'm going to choke you purple
  10. Impure Need Not Fret

    A nearby Cleric hears about the news, tapping his chin as he elicits a 'hmm'. "Perhaps this is why their nation is dying."
  11. +1, I desire spooky gorge land.
  12. gunna eat you alive



    1. Keefy




    2. _Jandy_


      you're frikkin racist

    3. Keefy




  14. Protest against devs!

    stop sperging