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  1. Vindicant

    [Accepted] put me in coach

    my son is back
  2. Vindicant

    [✗] [Lore Submission] Ghost Drain

    I like this. Make sure ghosts more relevant in terms of things instead of just 'whoop I'm floating', I agree with it. I like what Demo noted up above, maybe there should be a way for the ghost to expand on their reason to exist, and maybe requirements needed before they can 'pass on' metaphorically speaking. Ghost RP has been unique and enjoyable, with many ghosts having their own style and reasons for what they do. This will help them be more relevant! +1
  3. Vindicant

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending]ThatWeirdGirl's ET Actor App

    Solid RP, has proven worthy. +1
  4. Vindicant

    [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] MrBamPow

    A good boy +1
  5. Vindicant

    [Denied] [Pending][Actor] HurferDurfer

    smells like sin +1
  6. Vindicant

    Perma Kill During Warclaims

    While it sounds nice, it'd just increase the amount of '(x) levyman' characters in warclaims. Who would PK their character of any amount of time because they got left clicked down in a laggy shitthrowing competition? Even moreso, how the hell would you enforce the PK?
  7. Vindicant

    Raid Rules Feedback

    'haha yeah guys raid rp was so bad before, what do we do to fix it?' 'instant pvp of course, with up to 20 people!' 'PERFECT!' why
  8. Vindicant

    [Complete]Shop in Sutica

    ask irp fam, specifically a steward. Riftblade is active and can help you out.
  9. Vindicant

    [Clericalism] [MA] MrBamPow

  10. clerics for the cleric god

  11. Vindicant

    [✗] [Addon] Attuned Chimeras

    +1. Flavoured abominations are my favorite kind.