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  1. memes me constantly +1
  2. 150 Minae for 'KaryIsMyDaddy'
  3. Karyssmov narrows his brow as he looks to the letter, a frown on his face.
  4. Karyssmov makes finger-crossbows. "Eyyyy."
  5. Karyssmov Faroe would smile as the Druii' finally make their resurgence.
  6. Karyssmov Faroe would hear word of this battle, a faint smirk upon him. He would gather up supplies and begin his trek to visit lands that stand up to a true menace, and not their fellow man.
  7. +1, pls more drood LTs also is good i think
  8. +1! Very good roleplayer and would make an excellent addition to the ET.

    1. Archipelego


      'It goes'? More like 'ego'. get roasted

    2. PurpleCola


      Hah..... NERD


      jk love ya :mexican:

  10. Spoiler



  11. The Shitposts Begin

  12. What are you NOT willing to do for mineman power?
  13. Hell yeah. Extra depth to magic and allows a mentor and their student to have further rp. +1
  14. I often enjoy playing a medic or doctor in the terms of rp. However, alot of the time we can't actually fix everything, or someone doesn't want to emote having a sprained ankle for 2 weeks, etc. Alot of the time, clerical healing is for people who don't quite want to deal with the ramifications of their rp, and that can irk me a tad...but in the end, it is their choice to either rp the injury with promise of healing thanks to a medic, or simply have a cleric fix them up and ready to go. It's why I made my medic a cleric as well, to give people the choice.
  15. Muy Caliente. +1