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  1. Time

    tasty poetry
  2. Upon Silver, Flames Rain

    Karyssmov smiles lightly at the rebuking of the traitorous high elves, almost considering sending a giftbasket to the Prince. "What were they thinking? Traitorous snakes."
  3. I'm kinda okay cool so I guess AMA

    when will you stop spooking
  4. +1 good emotes and tasty events
  5. ET Purge & What's to Come

    Anyway, I'll make an actual post here since my first one was support! As it were. The idea of implementing 'bias' is a good idea. Consider Oren, yes? They tend to not exactly enjoy the high stakes 'Let's go and fight a wyvern and take a wizard hat' sort of rp. Low Fantasy. They'd prefer to fight a bandit group, or to root out a secret event spy. That sort of idea. Compare that to people like Druids and other magic groups who 'embrace' the fantasy of the server that we all rp upon. They'd be more likely to go after things involving fantasy, due to their embracing of the ideal of it all. The 'bias' implemented is to give the people what they want. Magic groups recieve more 'fantasy', and more militant groups recieve less 'fantasy'! This ideal is something that should have been done a long time ago. It's to give the people what they want. It's technically bias. And this is the good kind of bias. --- Regarding issues with her being Director and NL --- Squirt has done phenomenally well during her tenure. She has achieved above and beyond what current ET staff do in terms of events and their quality, enough to catch the eye of those who would vote her into the position of ET Director. Sutica stands, and is one of the most active places on the server. If she was doing bad, don't you think it would have gone under by now? This demonstrates that she has the ability to handle both. If she can't, then she'll have to give one of them up. That's reasonable, and I'm sure she understands. Don't you think that those in charge would choose someone based on their merit and performance? They aren't going to throw a random person up there, especially considering how folk have been ravenously tearing apart staff recently. They want to lay low and play it safe, and this is the safe approach. It's ballsy that Squirt purged the team. But have you considered if they were meeting quota? If they were just doing events for their friends to give out cool op items? These are things you must consider. I for one know for damn sure that Squirt has done well so far, giving amazing plotlines and one-off events in miraculous tandem. If you are sad you were purged from the team, just re-apply. If you did well, don't you think you'd get back in? Those are my thoughts. Thanks for reading.
  6. ET Purge & What's to Come

    Glorious Overlord Squirtgun blesses us with quality event team praise be
  7. The Morrow's Eve

    "When will they realize their irrelevance?" a Cleric does a wonder.
  8. [Deity] [Feat] [ST] Fygmor: Enaction of Yeu Rthulu

    thank god someone didn't forget my metal spaghetti god friend
  9. [Spell] Holy Communion

    hell yeah give me those rituals boy +1