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  1. A faceless man hovers in the void of the Kal’Varak. He had long since forgotten many things, but his patron and god were not one. He drifted, and slept. He hoped to wake one day. But that day never comes.
  2. how did you ascend to godhood
  3. give the “”non-main”” character a purpose or a cool group of ooc friends, if you do you’ll be incentivized to play like my September Cultist character, that was a hoot. it’s all about having stuff to do, and a purpose behind it!
  4. stannis is the true king


  5. “We were servants.” spoke a broken spirit with the Kal’Varak in a brief moment of lucidity. “We loved Him. We thought Him wise. Where is He now? Why does He not answer?” the Cultist mused...
  6. at this point is the toxic salt worth it at all for either side lol


  7. “Empires are always the same. Of course they want you under their heel. So does Renatus. I doubt you’ll get to do anything but choose the lesser of the evils, but I hope for your best.” remarks a bitter dark elf.
  8. An old snaga feels a shift. He looks over to the river from his calm river-valley home, and he feels the scars on his back and the scales on his front. “One of the damn good ones.” he murmurs to the cold air. “Shame, never really got to tell her that as much as I wanted to.”
  9. rep this post if u love ur mom
  10. why is your profile image that you scare me sometimes good work though thanks for doing stuff for server
  11. “solve the war with a public singoff” says dark man
  12. “Dude it’s halflings. Let them be comedic relief in peace. You weren’t valid with the Archbishop ****, and you still aren’t now.” remarks red man.
  13. “I wonder if that was what the ‘Mortal Aengul’ foresaw his fate as.” said a red man who watched from the audience.
  14. Vindicant

    Come and See

    “Where are their boasts now? They asked to sally out, where are they now? Hopefully joining their ‘Champion’, alongside the rest of the Silver.” remarks bitter dark elf composed of 0.15 pounds of sodium
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