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  1. Novastral

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    "A zingul viktorii tu gloat abowt aftur da uruks hav beyn flattin deezpeeypul fur weekz un end. It wyll bi hozh tu kruzh da deluzionz agh kowardliweyz uv da twigz in da duminyun." Duk'raduk mutters to himself.
  2. Novastral

    Stop adding money sinks

    Oyyveyy shut it down!
  3. Novastral

    Remove Raid Ladders

    Big boy brains aren't allowed here. If you want to pvp then join a pvp server.
  4. Novastral

    Troll Re-Write

    Trolls should be prone to trickery and deceit than outright brutish "klomp klomp grrr twigz flat." But thats just me idk.
  5. Novastral

    Who we are, as a Community

    Not being sensitive to mean words some rando says over the internet would also help the community.
  6. Novastral


    Duk'Braduk cringes at the thought of his fellow orcs writing in blah.
  7. I've been rping with orcs for so long I forgot about actually good rp experiences.
  8. Lark Steelwall was the only good character this man ever roleplayed. +1
  9. Novastral


    "Finalli dat uld koot kicked da buket." Duk'Braduk says while wiping away his tears. "Gug'ye Brudda."
  10. Novastral

    Marking warzones with a region warning

    Fort strong is a pvp fort that orcs only use when we want to **** with the Dominion. But since staff ain't gonna do nothing about it (As far as I can tell) Then why not give new players a warning of what they're stepping into. Honestly, this whole situation can be fixed by slapping down some rp signs. Both of you fools need to stop chimping and meet in the middle.
  11. When an admin wrecks some scrubs router.



    1. Licorish


      Hope your ready to get banned noob

    2. FarmerShady


      should've fried that western euro trash's router more til it animal style tbh

  12. Novastral

    Bell’s Table of General Measurements

    You're starting to sound a little red there my friend if you know what I mean. Check yourself before you rek urself.
  13. The thread was locked because none of the posts contributed to the conversation. They were also derogatory and offensive.

    1. Sporadic


      No it's a conspiracy

  14. Novastral

    Bell’s Table of General Measurements

    This would be better if you took all these numbers and randomized them. For example 2.580 smaller units to make one larger unit. And we can call them something easy to remember like feet.
  15. Why was Dpm not given a slap on the wrist , stern talking to, and a promotion to Gm director?