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  1. Novastral

    hey anyone want to play 2-4 pagan nomad kids

    Yo yo yo I will play the eldest male fam. I am an experienced roleplayer with an extensive backlog of good behavior.
  2. Novastral

    -= Sangmar Mercenary Company. =-

    OOC: Minecraft name: XxX_RedpillPvp1to1_xXx Discord: Igetgirls#1337 RP: Not often. I mainly pvp. Name: Generico Guardsan Race: Human Subrace: The White kind Age: 15 Faith: Follower Of Krug
  3. Novastral

    Looking for RP partner/wife

    I’d like to apply P-P-Pie-San~
  4. Please for the love of Christ do not do this. He doesn’t have any general interest in contributing to the community and doesn’t bring anything to the table other than wanting a tag he can claim to get experience. Admitted himself he knows barely anything about the various communities on the server save for “Elves UwU“ Instead of taking all the advice given he instead chose to push for yet another staff position without doing any self-reflection. If this guy gets gm tag I will convert to Islam. -1
  5. Novastral

    Why Fear RP is good RP

    Mandatory permkill all magic users upon death in pvp?
  6. Novastral

    Return of Professions Plugin

    Nexus crafting was fine but professions weren’t. Hence all the remove nexus threads that people kept posting and upvoting on a regular basis.
  7. Novastral

    [Community Review] Forum Rules Draft

    Gonna do anyway What’s your basis on what’s overly obnoxious for the orc rp forum when this has been something that orcs have been doing regularly with no complaints? Does it just come down to the fm in question’s tolerance of caps and personal likes and dislikes? Is there a certain number of all cap words you can use in an rp thread? Why is this even a rule?
  8. Novastral

    [Pending]TheDragonsRoost's Lore Moderator Application

    +1. Elf lore is basically the only lore you need to know. Farming leaving threads for rep every other month is cool and I can't really blame you for the meltdowns on stream. Happens fam. Don't bother learning and interacting the communities who's lore you want to moderate beforehand.
  9. Novastral

    The Power of the Soul (Chapter Three Transition)

    Weren't you supposed to leave lotc?
  10. Novastral

    Time of Creation (A Final Farewell)

    See you when you come back next week.
  11. Novastral

    ooc chat

    Isn’t this basically the same argument that people use when they want a video game banned? If you’re afraid that seeing people talk about the hall of cost is going to make you want to go out and blow up your local Synagogue then maybe you should stop playing legos and go seek help from a professional. Your average housewife is more oppressed than most Jews alive today.
  12. Novastral


  13. If u ever add professions back to lotc I will track u down and make you drink pure unsaturated soy.
  14. Novastral

    The Struggles of Moderation

    When you try to make yourself a victim on a meme thread. Unban Infamous Tortuga or I will send strongly worded letters to your local Home Owner’s Association.