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  1. [Lore Submission][Creature Lore] Bryophites

    +1 for you
  2. [Actor]Lumiin

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  3. The Kōkuaʻia

    As far as I can tell there is no culture page, roleplay threads, or anything similar to these people. I took a look through misguidedroyals profile and found nothing related to a Hawaiian culture apart from a character profile and a land charter. Even among The Native Americans, there aren't many cultures that are 100% identical.
  4. The Kōkuaʻia

    Kōkuaʻia Name of Culture: Kōkuaʻia Introduction: to the Culture: Japanese cultures are instantly pegged as weeb memes. Viking and (Not Viking but really just Viking) cultures are overdone. And by the looks of the next map, I just know you F**cks won’t be able to help yourselves. The Hou-zi are alright. Given the fact that the Isles of Axios is a series of islands I find it odd that nobody bothered coming up with something based off of Polynesian/Hawaiian/Samoan cultures. It’s a bit late to really kick off a new culture Imo but maybe this could just end up being something people might enjoy playing on the side. Idk. The overall goal here was to combine elements of Polynesian and Native American (Broad term I know) cultures into something coherent. History: The Kōkuaʻia were born on the smaller bridges (islands) that linked Ke’kai to Ka’leele. They were born to sustain the eternal friendship between land and sea. Caring for the Earth while also giving their respects to the waters that surround it. It is here they remain even to this day out of fear of the wilder savages that inhabit the lands inland. The Kōkuaʻia keep no written records since they are an illiterate people. Rather they rely on word of mouth to keep alive the stories of those that come before them. It is believed that Oia’Kaukau took the bark of a great willow and fashioned it into a board after several nights of his dreams being filled with visions of the ocean. The elders thought him to be made as he set his flimsy piece of wood into the sea and climbed on top of it. When he was far out, just on the horizon and like a mere dot to those observing him, Oia’Kaukau stood and began to propel himself across the waves. Ke’kai was delighted by this and immediately sent forth wave after wave to test Oia’Kaukau and his resolve. After hours of balancing and floating back and forth across wave after wave Oia’kaukau was guided inward by the soft tide of the sea and greeted by the cheers and praise of his people. When asked what was the name of the simple piece of wood that he rode responded. “Ia’Pa’kui.” It floats. (More **** to come when I’m not about to pass out on my keyboard.) Language: The language here is a combination of Hawaiian and Samoan with improvisation where I found overlapping words. Orc - Tusi - Tusk Elf - Taliga - Ear Dwarf - Umi - Beard Halfling - Pupu - Short Human - Ka’Nui - The many/great Kōkuaʻia - Those who keep The - Ka It - Ia He - Oia She - Oio They - Tou Me - Iau My - Ku Their - Latou Scum, no good, general insult - Ila Her - Kana His - Lona We - Ma Our - Ko You - Oe Your - Lau I - Oau Is - O Are - E Am - Au Was - Isa Were - Osa Be - Ie This - Ke To - I Sky - Lagi Star - Fetu Sun - Laka Moon - Mahina Day - Aso Night - Po Sea - Kekai People/person - Tagaka Wolf/Dog - Luko Cat - Pusi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Could also be used for Kha.) Fish - Kaia Turtle - Laume Peace to you - Aloha’I’Oe (Greeting and farewell) Thank you - Mahalo’Oe You’re welcome - Lau’ Welina I forgive you/You’re forgiven - Oau’Kalaia Basically just separate the words with apostrophes rather than spaces. It should all look like it’s one big word. Due to how fast they speak they heavily rely on bodily gestures to get their point across. Someone saying “Mahalo’Oe.” might place both hands over their heart while doing so. (I literally wrote this in the dead of night. I get that people don’t want to actually learn a language but I want the language barrier to be a big part of Kōkuaʻia rp. None of them really should be speaking common. I’ll update this as time goes on.) Common Traits: The Kōkuaʻia universally share the same skin tones ranging from a neutral olive to a golden dark. Unless a child is born with mixed heritage there is 0% chance that they will be White like a Heartlander or Black like Farfolk. Their hair is black and is almost universally worn past the shoulders with ornaments and trinkets such as seashells decorating it. Most men have no facial hair whatsoever. Society: The Kōkuaʻia have no hierarchy and believe that the family unit is strongest above all. Important decisions are made as a collective with no single person ever having direct control over the rest. Every person of working age contributes to a wide variety of tasks from farming to building, woodcutting, weapon making, and cooking. The Kōkuaʻia believe that focusing on one field for an entire lifetime wastes an individual’s potential. However, a family may wish to wear a specific color to distinguish its members from others. (Obviously, this conflicts with nexus but who cares) Behaviour: They are an extroverted people and are very open with their emotions and their opinions. Since there is no single leader it is the duty of each individual to make their voice heard among the others no matter the conflicting opinions. They argue loudly in groups, expressing their fears, hopes, dreams, wishes. Festivities: Ka’Nui’Auau - The Great Swim Once a year every Kōkuaʻia of suitable age will wade out into the sea on top of wooden boards to test their strength and bravery. The children who have come of age (12) are the first to mount their boards and paddle out to sea. They meet Ke’kai’s tests of their strength and balance on top of his waves, riding their way across the surface of his face until they reach the adults who wait closer to shore. If they fall from their board during this process, the child will wait until the following year to try again. Once this brief ritual has been completed everyone present will paddle out as a group to have themselves tested by Ke’kai. They ride on top of their boards until everyone has either been thrown into the water or collapsed from fatigue. The Kōkuaʻia then paddle back to shore, completing an ancient ritual that unites the land to water. Ka’Tuli - The Chase Once an elven week The Kōkuaʻia will set off from their island on canoes, paddling toward the main islands closest to them. Upon reaching dry land they proceed to mount a horse from the herds that stride across the shores. To climb atop one of these beasts is an acknowledgment of a sacred bond between man and animal. The mistreatment of a horse is almost taboo as the mistreatment of a turtle. The Kōkuaʻia will then ride bareback through the plains and forests of Axios, spearing animals as they ride. Upon their return back to the sea, they will collect their kills. Clothing: The Ailona are a series of tattoos decorating every ʻOkapoʻe to document their triumphs, heritage, and failures. These tattoos are as significant as one’s own name No two individuals have the same markings. The only defining similarity between every ʻOkapoʻe is The Sea Turtle which can be found on every single individual without fail. It is the first marking awarded to youth when they complete Ka’Nui’Auau. Others may come after completing hunts, defeating enemies, or from elder family members. Because of the importance of these tattoos, The ʻOkapoʻe prefer to wear minimal clothing. Men often forgo clothing on their chest entirely and wrap their legs in loincloths of varying lengths to protect their bodies. Women, of course, wear both upper and lower clothing to keep the server rated pg-13. Architecture: Huts made of straw and wood that tend to surround a central structure that acts as a hub of food, materials, and trade. Religion: La’gini, the great sky is what always existed before even the first of the Kōkuaʻia were born. Within the womb of her belly is all things and all things are La’gini. The first of her children was La’kau. La’kau the sun and La’hina the moon are angry and resentful seeds that saw not the gift of life that La’gini blessed them with but rather viewed her as nothing more than a prison that prevented them from traveling elsewhere. Even before the birth of their younger brothers La’Kau and La’hina have struggled to escape the embrace of La’gini but she refuses to permit her children to abandon her and holds them close to her bosom whenever she feels they stray too far from her sight. Once every so often she brings both brothers into her arms at once. Ke’Kai was born next. A wild spirit that was prone to both long terms of calm as well as furious fits of vengeful anger. Ke’kai’s mind is full of creativity and wonder. He expresses such by creating creatures within the depths of his body, hidden from the destructive eye of his brother and also the caring gaze of his mother. It was only after the birth of Ka’leele that he permitted the discovery of his fish and sustained the life of his brother’s creations through the death of his own. Ka’leele is the youngest of the brothers and the jewel of his mother’s eye. Upon the day that he sprouted from La’gini’s womb his brother Ke’kai immediately wrapped him within his arms, embracing his brother so tightly that the two never separated. Ke’Kai gifted his brother with a Sea Turtle a creature treads upon both land and water. The Sea Turtle remains a symbol of fraternity, and friendship among The Kōkuaʻia. To kill one is to break the very foundation of love that unites The Kōkuaʻia. He is by far the most expressive of La’gini’s children. The hateful gaze of his brother La’kau created vast expanses of a barren earth where even Ke’kai is unable to tread. Yet Ka’keele saw this and created life within these deserts as a sign of forgiveness. Military: The Kōkuaʻia have no standing military or guard force. When they wish to destroy an enemy or defend their home they send every able-bodied man and woman to crush their foes with the full might of their people. They prefer doing so ontop the backs of horses and rarely engage in combat on foot unless absolutely necessary. (Forgive me for this incoherent mess of a post. It’s like 5 am at the time of me posting this and I’ve been working on this for hours. I’ll come back and clean it up so it looks all clean and official later.)
  5. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    Duk'Braduk gives two thumbs up
  6. [et actor] wud plagiarises witty application title

    Yeah because all the roleplay and **** he did as Rex wasn't serious enough. @Grubgoth Wud You heard the man. Gimme 1 month of elf tavern roleplay then you can be ET
  7. Send me a desc of your character and I'll make you FREE art. Preview of my work below. :^)



  8. [et actor] wud plagiarises witty application title

    This entire server is a meme and has already gone to ****. Ignore the above post. +1
  9. Put a lock on the elven race

  10. Put a lock on the elven race

    Alright, so we all know elves are the absolute scum of the earth. And we all know that out of every descendant race they are the WORST at roleplaying their curse. I propose that the creation of elves be prohibited unless certain requirements are met through roleplay. 1: All currently existing elves are fine as they are. 2: In order to create a new elf a male and female must ftb and make a public roll to determine if the female is impregnated. 3: After a certain amount of time when the elf infant has become a proper age (5) The parents may make a request for someone to begin rping as their child.
  11. #PurpleLivesMatter Make a Purple Uruk today to say NO to racism!

    1. ✔ Suxals

      ✔ Suxals

      Can it be a radioactive goblin that glows in pink during the sad nights that he spends drinking vodka and getting high alone?

  12. [POLL] CA for Ologs?

    Ologs get a ca, goblins get a ca, THE ENTIRE URUK RACE GETS A CA! Honestly with the amount of guides on the forum and assistance that players can get from veteran orkos I don't think giving Ologs a ca will help anything. Ologs are an important part of a core race's culture.

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  14. "Fud iZ fUr GrRuUUhB."

    Kuk the lazy eyed olog looks up from his food, a dash of hope in his eyes.
  15. [Trial]StokedOff's GM Application