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  1. Fallout: Legends Faction FRP (OOC Thread)

    Faction Name: Confederacy Of United Super Mutants Working Toward The Common Goal Of Unity And Cooperation Within Jackson In honor Of The Master And His Attempts At Unifying Humanity Trusting Only The Pure And Superior Genetics Of The First Generation (Confederacy for Short) Faction Flag (Optional) Leader: Esser Faction Backstory: After the murder of The Master at the hands of The Lone Wanderer many Super Mutants scattered throughout California in search of purpose without The Master to guide them. Regional tribes and chieftains sprung up all across America. Gliad was one such Chieftan. His tribe traveled far from the territory of the defunct Master's Army in attempts of escaping the growing presence of NCR. He and his followers, hunted by zealots who believed them to be traitors to The Master were forced to march east and found refuge within Arizona. As they traveled their numbers grew in size as stragglers fell in line with their fellow Super Mutants, often taking the place of deceased individuals immediately after their deaths. Esser fought as a warrior under Gliad, and then under Gliad's successor, Denrin, leader of the Californian refugees chose to remain in Arizona and attempt to pledge the tribe to Caesar's legion for safety. This caused outrage among many of the mutants who had become sick of Denrin's leadership. Esser led a bloodless coup against Denrin, capturing him in the dead of night and presenting his head to the tribe and brandishing it as a pledge to his people. He swore that he would restore The Master's Army and work tirelessly to create a unified empire worthy of The Master's legacy. Esser initiated many social, military and political reforms, forming a well-organized and centralized tribe of nomads. The most important reforms involved the adoption of guerilla warfare and turning settlements into minor tributaries as they marched east. Another important reform came in the form as a purge of all second generation mutants who were believed to be inferior. They were seen as a bastardization fo The Master's will and thus slaughtered for their imperfections. Tribes that relied on the obedience and minor intellect of second generation mutants were eradicated or forced to join the growing tribe, stripped of their previous ranks and privileges. The tribe finally arrived in Mississipi where it was decided to halt their advance and settle among the many squabbling factions of the state. (**** writing is ****) Race: Super Mutant Points Spent On: Pipe Revolver Rifle (-2) Scrap Armor (-1) Stimpak(-2) Windmill (-2) Location: State Capital Building - Jackson, Mississippi Skype: I'll pm ya fam
  2. 7dc0ce1127781c8083909f4f8e350311.png


    Why does the AT make people wait a day to resubmit their app if the only thing wrong with it is their username? And how is hentai senpai any worse than spaceofaids or morning_wud?

    1. Vaynth


      Despite no longer being AT, I know a little of the situation. The person who reviewed this application was added to the team just a day ago. The automatic denial was a mistake, as was the 24 hour wait time. They're still learning and the error will be fixed.

    2. grimmothy


      gotta give you 24 hours to reflect on your transgressions no way around it. protip change it to hentai senpai after you get the account whitelisted for now go with something unoffensive like cyber_king3

      Edited by grimmothy
  3. The First Election signup of Dunshire

    A large halfling shrouded in a cloak hangs up his application with a nod to himself. Race(Ye must be a halfling): Mi iz uh znak wid gigantizm. Nub bi meyn. What are you running fer?(you can run for either sheriff or Elder): Zheriff Pumpkins or Melons?: Both What are you going to do if ye are elected?: Flat da heretikz agh bayth in da bluud uv da weyk Any thing else to say?: Vowt fur mi ur mi wyll flat - giv lat hugz agh kizzez.
  4. 3ca04ba9e5239733e0a21d1b7335cbda.png

    My heart goes out to all sufferers of abuse. Being pressured to hurry and emote needs to stop immediately.

  5. At this point orcs are responsible for more parent deaths than the ******* Disney movies.

  6. Generic Clickbait

    Someone give this man Lt director
  7. The elves have crashed the server.

  8. Alternative Death System

    So if I took a group and slaughtered everyone with the ability to revive the dead then everyone would be forced to make new personas every 2 weeks. 10/10. I want this simply to see the salty brs that go up within hours of implementation.
  9. Stop "Thinking" On Roleplay Threads

    Novastralthinks quietly of a rp thread to post a thinking rp post on.
  10. [GM] Justice for raiders

    Nothing is more important than the grind. Delet this or I will pk Nazark next time I see you.
  11. [GM] Justice for raiders

    My father's katana that he gifted to me before he died is more valuable than your prot1 carb set.
  12. If you don't want to Pvp then join a different rp server.

    1. Ford


      If you dont want to RP, then join a different pvp server.

    2. Netphreak


           That's no way to resolve a conflict. People spend lots of time on this server building and creating their own story; to suddenly drop something like that to avoid mechanical conflict would be a loss.


           Perhaps try and assist the other players who don't see eye to eye with you or your preferences and make some suggestions to better every party involved?


           I used to be the same way with players who preferred PVP over RP combat and it didn't help the situation at all in fact made things worse in the long run. The solution is within everyone; we just need to be willing to compromise even if we don't like it.

    3. grubgoth_wud


      lol get baited stupid majmune 

  13. [GM] Justice for raiders

    Or maybe actually bring an argument to the table instead of saying the same **** over and over. If you don't want to pvp then join an rp server like Gildorym where everything is based on rolls.
  14. @overlord2305   I've always admired you. I've had a huge crush on you for a long time but I've been too shy to say anything. With 6.0 on the horizon I feel like now is the perfect time to ask. Would you please be my e-girl?

    1. dsdevil


      This dude is one of the sexiest men on lotc. Give him a chance @overlord2305

    2. Lil Nugget

      Lil Nugget

      E-Girl more like TRAP! 






    3. overlord2305
  15. Sea Dwarf Subrace Lore Proposal

    Reminds me of this high fantasy book where a race of giants set out to sea and ended up forgetting their homeland. Looks decent. +1