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  1. Trazha the orc sheds a tear for the loss of Schnub’nub.
  2. (Smh atleast use an original build.)
  3. “Diz am literal Orktizm.” Says Trazha the Ork.
  4. You set me up without making do a boring ass forum citizen app when I came back from my ban. You’ll always be my favorite rex.
  5. “It seems the dwarves have come down with a bad case of orctism.” Orc The Orc mumbles to himself while searching through his belongings for the essential oils he regularly douses himself in. He pops the vial open and immediately pours the contents onto his skull before pulling his hooded mask back over his skull. “No babies for me~” He says cheerfully before skipping off to meet up with his homosexual life partner Tyrone.
  6. I dislike the mashing together of orcs and trolls. Trolls should be kept as their own separate entity and ologs should be basic creatures like every other descendant race. Ologs mainly reside in krugmar which is more often than not located in the desert. Having this entire race be weak to sunlight is a huge oversight. Also ologs should be more than capable of just barely being able to speak sentences.
  7. @Telanir If you’re planning on making a joke resigning thread tomorrow then please don’t. Don’t give us that hope. 

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    2. TrendE


      26 minutes ago, Telanir said:

      What are you still doing here TrendE, nobody in the stream shared your opinion, and lol “half the server” you clearly don’t log on

      Pretty toxic bro. All this talk but still waiting to hear one impactful decision that you’ve made over the last year that’s gone well other than removing pedophiles & sex-pests from a team that you recruited for.

    3. Harold


      april fools

    4. rukio


      @TrendEDon’t forget that he only banned them after someone ripped up the rug he tried to sweep it all under. Disgusting. 

  8. My mans got banned for breaking into someones house and leaving without harming them. #FreeElite

  9. User: Novastral Timezone: Cst Discord: Nova#9442 [RP] Name: Orc Previous experience(s): Not much
  10. Take out the dumb **** about beguiling people. Your vampire race doesn't need magic.
  11. Looking for people interested in hunting down all the new wonk characters. If your nation’s discord is on the way to being filled with low effort kermit memes then join the fight.

  12. Looking forward to 2020’s newest edition of Glaedwynn Gals.

    1. Ug



    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      damn, gladewynn gals in 2021 was hot

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