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  1. If u ever add professions back to lotc I will track u down and make you drink pure unsaturated soy.
  2. Novastral

    The Struggles of Moderation

    When you try to make yourself a victim on a meme thread. Unban Infamous Tortuga or I will send strongly worded letters to your local Home Owner’s Association.
  3. I enjoy roleplaying and I would prefer it to changing dirty diapers but that doesn't mean I care more about RP than my newborn child.
  4. 21 day cooldowns are going to be a thing regardless of how many polls you do. Your feedback means as much to Narthok as I do to my dad.

    1. Narthok


      21 day CDs haven't been a thing for over a week. But continue to not read the edits and ree in the statuses brother. 

  5. Novastral

    Fixed Raids, Please Read

    Lotc can't sustain itself without pvp community. Accept it and then we can make rules that work for everybody.
  6. Novastral

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    I think it's adorable that you guys think these rules are going to change and aren't going to be implemented as they are.
  7. Novastral

    September Prince, Feedback!

    Haven't been to a single event and proud of it.
  8. Novastral

    Da Purpuhl Punizha

    "Straighten it up!" "Shouldah to shouldah, th'skah am these skah'n gaps!" "Shut lat dirty sewer ass moufs up!" "Lat 'eard 'im!" Duk could remember his first time training alongside the Raguks and the Lurs. He was young, inexperienced, and had no more experience than any other orc of his age. But he was eager to learn and with the threat of war on the horizon, there was no room for weakness within the warnation. He could remember standing alongside several others who he would come to rely on as he watched Hazurk'Raguk and Ledluk'Raguk marching up and down the line to inspect any imperfections in their formation. The dust and sand kicked up in their wake staining his legs as he stood at attention and waited for their orders. Each scar and blemish on their bodies telling a story of battles and wars of the past. The two took their positions at the head of the formation and proceeded to lead the group into a traditional orc marching chant. Each line they spoke yelled back at them by the line. These were the brothers who he knew from then on that he could depend on through thick and thin. "Mi nub gruk wub mi been told!" "Znuw twigz bi mighteh kold!" "Üp in th'mornin'ta'the risin'sun!" "Mi gunna run til da runninz dun!" It was one of his first battles against an enemy that posed a threat. He'd been on several raids with the other orcs. Scaling the walls of different settlements and descending upon unsuspecting elves and with vengeful fury and praises of the spirits on his lips. However, this was different. There was no enclosed area where his foe would flee to in an attempt to escape. He was going up against trained dwarves of Urguan. In his excitement, he had charged a bit too deep behind enemy lines and found himself separated from the main group. It wasn't long before two dwarves spotted him and chased him down through the heavy snow while he desperately searched for allies. Chest heaving with the effort of sprinting through deep drifts of snow on foot in full kit he soon came to a halt on a road that he thought was somewhat familiar and turned to face his pursuers. Frenzied blows were exchanged and the young orc attempted to overpower the two dwarves with his strength but was clearly outmatched. The stouts were more disciplined than he and were unrelenting in their assault and easily managed to disarm Duk and begin pummelling him with their axes. They brought him down to his knees with both his sword several feet away and his shield hacked to pieces. he was convinced he would die there and uttered a hasty plea to Krug beneath his breath when suddenly heard the loud thundering of hooves approaching him. He was able to lift his head in time to see the massive frame of a Rhino emerge through the sleet and haze directly towards him. Sitting on top was the large hulking frame of Orgoth'Braduk. The mighty beast crashed into the nearest dwarf, trampling him beneath its legs and leaving him a crumpled mass on the road. Orgoth swung down with his war hammer and with ease dispatched the second dwarf with ease as his snaga came galloping up to finish off the unconscious dwarf. Before he could offer any words of thanks the two were gone. Quickly disappearing to seek out more of the enemy while leaving him there in awe of his strength. After such an experience he was naturally indebted to the Braduks and sought out Orgoth in order to pass their trials and join their ranks. He was able to accomplish this by accompanying the giant and assisting him in slaying a ghoul they encountered and his role in the Braduk clan was thus cemented. "Artimec, da twig, am a son ob a bisch!" "Got da bloo ballz agh the seven year itch!" The ring of clashing weapons, the thump of sword on sword, the grunt of young Uruk grappling with one another in the fighting pits of the city. These were the familiar sounds he grew accustomed to during his service to his brothers Yet atop the hill of Mount Orgoth, the imposing clan hall of The Braduks remained still. A mighty construction erected from the earth that housed the legendary rhinos descended from Kenuk. Spiraling staircases dimly illuminated halls and lifts hauled by massive ologs, and the overabundance of extravagance it was, of course, a structure worthy of a clan with roots as deep as Braduk. The silent dreary atmosphere of the fort was undisturbed by the presence of any orcs. Barren of any inhabitants save for a single Uruk barred and secluded within his own chambers. The Wargoth-Regent Duk’Braduk. The violet Uruk of Krugmar sat hunched within the fort of Mount Orgoth. His face pale and void of expression as he poured over dozens of scattered books. For hours on end, he had read through the enriched history of Clan Braduk. From the founding of Kenuk to the kidnapping of Thurak, he was overcome with a deep obsession with the ancient tales laid out before him. But what enthralled him the most was a single name. “Da Irun Rhino whu weyldz Blackhorn! Da entiyr dezert wyll heyr latz naym agh zelebrayt latz viktoriez!” This Duk proclaimed at the top of his lungs, raising his klomping arm and extending it outward. "Da Bradukz am all bruddaz agh ziztaz! If nub by bluud den by heart!" After the transition to the new lands of Atlas Duk was immediately set to work with creating a clan hall to house his brothers. He was not a particularly good architect but with a bit of aid he was able to lay the foundation to what in his eyes was something to be proud of. A clan hall where the Braduks could organize and speak to one another. "HALT!" The Rex commanded and the line quickly came to a stop behind him. "Lat fe-orks skahin' 'yped?!" When the clan war between the Laks and Gorkils broke out Duk was quick to pick his side. He knew the Raguks were honorable and if they sided with the Laks then so would he. It was true that the wargoth declared the clan for the Gorkils but this meant little to him. He owed this Wargoth no favors. he didn't know her nor did he have any particular qualm with fighting against her. The Raguks and Laks were orcs that he had bled with. That he had trained and Klomped with. he knew these orcs and there was little anyone could say to dissuade him from joining their cause. Such boldnessto defy The Wargoth's will was of course going to be punished inevitably. When that time came then he would accept his punishment and move on. Such was the honorable thing to do. The night following the second battle of the war the Laks emerged victorious once more. The fighting had been intense and Duk took some time away from the goi to unwind and calm his nerves. When he received a message from his Wargoth however he was quick to change his plans and hurry back to the Goi. He stepped into the clan hall, gates shut behind him and found the wargoth there. She spoke first. Apologizing to him and declaring that his actions were unacceptable and that he needed to be punished. Traditional Braduk flaying and castration. This was something that he would not accept. He would not allow himself to be humiliated to such an extent for doing what he believed was the correct thing to do. True he had taken a swing at Shakul during a brawl hours earlier but beyond that he could see no reason why such a punishment needed to occur. The Wargoth whistled and Duk turned his attention to the nearby stairs as several Yars and Gorkils emerged from the depths of the clan hall. The hall that he had laid down the measurement and stonework for years prior when half of these upstarts weren't even present to fight on behalf of The Rex. He was beyond enraged. he was furious. Fuming with hatred at the blatant weak-willed dishonorable scum that now infested the halls of Braduk. Shakul'Gorkil stepped forward to challenge him and Duk had little option other than to accept. The fight was over quickly and Duk'Braduk slumped over onto the ground unconscious. His sword and shield beneath his unconscious body as Kotturik Braduk approached his side. This wasn't the way he would have liked to leave the world. It pained him to abandon his brothers on the mortal plain when there was still klomping to do. But he had died in single combat and he had left behind a legacy he could take pride in. He could hear voices around him. Voices whispering praises of his strength and honor. It wasn't the cowardly voices of his fellow Braduks speaking their condolences moments before plunging a blade deep into his chest. It was the chanting of strong fighters beckoning him forward to join them. His brothers called out to him and bellowed a command and Duk fell in line to march off once more.
  9. Novastral

    Ban Report on rukio13, Hacking.

    Pls ban. We cant tolerate this on such a prestigous rp server.!!!!!
  10. Novastral

    How all the cubs will grunt

    Duk'Braduk sits in his blarg alone contemplating his position in the war and more importantly the fractured state of The Braduk Clan. The public display of weakness did not sit well with him and though he was not of Braduk blood it was still his responsibility to uphold the honor of the clan wherever he could. The question of how loyal he was to the clan that he'd be willing to abandon what he believed was right. At a time such as this, he can only think back on what his brother Orgoth would do in his place and inevitably he thought back on the tales of the giants of Kenuk and the divide between Braduk and Gorfjol. "Diz klan am guin tu neyd zumazh tu pik up deez zkrambeld peeyzez."
  11. Gotta love how staff can delete your content for calling them out on their Bs.

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      aaaaaaand deleted

    2. ZachoSnacko


      Do it in a civil manner is probably why it was deleted. Think before posting and give legitimate responses, etc.

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      zzzz copulation zzzzz

  12. Novastral


    Duk'Braduk shakes his head and spits in the sand. A deep scowl spreading across his visage once he hears the news of this neutrality. "Wub da zkah iz diz akt uv kowardiz? Mi wyll nub stand on da zydliynez whiyl mi bruddaz iz klompin tu rid da nayzhun uv dizhonur agh weyknezz. Tu abandon latz alliyz avtur loozin azh klomp iz nub fitting fur da liyn uv Braduk agh hiz zonz. Nub. Da Purpuhl Punizha wyll klomp on."
  13. Novastral

    Return from the Mist

    "Diz olog am deztined fur bub'hozh thingz." Duk'Braduk says while taking a break from napping.
  14. Leaving the server = coming back in 1 month