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  1. Make this its own rule in big bold letters, please.
  2. Remember to treat other players with respect even if you disagree with them. Otherwise, you just make the situation worse.
  3. M9 people have been saying the same thing about raids and pvp for years now. I know for a fact that some orcs can be toxic and disruptive but if any rules were blatantly broken they’d be punished or reported by people with screenshots. You’re not bringing anything new to the discussion you’re just lashing out because you lost a raid and don’t want to actually roleplay out the consequences of being an easy target. If you don’t want orcs raiding you just offer them tribute or hire people to defend you. Y’know. By rping.
  4. You completely missed the point. Calling other people smooth brained and insulting them because of something that happened in rp is wrong no matter the situation, If you don’t have any screenshots then you don’t really have a strong case. Logs can be easily altered. Your over the top reaction to a half-hour of lost rp time is over the top and unnecessary. Grow up. Either deal with it in rp or move on.
  5. Got any screenshots? Calling people smooth brain because you lost rp pixels and had a bad time during a raid is toxic and unnecessary. Treating other players with respect will take you a long way. Also, two wrongs don’t make a right.
  6. The issue isn’t losing. It’s about being practical and reducing the amount of time spent resolving a conflict. If people aren’t one emoting killing/capturing then the roleplay is valid. Whether or not it was enjoyable for you is completely up to how you want to take it. Find a roleplay solution to this situation instead of insulting other players in the community. You got raided by orcs. offer them tribute or hire some people to defend your citizens. That simple.
  7. If someone does this then you report them in a player report. There are raid cooldowns for a reason. If your city is being plagued by raiders then deal with it in rp by building better defenses or recruiting more guards. This is an rp server. Find a roleplay solution before you jump on the forums to ***** about being raided. If you don’t want to pvp then go on a purely rp server.
  8. The Dukling Trazha’Raguk takes one final look at his home before wandering off into the desert. “Gug’ye mi bruddaz.”
  9. If the warzone is not up and populated within the next half hour I will remove the big toes of 5 Farfolk Hostages. Do not attempt to give me warning points or I will remove all the hostage’s toes immediately.

  10. “Hoez Mad.” Says Trazha Raguk from the comfort of his Blarg, stretching out his piggies and wiggling them in front of his human slave.
  11. @FlamboyantTyrant Are you going to start enforcing race appropriate heights the way Ologs were?

  12. “Diz am preddi orctistic.” Says Trazha. “Lat kan keyp flattin a few bruddaz heyr agh der agh wi wyll keyp zpankin dat azz on da klompfield.”
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