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  1. Novastral

    Does Blah put you off?

    Blah is cool and all to write out but it makes no ******* sense to have it forced on all orcs because of a bullshit excuse about tusks which make no sense. If orcs were able to speak Old Blah and use Common at their own discretion I feel like it would make for a more refined culture. As of right now, Old blah is cuced to about 3 or 5 orcs in total which is dumb Imo.
  2. Novastral

    Lotc Patreon

    Still doesn't give you the right to insult someone who made a mild criticism that took up less than half of his post. What you did was out of line and toxic and it is not welcome here on Lotc. Please consider changing your attitude about such things in the future so we can keep conversation civil and cordial.
  3. Novastral

    Lotc Patreon

    Why are you getting so hostile over a comment not even directed towards you? Frankly speaking attitudes like this is why discussions often get derailed and become toxic. I'm going to speak to an fm about getting this post removed and adding warning points. This isn't how we do things on Lotc. You have no right to insult Slothtastic simply for sharing his opinion on the state of the server ownership.
  4. Novastral

    [Denied][I] 6xdestroyer's Game Moderator Application

    Spends most of his time on the server delivering the hammer of Krug's justice to slice of life roleplayers. +1.
  5. Novastral

    Lotc Patreon

    The wiki team is the biggest den of depravity and corruption I've ever seen since joining the server.
  6. Novastral

    [Poll] Bandits, Brigands, Crime lords, and Villains

    usually when we're out as a group we always give people the option of giving over their skull or d40ing. Can't speak for other orcs but I'm typically only interested in trophies and rp items. Sometimes when a person is chimping out in ooc saying passive aggressiv **** or otherwise acting toxic then the person doing the villain rp acts just as toxic back and both parties end up disliking the rp. If you want an example of this then scheck out that br against Dewlox from a while back. Guy goes into the grove looking for a druid to fight since he's an orc and when he wins after a long situation where the other party stalled and complained in ooc he got blacklisted.
  7. Novastral

    Server Rules Feedback

    Doesn't change the fact that pixel hungry pvpers constantly ruin the rp experience of people who want to actually roleplay. We need to spread slice of life rp to all corners of lotc.
  8. Novastral

    Server Rules Feedback

    If you want to pvp then join a pvp server.
  9. Daily reminder the Krugmar has become a capitalist state that tramples over the efforts of it's citizens for profit.

    1. Ougi


      just how it should be ? big brother will see you know

  10. Novastral


    Shalom. What are your opinions on the current role of women within uruk society and do you agree that the gender shamanism gap exists? Also why so infidel?
  11. Novastral

    Faoladh [Creature]

    +1 I want to get frost witch qts to cyber me after I gank them with my pack. *Growls at ocean*
  12. Novastral

    Ask your favorite halfling main anything

    Why so infidel?
  13. Novastral

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    "A zingul viktorii tu gloat abowt aftur da uruks hav beyn flattin deezpeeypul fur weekz un end. It wyll bi hozh tu kruzh da deluzionz agh kowardliweyz uv da twigz in da duminyun." Duk'raduk mutters to himself.
  14. Novastral

    Stop adding money sinks

    Oyyveyy shut it down!
  15. Novastral

    Remove Raid Ladders

    Big boy brains aren't allowed here. If you want to pvp then join a pvp server.