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  1. Fanasty

    Carina D'anpalais

    [!] [A few parchments are spread around arcas] I hereby declare that since two days I have been living in Rubern, please do not come looking for me my dear cousins... As I am shall no longer stand behind the empire. I shall refuse to see any of my relatives / friends unless they decide to join me. I also shall not be visiting any of the imperial cities so please do not try to find me. -Carina D'anpalais
  2. Fanasty

    Truth of Vilac

    The Truth of Vilac Luciana Maria Vilac, daughter of Prince Janos Vilac walks the street of Helena, reading a post about her family members and patriach of the house to rebel against the reign of Emperor Peter III, telling filthy stories about her families past. Luciana swiftly calls one of her maidens to inquire the government about what she is about to do, aswell as asking one of her maidens to write down her words while she spoke, ready for her words to be shared with the whole world. Dear family members, I have seen enough. You have proven to me that all of you are incapable of using your brain, incapable of being loyal to your family and country. As the daughter of previous patriach prince Janos Vilac, for am I the just Rightful matriach of house Vilac. Who shall henceforth bear all its respective creed and titles. Just as my own father did, I shall now aswell disown any family member that is against the reign of Emperor peter III I hereby pledge the loyalty of house Vilac once again to the empire, and the rightful Emperor. Her highness, Luciana Maria Vilac, rightful matriach of house Vilac, princess of Vilachia, baroness of Vilac.
  3. Fanasty


    Cubi was raised by her two lovely parents in Sutica, she created a love for hunting on a young age and got taught how to read and write at a early age. When Cubi was six her father sadly passed away due to unkown causes.. Her mother after that was not to be seen outside anymore, drinking each day and night to remove her pain. And sadly.. after a few years she was able to get rid of the pain.. dying of alchohol posion. Cubi now was left alone in a house unsure of what to do next as an eleven year old.. She wandered around town hunting for food and stealing from local markets.. Untill one day, this human took her away from her city to adopt her. Cubi at first didn't talk to them for weeks.. but after a while she decided they didn't mean any harm to her and she slowly adjusted herself into their culture.. trying to fit in like she was a human herself.. Cubi was able to purchase alot of dresses and other things like jewerly and she got a passion for it. Due to her insecurity growing over the years due to not fitting into the human culture she became meaner, a bit spoiled and she had a big arrogance over her.. while in reality, Cubi is insecure and she doesn't know how to act so others can leave her alone and accept her the way she is.
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