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  1. The sovereign princess of Vitenna, Luciana Maria Napoliza widens her eyes in her grave, intrested to hear about Oren’s victory in her lost principality.
  2. Bro shall we ever give Charlotte and Peter a good ending story?
  3. Charlotte Rosamund showed the pamphlet to her son "Even thought of Hazards! I told you we where in safe hands dear!" She cooed with a thin smile displayed on her lips.@Proddy
  4. THE NOBLE ASSEMBLY A portrait of the empress-mother, Cesarina Louise c. FA 1730 Written by lady Charlotte Pruvia-Albarosa To the noble families of the Holy Orenian Empire, Lady Charlotte Rosamund Pruvia-Albarosa is commanded by HIH, The Duchess of Helena to cordially invite all nobles of the Holy Orenian Empire to the imperial palace of Providence to revive an ancient tradition started by the empress-mother, Cesarina of Marna for an assembly of Nobles. Timetable: ♔STATE BANQUET - The evening shall begin with a state banquet to celebrate a
  5. Charlotte Pruvia-Albarosa lips featured an immense smile as her lady in waiting, Louisa Elisabeth read the missive to her "The only time he satisfied me was when he signed these papers." Charlotte took a sip of wine before walking towards Trissingham court to tell the marvelous news to the other ladies at court.
  6. The countess of Rochefort put her saucer down on the salon table, taking one last sip out of her cup as she skimmed through the letter swiftly as she sat in the grand salon of the imperial palace "Mm.. Look what he wrote me." Charlotte showed the letter to Minerva de Selm and yawned "Quite the spectacle.." She rised from her seat, asking a servant to bring the small painting to her chambers before returning her attention on the teea.
  7. oh yess.. The land of .. .. .. I forgot their culture?
  8. The Palatial Pocketbook: From peasant to pageant A pocketbook for courtiers and visitors of the imperial court Written by Lady Charlotte of Rochefort Preamble: You have been cordially invited to the imperial palace or to the court of trissingham. But, what do you wear? How do you find that exact salon out of the oh-so many? Fred not! This pocketbook shall introduce you to all the sophisticated rules and quirks! From Peasant to Pageant! ♛THE IMPERIAL PALACE First and foremost you must find your way in the extravagant halls of the palace.
  9. Luciana “The Harlot” Maria Napoliza Per stato é gloria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LASz6HAL7E My beloved family and friends, If you are reading this, it means that I have decided to end my journey on Arcas, and begin a new one to the seven skies, to at last find my freedom. My long journey, whom many of you loyally followed has come to an end. In my long lifetime, I have learned much about the world, and that life comes with many sacrifices. As I am still but a humble servant to my family and former subjects. My journey as a crow, my journey from a Vilac
  10. Charlotte cried as her precious boy went missing. “It is all my fault! I should have never insisted on punishing him!”
  11. Lady Charlotte Helvets smiled as she opened the newspaper published by her husband "Dearest, you continue to suprise me!"
  12. Fanasty Sash & Wig 6.5k Skin: Sash & Wig Handmaidens gown Bid: 6.5k Sash and Wig & 5.5k for Handmaidens gown Discord: Fanasty#6960
  13. Skin: With Sash and Wig, 2k Skin: A Handmaiden’s Gown, 2k Skin: Cherry Picking 6k Bid: Total of 10k Discord: Fanasty#6960
  14. Skin: With Sash and Wig, 2k Skin: A Handmaiden’s Gown, 2k Skin: Cherry Picking 2.5k Bid: Total of 6k Discord: Fanasty#6960
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