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Amordrin πŸƒ

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    currently dying of thanhium poisoning
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    i'm here to make memes and interact with people, my timezone is PST

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  1. how am i still this obsessed with Hamilton

  2. LOTC Charity Reward and Best Player Award

    no my friend, the award should be given to you
  3. mein lOVE

    1. Amordrin πŸƒ

      Amordrin πŸƒ

      mein GOTT

      das ist kinslayer


  4. the only thing that brings me joy on lotc is looking at my signature on the forums

  5. Tox's Magic Team App II

    0/10, doesn't talk to me anymore!
  6. Time

  7. is anyone dressing up for halloween? i'm going as Richie from the new It movie

  8. Hou-Zi Application Megathread

    very interesting to see a race evolve from an idea to ""reality"". good job all those who worked on hou-zi
  9. i think the core of salt in my being is because with my minimal amount of effort i was never made into a druid and i'mΒ never coming back

  10. so which one of you wants to give me your hulu account