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  1. Goodbye BunnyBoyPvP

  2. ?url=http%3A%2F%2Fnewatlas-brightspot.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fa2%2F52%2F735143314703a075587fa2445de4%2Fdepositphotos-644018666-xl.jpg


    damn u like that shit?

  3. The culture of the server has been rapidly degrading and the mechanics being introduced are implemented carelessly. Feedback feels like it's generally ignored. I am not confident anything will come from this and I have lost a majority of my trust in the moderation team because they are not held accountable for their actions and abuse even when presented with evidence that they acknowledge is serious, any reports given to the admins about staff abuse is ignored and brushed aside to obscurity. Moderation admin sets a bad example for his team and the moderation sees this and acts worse, this is also met with no punishment or accountability. Raid tools are bad and should be removed entirely, there was always a tradeoff to keeping your gates closed and most settlements decided it wasn't worth it anyways and kept their gates open, raiders already have every advantage by being able to raid at any time (when there's no CD) with any amount and because the defenders are reactionary they're at a massive disadvantage and that's why the raid rules were so restrictive before. The implementation of raid tools was awful, they were removed before build phase and we were not told they'd be added back, we assumed they were gone for good following the massive pushback upon their last implementation. This should have been communicated to us that they'd make a return before the build phase started so we knew to alter our build to account for them, now having a beautiful build has become a liability because of this short sightedness. I have genuinely felt an apathy towards the server's rp recently as it's not really being focused on by the staff and instead the focus has been more geared towards mechanics and policies that benefit pvp, map mechanics like resource tiles, new equipment like raid tools and new rulings like 'captives must give qaulity rp' are all examples of this bias, the wording of that last rule change regarding capture rp is especially concerning because it was so biased in favor of one party of that exchange, it didn't say anything about the captors giving quality rp, it was completely biased towards one perspective without taking into account the other side. It is genuinely insane to think that capture RP isn't toxic, during my last capture in a midnight raid I was informed by staff that my timer did not start until I arrived at a location where I would be a captive. I was ran on the road for over 45 minutes with no RP and when I asked the captors what gives they emoted 'continues dragging captive along' I also contacted staff and they said I could not leave despite no rp going on, this means I was forced to stay on the server doing RP (or lack of for most of it) that I did not want to for over 2 hours and 45 minutes before I was released. My character was also killed so I recieved no character development from the experience and only served to enhance someone elses. Also the people who captured me didn't even rp with me when we arrived, instead just peddling me off to someone else. PvP is meant to be the fast option to get a conflict over with. Why can the winners extend that conflict for up to three more hours after the PvP is concluded and why are they not expected to provide quality rp when the captives are. You have to realize that it's unreasonable to expect someone to RP for three more hours, especially if it's RP that they're not interested in or makes them queasy like mutilation or torture. When I asked if I could leave 30 minutes before my 2 hours 45 minutes sentence to eat I was informed I could if I would come back and serve the last 30 minutes later, ultimately I decided to eat my dinner at the desk, throw up netflix and check the minecraft tab every few minutes. It's just not feasible to expect two parties who don't respect each other to play well when forced to rp together.
  4. I normally don't post on these, but it's something that directly effects me, so I will. I had been planning with others to start a sect of Templars for some time now and some of us are druids, this wasn't a spur of the moment thing, but something that's been in talks (Both OOC and IRP) for months now, so it is incredibly disappointing to learn our plans might be thwarted just as they're starting to actually come to fruition. It was always explained to me by the templars in our group that Malc didn't really care about worship and just wanted to give his blessings to courageous fighters, even if they had some other magic or not. The Aspects are the same way and they don't really care if you dabble in other magics so long as you serve their purpose, of course there are incompatibilities like voidal magic and dark magic. I guess I just don't really see why Malc would say 'no lol' as long as you serve his purpose and embody his ideals. I also am not sure the exact definition of magic stacking, but to me it always seemed like if you had two magics that stacked and compounded certain abilities, like a spook with a bunch of dark combat magic also using translo to teleport, making their combat capabilities stronger. Druid magic doesn't really have much combat capability, sure some of the spells /CAN/ be used in combat, but they're not really intended to be and the massive emote count makes it hard to justify it as well, it's more of an event magic used for cleaning things up like the ando alur hollow and stuff like that whereas templar is a melee combat magic, so I am not really sure if the magics actually serve to enhance each other in any way. (I am also not sure if this is even a consideration for why druid and templar are not compatible anymore.) I guess I just want to say it's a bit upsetting to think the last few months of preparation and RP are going to go to waste because of this change.
  5. Change it so that Corcitura can perform a temporary ritual that lasts like an hour or two which gives them immunity to salt tests. They can perform the ritual before entering gates but if they get ambushed with a random salt test prompted by an investigation, then they'll have to be more creative to explain their way out of the situation.
  6. Nykolai Rosik twirls his moustache. "Da, we make slap man out of dwarfski, now they just half."
  7. That's not a weakness for Azdrazi, that's a weakness for everyone. Everyone getting shot by an arbalest or a crossbow is going to get hurt but not everyone who gets hurt by it has all of the extra upsides that an Azdrazi is going to have. Does this somehow hurt Azdrazi more then a normal descendant? I must be missing something. Sure.
  8. Suppose it's the perfect time to address the lack of weaknesses in the original piece then with this re-write. Adding new abilities and buffing other ones calls for some negatives in the opposite direction I think instead of just changing one weakness. I gave a lot of constructive feedback about how I felt it could be achieved. I have never been a fan of the only mundane counter to things being locked behind a rare lore material, or being the softest metal which is completely ineffective against plate clad enemies.
  9. Weaknesses really need some work I think. Bundling up removing their weakness to natural cold is very silly and not actually a weakness at all since normal descendants also need to bundle up in the cold because it makes them uncomfortable. Weakness to magical cold takes too long in my opinion. If you're getting hit by 5 cold spells, you're doing something wrong, and normal descendants don't have magic in the first place, so losing access to magic isn't really a weakness either. I would suggest making the final effect happen after 3 emotes being exposed to magic cold. Also, I would be surprised if a normal descendant could survive 5 icicles being shot like crossbow bolts into their bodies, so does this type of projectile also trigger the weakness if it hits armor that the Neph wear? I imagine that it would leave bruises underneath plate armor, so that would likely count as a wound caused by frost magic. Thanhium seems fine where it is, if it's not broke don't fix it. Alchemical frost should hurt them in my opinion, same as magical frost, as far as I am aware, the summoned ice/frost from Voidal magic is no different then normal ice and this would add weaknesses that are more mundane, but also not completely common. I also have worries about buffing polymorph as I have seen this abused many times, even with external sources of disguising by the Azdrazi community. The strength buff is another thing I think was removed for good reason and I think it should stay gone, even in this form.
  10. "I speak for Malin, no I speak for Malin!" Talim feigns a conversation by opening his hands as if they were mouths as each Elven politician speaks.
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