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  1. That's not a weakness for Azdrazi, that's a weakness for everyone. Everyone getting shot by an arbalest or a crossbow is going to get hurt but not everyone who gets hurt by it has all of the extra upsides that an Azdrazi is going to have. Does this somehow hurt Azdrazi more then a normal descendant? I must be missing something. Sure.
  2. Suppose it's the perfect time to address the lack of weaknesses in the original piece then with this re-write. Adding new abilities and buffing other ones calls for some negatives in the opposite direction I think instead of just changing one weakness. I gave a lot of constructive feedback about how I felt it could be achieved. I have never been a fan of the only mundane counter to things being locked behind a rare lore material, or being the softest metal which is completely ineffective against plate clad enemies.
  3. Weaknesses really need some work I think. Bundling up removing their weakness to natural cold is very silly and not actually a weakness at all since normal descendants also need to bundle up in the cold because it makes them uncomfortable. Weakness to magical cold takes too long in my opinion. If you're getting hit by 5 cold spells, you're doing something wrong, and normal descendants don't have magic in the first place, so losing access to magic isn't really a weakness either. I would suggest making the final effect happen after 3 emotes being exposed to magic cold. Also, I would be surprised if a normal descendant could survive 5 icicles being shot like crossbow bolts into their bodies, so does this type of projectile also trigger the weakness if it hits armor that the Neph wear? I imagine that it would leave bruises underneath plate armor, so that would likely count as a wound caused by frost magic. Thanhium seems fine where it is, if it's not broke don't fix it. Alchemical frost should hurt them in my opinion, same as magical frost, as far as I am aware, the summoned ice/frost from Voidal magic is no different then normal ice and this would add weaknesses that are more mundane, but also not completely common. I also have worries about buffing polymorph as I have seen this abused many times, even with external sources of disguising by the Azdrazi community. The strength buff is another thing I think was removed for good reason and I think it should stay gone, even in this form.
  4. "I speak for Malin, no I speak for Malin!" Talim feigns a conversation by opening his hands as if they were mouths as each Elven politician speaks.
  5. I can probably answer that as the original lore writer for Ashwood trees! It's never ended well when outside communities mess around with the Ashwood tree, it's usually a headache best left avoided in my opinion. There has been many instances where nature CA's try to use Ashwood's invulnerable properties when they should not, the immunity to fire, etc. Also, the community who's culture reveres it would probably bash anything like that because it's hardly ever done respectfully, even by staff members.
  6. I left the CT for several reasons, the main one was I was taking a break from LoTC and didn't want to just sit idle on the team. I do think however, there was many issues with the teams recruitment and lax nature, I hardly saw anyone get kicked from the team, even when many did so little, or absolutely nothing. I also think the team was often directionless and our admin did little to give us things to work on. People would constantly moan about being called the toddler team and focus on ways to not be called that, which while annoying that we were being called names by other teams, should never have been a serious discussion. If the team had just put in work and done what they were supposed to do, we would not have been insulted by other teams. Monk Guidance's often seemed really shit, and every time I witnessed them, the monk just disappeared after guiding a player to the gates of either their own faction, or the faction that was on their application. There needs to be a better system for this, and this should be a priority, giving new players a good first experience is so important for their retention. CT events were always very cringy in my opinion, and I never wanted to take part in them. I suggested more events that fit into the lore for the server, specifically for Wilven Monks, but often the team settled for silly easter egg hunt events that made no sense in roleplay. Ultimately this is a fantasy roleplay server, and events done by the CT should have to fit into the lore for the server. Why the **** does CT do pastes? LOL Ultimately, I felt the team was carried by competent managers who seemed unhappy with Hogo as their admin, as they all started to leave, so did I.
  7. "The right choice, ultimately, most wise ne to risk their recent prosperity." Muttered Talim. "I am confident Norland will continue to flourish under Odin and hope they focus inward now that they are in the good graces of their highland brethren."
  8. I think the issue more lies on the staff that is unable or unwilling to cull inactive settlements and nations. The Vale has their gates closed 24/7 and we have never had activity issues, so I do not think forcing people to keep their gates open is an effective solution to this problem.
  9. "King Odin is being based to be slapping the man out of the Adunians, now they are just Elfski." Says an aging Nykolai
  10. Talim stood next to his ikurnamon tree, and peered out to the water to reflect, occasionally watching the dolphins and boats that passed by them.
  11. CLASSY! +1 I love that anyone can learn these if they're a fae, it stops smaller groups from circlejerking the lore and then the lore dying because two people know it and they quit. Absolutely love these flavorful potions and I am excited to see them in game, lots of flavor, very balanced and very well done piece. Top notch quality, cannot give enough support!
  12. Full removal. My weapons were taken at the gate, well.. time to head to the auction house to buy another sword, oh, huh, I can buy a voidal enchantment in the center of a city that voidal magic is outlawed in.. The AH does nothing but circumvent roleplay for ease of access.
  13. "We make of the missing Ragnar every day.." says Nykolai.
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