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  1. The First and the Last. Ram prepared himself for the battle, he knew it would be his last, it is how he had planned it after all. The Elder Orc placed on the armor of his father, Sarn, and gathered his great berserker axe, the weapon alone was the size of a dwarf, but even now he could still swing it like he was a few centuries younger. For the last time, he shouted what he always had during battle. "KRUG KRUG KRUG!" and he kept shouting until he found himself locked into an outnumbered battle, many of his brothers had fallen by this point. He continued to battle as hard as he could, but it was no use, those elves that had outnumbered him struck a mighty blow, blocked by his axe, but as he recoiled and took a step back, he found no ground to secure his footing and fell from that bloody mountain. Even though his son had assured him he would join those in the stargush'stroh, he was unsure of it, he was a dark shaman after all, his soul had been permanently blackened. A glorious death he thought to himself, it was the last honor he wished to receive in his lifetime.
  2. Talim read over the missive with a frown, then posted a pin beneath. I am unsure who you are to claim to know of my dealings with Qard and even swear that your knowledge of it is unequivocally true, but all dealings that I did have with him were long concluded before he was banished from Nevaehlen. You could have contacted me and I would have happily told you as much as well. The motives behind this message you have left do not seem well intentioned or informed, but hastily written and manipulative. -Tali'mordu
  3. Based changes pretty much all around to be honest.
  4. Alexandros frowned, reading the letter. "She lied to me." He said to himself. "Also, she really didn't have to say anything about that gravestone.."
  5. So true says Robin Volaren
  6. I think in general, the hubs were really great, but CT should not be in the center of the map, it should be off on it's own, sort of like a tutorial island. The walk to the hubs from the starting zone for new players should be significantly shorter and the tutorial area should be more noticeable. What is really important for the starter area for new players is the design language, it should be able to communicate what is the correct direction to go without signs or writing, though that can still be included. (Just keep in mind, even if you put signs and writing in, it does not mean new players will read it.) You should be able to walk / sprint jump down the road in one direction for less then two minutes and find an active RP hub. This means you need to actually delete inactive nations (Including racial status protected ones if there is another active RP hub of the same race.) and adjust the road accordingly to reflect that. (Whether that is making the road look broken up, or deleting it is up to you.) You also should be able to get to a RP hub without running out of hunger if you have no food. My suggestions are purely for the good of new player retention, so keep that in mind, I know there are other things to take into account.
  7. Yeah, if you want to make spear and long sword have vanilla swing timers, that is a step in the right direction for 1.9 PvP, still though, I would rather be focusing resources on changing the server back over to 1.8. There is no reason a roleplay server needs to use the more sweaty PvP version. There is a reason servers like hypixel etc use 1.8 PvP, because it is more accessible.
  8. I kind of feel like the most recent report is a great example of why we had private harassment reports. There is no reason everyone needs to know about that situation.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Tabby64


      Mi wanted to read the drama!!

    3. Heartesy



      Oh! I see now. I had been confused at first. I'm sorry about what happened.

    4. LatzMomo


      That's good then. I am glad it has been privated. The only people who need to know about that situation are the people that are involved and the people deciding what is going to be done about it.

  9. Like I said, I literally have videos of full warclaims that happened on LoTC with 1.8 combat well after the 1.9 update that I recorded with over 180 players and there is no lag. It is possible, it has been done before. I even have footage of raids that took place with 70+ players involved on the main server. The recent test literally worked so flawlessly that they had to tone down how responsive it was because people were decimating each other in seconds with high click speeds. We could do more testing if that is an actual issue, but nothing has indicated this is the case so far, in fact all evidence has been pointing towards the contrary.
  10. It was working fine with like 40 people dueling each other on beta, the current 70v90 battles lag to **** anyways with 1.9 so I do not see why that is a good reason to keep 1.9 around. I assure you, the lag of the most recent warclaims is consistent with how laggy they were in the past. I also have videos of 1.8 PvP warclaims (WELL AFTER) the 1.9 update running flawlessly on LoTC With over 180 players involved.
  11. We were literally testing it and it worked flawlessly on beta not two months ago, they just need to turn it on LMAO
  12. 1.9 is dogshit, I am going to be honest the only people who are good at it are the people who consistently practice it. 1.8 is easier to learn, the fights are much quicker and it does not require you to consistently practice to remain good at the game. In my opinion, when we look at a system that requires someone to consistently practice it vs clicking really fast, we can plainly see what is more accessible and less of a pain for everyone. Half the server spam clicks anyways, please bring back 1.8
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