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  1. I know this is just a rep farm, but good job anyway.
  2. Skin Name: Witcher from the WitcherSkinner's Username: SpoonDiscord: MeBid: 240
  3. Skin Name: Witcher from the Witcher Skinner’s Username: Spoon Discord: You have it Bid: 220 mina
  4. Skin Name: Witcher from the Witcher Skinner’s Username: Spoon Discord: You have it Bid: 160 mina
  5. Iratus reads the missive with a nod, taking some time before he quietly spoke to himself. "When their city has burned and they are all dead I will rest."
  6. Isaac's example was perhaps a bad one so as me and him are kind of in agreement on this issue I'll elaborate. Isaac, and myself to a degree, believes that all magics should have some permanent physical or mental downside to them that applies even when not casting. For instance, the voidal mage's weakness or a the obsessions of a blood mage. This magic lacks any such permanent downsides so it would be a straight upgrade for say a melee combat character as they'd now have ranged abilities with 0 consequences. While the inability to sustain other magic's is perhaps a step in the right direction w
  7. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Why does Arcanism necessitate an event? If we're doing that because it's a relatively old magic that got the boot then when we're giving lightning evo its event? We can't force a magic to be cultural, if only we could, but there's a tendency on LoTC to be more willing to pass around weaker magics, everyone and their mother has housemagery and fire evo, so that'll help with it being cliqued because this isn't the 20 spell powerhouse that Arcanism ended up as. That magic is mainly MArt creation, with some servants thrown in f
  8. I don't have much advice, bar ditching the glowing eyes, but holy **** the fact you're actually asking is quite impressive. Good luck you got this.
  9. Aight, I have no screenshots so this is going to be a rambling trip down memory lane. First, shout out to that random Orener in 2016 who thought my homeless elf was a spy so dragged me inside a barracks and shot me in the head with a crossbow, that's my first real memory of LoTC. One of my favourite memories is the Sunset Khaganate. We were a bunch of people living out in the Urguan desert and it was massive fun, still have my skin from it. Best part about it was this random group was attacked by Oren in the coalition war and was the actual site of the battle where we began t
  10. Unironically this. The first few weeks are, I think, important as hell to LoTC to actually keep players. I don't remember much of my first few weeks but I do remember being chased down a hill by a dreadlander before being executed as well as learning how to break into the eternal library. That's why I'm still here, because of the chaos of the initial days. In my first few weeks I didn't join a nation, wouldn't join a nation until I made my dwarf, but I stuck around because of the good natured chaos. When interesting **** starts happening again consistently then retention will rise.
  11. Please never use the word "sexy" to describe anything to do with cat people.
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