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  1. Can’t wait for the lesson where you teach new players to sit in a tree and quietly load a crossbow before deleting some poor guy just trying to eat a bagel.
  2. This competition seems a little... different... almost like there’s an ulterior motive besides showing off cool art.
  3. With all 5 Kuila stones I could simply snap my fingers and all industry would turn to dust...
  4. Mavromino


    Another one bites the dust
  5. Mavromino

    How do you say Z

    I say them both.
  6. If I was perhaps a tad more paranoid I’d find it interesting that both people on this thread actively arguing the MA wipe have Arcanism MAs, acquired on May 15th so they wouldn’t be Tier 5, so I could draw a conclusion that these people are actually trying to keep their pixel power rather than argue the need for a wipe. But hey, everyone on this server acts in good faith, right? Also, Mr Excited, Kaleheart has said that he’ll allow the LT to choose who is grandfathered in so how could he build a clique if he isn’t the one choosing?
  7. Okay I’ve decided I’m going to attempt something akin to actual critique, my grammar will be terrible but I apologise. Okay define unnatural first of all. You see, like Tato mentioned, unnatural is rather loose and open to interpretation, which I'm sure wasn’t your intent. For example, I’d personally see dwarves living long beyond the lifespan Yemmekar gave them as unnatural but I doubt that’s the intended view. Also, since when were runesmiths holy paladins who destroyed the corrupt? Could use some clarification here as well, is a runesmith trying to leave the order undermining it as he weakens the strength of the order? I’m not going to get into the binding ritual as Tato has already stated everything I see that is wrong with it. Okay, I don’t care much about the disconnection as long as you clarify the tenants but this is just weird. I get they come from the same aengudaemon but runesmiths shouldn’t be able to disconnect golemancers (and vice versa) because they’re different magics. The source may be the same but they do different things and, likely, have different communities so I think it’s weird this steps on their toes. I’ve never liked the idea of the altars, they feel arbitary and a way to ensure that only people you allow to teach, teach but that’s about it. The runes themselves I think do far too much, I mean with runesmithing alone you’ve probably got the power of several magics. Still, that’s not an issue I’ll go focus on as it is way too big but one thing I want to know is for creation runes where is the thing created relative to the object? Like does it pour out of the rune or what? I don’t like the metals, especially thanhium steel, as it feels like a sort of generic “I use metal to make stronger metal to get big boy bonus” which is just weird. Also why does runesmithing allow me to become Palpatine? Why the **** do you have lightsabers? I dislike all the Flesh Runes as a concept, HotArcanismBeam having stole my critque on the life rune” as surely the way to beat runesmith is to attack them without their items? It just feels like they do far too much as say I jump a runesmith when he’s unprepared, no runed items, I still have to contend with his newfound ability to flip me over his shoulder and throw me through a wardrobe. Also, out of interest, how many slots is this magic? I’d also recommend, if you keep Flesh Runes, actually saying at what tier they can be created. Sorry for my terrible formatting, this is the first time I’ve actually posted something like this on the forums.
  8. Thanhic steel already exists in accepted lore and we don’t need another version of it with the exact same name.
  9. Can’t believe the CT stole the ET’s jobs like that
  10. Osheim, upon hearing the news, would just stand still for a while as if catatonic. Eventually, the man would proceed to go through the motions of his life, distracting himself with labour, although there’d continue to be a nagging sensation at the back of his skull. Once he could distract himself no longer the man would decide to attempt to find Blair, muttering as he did so. “Well, this is going to hurt.”
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