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  1. Mavromino

    [LOOKING FOR] Experienced Blacksmith or Stonemason!

    Crevin Starbreaker would sit in his clan hall and read the parchment "ye'd beh better ta use it as ah club lad." The parchment would then be tossed into the lava of his hall.
  2. Mavromino

    [Pending]_Lark_'s Lore Master Application

    I will +1 when Lark plays his dwarf again.
  3. Mavromino

    Fourth Generation Necromancy

    Statues can be moved so so can this and technically because transistion happens in CT you'll be fine as nothing can be rply destroyed there, or just be smart and sneak it in. If they have the slots they can learn other magics. Shaman elemtalism is just like if a rock or fire had been thrown at the undead. Curses I assume are the same to undead. Just because it's deific doesn't make it a spook nuker. Also Zarsies is there a way reset an eidola's death counter?
  4. Mavromino


    ((Yeu magic is weird they have a..sign I suppose heir a follower which can't be dismissed unless they get disconnected. This sign can really be anything to my knowledge.
  5. Mavromino

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    They were already immune to slashing and piercing. And the change from plate to chain is pointless considering ghouls can already wear chain.
  6. Mavromino

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    Why have you made this change? It does seem to ruin the point of Darkstalkers considering Morghuuls can wear chainmail. Also the lore written indicates they can wear plate.
  7. Mavromino

    The Kingdom of Haense Hiring Palace Staff

    MC Name: OnlyFlamingos RP Name: Ludolf Decair Position wanted: Royal Cook  Why you want the job: Cooking is a personal love of mine and I'd be delighted to feed more than myself.
  8. Mavromino

    The Ascension of a Prelate & Related Announcements

    Crevin Starbreaker would be working within his personal forge as he prepared another batch of Black Ferrum and he'd comment on the notice. "Probableh s'ould go for ta Forgemaster role, but nae I'll let someone else d t'at, I wis' ye well Koralon."
  9. Ludolf van Rothchild would be wandering the world and upon seeing the notice he'd utter a comment "The family falls, how fun. Time to change coats I suppose."
  10. Mavromino

    Applying Process Feedback

    I still don't understand why that made applications THIS easy.
  11. Mavromino

    My heckin' political compass and politiscales

    https://gyazo.com/8b6fd8d69ad115bd7ef8ce38b516f519 This is mine.
  12. Mavromino

    [Amendment] Patching Soul Trees

    Adding onto what the person above said someone with only commune and control simply needs to put their tree in a druid grove in an enviroment that gets the plus 20 modifier. Then wait 6 weeks and they have a + 80 modifier.
  13. Mavromino

    Firegirl's Introduction 2.0

    Meaning of life?
  14. Mavromino

    This, is me:

    I regret reminding you those exist.
  15. IGN: HotBurritos Character name: Crevin Starbreaker Time zone: GMT IC letter of application: "Yer said I nae needed ta fill in paperwork but ah may as well."