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  1. Vincent pulls the note off his back with a nod as he slowly begins to crawl out of the alley in Ves.
  2. Imagine advertising LoTC as somewhere you can be any character you want (as long as it fits the setting) and then making it so some people can't fight/defend themselves.
  3. All who act against God King Telanir will be shot...
  4. Now give us alchemy back Flamboyant.
  5. Mavromino

    Conflict & War FAQ

    I wish I lived in your LoTC where mental gymnastics, powergaming, subtle metagaming and rule lawyering wasn't your average tuesday.
  6. Mavromino

    Conflict & War FAQ

    What if players decide they want GMs to place ladders? Considering that player-made clause and all.
  7. Mavromino

    Swamp Rules

    Time to see what a 10v10 crp looks like.
  8. "Chat **** get fucked." Osheim murmurs.
  9. Telnair you really should go into politics as you've mastered appearing to answer a question.

  10. Osheim is depressed by the Fennic associations.
  11. W'ot te fock is ah degrees C? Asks a very confused Crevin.
  12. Maybe Flamboyant's goal is to kill the server so he's taking down lore.
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