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  1. Stop soliciting you filthy dissenter.
  2. Can't disrupt the safe space I guess.
  3. Sometimes you have to pvp and sometimes you’ve got to crp, just because I can’t pvp for **** doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore the fact that sometimes crp isn’t feasible.
  4. Bad mage rpers are crp mages who don't take cover while casting, serioudly people don't just stand there while you're charging.
  5. The Cave dwarf just kept putting the flyers up, maybe he has a hidden motive.
  6. [!] However, a random Cave Dwarf who had seen the letters copies them and replaces them word for word.
  7. Worst part of this magic is no animal parts, I want to turn someone into a walrus.
  8. Never thought you were a pedo or predator, just a bit strange.
  9. Mavromino

    We Have A Crisis

    You'll tear my low quality humour from my cold dead hands.
  10. Wouldn't it be great if we could take down Flam as well? I guess some things just weren't meant to be.
  11. I think the issue here is that we just don’t fulfil his criteria for having our criticism be relevant here because of the assumption of perfection.
  12. Plate armour was rarely one layer so I thought that’d mitigate a chunk of the burning but thanks for reply.
  13. You have reference art from Naruto so I can't endorse this.
  14. I concur with the above people as I'm pretty sure it's momentum not gravity.
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