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  1. Empire Français Early 1933 The Legacy of Napoléon “The French Empire stands among the premiere powers of Europe and the world. Its legacy is one of triumph in the face of hardship. From the revival of the Empire under my father, Napoléon III, France has held its position as true military titan, boasting one of the largest and most technologically advanced armies in the world...” “It is with these words, that I announce my abdication…,” declares Emperor Napoléon IV, aged 77 years. “Though some may see my abdication as the end of an of era, I say with the closing of this door, a new chapter of French history opens up to us. Vive La France!” Within a week, the imperial court had gathered at Versailles’ iconic hall of mirrors to mark the coronation of a new Emperor, Louis-Napoléon V. The grandson of Napoléon IV, he is the youngest emperor took take the role, at 26. He retains his late father’s charm, and the towering intellect of his grandfather. Truly a product of the modern world, he is ready to take on the duty of leading France and the broader Entente into modernity. France remains a limited constitutional monarchy, with the sovereign (the emperor) retaining an influential position within the government, able to influence policy. The National Assembly is responsible for the confirmation of the Emperor’s agenda and represents the will of the people. H.I.M Louis-Napoléon V Armed Forces: To say the least, France possesses one the most powerful land armies to ever exist. The standing professional force is supplemented by a comprehensive reserve system dating back to Napoléon I. In the current system, every man upon reaching the age of 18 must undertake two years of mandatory military service, where they are pressed through rigorous military training. They are taken on operational duty for their second year of training in the colonies, providing security services and gaining experience in the field. These men are discharged when they turn 20, but remain in the reserves until they turn 45, during which they report to their local garrison to be refreshed, twice a year. France also fields a strong foreign legion, comprised of the many peoples of its overseas Empire. Additional effort is placed into recruiting local soldiers in Algeria, Morocco, and the Sub-Saharan colonies. (mod) General de Gaulle inspects second year reservists who have completed a minor tour of duty in the colonies. A New Doctrine: A bright new star of the French General command has taken the spotlight. Lieutenant General Charles de Gaulle, a veteran of the colonial campaigns, published a series of treatises on his vision of the French Army. “A highly professional, mobile force,” writes de Gaulle, “is key to success in a modern battlefield.” The French General Staff has taken note of what is being called the Gaulle Doctrine and many are eager to push forward through with these tactics. (additional details redacted) Charles de Gaule c. 1933 Under the supervision of de Gaulle’s protege, Colonel Jacque-Pierre Marchand, work begins on training additional armored and mechanized batallions. (mod) To support this doctrine, it is clear that a nation must build a foundation in its industry. The Imperial government will invest $300 million into expanding its industrial base, to be able to produce guns, planes, tanks, and other war material. This should also provide ample employment. (mod) The French Arms industry Contracts have been reached with several countries o supply them with French made weapons. These contracts should be lucrative to the French arms industry, providing them with additional revenues to facilitate the French arms expansion. Weapons are sold or lend leased to: The Syndicates of America The KMT government of China The Sultanate of Egypt The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies Poland France announces that its arms are open for business, and that any country can request from the French government to buy arms. Mod for arms sales French Foreign Policy: The Treaty of Amsterdam Following productive talks, the Dutch have agreed to extend the French Maginot line up to the North Sea, guaranteeing the protection of the Benelux. France and the Netherlands pledge mutual cooperation in defense against any who would do them harm. The French foreign minister meets with his Dutch counterpart “It is my hope that mutual cooperation between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the French Empire will extend far beyond what we have accomplished here today. We stand together, as stalwart allies,” declares foreign minister Stephen Pinchon. Summary: Extending the Maginot Line Recruiting more troops into Foreign Legion Creating additional tank battalions Investments into arms production: tanks, planes, guns, etc. Impact of weapons sales.
  2. Discord Name: You got it Country of choice: France Head of State: Napoleon V Government type: Absolute monarchy. Suggestions/Feedback/Questions: None
  3. The Global Times SUMMER AUSTRIAN OFFENSIVE ANNOUNCED VIENNA, July 20th 1916 - Breaking News from our war correspondents in the East as reports of a massive Austrian advance emerge. A press release by the Austrian Central Command boasts of the participation of millions of soldiers across a nearly 700km front. In this photo obtained by the Global Times, the Emperor himself is shown inspecting Guard regiments hours before the offensive. The most potent zone of this conflict is in the Galician city of Lviv, where Austrian commanders opted for a “ordinance over men” style of fighting. In the Siege of Lviv, many of our analysts point out the great successes the Austrian army had in forcing the Russian forces back while minimizing casualties. But the costs are great for this form of assault. Much of the city and its countryside lay in ruins. A once thriving industrial hub now lays decimated by Austrian guns, and its once proud population dispersed into refugee groups. Aerial footage, taken with the latest form of airborne camera-photography depicts the destruction suffered in the Lviv city center. The offensive comes at a time of strenuous discussions of peace in Geneva. Will this new offensive break the fragile peace process? Or is it a careful tactic by the central powers to apply pressure on the Entente to secure more favorable terms? Stay tuned until the next edition.
  4. with people like @dibliusmaximus sticking their hands in organized human rp, we can never expect any change in quality of the empire.

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  5. Mekishiko Mandate Turn 7 Governor-General Iyoyushi Tokumaka stands before the town square giving a speech. “Countrymen. We stand in this brave new world, facing down an enemy which would see our families driven back into the sea! In the face of this threat, we shall never surrender an inch of land to these barbarians!” The citizens cheer on as the battle continues all around. Under the cover of darkness, the 5 ships in the Mekishikan Navy are brought to the harbor and their cannons are offloaded from the ship and brought up to the walls. Come morning, the guns begin a barrage of the enemy camp at range. In the future, they will be used to fire canister shot at any charging natives. Asymmetrical warfare continues against the large aztec host as the Japanese elite samurai, which have the home field advantage, continue to conduct acts of sabotage during the night, and contaminate enemy supplies. The bodies of the dead are given full military honors and buried at sea to avoid any chance of disease spreading. Their names are placed on a placard in the town center to honor their sacrifice. General Tokumaka declares that the natives will pay dearly for every lost soldier. A strict curfew is kept within New Edo to ensure order during these times of war. Rationing is instituted. Mekishiko Menu Population: 2507 (Growth at 5.1%) = 2635 AP = 20 : 5 base + 3 (1 settlement) + 2 (1 mine) + 10 (2 markets) FS = 3: 1 base + 2 (1 farm) Improvements: 1 mine 2 markets 1 farm Wooden Walls Military in Review: 140 frontiersmen 305 Japanese Musketeers 3 schooners 2 corvettes Actions: Recruit 200 more Japanese Musketeers. (10 AP) Construction of a Foundry continues - (42/50 AP)
  6. Mekishiko Mandate Turn 6 A barbarian incursion looms on the horizon. Governor-General Iyoyushi Tokumaka makes preparations for a surgical strike against the Aztecs to cripple their ability to wage war. An elite unit of samurai, trained in stealth, take towards the rival native army camp. Under the cover of darkness, they carry out acts of sabotage, burning down food stores and the tents the enemy soldiers sleep in to starve out the enemy host and sow mass chaos. They poison the wells and the rivers that the natives drink from with excrement, hoping to spread smallpox to the un-immune natives. Meanwhile, at the capital of New Edo, the entire society is mobilized for war. Men are given a gun and immediately begin drilling for war. Japanese tradition values proficiency in weapons, and so the men will have already been accustomed to war and its burdens. Food reserves are brought inside the walls to ensure that the city can sustain a siege. The city defenses are manned and a series of outer watchtowers are established to provide early warnings. At the first sight of the natives, resources will be brought into the city to deny them to the savages. The newly recruited soldiers, for lack of barracks, are quartered in citizens homes for the greater good of the colony. LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR - BANZAI. Mekishiko Menu Population: 2386 (Growth at 5.1%) = 2507 AP =20 : 5 base + 3 (1 settlement) + 2 (1 mine) + 10 (2 markets) FS = 3: 1 base + 2 (1 farm) Improvements: 1 mine 2 markets 1 farm Wooden Walls Military in Review: 200 frontiersmen 3 schooners 2 corvettes Actions: Recruit 200 Japanese Musketeers, with the bravest men preparing for war. (10 AP) Construction of a Foundry continues - (32/50 AP)
  7. Mekishiko Mandate Turn 5 Mekishiko continues construction on a foundry. Mekishiko Menu Population: 2270 (Growth at 5.1%) = 2386 AP =20 : 5 base + 3 (1 settlement) + 2 (1 mine) + 10 (2 markets) FS = 3: 1 base + 2 (1 farm) Improvements: 1 mine 2 markets 1 farm Wooden Walls Military in Review: 200 frontiersmen 3 schooners 2 corvettes Actions: Colonists continue construction of a foundry (22/50 AP)
  8. Mekishiko Mandate Turn 4 With the great success of the Market project, Mekishiko begins construction on a foundry to better defend itself from the seemingly hostile natives. Mekishiko Menu Population: 2160 (Growth at 5.1%) = 2270 AP = 15 : 5 base + 3 (1 settlement) + 2 (1 mine) + 5 (1 market) FS = 3: 1 base + 2 (1 farm) Improvements: 1 mine 1 market 1 farm Wooden Walls Military in Review: 200 frontiersmen 3 schooners 2 corvettes Actions: The colonists finish construction on a market (60/60 AP) Colonists begin construction of a foundry (2/50 AP)
  9. Mekishiko Mandate Turn 3 Following the unsuccessful attempts at forming a relationship with the natives, Japanese settlers retreat to the confines of the walls of New Edo, taking a stance of isolationism. The Governor-General declares the native presence to be hostile to the settlers of Mekishiko and orders the defense forces to be on alert. No man is to set foot outside of areas directly under the control of the Mandate as a security precaution; Mekishiko Menu Population: 2070 (Growth at 5.1%) = (2175 - 15) = 2160 AP = 15 : 5 base + 3 (1 settlement) + 2 (1 mine) + 5 (1 market) FS = 3: 1 base + 2 (1 farm) Improvements: 1 mine 1 market 1 farm Wooden Walls Military in Review: 200 frontiersmen 3 schooners 2 corvettes Actions: The colonists continue construction on a market (47/60 AP)
  10. Mekishiko Mandate Turn 2 Following attacks on the Japanese colonists, a committee was formed to investigate. Accompanied by armed guards, Japanese emissaries would go out to make peaceful first contact with organized Native tribes. They would attempt to iron out any grievances and attempt to learn a mutual language. An artist’s account of the first contact Mekishiko Menu Population: 1970 (Growth at 5.1%) = 2070 AP = 15 : 5 base + 3 (1 settlement) + 2 (1 mine) + 5 (1 market) FS = 3: 1 base + 2 (1 farm) Improvements: 1 mine 1 market 1 farm Wooden Walls Military in Review: 200 frontiersman 3 schooners 2 corvettes Actions: Attempts at a peaceful first contact with the natives continues. The colonists continue construction on a market (32/60 AP)
  11. Mekishiko Mandate The Story of the Founding After months at sea and a great hardship, Japanese dissidents led by General Iyoyushi Tokumaka, finally make their landing on the eastern coast of what they call Mekishiko. General Tokumaka declares this land to be held in the name of the Emperor. As a ceremony marked the breaking ground on the colony, an eagle was seen flying over the colonists. A previously unseen animal, the eagle captures the attention of all. It swooped down and flew back up with a snake in its arms and perched on a cactus. In amazement, the colonists agreed that this should be the symbol of their divine favor and of their new colony. A flag was made by the artisans. The brave men and women begin to build a better land for their children. The first settlement is named New Edo. Governor-General Iyoyushi Tokumaka c. 1600 Mekishiko Menu Population: 2,000 (Growth at 5.1%) AP = 15 : 5 base + 3 (1 settlement) + 2 (1 mine) + 5 (1 market) +2 extra from militia refund. FS = 3: 1 base + 2 (1 farm) Improvements: 1 mine 1 market 1 farm Wooden Walls Military in Review: 2 frontiersman 3 schooners 2 corvettes Actions: The colonists begin construction on a new market (17/60 AP) New Edo c. 1600 An expedition is sent to the east, further inland, to make contact with native civilizations and set up cordial relations and explore the surrounding region. Gifts are offered to the natives, consisting of Japanese knick-knacks and beads. (MOD)
  12. Colony Name: Mekishiko Nation of Origin: Japan Religion: Shinto Colony History: The 1600s were a time of strife within the Japanese archipelago where warlords fought for control of the entirety. It came to be clear that Tokugawa would win this struggle and unify Japan very soon. The reactionary Tokugawa shogun prevented the spread of western ideas and committed Japan to remain closed. A fringe group , ousted by the conservative Tokugawa to a far corner of Japan heard of a new world from Dutch traders. These men and women sought to embrace a more modern culture and see Japan look outwards instead of closing up. Seeking to carve out their own legacy abroad in the name of the Emperor, Japanese settlers embarked eastward, towards the rising sun. Starting Location: (fill in a square & PM to either mod) Initial 200 AP investments: Wooden Walls (20 AP), Mine (40 AP), 5 colonists (20 AP), Market (60 AP), Farm (40 AP), Militia x5 (5 AP), 1 frontiersman (3 AP), 3 Schooners (6 AP), 2 corvettes (6 AP). Unique Military Unit: Samurai Musketeer Discord: You have it Suggestions: none
  13. The Kingdom of Mercia Information: AP - 16/turn 4 (Base) + 4 (Capital) + 3 (From Cities) + 1 (From Pop) + 4 (trade) Trade Relations: Norway, Somerset, Thomond, Wales Population: 756,290 (Growth at 6% per annum) = 801,670 Technology Level: B 705 A.D. - Turn 5 The Nordic Threat returns to the isles once again, bringing with it a horde of barbarians bearing their false religion and its scottish allies. King Æthelred, having ordered the successful evacuation of East Anglia, leaving little more than an inhospitable shell for the invaders, coordinates an organized withdrawal of Mercian forces. Wherever it seems that the Nordic invaders advance, Mercian partisans deprive them of anything valuable. Farms are razed, infrastructure destroyed, and wells are poisoned by Mercian forces as they move west. A great feat occurs in the halls of Dumnonia as the olden title of High King of the isles is revived once again. Under the wise leadership of King Geraint, England shall free itself of pervasive foreign influence and prosper once again. Internal: Training 1 medium infantry into 1 English Housecarl - 4 AP Recruiting 2 light cavalry - 8 AP Raising 2 light infantry - 4 AP Researching Heavy Cavalry - 10/35 AP
  14. The Kingdom of Mercia Information: AP - 17/turn 4 (Base) + 4 (Capital) + 4 (From Cities) + 1 (From Pop) + 4 (trade) Trade Relations: The Empire, Somerset, Thomond, Saxony Population: 613,480 + 100,000 (conquests) (Growth at 6% per annum) = 756,290 Technology Level: B 704 A.D. - Turn 4 Securing East Anglia would be a relatively simple task as English regular soldiers cleaned up remaining resistance. Across the Kingdom, a holiday was proclaimed in recognition of the reclamation of what was rightfully English patrimony. Despite the merriments, King Æthelred wasted no time. Work began on the construction of of a series of lighthouses along the Mercian coastline, ones similar to that of the Roman frontier on the Rhine. At night, each one carried a fire and a set of mirrors that allowed the light to be focused on a specific location. They would be built at intervals across the coastline, and at the first sight of danger, the men at the tower would light a fire signal which would alert the Kingdom of a pending invasion. Meanwhile a royal taskforce would set about removing Nordic influences from East Anglia, and re-establishing rightful anglo-saxon nobility. The nobles holding lands on the coast are offered the special title of Marquess, to make special efforts to fortify and defend the English coast against foreign incursion. Military Strength in Review: 6,000 Basic Infantry 1,000 light infantry 5,000 medium infantry 3,000 Bowmen 1,000 Longbowmen 500 light cavalry 3 catapults 24 ballistas 4 ladders Internal: Paying for the Longsword company - 8 AP Construction of 3 Knarrs - 6 AP Constructing the Sea Lighthouse Wall - 3 AP 8/35 RP into Heavy Cav External: Emissaries are sent to Thomond
  15. The Kingdom of Mercia Information: AP - 15/turn 4 (Base) + 4 (Capital) + 2(From Cities) + 1 (From Pop) + 4 (trade) Trade Relations: The Empire, Somerset, Denmark, Thomond, Saxony Population: 578,760 (Growth at 6% per annum) = 613,480 Technology Level: B 702 A.D. - Turn 3 While soldiers clash with weapons just north of the Kingdom, a great battle of words rages in the halls of King Æthelred. Local nobles are outraged at King’s policy of “appeasement” towards the sea kings occupying English land. Some threaten to pull support from the King while current policies stand. Years of bitter fighting and lost sons have made these noble men bitter and lustful for revenge. At last the King stands up. “We shall avenge our fallen kin on the western shores. They shall not have died in vain. RAISE THE LEVIES,” booms the King. Mercian armies take to the west. Military Strength in Review: 7,000 Basic Infantry 1,000 light infantry 3,000 medium infantry 3,000 Bowmen 500 light cavalry 3 catapults 4 ladders The King’s Decree - 702 A.D. Internal: Retraining 2 of Basic infantry into medium infantry - 4 AP Recruitment of 1 longbowmen - 5 AP Recruitment of 1 Basic Infantry - 2 AP Construction of 12 ballistas - 2 AP The Crown continues its investments in London - 2 AP (10/25 AP into Business) Research continues on heavy cavalry - (6/35 RP) External: The Campaign for Norwich and York. The Mercian army splits into two groups, one army makes for Norwich, the capital of the Danish occupation in England. The army makes its way across the rolling plains of east Anglia. The second army makes a beeline for York, the capital of the Swedish occupation. Local English nobility, repressed by their Nordic occupiers, are sent messengers from the King of Mercia, requesting their assistance in this struggle for English independence.
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