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  1. The Bavarian Fever (Alternative History, 1940)

    Nation Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - USSR Leader’s History Stalin was a simple man, who’s only guiding path in life was his unparalleled ambition. He didn’t particularly care for one government or the next. It could be fascist, communist, so long as he had absolute power. To fate, or by some divine circumstance (Stalin joked) Lenin had come to power, died, and left Stalin the bounty that he had reaped. Stalin brutally consolidated power in his totalist soviet state, expanding its borders to encompass the baltics, central Asia, and former Tsarist lands. He saw the Soviet Union for what it truly was, a world power deserving of its place. Nation’s Recent History The Soviet Union was formed in the violent Russian Revolution, eventually defeating the whites to hold supreme power over all of Russia. Today, its hardline communist leaders push the agenda of industrialization and militarization in the face of an increasing hostile and reactionary world. Holding the vast Soviet Union together has been no easy task. Over the last decade, Stalin has rooted out enemies of the revolution from all walks of the USSR. The simplest farmer to the greatest army officer has been subject to the scrutiny of the all-powerful communist party, which has vigorously weeded out those who are not loyal. (What Stalin did historically, pretty much) Skype: B.G. on the Roleplay chat Amelia Earhart
  2. Seven Year's War RP Thread

    The Dutch Republic Fall, 1750 Prominent Dutch statesmen meet at the second annual address in the fall of 1750 William of Orange steps up to speak before those gathered. “Our programs abroad have been most successful, as we have finally subjugated the island of Java. Their acceptance of Dutch suzerainty puts us on the path to dominating the lucrative supply of cleaves, among other commodities, from the island.” “Our next endeavor shall be to cement our holdings on the island of Java, and expand our influence in Sumatra.” “We shall bring civilization and Christianity to the natives,” declares William. “Despite our success abroad, we find a troubled economy at home. Our domestic manufacturing sector has been left to stagnate as a result of a lack of financing from our severe loss in what has been called the War of Spanish Succession. Though the financial sector of the Dutch state is the strongest in the world, we do little to improve the standards of our own state, in which our prosperity is based. With the support of the assembly, I am announcing a small tax deduction on all merchant companies that invest over 20,000 guilders in the Dutch state. I know, this is no easy affair. I expect this endeavor to take many years, but I know with Dutch resolve, we shall come out stronger and more profitable than ever. Domestic Affairs: A small tax break is instituted throughout the Republic for Dutch Merchant companies that invest 20,000 guilders (255591 US Dollars). The Dutch state spends some of its surplus investing into prominent local industries, such as glass making, the shipyards, textiles, and into other promising fields. Pamphlets are distributed across the low countries and the nearby protestant German states advertising a promising industry with good wages. (mod) The shipbuilding program continues, with the designated resources being allocated to the construction yards. Colonial Endeavors The Dutch East India Trade company is given the right to give monopolies to Dutch merchant companies who wish to establish large investments in the region. The hope of this endeavor is to bring Dutch development to the island of Java. The dispatched military forces begin the task of subduing the natives and establishing trading settlements and a small military fort along the west coast of Sumatra. The East India company is expected to colonize the area with Dutch settlers with native slaves or contracted labor to grow suitable crops or spices. (mod) Foreign Affairs The alliance offer from Palembang is accepted and an offer of Dutch investment and military aid in return for a monopoly over the spice trade is suggested to the sultan. (mod)
  3. [Denied]let's get down to business ...

  4. Seven Year's War RP Thread

    The Dutch Republic The Prince of Orange, William IV, stands before an assembly of prominent Dutch statesmen. “We stand on the cusp of greatness,” announces William. “Though it may seem as if the glory days of the Dutch state lie behind us, I say they lie right ahead.” “My predecessors have foreseen the future of our great state not just in Europe, but in the East Indies. We must, therefore, cement our empire abroad. I am calling for this assembly to allocate additional funds to the construction of new vessels of exploration and defense for our ever growing merchant fleet. We shall open up new markets to enrich and empower the Dutch state.” “The Dutch state is one that was founded on the principals of hard work, liberty in one’s pursuit of property and success, and a dedication to the Republican system. We must continue this dream in attracting new European workers to our state for jobs." The assembly introduces a program to attract immigrants to the nation’s extensive manufacturing jobs. Printing presses across the Dutch state print pamphlets advertising the prosperous Dutch colonies and the opportunities that lie abroad in South Africa. "40 Acres and a mule." the rumors run. The primary domestic focus of the Netherlands is the support of the growth extensive financial sector and its investment into domestic manufacturing. [Mod] Funding is allocated for the construction begins of 10, 80 gun first rate ships of the line at the Rotterdam shipyards. Colonial endeavors: An increased amount of support in the form of a few infantry regiments, military supplies, and administrators will be dispatched to dutch east indies. The East India company is instructed to begin integrating the subject Mataram Sultanate on the island of Java. Colonial forces are instructed to make preparations for the expansion of Dutch dominance on the northern Island of Sumatra. Emissaries are sent to the local princedoms to offer lucrative trade deals and an offer of being a protectorate. [Mod] A map of Dutch Indonesian Possessions in 1750. Foreign Affairs: The Dutch Republic is pleased to accept an alliance with the United Kingdom. Ambassadors are dispatched to the court of his majesty the King of England to discuss further ties between the two Maritime States. “We are pleased to announce a military alliance with our friends across the Channel,” announces the Prince of Orange to the assembly. “May our futures be bright.” An emissary is dispatched to the Kingdom of Spain to discuss territorial ambitions in the East Indies and settle any pressing claims.
  5. The Seven Years War OOC

    Applying for the Ottoman Empire.
  6. The Shame of Versailles - OOC

    In-Game Name: Vetren54 Skype (Required, you can PM it): Will PM it, but a few players in SoV should have it. Nation You Wish to Play: The British Raj of India State of the Nation (Contact me via msg or skype for help.): The British Raj, referred to as the crown jewel of the British Empire, is in a sorry state. Its people, for the most part, live in a backwater world, ignorant of western culture and its modern ideals. The year 1933 is poised to bring a change to this sorry state. Lord Alfred Winford, an aspiring British colonel from the 9th Sepoy Regiment, has been appointed Viceroy of India by his Royal Majesty, the King. The youngest ever acting Governor-General at 35, Winford has a grand vision for the Raj. He hopes to bring Christianity and modernity to this distant colony and do his part for the British Empire. Lord Winford seeks to build up the Indian subcontinent's infrastructure and encourage the development of native British ruling class supplemented by a capable Indian middle class. God Save the King.
  7. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Deutsches Kaiserreich Germany: 5 AP Economy: 4 AP invested in Space Program 1 AP invested in Technology Sector GDP - 1.11 trillion Growth (5/10) GDP increase for next turn - 40 billion (4 trade routes + 1 growth cycle complete) Domestic: “The German Space program has made great strides since its inception,” remarks Kaiser Wilhelm at an address to the people of the Kaiserreich. “We have laid the foundation for greatness, a greatness which will surmount the troublesome politics of the world and propel us to the next frontier. Like the brave explorers of the oceans and the new world, our brave astronauts will venture where no man has gone before. We shall work together with the Canadian space agency, utilizing their rocket launch systems, to put up a joint space station for the purposes of scientific advancement and exploration.” Aerospace companies, technology firms, and construction companies are contracted to begin the construction of the necessary materials and logical components for an orbital platform with Canada. (4 AP invested) Additional resources are dedicated to the support of the German Technology sector, especially Robotics. German technology companies are encouraged to begin developing and testing advanced robots capable of diverse tasks that can supplant humans in dangerous fields such as mining and search & rescue. (1 AP) The Kaiser’s face grows more somber as he makes to address the topic of increasing gun violence in Germany. “It is clear that there are those in the Kaiserreich who would place their own financial gain over the well-being of the people of our great nation. We must take steps to curb this disturbing trend of gun violence. While German gun laws are among the most stringent, additional measures are warranted. I shall begin efforts to reverse gun violence and the illegal sale of firearms.” The Abwehr is directed to begin an investigation into the prominent German arms dealers to find connections between them and the organized crime members in the urban areas of the Reich. Politicians with connections to the arms industry are investigated for corruption and for any role in the spread of illegal weaponry. Efforts are made to install more cameras throughout crime hotspots and double the armed police patrols through areas considered at risk.
  8. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Deutsches Kaiserreich Germany: 5 AP + 4 AP from Cuba (9 AP total) ======== Economy: 2 AP invested in Communications infrastructure 2 AP invested in German Technology Sector 1 AP invested in German military-industrial complex 3 AP invested in Space Program Military: 1 AP invested into German Strategic Defense System GDP - 1.08 trillion GDP increase for next turn - 30 billion (4 trade routes) Growth (6/10) Domestic: The Kaiser steps up to speak the Reichstag. He would begin with an announcement of the direction of the Reich’s infrastructure project. “The world is moving in a direction of technology and rapid development of communications technology as well as the STEM field. The Kaiserreich seeks to remain at the forefront of technological development and as a result we will announce an investment into the private German technology sector.” 2 AP is invested into the private technology sector. Favorable conditions are offered to technology businesses who move to Germany. “As the final part of our infrastructure plan, I am announcing a modernization of Germany’s communication infrastructure," announces the Kaiser. Work begins on upgrading Germany’s existing internet connections to fiber optic connections, replacing old landlines with new cables. New cell towers and communication systems are funded to replace old ones. (2 AP) The Kaiser announces the beginning of the German Strategic Defense System (GSDS) program. It involves the development and strategic placement of anti-missile batteries, anti-ballistic missiles, domestic radar installations as well as Over-the-horizon radar systems. With the cooperation of Israeli engineers, Germany begins the construction and accumulation of the necessary infrastructure for this undertaking. (1 AP) In recent years Germany had found itself as one of Europe’s largest arms manufacturers. While its military-industrial capacity was nowhere near that of world war two, this sector had begun to make a large comeback with the lucrative deals from Cuba, Argentina, and France for the production and selling of various weaponry. Kaiser Wilhelm sought to encourage growth in this sector by investing in the various domestic arms manufacturers such as, but not limited to, Heckler & Koch, ThyssenKrupp, Rheinmetall, and Mauser. (2 AP) “Germany’s future lies among the stars,” remarks Kaiser Wilhelm. “To jump-start the German space program, I am announcing the designation of funds towards a space program based in Darmstadt, the former German HQ of the European Space Agency. Contracts will be given out to German aerospace companies to produce the necessary components for the spacecraft.” Construction begins on a major spaceport in the outskirts of Darmstadt. Experience from former German cooperation in the European space agency would come in handy as Germany sought to expand this industry. Technicians meet at the Darmstadt headquarters at the former European Space Operations Center to begin work on plans to build a deep space rocket. The accumulation of necessary resources begins throughout the Reich and its facilities. “We will plant the German flag on Mars by 2025,” declares the Kaiser. (3 AP invested into space program) The Kaiser announces the celebration of Reichsgründungs, a holiday celebrating German unification on January 18th. It would be designated as a national holiday, meaning workers get paid leave. Celebrations would be held across the Reich to celebrate its founding roots. Foreign Affairs: The German Kaiserreich recognizes the independence of the West Saharan State and its right to self determination. The Kaiserreich announces its declaration of support for the independence of Israel and its right to exist within its present borders. The Kaiser will arrange for the sale of Leopard II MBTs to the Israeli state. “In the spirit of cooperation between the Germanic peoples, I am happy to arrange free trade agreements with the Swiss state,” the Kaiser announces. “I would also like to formally invite Switzerland to the Kaiser Wilhelm society for the advancement of Science. It is hoped that together we can make breakthroughs in the ever growing fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We also offer our formal protection of the Swiss state against any of her enemies abroad.” German diplomats return from Havana after having concluded a successful arms deal. + 4 AP as payment from Cuba. The German army and navy groups stationed in Singapore perform joint military exercises with Singapore. The Franco-German Concordat is announced from Paris on October 4th 2022. Germany and France pledge to each other to a military alliance, pledging to protect each other from their mutual enemies abroad. “The world we live in is not the one of the 20th century,” begins Kaiser Wilhelm, “We have come to terms with the French since our struggles, and I firmly believe our future lies together with our French neighbors.” Germany calls for the Wroclaw Republic to peacefully reintegrate into the German Reich and makes promises of no reprisal if this offer should be met in the near future.
  9. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Deutsches Kaiserreich Germany: New Map: 5 AP ======== 2 AP invested in infastructure 2 AP invested in German intelligence services 1 AP invested in the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the advancement of science GDP - 1.02 trillion GDP increase - 30 billion (4 trade routes) Foreign Affairs: A troubled Kaiser Wilhelm V makes his address before prominent international news stations. “The world is heating up, once again. Tensions in Europe are boiling over and I fear that the fault upon our present world order lies will snap so hard the shaking will be felt around the world. Before we permanently damage the balance of power, I call for mediation in the Catalonian Crisis. I personally invite delegations from Spain, France, Italy, the United States, and the United Kingdom to Berlin so that we may resolve this crisis peacefully and not compromise Europe’s ascent to power.” (MOD for U.S.) -=- “While sparks fly in the west, a wildfire rages across the east. Indonesia has violated the sovereignty of the eastern nations of Papua New Guinea and East Timor. Who knows how far they will go. First Moresby then Beijing. The south China sea is home to 3 and a half trillion dollars of trade, a literal cornerstone to the world economy. As a responsible nation, the Kaiserreich cannot and will not let this vital world trade be held hostage by the Indonesian Pirate Kyai Haji Anwaruddin.” -=- Germany dispatches an ambassador to Beijing to discuss the state of the south east and understand China’s positions. As a result of Indonesian warmongering, Germany guarantees the independence of Singapore and offers to station 4,000 German soldiers and a small naval contingent of 10 F125 Baden-Württemberg-class frigates each equipped with 2 helicopters. Germany supports China’s ultimatum in demanding that Indonesia immediately withdraw from all occupied territories. (MOD) Germany accepts the trade requests from Portugal, Italy, and Austria. "To encourage scientific cooperation within Europe, I am announcing the second founding of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of Science in cooperation with the Italians, " begins the Kaiser. "The KWS will be tasked with furthering the development of cutting edge technology in the Reich and with its friends, and rewarding those who have made a significant contribution to science." The first priority set forward by the Kaiser will be to encourage the development of renewable energy and to put the Kaiserreich on a path to energy independence. Studies into the feasibility of Fusion reactions are funded as well as other prominent scientific endeavors. (1 AP) A delegation is sent from Berlin to Rome to discuss technological ties with the Italians. “While the Reich is not yet ready to exchange military technology, our two nations can collaborate in the civilian industry.” (Italy) Austria is formally invited to the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of Science. A delegation is sent from Berlin to Moscow to discuss matters of state. (Russia) The Kaiserreich establishes a military alliance with the Netherlands. Military exercises begin between the two countries. Free trade agreements begin with Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Domestic Affairs: Work proceeded as planned in the Germany’s infrastructure and public works projects. The autobahn was extending further than ever before, and Germany’s airports were updated and renovated. New bridges and tunnels were being erected across the fatherland and the people were proud of the engineering marvels and their tax dollars at work. The existing rail systems would be revamped and modern high speed railways would continue to extend across Germany. (2 AP invested -> total: 6/10) With the evident success of the subsidies for children, the Kaiser would continue on with them. To further prop up the success, a program to lower the income taxes of married couples with children by 2% is introduced. Income taxes on couples without children under 40 are increased by 1%. “The world of Bismarck”, a movie sponsored by the German department for the arts, premieres on September 2nd 2022. While officially a documentary about Bismarck and his successful politics, the film features slight nationalistic tones and glorifies the victorious conflicts undertaken by Germany in the late 1800s. It subtly celebrates the first German Kaiserreich under Wilhelm I and the glory attained by it. Operation “To see the unseen” The Kaiser would seat himself at today’s cabinet meeting, greeting his ministers before moving to the matter at hand. He would glance to his minister of intelligence and begin, “For too long have we been blind in the world. It is time to open our eyes to the threats at home and abroad. To protect the fatherland from its enemies at home and from abroad, I am announcing the consolidation of military intelligence services under the Abwehr. With increased resources, I entrust you, minister Müller, with ensuring German mastery of the hidden." (2 AP) THE KAISER'S SPEECH Following the integration of Prussia and Silesia into the Kaiserreich, the Kaiser gave an address to the polish people. He would embody a somber tone and make an appeal to the Polish people. "To the citizens of Prussia. I know how you must feel, seeing your homes for the first time not in Poland, but in Germany. I understand your fears, your anxiety. While you may not trust me, I offer the people of Prussia every reassurance they seek. The newly created autonomous region of Schläsing-Preußen will have polish leaders, polish policeman, and polish institutions. I will make no move to enforce my will by the present circumstances. The fate of Prussia is up to the Prussians." "What your government has done is not an act of betrayal as many suggest, but one of grand and noble sacrifice for the future of the Polish state. Poland was unjustly punished by the Soviet Union after the Second World War, and Germany seeks to make things right. We will restore rightful polish lands to Poland. The Polish state, with German support, shall enter into a new era of supremacy. To show my desire to treat the poles of Prussia equally, I will dispatch German engineers and officials to inspect the infrastructure. I plan to expand Germany’s public works program to the east and raise the standards of Prussia to that of Germany proper." -German technicians and officials are sent to major infrastructure locations to perform evaluations. These locations include power plants, ports, airports, railway stations and hubs, power grid hubs, and communications installations. "To the radicals who would raise hell before being under the Reich. Will you put the integrity of diplomacy and the safety of your kin after that of your own political interests? Will you exploit dissent within the people of Prussia to stake your claim to illegitimate power at the expense of millions of innocent Poles and Germans? And will you risk your lives, those of your families, friends, to achieve a freedom that you already have?" The Kaiser finished his speech there, leaving those listening with those words of caution.
  10. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Deutsches Kaiserreich - November 8th 2021 - Kaiser Wilhelm would emerge from the halls of the Reichstag to speak before the members of the press. He would begin, "The crisis in Iberia is one of great concern to the Kaiserreich. It has a great potential to escalate into a conflict hence unrivaled in the 21st century. For the protection of German enterprises, lives, and the desire to stay neutral in this conflict, Germany hereby retracts its trade agreement with Catalonia. Such an agreement may be resumed post-conflict. In an effort to divert our interests, we instead offer a trade agreement to Iran, in the hopes that a mutually beneficial relationship can be established." "GOTT MIT UNS" - = -
  11. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Deutsches Kaiserreich Germany: 5 AP 4 AP invested in Economy 1 AP invested in military operation GDP - 1 trillion GDP increase - 20 billion Domestic Affairs: The government of the German Kaiserreich is a semi-constitutional monarchy with a single chamber of parliament called the reichstag . The country is ruled exclusively by the Kaiser with minimal oversight from the reichstag, which is subordinate to the powerful executive. With a population of 82 million, a modern military, and powerful industry, Germany stands as one of the primary powers of Europe. “Germany stands alone!” begins the Kaiser’s speech from the bundestag. “We have been abandoned by the United States of America, who has relinquished her commitments to her European allies. It is now time for Europe to decide her own destiny, independent of Washington! Germany hereby annulls the Potsdam agreement imposed on her by America, which had limited her army size, in the name of self-preservation.” Wilhelm V’s speech outlined a new vision for Germany. Increasing the military strength of the Kaiserreich would be a priority for the young Kaiser, to better protect his nation and its allies from the troublesome climate of the world. As a beginning gesture, he would introduce a media program to encourage patriotism and military service as well as introducing a rearmament program. (1 AP invested, MOD) For the economy, the Kaiser sought to implement a series of public works programs to alleviate the effects of the recession and stimulate the German economy. (4/10 AP invested) To revive a stagnant birth rate, the Kaiser has announced a new subsidy for children to encourage population growth. (MOD) Foreign Affairs The Kaiserreich formally extends a hand to her western European neighbors and other nations of interest for mutual cooperation. (Diplomats are sent to Canada, France, South Africa, and Ca-tal-oni-a[Trade agreement was retracted and the slot is changed to Iran] to discuss a trade agreement.) "The German people have for too long stood disunited in the face of common problems!", the Kaiser roared, "It is believed that our future lies alongside our brethren, and for this reason the Kaissereich hereby offers its protection to all Germanic nations in the name of brotherhood and solidarity between the Germanic peoples during this period of global strife." As dictated in the Kaiser's speech, delegates are sent to the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Austria to discuss possible ties. (MOD) "The good Germans of Poland suffer within the confines of Silesia and Prussia, lands taken from the Reich long ago. They call out to the fatherland for protection, for guidance once more. The time has come for Germany to tend to her people abroad once again, " the Kaiser would announce in a secret cabinet meeting after his initial speech in the Reichstag. He would turn with a look of determination to his ministers. "Make preparations for a special envoy to meet with the Polish government to discuss terms for a return of the eastern border to its former state in 1914, before the weltkrieg. We must retake what is ours, at any cost.
  12. Make this man an FM. He's highly competent, experienced, and willing to put the work in. What else can you want? +1
  13. Nightfall 2: Modern Nations FRP OOC Thread

    Country Desired (Be sure to read the scenario, find out info pertinent to you. Send me questions if you want to know more): Germany Leader Name: (Monarch) Kaiser Wilhelm V von Hohenzollern. (Chancellor) Reichkanzler Albert von Klaus Background, ensure it fits with game Background: After the great recession and tumultuous 2000's, the German people had enough. Mass unemployment had lead to the demise of the ruling coalition party led by Angela Merkel. Germany thundered with the cry of the homeless, jobless masses who sought a leader who could bring back glory to the fatherland. A young man from Berlin rose to speak at a rally, identifying himself as a decedent of the ruling kaisers of the previous 20th century. Wilhelm Hohenzollern would swiftly capture the imagination of the German people, to whom he promised glory, respect, and stability once more in this new century. He called for greater cooperation with the western powers of Europe to cement the former authority Europe once carried. In the snap elections held in 2020, Wilhelm's newly created "Deutschkonservative Partei" swept the elections, garnering a supermajority of 73% of the seats in Parliament. Within months of the election, amid increasing global tensions and internal conflicts, Wilhelm had suspended the constitution and declared himself the Kaiser. The stage had been set for a resurgence of Germany in Europe. Military Stats from GFP: https://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.asp?country_id=germany Do you Praise Pok: PRAISE POK
  14. I support Balthy for GM. +1